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Intellectual Property Rights - What is wrong with it?

Liberty folks have often discussed the ideas behind Intellectual Property Rights (IP). Many believe that the notion of IP is flawed, that one cannot own an idea and that it would eventually become "discovered" by another. It is stated that the idea always existed, it is part of nature, part of physics, you name it. The fact that a person arrived at the conclusion of such idea doesn't make them the creator of the idea, but simply the first to see it.

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Fundraising, Amash, Herford, Jobs

Hello DPers:

Your input would be appreciated on the following:

1) Any more tips on having a successful re-election money bomb for Justin Amash?

Ideas can be emailed PRIVATELY to:

2) If DP management would allow it, are there any legal prohibitions to having a DP money bomb for an election candidate and giving .25% of funds raised to the DP and the rest to the election campaign. (The .25% can be advertised, I am just not familiar with election laws.)

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Cashless Society

How would Gold & Silver perform in a cashless society?

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Media Alert! Any Info On Roger Stone?

In about 20 minutes; (that's 1amEST) the infamous Roger Stone will be on Coast to Coast AM, interviewed by John B.Wells.

I once had a file on Roger, all his nefarious deeds....but since my last pc suffered a hard-drive failure...Well you know what I mean.

Any and all info on this guy is welcome.
It's known that Wells lurks at the DP (as evidenced by his great shows)...maybe we could give him some facts to "temper" the recent media love-fest that Roger Stone has been the recipient of.

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Any interest here in reading my letter to the CEO of Monsanto? 2 of 3 pages completed!

I will post as soon as completed if there might be an interest in reading it by those here?

Are there interested DP'ers?

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I wonder what Snowden thinks about Pussy Riot

This is a great article explaining the story behind Russia's Pussy Riot that made headlines long before Snowden, for being arrested for singing anti-Putin songs

(CNN) -- Why is Vladimir Putin scared of 24-year-old Nadya Tolokonnikova? What have his people done to her? Why won't they let her family contact her?

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Paging Michael Nystrom!

I'm not sure what the best method is to contact Michael directly, since he cannot be messaged directly through the site, and I'm not sure if the one email I found is active or not, so I figured…I may as well just make a post about it!

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Any Good Recipes for Duck?

Iv got about 20 ducks and I'm going to fry them up for my mothers B-day party. I was wondering if there is any thing else i can do with them that's quick and easy?

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Should cops be required to wear video cameras at all times?

Is more transparency necessary during police encounters? They are public servants. Video evidence would cut down on a cops word against a criminal or victim. Or do they deserve a certain amount of privacy just like the average citizen.. Does that privacy go away when they get public jobs that we pay for? What do you guys think? Is it a better use for our NSA to record the public servants and not the private citizens?

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I've seen it, I know I have - Draft of Patriot Act dated before 9-11-01

WI congressman and author of the Patriot Act Sensenbrenner is out boohooing the monster he created. Now I've looked deep before and I know I saw it. I'm almost positive it was a .gov site like showing the history of bills including the drafts and committee votes before being submitted to the House. I know it was dated before 9-11-01 on some of the drafts - but I can't find it anywhere.

Any help on this? Is that a feature somewhere I can access? Was this feature scrubbed since I last saw it?

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An apparent dead cause!

My open letter is in the works starting tomorrow. I am trying to spread the word that if we present and have enough support world-wide, we can during this holiday season send the gift of emotion, inquiry, plea, genuineness and human duty to one of the greatest threats that has and is making property of food by claiming they have the capacity and consent of mother nature to alter and degenerate the prosperity and potential it provides.

What say you we make December 1st, 2013 the day when we collaborate to send a clear message to Monsanto that we are aware and awake?

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Where does wealth come from?

We continue along in the reading of Jaron Lanier's new book, Who Owns the Future?. I began this discussion here on the DP by rebroadcasting a question he raised: What is so interesting about you that you're worth spying on? He is not talking about the NSA, but rather private commercial enterprises.

At Loc 597 (8% into the book), he states:

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IMHO, this video is pretty clear that JFK was not shot by Oswald.

So if you just drop all the he said, she said, and simply look at this video with unbiased eyes, it appears pretty clearly to me that the head shot that killed Kennedy came from his 1 or 2 O'Clock direction.

If I had any doubt whether or not it was an entry or exit wound on the right side of his head, that doubt is erased by the fact that Jackie went to retrieve a piece of his skull off the back of the car. What Jackie was doing is not disputed by anyone that I know of. Kinetic force coming from the front would seem to be needed to send an object flying backwards.

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Why is supply and demand so controversial on DP

I'm not sure where everyone's getting their economic mythology these days, but when someone says that an influx of labor being sold at a price below the prevailing wage height in any given field will lower the average wage for that field, where is the controversy?

It's simple supply/demand dynamics. You might believe that in the long run the wage will rebound, but as a matter of direct effect, adding supply to a market at a lower selling price than the existing supply up for sale will lower the price.

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Who here works in the Sheriff's department?

So... I have been rolling around the idea of potentially joining the Sheriffs department. Being somewhat inspired by videos like the one below; I believe there is a need for more liberty, constitutional Sheriffs. Also if SHTF the more like-minded people we have in positions of authority, the better.

This is just something I've been mulling over in my head, and am curious if anyone here has experienced input.

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