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A Look at What one Ounce of Gold Buys.

Gold is pretty. I'm sure it will go up in value in five years too. I was going to buy a coin until I thought about all the stuff I needed to get first in the case of a crisis. Here is a little shopping list.

One nice pistol plus ammunition - $400

350 pounds of dry food at an LDS canary (6 month supply) - $290

Gravity Water filter (for one million gallons) - $70

Thick Sweedish winter army jacket - $20

Stainless Steal Hunting Knife - $10

Five cases of bottled water from Costco - $10

Nice leather gloves - $12

Several Home Depot Buckets - $18

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What can be done about Ebola in these United States? Maybe this..?

I'm not a fan of limiting people's freedom to travel. That said, I have created the petition below regardless. Please comment, and if you feel so inclined, sign.


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JSIL militant group breaks ceasefire in Gaza

Obama the Bomba commits various international and American war crimes to fight ISIL and this new, scarier group, The Klingons (believe me, the Klingons are 1000x more real than this Khorasan group).

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Ayn Rand Just Discovered! Local DK Library Up For a Challenge. What Book(s) are You Reading?

Just finished watching Ayn Rand and the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged, 2011 documentary.

Yesterday I saw the movie Atlas shrugged part 1, and Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike.

Tomorrow im off to ask my local library to get a copy of the books:

If they don't have the books (they don't), they ask it from another library. If no other library in Denmark has it, they will buy it and add it to the pool. Last time this happened to me was when I wanted a few books from Marshall Mcluhan:

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To Bomb Or Not To Bomb

In 2013, the Military Industrial Complex headed by President Obama wanted to encourage the American people to support bombing Syria by the emotionally driven argument that Bashar al-Assad (President of Syria) was using sarin to gas and kill the people of Syria. The American people troubled by the idea of yet another war, decided not to support the effort to go to war when President Obama "allowed" congress to debate the subject with the American people rather than taking matters into his own hands in what would have been another Constitutionally undeclared war.

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The Irrational Course of Action

Every day we mention to ourselves, someone close to us, or even someone in a position of power, that a course of action doesn't make any sense. Sometimes, we accept that it makes no sense, and we even grow to be fatalistic about the lack of rationality in the world, and sometimes we defend the lack of rationality in the world, as a necessary part of our existences.

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Creating a Rational Basis for the Law

Who does not want to do good? We all want to do good, to our family, to our communities, even to our country from time to time, to the planet, to people of other countries sometimes, even to all the peoples of the world. But it is up to us to actually do it. You can't just pass a law requiring people to do good. That's not only faulty, it's intellectually lazy.

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Desire, Its Insatiability

That desire can be contained in a single act of eating or drinking is probably a somewhat necessary fiction which reason cannot diminish. That desire only fuels desire is an uncomfortable truth which reason can probably never bring into common understanding. But, I believe, there are some parts of this perception which can be used without harming the soul too much.

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Physical Limitations, Some Observations

Whenever or wherever there are people who do not have something which is essential to their person, or even when it is not essential to them but perceived as beneficial to themselves or their status, they desire to get it. This desire created every single thing which is of any value to humanity, and whatever human life or resources have been wasted in this effort is nothing compared to the human life and resources which are wasted removing every barrier between the self and the satisfaction of desire.

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What is love? Can love take pleasure in hurting other human beings?

I haven't posted on here for a while (until just a few minutes ago). I had an unusually slow day and have been watching a lot of youtube videos...like this unpopular post http://www.dailypaul.com/327021/why-the-illuminati-killed-ro...

Anyway, I decided to spend some time responding to some comments that I haven't been able to, and also to ask this nagging question to my fellow DailyPaulers. I see a lot on the DP about love, but what is love?

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Challenge to the Liberty Movement - Where does the Constitution authorize Congress to apply law to People?

My claim is that the Constitution does NOT authorize the US Congress to apply ANY legislative code to the People.

I also claim that the Constitution has specific prohibitions to such claims in the Bill of Rights especially with the 9th amendment.

I challenge anyone out there to enumerate exactly where the Constitution authorizes Congress to make law applicable to the People.

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You Are Not Rand's Audience And I Am Supporting Rand Paul And This Is Why.

I haven't made a political comment here for quite a while, I took a long break and am still on break from the movement. With that said, I feel the need to make this statement. As someone pointed out, many of you here are not Rand's audience, He is trying to appeal to a much broader audience and he is doing very well in that approach.

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Other People's Words Are Not Your Property

As a group, we libertarians seem to be hung up on words. Cries of "they took our word!" echo through forums and blog posts, as liberty lovers complain about how the original meaning of "liberal" meant what now has to be referred to as "classical liberal." Others worry about how the libertarian label placed around Rand's neck (he calls it an albatross) will besmirch the label with Rand's non-liberarian positions.

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