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Songs that changed my life - Official Thread!

I have contributed much more here than anywhere else in my life. I am starting this thread in order to post and talk about songs that changed my life and the experience I had surrounding that song.

Does this sound like a viable and grateful way of giving back to the past that for so long I fought to strangle with control? For many years I struggled with longing for what had come to pass and I felt that this would be a wonderful way to share the healing and productivity that can come from embracing the life you've lived without suffocating it.

Peace and Love ALWAYS!

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I need idea, suggestions or comments on how to start a revolution.

I am in visioning something along the lines of the Arab Spring.

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Why stop now? No reason not to take the Presidency back also. Senators can now proceed with the Impeachment.

Congress and the Senate are not good enough! Don't stop now. Justification already exist. Demand impeachment from your new Representative today.

see one effort here:



Let it be known that I stand with the Tea Party and demand that impeachment proceedings be brought against President Barack Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors, including, but not limited to the following:

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Looking for Gold Fund Recommendations

I just started looking into Gold Funds and was wondering which funds the Daily Paul would recommend investing in? I recently watched a Peter Schiff video where he explained that Gold Stocks are at a 10-12 year low right now. I looked into Peter's fund EuroPac Gold Fund (EPGFX), and found it is exactly the type of fund i want to get into. The EuroPac Gold Fund invests in companies that deal with mining, processing, dealing and investing in gold.

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Fracking ban passed* in Denton. It is their right, but is it right?

DENTON — In a state where the oil and gas industry is king, Denton on Tuesday was poised to become the first city in Texas to ban hydraulic fracturing after voters appeared to be approving a grassroots initiative against the controversial drilling method.

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My Vote

If any MODs read this I was wondering if anyone can show me how to upload pics here. I want to post my ballot here and let people critique the votes I made. I did it with some help here in 2012 but I forgot how to load them here. Thanks ahead.

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What will the world be like in 2034?

I've always been a bit of a sci-fi geek and was brought up believing the Jetsons would be reality by the year 2000.

We did get the cool "tricorders" from Star Trek in the form of the smartphone... so that's pretty cool

Of course there are also those seriously negative pieces of sci-fi which are also proving true as we move into some sort of a Brave-New-World-meets-1984 reality.

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Ron Paul 2012 / R3VOLUTION Bracelet from

After almost 4 years of wearing my Ron Paul bracelet I've somehow lost it within the past few days, my frantic quest to find it having been unsuccessful I come to the community hoping your love for Ron Paul & the free market will help me find a replacement.

I'm willing to pay a nice premium for a replacement & and some backups if you have more. Please reply or private message me with any opportunities.

It's the Black Bracelet from that says "Ron Paul 2012" & "R3VOLUTION).

Thank you for your time. Peace & Liberty, a sad llatpoh.

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Can the Daily Paul Chat Room be Recommissioned for Tuesday's Election?


It'll give us a platform to discuss the results!

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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find...

Does anyone know where I can find a short booklet or pamphlet that I can pass out regarding jury nullification for free. I would like a small quick read(short attention span) that informs the juror about their duty. I can buy a couple hundred or print them if available.

**Or if anyone wants to help me create one that could be printed out and folded would be awesome! I was looking on my computer to see if I have the ability to make a brochure and I cant find the function. So if anyone knows how to do that, I would love to have that info.

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How to find a job in this economy

During her interview she made me remember a flash of insight I had a few years ago that the future economy will consist of a lot of small one-man operations. But people are still stuck in the mentality of "finding a job" instead of solving a problem. They still believe society owes them a job instead of asking what they can do for society. Economically we need more entrepreneurs than anything else.

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Do You Have to be a Politician to Make an Attack Ad?

It's election season again in Wisconsin and it's particularly nasty this year. Incumbent 'r' governor and presidential hopeful Scott Walker is being challenged by uber-dem Mary Burke.

The title is the question I asked my roommate Tom. Another attack ad came on during The Price is Right (like people who watch that show vote anyway), and I wondered aloud, "Could I purchase tv time and air ads explaining what a chump you are?"

-Tom leaves wads of hair in the shower

-when Tom farts he says 'take that underwear'

-he didn't even know what an oncologist was

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Scott Brown is probably going to lose.

What do the free staters think about this?

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What's the history on the feud between Alex Jones and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger?

What's the history on the feud between Alex Jones and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger?

Mike Adams was always on the radio show and his articles were linked on But since January 2014 or even before, it all changed.

Now, Mike Adams is bashing AJ for promoting ProPur that, according to MA, does not filter all the heavy metals it claims it does:

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