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The Pillars of Morality

In his TED talk "Moral Behavior of Animals," the primatologist Frans de Waal claims that morality, of any desirable kind, is based on the two pillars of Reciprocity and Empathy (see here http://www.ted.com/talks/frans_de_waal_do_animals_have_moral...). He does not claim that the totality of morality is these two pillars, but rather that if you take these two pillars away, you don't have much with which to build a system of morality.

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What's the best rod for disciplining your child?

Proverbs 13:24 tells us that "who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him."

Since we are supposed to take the Bible literally, I would like advice on the best rod to show my love. A bare hand just won't do. The Bible doesn't say "he who spares the spanking hand." It clearly calls for a rod.

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Our way of life is under attack...

Our way of life is under attack...

With the usurpation of government long before the United Nations Agenda 21,

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Jesus' message has been lost

The Roman State sponsored story goes, "Jesus died for your sins, and thus, you need not do anything else besides accept him as your savior. Any further action on your part is unnecessary."

In reality, Jesus was a non-violent protester of the Roman Empire - regardless if one believes he was of divine descent or not. Evidence points towards his existence.

Jesus was trying to set an example - namely, violence is not necessary to defeat tyranny. Only non-violent means of resistance are required. Jesus' non-violent approach ultimately cost him his life. Was it in vain?

I challenge you to ask anyone the questions, "Is the government too big? Has it overstepped the intentions of the founders?" I predict 99.999% of folks will give an affirmative response. If not, simply ask them, "How much bigger do you suppose the government needs to be?" Their stuttering will serve as your answer.

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Get Ready For A New False Flag Attack!

Here's Why!

Russia and China are about to finalize a sweeping trade deal that was years in the making, involving oil, gas, military and economic forces, including a shift away from the US dollar. This is the biggest international event and threat to the US/Europe empire since WWII.

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DP'er and Ron Paul Parking Lot Delegate from Oklahoma runs for Governor

I thought I'd share my gubernatorial run with the Daily Paul:

Liberty activist and former Christian pastor Dax Ewbank, 38, has announced he will challenge Mary Fallin in the Republican primary for the office of Governor. Ewbank was born and raised in Oklahoma and is a lifelong Republican. Ewbank and his wife Julie currently reside in Guthrie along with their 7 children, ages 2 – 16.

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DWalters Opinion: Chemtrails are about Fresh Water - not Global Warming

Raise your hand if you truly believe the State cares about the environment. From past experience, I would say not. Experience suggests that the State - ie the individuals that call themselves government - care solely about their own asses, the bottom line, and power. Don't be fooled.

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Regulations are GOOD for business

BIG business that is.

Regulations are tools that big companies use to squeeze out their competition and to protect themselves from consumer backlash.


1) Regulations restrict the number service providers in an industry by criminalizing those who cannot or will not comply.

-This helps assure that these companies get their price.

2) Regulations legalize certain amounts of harm that a company can cause a consumer.

-This makes it so that a consumer cannot bring a court action against a company who has harmed them so long as the harm complies with the regulations.

-Government argues that companies must be able to harm the consumer in order to have a robust economy, because a purely free market would be too restrictive.

A Free Society has the strictest regulations because all who initiate harm are fully liable to those they harm.

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Can you spot the Christian Anarchist?



It's kinda old news as I participated in this Beijing to Shanghai Antique Auto Rally last October but they have just had the video posted to youtube (which is unusual since youtube is banned in China) but anyway, there it is. It was a great fun time and even my wife enjoyed the 6 day journey across parts of China.

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Petition to Ban Month of April

April is a terrible, cruel month. April is the cruelest month! Right from the jump, it is biased against fools. This is undemocratic and elitist, fools being the majority.

Tricks, practical jokes and mischief are the hallmarks of troublemakers. It is unfair to the stupid, timid, and humorless, and is politically incorrect. The month is tainted from the first by this pathos of joviality, fun and light hearted frivolity. What could be more politically incorrect than irreverence?

It is down hill from there.

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A Car Breaks Down

A Car Breaks Down

A woman's car breaks down on a busy highway. She manages to ease it over to the shoulder and gets out and opens the trunk. Immediately two men clothed only in trench coats leap out and begin to open and close their coats, exposing themselves to the oncoming traffic. Pretty soon a police officer stops. "What's going on here?" the cop asks. "My car just broke down," the woman responds. "NO, I mean those two guys," the cop continues. "Oh," the woman replies, "they're just my emergency flashers."

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Liberty 420

Liberty Magazine, April 20, 1946. This was recently sent to the offices of the Daily Paul by a loyal reader, who pointed out the similarities between the magazine and our trusty website which will be explored in future issues. Does anyone here remember Liberty Magazine?

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God's Grace - Happy Easter

God's Grace

I wonder how many people will delete this without reading it because of the title. It is a shame but this message is very true. Hope you are all as blessed as I was by this story.

There once was a man named George Thomas, preacher in a small Texas town. One Sunday morning he came to the Church building carrying a rusty, bent, old bird cage, and set it by the pulpit. Eyebrows were raised and, as if in response, the Preacher began to speak. . . .

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Happy Spring Equinox, Everyone!


Eggs = Fertility

Spring Rains and Spring Planting = Fertility

Today, the Sun passes over the Equator, moving north, marking the coming of more daylight than night.

Soon, the crops will be planted, the rains will nourish, and the animals will frolic, as we enjoy (from the Northern Hemisphere perspective), longer, warmer days.

This day has been celebrated for tens of thousands of years, long before man created religion and the associated invisible guy(s) in the sky.

Happy Spring Equinox, everyone!

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A BILL3 Political Primer

An answer to the awful, elusive, perennial question: After he has destroyed all political beliefs, what does he believe?

Here I provide Micah with some cautious, provisional dart throws at some ghostly shadows of reflections of concrete ideas.


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