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The DailyPaul The Beacon of Light!

The DailyPaul The Beacon of Light!


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US Constitution: Sundays Excepted

The Presentment Clause: Article I, Section 7, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution

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New kind of Marriage, between two heterosexual men or two heterosexual women.

The latest episodes of "Two and a half men" are addressing an issue of two heterosexual men wishing to adopt a child, but must prove to a social worker that their marriage is truly a homosexual relationship. The current fight to make legal, by the state, the marriage between two homosexual men or two homosexual women has gotten a lot of attention. However, what about legal marriages between two heterosexual men or two heterosexual women? There are many heterosexual men or women that live together for many reasons. Why must a sexual relationship be required for marriage?

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Are There Any Libertarian Atheists Out There?

Being an Atheist I visit many atheists sites and also being a libertarian I visit many liberty sites and I find very few people that I agree with on both issues.

Why is it that so many atheists are statists?

And why is it that so many more religious people are libertarians?

It seems to me that theists worship gods and most atheists worship government.

Why is that?

Could the main problem be that both are lacking knowledge in one area?

This is what I believe and have found talking to many atheists and religious folks.

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Scott Horton on ISIS, How the Republican Takeover Impacts Foreign Policy, and That Rand Paul Fella!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined by the great antiwar radio host, Scott Horton of the Scott Horton Show! Scott and I discuss anything and everything you could ever hope to know about the latest foreign menace in the news, those rascals known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Towards the end of the discussion, Scott comments on how the Republican takeover of Congress will impact United States foreign policy, whether we’ll see combat troops in Iraq, and has some interesting remarks about Senator Rand Paul which his fans and critics alike will undoubtedly find interesting.

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Two SIMPLE Policies That Will Save the World

All our problems, at least in the US, stem from two simple things:

1. Make gold/silver or anything else to be used as currency
2. Instead of a yay,nay, or abstain, allow a fourth option: 'States Rights' in voting. It has also been proposed to allow anonymous voting.

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Do you have a LICENSE for that? I got a prescription today

Details aside, I got a prescription today for a "controlled substance".

Note, the substance isn't being controlled; TwelveOhOne is.

As I handed the paperwork over (this is something they can't do electronically as it's "too dangerous", but it's just heroin-derived), the lady asked, "Can I see your license?"

That specific wording stuck with me.

It wasn't, "Can I see your driver's license?"

It was, "Papers please."

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Today it restores the green leaves on the American Liberty trees

"Love is inherently humble. If you love someone, then you want to know what makes them happy, so Love shuts up for long enough to hear. Love listens." - Robin Koerner

If Love died we would all be children of its death's
If Love was never born we would never see our birth's

Love-dead world of hate and wars
We would all be un-born in our graves

Love gave life to all our mothers
They were not afraid to accept its gifts

Love is everywhere stands there by the unmarked graves
Listens to rape victims and cancer patients

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Tyrannist: a term for statists

I was just thinking about how the Feds have so much money (and can print whatever they want) that they can not only manipulate the gold and silver markets -- they could also manipulate the crypto-currency markets.

My brain put together "they are tyrants" and "they are terrorists" (because they are actively harming The People), and got "they are tyrannists".

I hadn't heard this before, so did a search for it, and only a couple real hits came up. So, I'm not saying I coined it, but did want to share it.

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New Dark Journalist: Breakaway 2.0 - Black Budget and Post War Nazi International with Dr. Joseph Farrell


Join Dark Journalist and his special guest Oxford Scholar and prolific author Dr. Joseph Farrell for part two of a fascinating discussion as they reveal the hidden dealings of a secret breakaway group operating inside the national security state with covert knowledge of UFOs, black budget finances, advanced technology, and a post war Nazi International.

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I Feel So Guilty

I feel so guilty.

The last few days I've listened to more Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and even tonight watched Bill O'Reilly. I never do that.

It's not because I like Fox, or any of these clowns. I agree with very little of what they stand for (and what they stand for is very little). It's because of this Gruber thing. They're onto it, ripping into Gruber like junkyard dogs and I revel in the mayhem. I want to see Gruber taken down and humiliated. I want to see the administration and everyone associated with it who supported the Affordable Care Act eat crow. I feel like I did in the year 2000 when I was a neocon and watched Fox News endlessly. I feel sick. Blah.

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Is it fair to say the purpose of American Media is no longer to inform but to manipulate?

As someone who used to work for the market research industry, I've come to have an appreciation of the importance of perception in shaping public opinion. When I say perception, I want you to think of a phrase called character assassination and think about what that implies. For instance remember That French guy http://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/may/19/dominique-strau... Dominique Strauss Kahn who was head of the International Monetary fund, who was accused of raping a maid at his hotel. He was forced to step down from his position and ostracized.

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The Powers That Shouldn't Be

The Powers That Shouldn't Be

The powers that shouldn't be,
Enslave you and me,
From the thug with the badge and gun,
To the president, the selected one.

Doctors and Big Pharma culling the herd,
With treatments deadly and absurd,
Yet foods that create and promote health,
Are banned from the shelf,
Monsanto and the state,
Are determined to depopulate.

The powers that shouldn't be,
Are monitoring you and me,
Eavesdropping on what we say,
Everywhere is the NSA.

Gun control is the plan today,
Tomorrow take them all away,
Monopoly of force is their goal,

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