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The Utilitarian Argument for a State and where it Fails

Most arguments for the existence of a State structured society boil down to a single premise - through the existence of a State, violations of Natural Law can can be minimized. For instance, “there will be less theft,” “there will be less murder,” and so on. On the whole, it is argued that, folks will be better off. This is the Utilitarian Argument for a State. Let's explore.

The following figure demonstrates the proposition. In the absence of a State, society would arrive at a Natural Equilibrium where the inherent – yet informal – organization would result in some baseline level of violations against Natural Law – which can be assumed to be measured in some arbitrary units of value (i.e. money, emotional value, etc - shown as blue).

When a State is put in place, money, sweat, tears, etc must be extracted from the populace to sustain its existence. Under the influence of a State, by Le Chatelier's Principle, the equilibrium level of Natural Law violations will be shifted – for the better or for the worse. Under a State, both of these must be assigned a value and, subsequently, added together. If the summed value falls below the Natural Equilibrium, the State could be said to be ”worth it” (shown in dotted green) from the perspective of a cost-benefit analysis – whereas the red dotted line represents the case where the sum exceeds the Natural Equilibrium, and so, is ”not worth it”.

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Is there legal recourse when NSA perverts spy on you naked?

In this episode of the Rare Report...

Do you want the NSA looking at your naked body? Americans are fed up with the NSA–but are they ready to do something about it? Have we reached a tipping point? What legal grounds do we have against federal workers who pass around nude pics of us and our loved ones?

Is it government’s job to tell you what we should eat, drink, smoke and think? Shopping carts with Michele Obama telling food stamp recipients what healthy foods to buy? Is this for real? Should government control what they–or you–buy?

Can you be a conservative without being a libertarian? Establishment Republicans are attacking libertarian conservatives like Rand Paul and Justin Amash every chance they get. But can you even be a conservative without, to some degree, being a libertarian? We take a hard look at the definition of conservatism and it’s future.

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A Portuguese Domino Falls

Last week we wrote about trouble brewing in the Portuguese banking sector.

The media advised to "stay calm" and the bank itself reassured its customers that the problem was with the holding company, NOT the bank itself

Then today we get this news: Espirito Santo Financial Group is Seeking Creditor Protection

Lesson: Trust your instincts. When they tell you everything is fine and it doesn't seem right to you, don't go back to your seat.

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I Speak with Chris Rossini on His New Book on the Federal Reserve, "Set Money Free!"

In this week's episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, which I imagine will be somewhat less controversial here than last week's show, I welcome Lions of Liberty’s own Chris Rossini back to the show to discuss his new book “Set Money Free!”. Chris explains why he decided to take his writing to the next level, and write a book about the Federal Reserve. Marc and Chris discuss why the Federal Reserve is so harmful to economic growth and individual liberty, and Chris describes his vision of how a free market monetary system could emerge and thrive in lieu of the centralized bank. As always, I share my thoughts in the post-show wrap up!

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Obama and Bloomberg: Your Dream Vacation In Israel Awaits You!

Just yesterday, an astronaut in orbit around our planet reported that he could see rockets missiles and explosions over Gaza...


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Rand is the Best We've Got - Deal with it.

I know your gripes about Rand, I have them too. I know he’s not as staunch as his father, I know he’s trying to not step on too many toes for electability reasons, I don’t necessarily agree with him on Israel, and in my mind there’s NO guarantee he’s not going to screw us over if he gets in office.

But you know what?

So far I agree with 95% of what he says. NINETY-FIVE PERCENT. That’s more than any other potential candidate I’ve been in agreement with in my entire life with the exception of Ron.

And you know what else?

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"Galileo" to Speak on James Madison & War of 1812

"Galileo" to Speak on James Madison & War of 1812

Galileo will be making a feature speech on James Madison & the War of 1812

The speech will cover Madison's achievements including the Constitution, Bill-of-Rights, Federalist Papers, and the War of 1812.

The speech will also cover the problem of systemic liberal bias against our sacred Founding Fathers.

A lively session of questions and answers will follow the speech.

The event is sponsored by Pints & Politics and the RPDC.

Please attend and bring your friends, neighbors, and countrymen!

Tuesday, August 5

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Japan Building "Huge Drone Fleet"? Is It Propaganda? You Decide...

Check this out, Japan is going to spend "¥3 billion (approx $372 million) in the coming decade to drastically expand its virtually non-existent military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) program"


OK, let's see if I got this right - they don't have a drone fleet now, and they are going to spend about 37 million a year over the next 10 years to build one?

Contrast that with the US drone fleet -

"In the next decade, defense spending on known medium- and large-size drones will be nearly $40 billion"

And we already had some 800 of them flying, in 2011!

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Acceptable Tyranny

What will it take to wake up the masses of people who honestly believe that the government cares about their well being?

Is there anyone here that has read The Affordable Care Act, and thought to themselves "Wow, the federal government wants me to have the best care possible, at the lowest cost possible!" By the way, two different federal appelate courts ruled today in opposite directions on whether federal tax subsidies for health care plans are legal for residents of some states but not others.

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Do You Have a Right to a "Monopoly on Force" In Your Own Home?`

The title speaks for itself:

Do you have the right to a "monopoly on force" in your own home?


This is an off shoot of the thread "On Definitions and Straw Men"

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On Definitions and Straw Men

Last week’s episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast featuring my interview with Shayne Wissler regarding his essay “Against Anarchism” has generated a lot of discussion, particularly over at The Daily Paul forums.

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I Hate Religion

The following was written by my husband. I thought it was kinda funny seeing that I once wrote a post called, I Hate Feminism. I have many times been accused of being unloving when I say I hate something, but I contend that love is not love without hate. I.e. To truly love children, you must hate those acts which hurt children, etc.. So, to truly love freedom, you must hate all that enslaves.

I Hate Religion

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Dailypaul want to support a good cause? (ohio event)

I am organizing a fundraiser and birthday party for a couple of my nephews. My youngest nephew is a bad ass little breakdancer and my oldest nephew is an honorable young man that is turning 18.

My youngest came to me and told me he wanted to take his crew to Chicago to compete against the big kids at Battle of the Dojos. My youngest nephew is only 10 and is an incredible little bboy. My oldest nephew is the oldest child in the family and he is turning 18. He is an honorable young man with plans to attend OU next year.

I am very proud of the boys in my family.

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You Read it First on The Daily Paul!

After insisting for a year there was a housing recovery....

July 2014: Fortune Magazine: Why The Housing Recovery Is Over


April 2014: Smaulgld: The Housing Recovery that Never Was is Over


April 15 2014 on the Daily Paul

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Libertarian Answer to Deal with Homelessness?

I currently live in one of THE worst places for homelessness – Atlanta, GA.

The other day I walked out of my apartment and a homeless man ran up to me shouting “Hey man, give me some money for food!” I’ve been in Atlanta 10 years and every year the problem gets significantly worse. Homeless people/panhandlers are EVERYwhere looking to get something for free. They harass pedestrians and constantly shout at apparently nothing as they’re walking to wherever they go.

I don’t mean to sound curt regarding this issue. I know it’s serious and it would be great if homeless shelters could provide perpetual care for these individuals who need it, but the constant harassment is taking its toll on Atlanta residents.

So what IS the Libertarian solution to this?

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