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How freedom can handle the Ebola outbreak?

Hey you all, I come with a couple questions I would like to ask on how a truly free society would handle an ebola outbreak.

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Which Potential 2016 Presidential Candidate Are You?

The Blaze has put out a 'questionaire' I guess you'd call it, and I ended up with Paul Ryan.

Curious to see if anyone comes up with Rand...

Ed in Phoenix

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The Swiss Gold Initiative

Someone I respect told me about this today. I admit I have been out of touch. Busy in the physical world. Time for cyberspace got squeezed out.

Can someone explain to me what this is about? Is this a cause worth fighting for? If so, what can the DP army do to help?

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(n). The state or quality of being nervous.


I called Bill up and asked him if he was going to watch the game this Sunday. He said he was, but that Amanda was nervousing about it, because this year, the Cowboys are actually good.

- - -

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Gold vs. The S&P 500

I've officially started my first career job out of college. After graduating from an enormous Texas public university with a degree in Finance and a minor in Economics(unfortunately Keynesian school), I'm officially a registered representative/financial advisor for a prominent, Houston-based financial group with my focus mainly on the investment side of things. Being an avid visitor of this site for years, I've learned the real value of assets due to the value of gold.

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How should I go about this?

I need suggestions on how to go about this:

I will cut to the chase, I have an uncle who is a world renowned architect that has built steel structured buildings all over the world. He actually got the contract to do renovations on MSG.

Here is a link to his companies website:

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Who will have the first 'Ransom Bomb' (aka money bomb)

Just a strange thought that occurred to me... what if ISIS used social media to tell the world 'we will not behead this man, if we get $10 million.' - and set up a way for people to donate - even with a ticker of the amount raised so far...

Of course, the government would stop this somehow... and no bank would allow it... but, maybe there are ways around that (bitcoin).

Anyway, it just occurred to me - and I wonder, how long before someone actually tries this?

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Everyone who's here is here for a reason. What is yours?

Riffing off of SteveMT's post, Where is Everybody?

The Daily Paul ain't what it used to be. But then, neither are you, or me for that matter.

Registration is closed, and likely won't reopen. Who we are is what we've got. People move on, they die, they get disgusted and quit. But we've still got a core of several thousand people. People come and go, and everyone who is here is here for a reason.

Some of those reasons are hard to articulate, but they're there. What are yours?

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Could you force a RICO case against our corrupt Police state?

I'm not a real lawyer, but I play one on TV. No, seriously! I'm no lawyer, but was thinking yesterday about the implications of trying to get one of these corrupt cops/judges charged under the RICO act. Isnt this the true reason for the legislation to be in existance anyway? To charge not just the individual who broke the law, but then entire crime syndicate that perpetuated the crime?

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Josie the Outlaw...Website Gone?

The Josie the Outlaw site appears to be down ("account suspended").
(BTW Josie is sooo smokin' hot. Intelligent AND beautiful, the best combination. But I digress.)
I hope the website outage is temporary.

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Show me the blood.

Show me the blood. It's not my intention or desire to be macabre, but show me the blood. I haven't yet found a youtube video showing the actual executions of these 'victims' by 'ISIS'. I certainly don't enjoy bloodporn, but show me the blood. Does anyone have a video that shows the knife slitting a throat? Heart of the matter here.

Hugs from Chile.

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Ebola, cautious but not fearful.

Concerning the developing Ebola outbreaks, I am cautious but not fearful.

Here's my question:
I generally think of the US as a tax farm. How does it benefit our ruling class to have thousands of healthy income producers succumb to Ebola?

Here's my take:
At this point I think Ebola is a natural disaster. Like most natural disasters, eventually the government will start throwing money at the problem to recover from poor decisions made from the onslaught. A few people will get very rich.

In the meantime, I'll learn more and take precautions.

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Daily Paul, you are a tough crowd! Who can answer this question?

Who can answer Vegas Patriots question from Fri, 02/14/2014 - 03:32?

I'm off to bed, its way past bedtime here! The comment above never got a reply, but there is plenty to learn...

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Maybe I'm Missing Something

Maybe I just don' t get it. About 2,500 people in Africa, the second largest continent, have been infected with Ebola and everyone is panicking? That doesn't really sound like a plague of Biblical proportions to me. Is this another case of multitudes seeing what the fear mongers want them to see? Hmmmm.

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WARNING: Potential spam/scam: Can anyone verify?

I received an email (below)made to look as if it was from C4L that had "Congressman Ron Paul" logo at the top (he's no longer in congress!), and website "" is an error page.
Disgusting if this is a scam. Can anyone verify one way or another?


From: Ron Paul
Date: Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 1:32 PM
Subject: We don't have much time

Campaign for Liberty

We don't have much time.

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