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Do you believe in Aliens and UFOs?

There are now hundreds of testimonies now from retired military officers. What are your thoughts on this issue?

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How Corrupt is the USA?

Transparency International rates the USA as the 19th out of 177 rated countries as the least corrupt. I used to believe, or at least had the perception, that the USA was not a corrupt country. Whenever I got pulled over by a cop, or anyone I knew got pulled over, there was never any thought about bribing the officer. In third world countries bribing police officers or any other official is normal everyday life. But the American politicians are smarter than their third world country counterparts. Corruption has been legalized in the USA and most other developed nations.

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Founding Fathers of the Future

I’m working on a story which presents me with an opportunity to reflect on the founder’s intentions and ideals. What if a thousand years into the future another revolutionary war was fought? What if the people who fought it had the example of the founders AND the mistakes made along the way and were high-minded enough to attempt the grand experiment again?

To Put it simply, I’m trying to explore “What would the Founding Fathers have done differently, had they the ability to foresee the path that the country eventually took? ”

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What Happened to Ben Swann?

Seems like he disappeared from the Daily Paul.

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Is matter eternal?

What about space and time, photons and forces?

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Liberty Candidate in me - let go.

So I truly believe that every intention I hold dear could be served well in the public light and with respect for those constituents I would have every privilege of serving.

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What is the best way to go about buying Bitcoin?

Help! How do I obtain Bitcoin? I don't understand. Keep it simple, please.

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The New "Bill Of Rights?" Daily Paulers Attack!

My progressive Congressman Alan Lowenthal posted this on Facebook today:

Daily Paulers you know what to do.

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Driver's License at Dr's Office?

Went to drs office I have been to b4 and they wanted my drivers license.... I told em to stick it. The lady was pretty shocked I said no, and asked why. I told her because idont think they need it. Then they asked medical history questions they should know... turns out its for obamacare...WTF

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How many degrees from Ron Paul are you?

Similar to the "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" game, how many degrees are you from Ron Paul?

Here's the closest I can find for myself:

1. My mother-in-law is friends with Kathy Pratt
2. Kathy Pratt is the mother of Christ Pratt (Andy from NBC's Parks and Recreation)
3. Chris Pratt just starred in The Delivery Man, with Vince Vaughn.
4. Vince Vaughn, as most of you know, is a dedicated Ron Paul supporter and attended Ron Paul's annual BBQ last year.

Can you beat 4?

No... "I shook Ron Paul's hand once" doesn't count...

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Will anyone venture to guess what will be railroaded through this holiday?

Will anyone venture to guess what the big surprise gift will be over this Christmas Holiday?

One year we got the NDAA while huddling around the fire with our families for the holidays.

What will be railroaded through this holiday?

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Bitcoin price cut in half in a day! Comments?

Bitcoin went from 1250 dollars to $650 in a day. Safe investment? I think not. Uh any fool can see that a bubble was forming in the last 2 weeks many people tried to get rich, some did, but as most Ponzi schemes go most didn't. True its not a true Ponzi scheme but speculation definitely fueled the value. I still think there's value in bit coins, but I would put it more around $5 coin. Sure I wish I bought it at $5, I'd be a very wealthy man. But the surge from 100 to 1200 in about 2 months time is ridiculous don't you think? Pm's are STILL proving themselves as a much safer haven.

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Are low wages stalling America’s economy?

That's what Rex Nutting at MarketWatch thinks.

Low wages are holding us back. Since the official end of the recession more than four years ago, the average wage has barely kept up with inflation, even though workers are more productive and are creating more profits for the owners they work for.

Since June 2009, real average weekly earnings have increased 0.3% per year , even as productivity has increased 1.5% per year. Most of the income gains have gone to the highest paid workers, including the bosses. Real median weekly wages have actually declined 0.8% per year since 2009.

Slow income growth means consumer spending has also grown slowly. Most households are still trying to avoid taking on too much debt (like they did in the 2000s), so they don’t have the purchasing power to buy the additional goods and services that the economy could be producing.

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Am I wrong on the federal government's role on abortion?

Lately I've been pondering the government's (specifically the federal government's) role in abortion and I wanted to get all your thoughts so I can better formulate my own thoughts on the subject.

I believe that abortion is murder and that it is wrong. I realize not everybody believes that, but that's not necessarily my question.

IF... abortion is murder, then why wouldn't the federal government make a law against it?

Now, I know what you're thinking, because one side of my brain is thinking it too.

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CNN: Does Smoking Pot Cause Man Boobs?

CNN: Does Smoking Pot Cause Man Boobs?

By Dr. Anthony Youn, CNN Contributor
December 5, 2013 -- Updated 1228 GMT (2028 HKT)

CNN) -- A young man in his 20s -- let's call him George -- sits across from me in the exam room.

"Dr. Youn," he says, "I have man boobs."

I notice a not-so-unfamiliar smell wafting from his body. It's the same odor that floated my way during a rock concert I recently attended.

"How long have you had a problem with this, George?"

"Hard to say. But it seems to have gotten worse over the past year or so."

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