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Need some help!

I'm looking for that graph that was on Ron Paul's campaign booklets that showed our currency and how inflation increased and the value of the dollar decreased after the Fed took power in 1913. I'm trying to wake some people up and this graph would really help me!

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What will be the next Bitcoin? What alternative Crypto Currencies are you looking at?

We all know about Litecoin and if you are paying attention it has been spectacular in its rise in price recently. That being said, what other cheap crypto currencies are you looking at?

I recently cashed out a litecoin and bought several Mincoins.
They promise a 1 minute transaction time, which is the fastest I have seen so far...

What do you guys think?

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Is The American BAR Association an Overarching form of Tyranny?

"American BAR Association (and its State alter-egos) has, for all intents and purposes, taken over our entire federal, state, and local governments" (source linked below).

I don't see enough attention on the DailyPaul paid to this fundamental and large piece of the loss-of-liberty puzzle.

The recently popular acts of "The Mountain Man" (The Living Man aka Ernie Wayne Tertelgte, DailyPaulLinks: here & here) only makes sense if you understand the over-arching control of the American BAR Association.

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PLEASE help me find this documentary. The one with the female narrator. like 10 hours long.

Begins with 9/11. goes through biblical history and claims that all the biblical figures were actually Pharaohs. she has a bit of a whiny voice. If there's any chance of finding it it's you guys.

It's about the production quality of the original zeitgeist.

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How Can I Find A Real Job In A False Economy?

As a graduate of 2008, I have been dumped into the worst economy this country has seen in recent years. Since then I have worked 4 jobs, all for states and the Federal Government. My username might just clue you in on my profession, but to make it blatantly obvious I have been a Park Ranger of the non-lethal variety.

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What Should I Advise My Parents to do with their 401k Plan?

I'm worried their 401k, pretty much all their savings that they worked so long and hard for, could/will one day be wiped out.

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How Liberals Think

It's going to be just about impossible to ever convince liberals to be fiscally responsible in any meaningful way. The only way this could be accomplished is to simply prevent them from access to financing of any kind. The fact that they have the fed printing a limitless supply of money is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at this article, in response to a very fiscally sound discussion of another , about the California Highspeed Rail Boondoggle:

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Are You a Victim of Paranoid Politics?

Someone I often engage in political conversations with emailed me this article and I thought I'd run it by the DP to see what you guys thought about it. The piece is rather long, but is insightful even if you don't agree with it.

The Paranoid Style in American Politics

By: Richard Hofstadter

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Healthcare Freedom?

Obamacare Alternative?

Has anyone found an alternative to Obamacare that satisfies the Individual Mandate? Or, one that let's you opt out of the IRS reporting, etc.? If one gets an Obamacare plan, then by default they are indirectly endorsing this approach by being an enabler by purchasing. An alternative allows us to 'vote with our feet' by not supporting the government system and fully supporting the Free Market instead.

I found one so far,

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Why Do You Stay at the DailyPaul?

Another 'Im leaving' thread recently popped up. Im guilty of posting one too. My 'DP Sucicide' lasted all of until I woke up the next day. I can't leave this community. I believe we have more lurkers than we care to admit. :)

I love DailyPaul because this is the only place where I feel that being free and defending our natural rights is OK. I don't get this feeling in the media or on facebook. Im not a gun, gold, prepper, idealist or anarchist.

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Which Flavour of Linux?

There's Fedora, and Linux Mint, and Ubuntu, Slackware and
several other Linux options.

What are the advantages of each according to the Paulers out there?

I have some machines running XP and as those age, I am going to depart from Microsoft too. I can't get the drivers for XP for new machines.

What about for a laptop? I am a mobile guy and laptop goes with me like my shoes.

What version is good for laptops?

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Unscientific Poll: Who's Got Tape Over Their Webcam?

Got a piece of electrical tape over that built-in camera?

Got something stuffed into the built in mike?

What countermeasures are you taking against the Lil' Brothers embedded in your electronics?


Then, of course, the article inspired by all of the responses:


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Preppers: How will my fellow American patriots communicate if/when SHTF, like an EMP?


Scenario: Nuclear EMP goes off somewhere over continental US... President orders Martial Law declared, orders firearms be confiscated, food and medical supplies confiscated and redistributed... They start kicking in doors, taking resistors and certain 'targets' off to FEMA camps or wherever... Rumors that U.N. and/or foreign troops are behind some the raids... It looks like America will never be the same...

Considering we'd be under Martial Law, military communications technologies would be deployed to disrupt and compromise patriot/civilian communications.


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"ObamaNation" er Sticker I'd like to produce & sell

I'd like to do something constructive and offensive (pun intended) about this train-wreck of a country. I don't see donating to organizations or candidates as making enough of a difference. One candle isn't enough and candles blow, and blow out, with the wind.

The best idea I have is to mass produce an effective bumper sticker and sell it at low cost.

I think it should say simply "ObamaNation". I've decided adding details seems superfluous at this point and mixes the message. Your thoughts?

Any suggestions on a low cost printer who is, ideally, like-minded?

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I Confess that I am Woefully Ignorant about How to Exercise my Rights

I was born and raised a sheeple...well for the most part anyway. It's unfortunate but facts are facts. I had read and learned about the constitution through the filter of public school, but atleast that basic education gave me a love for the document and for the ideals that caused this country to be fought for and founded.

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