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Do Something Now!

Do Something Now!

Do something now,
You really know how,
Be the change you want to see,
Lift yourself and humanity.

Read a book and learn some more,
Like Ron Paul's Revolution or 1984,
Self-educate then educate,
Make a sign and demonstrate.

Practice non-aggression in all you do,
Tell them Big Brother's Watching You,
Please don't wait or hesitate,
Do something now, it's getting late.

Have love in your heart, don't be mean,
Resist the evil war machine,
Protect life in every way,
Stand up and have your say.

Let the world be your school,
Live The Golden Rule,

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How I finally Managed to Ditch Fiat Currency Without Embracing Bitcoin.

There is so much that I want to say and it is important. This is the path that I have taken off the Federal Reserve counterfeit dollars and back to real money. The gold dollars. We don't need to use the Federal Reserve Notes anymore. Be patient with my writing and I will walk you through it.

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Teachers Still Enthrall Them

Teachers Still Enthrall Them

Teachers still enthrall them with the story,
Of Ulysses and his glory,
How he saw the world, conquered every foe,
And set a Goddess' heart aglow,
How he tricked the Trojans with a wooden horse,
Returned to Penelope, of course,
All like some wonderful, exciting game,
Living happily ever after with fortune and fame.

The Iliad is usually omitted,
Especially the atrocities committed,
Of Priam weeping bitterly for his son,
Of Hector's body defiled,
Of multitudes beguiled,
Of the annihilation of an entire city,
Of so many slaughtered without pity.

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Yes, I too am tired. So very tired.

I've read the posts here about being exhausted and not having the will to fight any longer. I too am tired. Very very tired. I've served with the Army Rangers, and I've fought both my battles and my personal demons. I've lost friends, and loved ones. I've won some battles, and lost many more. And come to realize that sometimes even when you "win" you lose, and that you can be "dead" right.

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Blinded By The Lies: Glaucoma and Cannabis - Updated with new research

"Believe it or not, the federal government sends free pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes to a special, but dwindling group of patients on a regular basis beginning in 1976 with Robert Randall. It all started when Robert was arrested for growing cannabis on his back deck and had to prove that this medicine was essential in to prevent his progressive loss of vision from glaucoma."

Key phrase here: "PREVENT his loss of vision."

"A variety of options are available to treat glaucoma. These include eye drops, laser procedures, and surgery. All are intended to decrease eye pressure and, thereby, protect the optic nerve."
Key phrase here: "DECREASE eye pressure..."


which DOES NOT PROTECT THE OPTIC NERVE. It merely SLOWS the progressive loss of vision. It provides an awesome income stream for the drug company and the eye doctor, as visual field testing will be performed several times a year at about $100 per test - to map the gradual loss of vision. Meanwhile, the patient will buy those drops until they die.

I devoted a career to ophthalmology, and watched helplessly as doctor after doctor prescribed drops and did surgery and patients continued to lose vision. My own father had lost a considerable portion of his visual field before he died. It is beyond frustrating to know there is a way to save the sight of these people, and the government knows it, and every ophthalmologist I worked for knows it...

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Report: Underwear launderers of the British elite working overtime during Scottish vote process

Sources claim that employees of the British elite have had much more on their plate than the usual task of untwisting the Brits' knickers before laundering.

"Och, for years we have untwisted their knickers before we washed them and that was it," claimed a long-time employee. "Lately, for cryin' out loud, we're bloody well finding bricks in there, and they're all coloured the same as the Scottish flag. To be sure, it's takin' us a lot longer than the usual to untwist the knickers for washing."

Developing ...

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2,000 people read my account of how 9/11 went down in the defense contractors office

I wanted to thank everyone who downloaded and shared 28 pages the #FREE excerpt from the first book in the SECURITY THROUGH ABSURDITY series, Little Yellow Stickies.

About 2,000 people on Sept 11, of this year, read my account of how 9/11 went down inside the defense contractor's office I used to work at.

It is currently not free, but it will be again very, very soon. (like hopefully tomorrow.) I intend for it to stay free. Always.


I will be reading this exact thing at Brown University Bookstore, on September 30th. http://www.brown.edu/campus-life/support/bookstore/events

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Where is "Real" Wealth?

Answer: Here is where "real" wealth is located-- It’s in the minds of people.

Take for example this THOUGHT Experiment. And please, answer the question as honestly as you can. First let’s just state the facts as they are found today. Let’s take two islands and compare the people and their “wealth” or lack of it. Then let’s ask ourselves honestly, where is “real” wealth located? Again I answer it’s in the minds of the people.

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So, I was in line at the bank today and an AirForce Pilot stepped in line behind me...

He had his green flight suit on and when he got close to me, I leaned toward his ear and said...hey man...just so you know, none of us want you guys to go off to fight yet another war for the bankers.

He smiled and said "Thank You!"

I didn't expect him to say that so it caught me a little off guard and so I replied..."so you know that all these damn wars are for the international bankers?" He smiled at me again and said..."Oh yeah, we know...BELEIVE ME...We Know!"

It was my time to head off to the teller so I just said something like...that's great or that's excellent...and walked away.

When I got back to my car I was telling my wife about the conversation I just had with the young fighter pilot. She said, I bet he loved your shirt...I had completely forgotten that I had on one of my Ron Paul Revolution T-Shirts.

Regardless, it made my day!

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I made the funny papers - letter-to-the-editor 9/18/14

Here is the published article regarding US radicalization:


Here is the original post I made about this article:


I made the funny papers again!

Peace and Love always.

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Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor Episode ZERO(aka The Lions of Liberty Origin Story!) Pt.1

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I invite in some liberty friends (and Daily Paul members!) for another installment of “Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor!” In this edition, dubbed “Episode Zero – The Origin Story!”, I am joined by fellow Lions of Liberty contributors Brian McWilliams and John Odermatt, along with fellow liberty-lovers and longtime friends Trent Seaman and Howie Snowdon. We kick back with a few adult beverages and reflect back on how we all became passionate advocates for the ideas of liberty. So grab a drink and a comfy seat, and join the Lions of Liberty for this epic look at the origins of our liberty love!

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Why I just resubscribed to Ben Swann's newsletters

I made a post regarding cancelling my subscription to Ben Swann's newsletters a few months back which received rather negative attention, although there were some positive interactions in the comments.

Today I have resubscribed due to an interaction on this post, specifically, this comment in which Zac Carter states that the issue I had, is no longer happening (that issue was that there were headline bullets that were actually ads; I don't begrudge ads that are obvious, but hiding them disguised as articles is something I won't support).

One of my favorite quotes is by the science fiction author Spider Robinson: "Pain shared is diminished; joy shared, increased." I had posted the initial post above in order to share some pain I was experiencing, and I am happy to say that my pain has been diminished.

Now, I'm sharing some joy. I donated to Ben as well today.

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