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Can you please help me truly truly understand liberty?

I know each of DPers have a different level of awareness and living in liberty.

Maybe those raised up in a country where the constitution and officials truly protected the God given freedom can help those in other countries that still struggle to deprogram themselves from years of propaganda.

So what about a Be-Do-Have. Liberty in definition, then practice, then fruits. Can you please help me truly truly understand liberty?

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Just noticed the "Features"... Very awesome!

Have you looked at the right of your screen lately?

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Full Video: Rand Paul at Berkeley

I didn't see this posted yet, I could be wrong, but here it is:

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Daily Paul : Gimme the low down on your best coffee

Iv been tossing around different coffee the last couple of weeks and creamers. Nine times out of ten i drink it black. What do you guys mix up for a morning cup of drink?

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DP Opinion poll on spanking.

I was commenting back and forth with another member about whether or not spanking a child was right or wrong. That other member happens to be from Sweden where spanking was made illegal back in 1979.

To clarify I am not asking if it is OK to abuse a child, such as a right hook to the face, or putting cigarettes out on them, but an open handed swat to the butt in rare circumstances, while keeping your cool, and with a measured amount of force. It happens to be legal where I live, (which is not what I use as a judgement of right and wrong).

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A Nation of Laws?

I've been hearing this phrase thrown around a lot lately. I figured I'd check and see what illumination the DP community has to offer on the subject.

Are we a "Nation of Laws?"

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Advice on buying a townhouse?

Dear Daily Paul,

I have a friend who is in the market to buy a townhouse. He is a first time home buyer, and is understandably a little uneasy about making the plunge. Any advice / experiences / cautions that you can give would be helpful.

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"Raise the minimum wage to decrease welfare"?

I decided to go to the grocery store this morning to see if I was too late for girl scout cookies, instead I was approached by an older gray bearded man petitioning (with his desk and clipboard) for what he described as "decreasing welfare".

This of course caught my ear, so I stopped to see what he was doing. It was not until then that I noticed his huge neon poster board that said "Raise the minimum wage to Decrease Welfare". Of course this sounded ass-backwards to me, so I kindly asked him "wouldn't raising the minimum wage increase welfare?"

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Would You Buy A Glock for 360$ or an Ar for 900$?

Found this website what do you think.

Here is the Glock

Here is the Ar-15

Never used an FFL, is it pretty easy?

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Michael...can I assist you with the DP?

What can I do to help this site thrive and spread?

Peace and Love always.

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F Cancer!

If you fear getting cancer in this life please up-vote and share why it is you fear it,
if you do not fear cancer at all, do not vote at all and do not comment.

Peace and Love always.

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Armored Tanks and Soldiers on Virginia Interstate

Today at 2:20 EST on interstate 495 in Fairfax, Virginia I saw 7 armored tanks rolling down the road, with soldiers in full field dress, some wearing masks...all holding what looked like big weapons.


I contacted my county sheriff, who passed me to state police, who suggested I contact local police...but no one knew WHY.

Just another day in the police state, I suppose. Perhaps getting us used to the site of constant military presence?

I will NEVER, NEVER be ok with armed soldiers patrolling the streets of the Republic.

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Why is it so Taboo to mention Jewish involvement in any evil activity?

Why is it so taboo to mention Jewish involvement in any evil activity? I posted a response to a thread about slavery, asking why Jewish participation, and in the words of several Jewish historians, "Jewish domination," are never mentioned in discussions of slavery, and I received downvotes, and scoldings about how I am trying to blame Jews for all the evil in the world.

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Need audiobook suggestions

I'm on a cross country trip and already finished a few audiobooks I already had, but need some more to download. What's your best recommendation?

I just finished Frederic Bastiat's "The Law." Incredible. Need more.


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Does what go around, come around?

If ancient black races invented the institution of legal slavery because the oldest known written historical records of slavery trace to the Code of Hammurabi ... could it be considered justice if a large segment of the black race was enslaved?

If a large segment of the descendents of bankers were born into poverty a few hundred years from now ... could it be considered justice?

If a large segment of Christians suddenly found themselves being persecuted after centuries of enjoying political majorities ... could it be considered justice?

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