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The Individual is Rising: A Two-Part Book Excerpt

The following links are to a two-part book excerpt from “The Individual is Rising” by Joe Withrow for anyone interested in a new book.

The paperback edition can be found on Amazon here:


The e-book edition is available on both the Kindle and the Nook.

Part one of the book excerpt can be found at Zero Hedge:


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Positive Vibes and the Daily Paul

I just have to say, I LOVE the positive vibes lately! Thanks!

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Let's Celebrate Each Other!

In response to Bill3/Faction3’s lovely poem.


Since people are thinking about Thursday night fight nights, I was thinking of Sunday celebration day.

And while Bill was celebrating me, I think we should all celebrate each other every now and then because I think we (I, lately) sometimes forget how great the ppl here can be, and if ya’ll are doing fight clubs maybe it would be a good idea to celebrate each other in between. So here we go. I would like to celebrate….

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Daily Paulers are full of so much love.

Daily Paulers are full of so much love. I can see that so clearly.

What is it you love? Where do you direct your love?

For me it is Samantha. Today is 9 years for us married, 10 years together.

She is my anchor. She is where the love of my world is focused. The whole world would be a different place without here.

Nine years ago today, on 7/7/2005, we were married in Taipei. It is a custom in Taiwan to have an elaborate wedding photo shoot.

Here is a picture from ours, after the shoot was over:

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This is "conservative"...stuck on stupid.

Have you noticed more if not less diesel pickup trucks spewing black smoke lately?

Turns out, "rolling coal" is a new political symbol to tell Obama and "environmentalist liberal pansies" to f*ck off. And everybody else in their vicinity it seems.

If you see a Subaru with hippy stickers on the road, COAL ROLL 'EM. If you see a bunch of pretty young ladies in a convertable Jetta, honk your horn, shout SHOW YER TITS and COAL ROLL 'EM.

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Who's "MarcMadness?"

He's nobody, he's not even real. "MarcMadness" was just a stupid moniker I once used - a silly play on "March madness" that a friend of mine used on me once. It meant nothing then, and it meant nothing here. It was just supposed to be a username for some website where I wanted to go lurk and have an account. And not put myself out there too much.

Well since then I've put myself "out there" (lionsofliberty.com) and "out here" quite a bit , and I see no reason to hold on to the meaningless monikers of the past anymore.

Who's "MarcMadness?"

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A Contrarian View of the Illegal Immigration Frenzy

If you look at history, and see the events that were the most extreme in terms of destroying various countries, I believe you'll see the most terrific renaissances that always followed.

We all know that overloading the social welfare system will cause it to collapse. So it makes sense that accelerating the collapse will bring the end, sooner rather than later. Speed matters.

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Let's celebrate jrd3820!

Let's celebrate jrd
For her wild ways
Trailblazing Artasms
Profound displays

Shy, a little
Pulls no punches
But pulls a post
No free lunches

For us cads and loafers
She has a soft spot
Turns a cheek
Bends a backward

A good little spiral
Of sound emotions
Healthy feelings
Productive devotions

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My partner (72 years young) died yesterday and I didn't really know where to post this but

it is business and current events in my life. Yesterday I lost my business partner, mentor and very best friend. He left for a bike trip to Labrador last Thursday with a stop in Knoxville for business. His friends of 30+ years met up with him on Sunday and they continued on their trip.

I got word from his son yesterday around 5-6 that he went off the road and died at the scene in Newfoundland. This places great sadness on me for he was the most amazing businessman I have ever met. He taught me there was such a thing as morals and ethics in business. I will miss him greatly.

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A redneck is being mugged in a big city and he fights like a wildcat, but eventually the three toughs overcome him. Two hold him down while the third grabs his wallet and opens it. "Ten dollars??!!? You fought like a madman for 15 minutes for a lousy ten bucks?" "Oh no!" replied the redneck. "I thought you were going after the $500 in my shoe!"

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The Mind - Alan Watts

Been a while since I got a video up, thought I'd share it here at the Daily Paul, seen as some of you here enjoy my videos.

If you were only ever to watch one of my videos, I'd ask you to watch this one. Out of all the videos I have created this is one video which I think most people will be able to relate too, including myself. So many of us so easily get trapped in thoughts of the mind.


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