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When the Waters Were Changed

Once upon a time Khidr, the teacher of Moses, called upon mankind with a warning. At a certain date, he said, all the water in the world which had not been specially hoarded, would disappear. It would then be renewed, with different water, which would drive men mad.

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Do You Ever Miss Your Sheepy Former Friends And Loved Ones?

I am just having a fit of feeling like an outcast. It is not a new sensation for Pete's sake, but it is still an uncomfortable one. I do not seem to be getting better at being cut off from people who said they loved me my entire life.

A few months ago, my husband got on facebook. It was a pretty odd move, but he was tracking down a family member. Yesterday, he pulled up his page and there were messages from all these people, MY family and friends, who have included him in their facebook circles. They do not ask about me, do not say "Tell her hello" or anything else.

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Practice Patience and Understanding: You never know who you are about to reach.

Who I was 25 years ago, does not resemble who I am today. I used to be a liberal. I voted twice for Bill Clinton, a thought that makes me cringe now. I basically believed whatever the news told me. Oklahoma City Bombing, the benevolence of the United Nations, and the need for health care reform. I basically believed whatever history or science class in college taught me. I was proud to be an atheist and heavily relied on science to explain my existence. I was confident that my views were the right views and everyone else was either misguided, selfish, or stupid.

What can I say? I watched a lot of TV.

When 2007 had come along, I had grown slightly more skeptical of those in Washington. However, I went to bat for Hillary, convinced that she was going to bring some sanity back in our Country. Hillary and sanity don't even belong in the same sentence.

Warning lights began to flash for me when the media began to actively protect and make excuses for Obama. They propped him up beyond all reason. The Democratic caucuses and eventual convention were full of corruption. This was a disease that I thought only Republicans were riddled with.

I vowed never to support Obama. Of course then I was called a racist.

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Give up! Give up! It runs perfect woman!

Lit white snow on the mountain tonight, no visible legs.

Discrimination law is probably the queen.

Rotating the wind is howling a storm;

They cannot do that, God knows I've tried

Do not let them, do not let them see
it is always a good girl.

Hide, do not fear do not know

Well now you know.

Give up, give up, you cannot do it back in

Give up, give up, tune in and slam the door,

You do not care what you're saying;

Let us very angry...

Cold never bothered me.

It's funny how certain distance, how small is everything

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Unsubscribing from email lists that aren't covering Rand Paul...

Going through my email today I'm really shocked at the "conservative" mailing lists that I'm on that REFUSE to mention Rand's win a CPAC or only give it a byline. What amazes me is that these lists are supposed to be the ones that are covering the R3VOLUTION, or so I was inclined to believe. So far I've unsubscribed to CowboyByte, OurAmericanRevival, and one other that escapes me right now (it's a bitch getting old...)

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CPAC is making me sick from a very long distance

A noisome cesspool of filthy little liars we know too well from our experience.


I don't have to watch this crap, I can smell if from here.

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Smudge Pot wakes up with killer hangover: internal dialog.


Feeling. Perception. Fog. Confusion.
What surface do I exist on or what substrate are we glued on?

OMG I hear music. Wonderful and spastic. I seem to have a body,
properties elastic.

What is that music? By Gods beautiful
The thought occurs to me, they are called avieries,
Oh, effing wonderful!

But another voice comes ringing through the air,
what is this voice singing?
What's going on up there?
What is all this fanfaire and why such beautiful music
apparently for an old smudge pot who happens to be booze-sick?

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We Are Almost at the Gate

We Are Almost at the Gate

There are countless wars and tyranny,
Leviathan's cruel reign of hate,
But we have a rendezvous with destiny,
We are almost at the gate.

Monsanto is going down,
Big government will disintegrate,
The Military-Industrial Complex has lost its crown,
We are almost at the gate.

Poisoned food, water and air,
But take heart and celebrate,
The Great Awakening is everywhere,
We are almost at the gate.

Though they seem so big and strong,
Creators of the police state,
For lovers of liberty it won't be long,
We are almost at the gate.

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I will tell you a story about fatherhood and a warrior and an old priest.

"Not many of you know"

is a teaser I apply to posts to get your attnention.

Many of these times you already know what I am about to tell you or you suspect you know.

Many of you now know that when I have spoken about having a son and a daughter, you know that they are not my biological kin. And if you know me well enough, you know that these children are Chippewa and not Llennappe like me and their moms.

And some of you know that I have told you the truth: that these kids don't even not wanna be indians, they acutally think their heritage, all indians are a bunch of drunk losers.

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It Starts as a Fear and Becomes a Cancer

Dresses compared

It Starts as a Fear and Becomes a Cancer
This post offers a brief and partial answer to the question: "Why is it that humanity must suffer so deeply and yet those who cause that suffering can bring themselves to inflict such harm on others?"

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All alone in the woods

I sit here alone for the 200+ day a year, yes my wife come home and is awake for a few hours each night, but I am in limbo, we have moved to Canada but I can't officially work yet or travel back to the states. I live about 30 miles out of town on a half section of land and to say I am alone is an understatement.
W have plans to build a massive permacultura farm on about 90 acres of pasture that is on the land and the other pasture is going "jole salitalin" style so we have a plan. The $$ will be hard to get. but at least we own the land.

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Who's Hillary Clinton?

Who is she really? I ran across an article yesterday with a chart I've seen before. This one was a bit different though with updated numbers and really spoke to me.

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I Am Not a Follower of Ron Paul

I am not a follower of Ron Paul, I am a student.


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