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I am niijii, My Name is Tim Walsh, I am Peace, I am Friend

I am.

I am Peace.
I am Friend.

I am who you are not
I begot who you did not

I began where you did too
A premeditated copulated brew

I Love Me
I Love You

I am what am

And in that phrase, enumerated too
I Love Me
I Love You.

I just thought I would come out of the DP closet tonight.
Today, I am officially unafraid of laying it out: my name is Tim Walsh, and I am who I am.

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Attaining Liberty is the Hardest Most Simple Thing You Will Ever Do

Popularly, attaining true liberty is painted as being an arduous and only distantly possible realization. While I don't claim that it won't be arduous, I will claim that freedom is attainable at the whim of the masses. More accurately, freedom is attainable at the whim of only a fraction of the masses. Only one vow separates humanity from freedom:

I will not participate in evil.

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My first Post, kind of intimidating.

Who will enjoy, who will be insulted, who will judge ?

I like to write Community in the subject of my comments because

I believe we all choose to be part of this Community.

United we Stand

Learn, Share, Inspire, Communicate, Identify, or not I guess, :)

Thanks to all, and to all a good night

Im not a bot, :)

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Cursed Are The War Makers

Cursed Are The War Makers

Cursed are the war makers
They shall be called children of hell
Cursed are the war makers
For every life they take and every lie they tell.

Their false flags have set the world on fire
Turning it into a funeral pyre
Pushing the stakes higher and higher
Universal dominion is their demonic desire.

They leave nations in rubble and ruin
Brainwashing the masses with their martial tune
Promoting war so a new world can bloom
But only nightshades thrive in a realm of gloom.

Puppet politicians are ringing the bell
Clamoring for the death of the infidel

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My First Publication: Where Do I Fit? (Life Learning Magazine)

My first published piece... Enjoy!



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Instagram deleting users posting anti establishment or liberty themed memes and photos

It's seems that Instagram has been purging its site of users who post memes or other photos that are anti government, anti establishment, or liberty themed, and without warning or explanation.

One example is here: https://instagram.com/dilutethepower/ .

This might seem random or just a coincidence if it wasn't for the fact that it seems to have happened at around the same time as Google's announcement that they will decide what is true or not ( https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2015/03/01/breaking-googl... ) and earlier this year the FCC making new rules regarding the web.

I have my own account, dedicated to all things liberty and, more specificly, to Ron Paul ( https://instagram.com/drronpaul ), let's hope I'm not next.

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I Stand With Liberty

Because the Daily Paul is fundamentally about Peace, I stand with Liberty.

I don't care how much you cut from domestic and other programs, we don't need to add more to our defense budget.

And as far as my foreign policy goes, this about sums it up:

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Why banks sponsor both teams?

War questions continue...

Why banks sponsor both teams?

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Still being absent - God? NOT!

Can spider
Have more wisdom


All sign's

World war

Yemen's territories
It starts

War crimes
Mass sufferings

Still being absent - God?


Why there are fixed?


Lines removed....new lines placed in their place!!!!!!!!!

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The Beauty of the Y Combinator

"Believe it or not", the following :

(function(x){return(function(y){return x(function(z){return(y(y))(z)})})(function(y){return x(function(z){return(y(y))(z)})})})(function(f){return(function(n){var p=n.p||n.n,s=n.s||p+1;return p<s?f({n:n.n,p:((p+n.n/ p)/2+'').split('.')[0]*1,s:p}):s})})({n:281474976710656})

computes the square root of :


which is :


(i.e., find S such that S * S = 281,474,976,710,656


S = 16,777,216)

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Jury Duty & Libertarian's view of it.

Can I get an argument explanation of why or why a Libertarian should be forced by law to do Jury Duty?

I get that it's important to participate when called by the Justice System however if you have the freedom not to vote, what is the reasoning not to participate in Jury Duty.

I'm not seeking reasons with an explanation 'because it is your right to' or because it is your 'duty' as a free individual. And not reasons on how to 'get out of' jury duty. I want the Libertarian's reasoning.

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Pilot deliberately crashes plane with 150 people on board - or not...

By now everyone is convinced that the co-pilot crashed that German airliner. We have reports that the voice recorder provides evidence that the Captain left the cockpit and was locked out. No words are recorded (or reported) after that event until the crash. The "ex-girlfriend" now says the co-pilot was unstable and talked about doing something to be remembered by.

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I cry sometimes...

at a world who tells me my children are better off afflicted by vaccines,
at a world who accepts humanitarian infanticide over self-preservation and defense,
at a world that blames children for deficiencies caused by reckless parents and grandparents,
at a world that would rather spend billions to kill a threat
far weaker than the one they fail to treat with bread and water...

Governments lie! They must in order to appreciate growth.

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Taken out!

My wife and I recently started watching "The Walking Dead". Believe you me there is more reason now than ever to be involved in the lives of your children. Oregon SB 442 was recently abandoned due to parental/anti-force voice, but never underestimate the idiocy and neuropathy of the engineers in power. I would delight in being taken out in the defense of my family. After all, wasn't the Constitution and Bill of Rights written in the defense of the family unit? What action would you not take to prevent the end of everything you know and trust in this world?

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Wife ~

Your love is other-worldly
and pure;
your compassion a canteen
in the deserts of warring nations;
your eyes emeralds
to the deepest-seeded evil;
skin like velvet;
a heart of inextinguishable flame;
and after 13 years,
you save me still
in songs of distant geese,
aligned in flight,
in love.

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