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Joking, but quite serious. Auto mailer conversations. I got it off my chest, Rand got a response. I hope its useful!

I think i better ask you guys as well, it has had me puzzled and conflicted for years.

Should I just leave you guys to it, or can i "interfere" in your domestic policy?

It is a world matter, peace, that is.

And it may be an untapped resource. Its was my way into Ron Paul to begin with, you see: Danish policies doesn't matter, they always go for war with the US. You are welcome. Always. So to get the danish soldiers to stay home, is for me to support any US peace candidate.

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Quote of the day...

"I have every right to know if you are covering up the fact that you are selling me the altered biological integrity of something and calling it by a name that implies it is has not been. GMO corn is not "corn"...it is GMO corn. AND if you are spraying those foods with poisons I wouldn't even put on my own garden, then I have every right to know of your intentions to poison me as well." - The Pen

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For Ella...my precious baby girl...

You are my miracle...not that given by a god, but that which simply has been afforded me,

You are the most beautiful angel to ever be born or shall be,

You saved our marriage from infidelity,
from dissolution,

I knew you even when your heartbeat failed to register
the first time...

I am absolutely vulnerable and childish in your arms,

You verse me and teach what I never will be able to,

I am small again with you...as is God.

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CNN's Paul Begala Posts Anti-Government Invective

Americans have the right to own guns. That right is a foundation upon which the U.S. government is built and the government's job is to protect these rights. However a cadre of antigovernment activists, that includes Paul Begala, believe that Americans should not have those rights.

In his most recent invective against this fundamental right, Mr. Begala's attacked Iowa senate candidate Joni Ernst for stating:

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You Have 30 Minutes to Explain to the Founding Forefathers what has become of America!

I find it very interesting that such like minded people have such a differing view of history. This is the very reason our nation is so easily divided and conquered as true history has been rejected in the place of self satisfaction to make history lean towards one own belief system. The original article is found here:

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What Else Is There to Say?

Honestly. Seriously. Undeniably.

It has all been said. It's right in front of your face. We shout out to one another. Decry the crimes, the maleficence. The injustice. The periods. This is a new kick, for me. Periods. Short sentences like Hemingway that go rat-tat-tat. Commas are out. The time for commas is nigh.

We all know what is going on. Me. You. But, we argue with the small stuff. Well, not small. Those things that are close seem big. And they are. Like hills like white elephants. But we ain't in Africa.

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Every Day The Death Toll Rises

Every Day the Death Toll Rises

Every day the death toll rises,
We’re distracted by false flags and surprises,
Another vet will be gone before the sun rises,
We can’t see past the lies and disguises.

No weapons here or over there,
But watch out for the Obola scare,
Ask for help and get your share,
While they send troops over there.

The boogeyman can run but not hide,
We came, we saw, he died,
But look with eyes open wide,
At civil war and the racial divide.

Every day the death toll rises,
We’re distracted by false flags and surprises,

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Who was Frank Zappa?

I had know idea who Frank Zappa was until the recent post


I have heard his name enough times to recognize it but had know idea who he was or what he stood for.

I was watching some interviews on Youtube and came across this old crossfire video from 1986.

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Heaven on earth our home!

Standing tall
I know what I'm fighting for

Standing tall and holding hands
The blessings the true miracles

Standing tall
I know what I'm fighting for

Heaven our home!

Every day the planet earth
Moist with loving hands
Purification waters

Standing tall
I know what I'm fighting for

Heaven our home!
Heaven on earth our home!

No more wars!
No more dark nights!

Children play in the parks
Freed from evil its handcuffs

Purification waters
The unchained it unchains

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Robert Sarvis - U.S. Senate Candidate in VA - on How He Became a Libertarian, and Why He Deserves the Vote of Liberty Advocates

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate in the State of Virginia, Robert Sarvis! Robert describes how he came to hold libertarian views, what propelled him to enter the political arena, and why he is now running in the Libertarian Party after attempting to losing faith in the Virginia GOP. We discuss how libertarians can make a different through politics, and Robert answers some questions regarding the policy positions of his campaign. As usual, I wrap it up with a good ‘ol liberty rant!

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Question about Primary Dealers - how does it work?

Just wondering about primary dealers.

We all know money is loaned into existence. The simplest example that we come into contact with in our everyday lives is when a loan is given at the bank like a mortgage.

We also know that when the government needs funds, they issue treasuries which the central bank 'purchases', which is essentially creating the money.

What function do primary dealers serve in all this?

How does one get a job as at a primary dealer?

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