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I will NOT be Ashamed Today and NOT Told By the President That I Should Be

Originally posted at: http://www.casida2014.com/news/i_will_not_be_ashamed_today_a...

I am not ashamed. This gun violence comes from violent people - and violence comes from poverty. Poverty of wealth, poverty of health, and poverty of spirit. The more poverty we have, the more violence we will have - it has nothing to do with guns - it has to do with violence.

I am sick and tired of politicians and the president trying to keep people on their knees - 'we should be ashamed of ourselves' says Mr. Obama. No we should not Mr. President - we have done nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of.

Do not be ashamed of yourself. Do not be ashamed of being able to protect yourself. Do not allow these people who write and execute un-just laws with victimless crimes to keep you on your knees.

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So, I got banned from posting comments at RawStory

This is actually pretty funny. It makes me pretty furious when people call me racist.

Only one comment was left because my comments were deleted. What I can tell you is that I tried to be civil until I was called a racist. Then I was kind of a dick about it...

• 5 days ago
what you gonna do about it?
all caps?

• 4 days ago
don't be such an ass.
since rand paul IS my senator, i have a very personal, very detailed interest in how inadequate he is for the job. figuratively, he spits on me and mine all of the time.

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Ode to Lee Bright & the Surfing Parable

All surfers and travelers want to ride the biggest wave. All of us enjoy that.

And that we expect, or at least hope for, the biggest, most perfect wave ever, every time we paddle out to the break...sometimes it doesn't pan out.

But every bad surfing day is still a good day.

I say, enjoy every wave and more importantly, ride the tide and own it.

The tide has many, many small waves and it never ceases, and yes, there is the occasional large wave, regardless.

Tuesday's big wave was Cantor being ousted.

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Getting Back to 'The Good'

Look around at our general culture, with its art, its manners and political values. We are all free to choose, and that is a great thing. But do we choose well? Why is it that so many choose things that seem veritably bad?

Take popular music. Is pop music evidence that the market can be led by the nose to value terribly poor products, just by clever marketing?

What about politicians? Are they evidence that the market and the majority decision are easily led astray by dedicated minorities of superior ability?

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Update: What is the Government Spending? Book

After I posted my original book summary, I realized that I should have given a bit of a teaser. So here it is.

Some amounts for your review:

Rural Electrification and Telecommunications Loans, $6,224,478,000.00

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, $2,293,781,000.00

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Trust Fund, As Necessary

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, $4,358,841,000.00

Department of Health and Human Services Appropriations, $626,637,805,000.00

State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance, $1,171,500,000.00

Office of Biometric Identity Management, $227,108,000.00

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS, $330,000,000.00

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The Four Agreements and the Daily Paul

The Four Agreements is a sweet little book. Compact wisdom that is applicable to the Daily Paul.

1. Be Impeccable with Your Word

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don't Take Anything Personally

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America's Night of the Living Dead Moment Has Arrived

Ever get the feeling that you're being surrounded by human zombies?

I have always brushed that feeling off, as if to say, "Nah, never gonna' happen here, most people are good at heart."

I can't help but notice that something really isn't right in America tonight. I've always been the optimist, but after what has transpired in the last few days on a national and personal level, I can't dismiss the obvious trend that seems to be singing to me like the bird in my backyard on repeat, chirping the same message over and over again.

Zombie culture is cool now. Parents proudly display, "Zomby Family," decals on their vehicles. Dressing up like the Joker and his mistress is the in thing, take a selfie, murder some people, and have a Big Mac. Why not?

The, "law," no longer applies as the president has shown.

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Why we must violate rights

3$BILL has made a great deal of a silly argument that free law must perforce violate rights.

The short answer is, duh.

Liberty isn't a panacea, and the NAP isn't a magic wand.

In short principles aren't Gods.

In a free or capitalist society with capitalist law there will occasionally be rights violations done to individuals. Occasionally an innocent will be wrongly sanctioned. There is no way around this.

3$BILL is probably getting excited right now. But he will be disappointed as usual.

"AHAH!" he says, "You admit a capitalist society must violate rights!"

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Prediction to be filed away for future "I told you so!" moment:

When the next financial crisis comes, economic experts in the mainstream media are going to try and convince the public to get rid of all banks, and move to a 100% reserve, fiat, digital vault monetary system, where the state creates all currency.

Bill Still's dream come true. The end of fractional reserve lending and a public digital currency.

Plan to revisit this in a year or two.

Just letting you guys know now.

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Gave my first interview on Liberty and whatnot. Would love feedback

...on how I did. Thanks!

You can listen to or download the discussion here: http://oddfellowswelcome.libsyn.com/episode-3-seth-shore

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Business owners beware of Yelp!

A client recently shared a tale of woe with me. Her service-oriented business rather suddenly hand't been performing. Her business relies in great part on web marketing, SEO and social media outreach.

It seems she had some negative reviews on Yelp, a popular review website. One negative review she desicribes as being "legit", that she did make a mistake and miss an order from a customer. Another one never executed contract or made down payment and so there was no business done, no exchange of value. A third she simply has no idea or it's origin, no record of any business transacted.

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The LARGEST Jackpot in SC Education Lottery history up for grabs today!

That's right folks!

Vote for Lee Bright and win a free country!

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A DP Parable:...anything familiar?

A simple story gone awry...

Published here by exclusive permission from the original author in 2010. (Tony Hayward is most deservedly remembered for ("wanting my life back")

'Tony' was fairly new at the job and was eager to do well. He wanted to impress his boss, do well at his job and make lots of money. However, on this particular day,
his service tray was clearly overloaded and unbalanced as he approached the table. The customer, who's name, ironically, was 'Amerigo', wasn't really paying attention to the server as he was engaged in other matters at the time.

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Does it violate NAP?

Arrest - seizing a person suspected or accused of a crime against his will and holding him captive.

Jury trial - How can the democratic vote or consensus of random people justify the inflicting of loss of liberty on a person?

Would NAP conforming security agencies be permitted to arrest and hold suspects for trial?

Arrest and trial are not self defense. In essence, a person is kidnapped and imprisoned on suspicion, pending a decision by some other people.

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I started a juice fast this Thursday

Progress updates, here

I've done fasts periodically for the past 20 years or so, and inspired by DavyC's fasting post from Saturday, I've decided to start a juice fast this Thursday. If anyone is interested in participating, you're welcome to join in. I'll document the process and the journey here, and answer any questions as best as I can.

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