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Right to fair trial?

I have a question to all those legal minded DPers out there. This deals with FOC or Friend of the Court proceedings. If you have the right to remain silent, and the right to have an attorney present even when being charged with the most terrible crimes you could imagine, why and how is it that the FOC is allowed to conduct their "interviews" in a locked back room closet without allowing any legal counsel, any recording devices, or any witnesses?

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White people have no home and now your Christianity

We have been hearing this for a while. The Christian religion is now attacked on the land and now you have no home.

This might take me a few posts to address and I have in the past in a harsh way, a sattirical way in that I long for the day, oh white Christians that one day,

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Non-resistance legacy will continue?

You may find this very interesting...


Part of the interview on Non-Resistance (VS Non-Aggression and such)

The full recordings posted on http://relate4ever.com/chuckpike-interview-2014


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Shocking: Google Driverless Car Busted For DWI

Smudge Pot News
For Immediate Release
Washington DC 8/28/2014

In a shocking development, residents of Washtington DC and Washington state awake this morning to hear that the revolutionary Google Driverless car is currently incarcerated awaiting charges of felony DWI.

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Ideas Above Ideals

There's a Magic the Gathering card with flavor text "believe in the ideal, not the idol."

My roomie related this to the phrase 'believe in the idea, not the ideal. "

I think it sounds like that classic epigram, "why before what?"

I am trying to figure out how any of this has to do with the price of Holland oats.

Help please?

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Politics in Idaho For The Disinterested

I have not been paying close attention to politics for a while now. I have not even had regular internet access for several months. While the local paper is very prompt about letting me know who went to Ontario to go shopping or who had a grandchild up for a visit, they really don't cover much news beyond this little corner of the world. Before delving into the summer on the farm, I had heard rumor of ruckus at the State Convention a "floor fight." Of course "Ron Paul" or his supporters are never mentioned, we are lumped in with "TEA Party" (which sort of gets under my skin...

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Historical European Martial Arts

I have always been fascinated by swordplay. Most of you who know me, know that I am a traditionalist by nature. It wasn't something I decided rationally. More, I was a product of my environment and my upbringing. Naturally as a child, while the neighbors were playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians, I was playing Robin Hood and Peter Pan. While folks were playing 007: Goldeneye on their Nintendo 64's, I was trying to track down the original Nintendo version of Final Fantasy 1.

As I grew to become more cogent and grounded in reality, I shed a lot of the escapism that I used to safeguard myself from the conditions of a traumatic childhood. I became someone who was fully grounded in reality with a passion for the here and now; as opposed to someone with an irrational desire to live in the past, ignoring those frightful aspects that progress has shielded us from having to face.

Disclaimer: This is my personality. Not an attack on other peoples hobbies. I appreciate that I am limited to my own perspective. No need to defend yours.

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128 Gig Encrypted Carrier Pigeons?

With all the discussion about how folks are going to comunicate when the SHTF there happens to be a new concept in the works. This new concept pairs one of the oldest forms of comunication transport with the best of today's advanced computer encryption and rewritable flash drive technology.

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Thank You to Everyone Reading DailyPaul 7 Yrs Now (Dramatic Non-Exit)

Recently there has been a lot of debate about what Dailypaul is. Is it another news aggregation site like Drudge? Does it serve a purpose? Is there any unified libertarian movement here? It is fun to watch users give ceremonial goodbyes and a rant or diatribe as to why they are leaving. I'm not sure why there are these dramatic Dailypaul exits but it is charming and characteristic that as people that support Ron Paul it appears we rarely leave quietly without some burst of self expression.

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Saluting all freedom fighters

I had hope for thunderstorms
So far just dark clouds

As the enemy removes
One by one our rights

George Orwell writings

Had balls

Saluting all freedom fighters
That place their health their lives
For a cause is above all friendships
Love birthgivings

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Countdown till Matt Papke Win for Tempe City Council

I think he is going to win. What do you think? we will know in a Hour!

Preliminary Unofficial Results
August 26, 2014
Primary/Special Election

Results from the August 26, 2014 Primary/Special Election
will be released after the polls close at 7 p.m. as follows:

After 8 p.m., results will be available and posted online for
early ballots only. Throughout the evening, results will be
available that combine early ballots and ballots cast at
polling places.

Preliminary unofficial results will be released as received

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I gave my kids a bath about a half hour ago and put them in bed... normally my wife handles bath time, but my daughter's birthday is tomorrow and my wife ran out to get some last minute stuff for a small family gathering we'll host tomorrow night.

I set this goal when my wife left to run errands to try to do something to make her life a little easier before she got back. Bath time was a small thing... 15-20 minutes, not a ton of effort involved... but it made my wife smile and hey, that was the ultra-simple short-term goal.

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He Supports All The Troops

He Supports All The Troops

He supports all the troops,
He's glad to see them go,
He fills them with patriotic fervor,
And sets their hearts aglow.

He conjures up a marching band,
He makes them all feel proud,
He tells them to take a stand,
And say the pledge aloud.

He tells them of the enemies,
Those filthy, evil foes,
Those foreign devils must be stopped,
And so his story goes.

Then they go in their prime,
To kill and fight and die,
Cut down before their time,
While loved ones wonder why.

His tales of glory,
Are just a story,
From forth his fetid breath,
They lead to sorrow,
And no tomorrow,
Just endless, dreaded death.

Copyright 2014 By Edward Moran

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I lost my God Father this week.

Here is his beautiful obituary:

He was one awesome dude and I loved him dearly. Ed was a master story teller like none other. He was a true patriot and was a Ron Paul/ Larry MacDonald supporter. Goodbye Ed....

Edward Joseph Bomer Jr., age 79 of Nashville, passed away Friday, August 22 2014 at Eaton Community Palliative Care in Charlotte.

Edward was born on March 24,1935 in Detroit, Michigan the son of Edward J. and Irene (Murzin) Bomer Sr. He attended Chadsey High School in Detroit, graduating in 1953. Ed married Claire E. McAfee on August 1, 1953. He worked for Humphrey Products, retiring on January 23, 2008.

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One easy way to get this site free advertising... Twitter

Twitter allows you to enter a website into your account's bio.
I just entered DailyPaul.com

I have a lot of conservatives following me that just may love this site if they were able to find it.
Just a small easy way to promote this great platform for all things liberty.

My Twitter is @ryanscott35

I'll follow back.

I figure we should all follow each other in case we don't have this place after 2014. Michael suggested this. I like the idea.
That's all.

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