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It's tough to choose between the police state and people going crazy

Yes, the police are oppressive. Yes, overall, they're too militarized, and yes they often go unpunished for persecuting (and often murdering) the public. In spite of all this I side with the police in Ferguson. These "protesters" are crazy people looking for cheap thrills. Completely irrational, illogical, and dangerous. If I owned a business in Ferguson I'd be protecting it with a firearm. I would expect the police to do the same. Shoot looters. Shoot arsonists. Shoot anyone engaging in behavior threatening to the safety of others.

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My Open Letter to the DP-Something is wrong tonight.

Dear Daily Paul
I sit tonight with a feeling inside of turmoil, distrust, and just an utter feeling of dismay and gloom. I don’t know how to describe it, but watching these people riot in Ferguson, I just get this feeling that I need to type tonight. So many things are wrong with this I don’t know where to start. Rather than digging into the case itself, I truly have to think that someone or something wants this to escalate beyond anyone’s control. Why? Look at the way everything is being handled. They knew the verdict, and they expected some problems so why in the hell would you not be ready and lock that place down? I am talking a full military control. In this type of situation this is what our government is supposed to prevent and suppress. THIS is what I feel I pay my taxes for, too crush this type of violence and put a HALT to all of it in a matter of minutes. Do you agree with me? It almost seems as though something eerie is going on. Also, as George Bush put a squash on all media outlets covering the deaths of Americans in Iraq in 1991 and Obama just making up laws as he goes, why would they not crush the media escalating this?
Why would you not shut down the media hype over this crap?

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Meet Norton I - First Emperor of the United States

Scholars will debate till time merges with the singularity the merit and validity of presidential decrees, signing statements and executive orders. But no one can argue with the proclamations of an emperor - particularly when that emperor is Norton 1: First Emperor of the United States (& Protector of Mexico.)

the emperor frequently rode a bicycle when checking on the welfare of his subjects

Joshua Abraham Norton was born in England, raised in South Africa, and came to settle in San Francisco USA in 1849, where he lost his fortune, lost his mind, and finally declared himself 1st Emperor of the United States. The 2008 short film 'If I Were Emperor Of the United States...' (Emperor Norton's Decree) tells the story weller than I could:

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Love Will be Victorious!

There is Love
Never mark it thirty percent off

There are never-ending wars
Never-ending lies

Seems like the ancient demons
Have the planet captured with all its creatures

There is Love
Never mark it thirty percent off

When the rains stop see the rainbows
See lions become best friends with lambs

The many restorations
Love will be victorious!

There is Love
Never mark it thirty percent off

The many uplifted human spirits
Hand in hand removing the evil seeds

Dwelling on their thrones
The chess games

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How to destroy Obamacare from within.

I'm open to any discussion, as I am not usually a politically savvy guy. I was doing some thinking about Obamacare yesterday, and I think I have come up with a winning strategy.

Keeping in mind that the SCOTUS found that the individual mandate was legal, only as a tax, I started wondering about what would happen if as soon as our King is booted from office, a liberty minded Senator, or Congressman were to introduce a comprehensive bill establishing a flat tax.

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Wow, I Feel So Accomplished!

Hey everyone, I'm so ecstatic right now. I have this natural high that you can't get from any drug. I'm just so proud of myself and only my DP Family can fully appreciate why.

I've been doing a few projects around the house lately to alleviate some stress and boredom. In October, I decided I was finally gonna start a garden and become a little more self-sufficient. I started collecting 5 Gal. buckets from work and picking up potting soil every week. I planted and I hoped, and it grew and grew.

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Republic's restorations human spirit within human beings

"What this country needs is more unemployed politicians." - Edward Langley


Voting so far upheld the evil system
Would you not agree my sister?

Voting so far made our chains more heavy
The evil controllers more happy
Up to this point voting is slavery

Trees don't vote and no votes cast by the birds
The next election the miracles
Ending of the evil songs

All voting for Senator Rand Paul's
His wings his fingertips
His seven hearts

Republic's restorations
Human spirit within human beings

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A Question About GMO Labeling

I believe this case directly relates to the GMO labeling issue. Hellman's is suing Hampton Creek, which make a product called "Mayo" and which does not include eggs. Hellman's claims that mayonnaise must include eggs and that calling a product "Mayo" implies that it is mayonnaise and thus constitutes false claim.



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A Bright Sun Is Gonna Shine

A Bright Sun Is Gonna Shine

Changing the world for your future and mine,
Surely, a bright Sun is gonna shine,
The prophet of doom has always been wrong,
Likewise the balladeer's funeral song,
We're gaining momentum; we're moving along,
Unafraid of Leviathan, he's not so strong.

Our movement is spreading throughout the whole Earth,
It's a re-awakening; it's a rebirth,
We demand peace abroad and peace within,
False flags will no longer sucker us in,
Filling every thought and every breath,
Saying "yes!" to liberty and "no!" to death.

We can't be stopped; we're standing tall,

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Regulation X!

We awake to an age of perpetual regulation and appointment. We vote with our hearts on our sleeves despite the chest being its proper place of function. It doesn't take any more a Republican to change or dissolve regulation than does it a Democrat. The vote is Dead! We do not vote without vanity and we certainly do not vote for the goodest philosopher. No, we vote for placards that dangle by strings and well wish and talk about shining cities on adjectiveless hills.

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A decent cop story.

I wanted to share this little incident with you guys.

One day After tuning my motorcycle up I jumped out on the highway and cranked it up.

I did a little weaving and a little speeding and after about four miles I saw in my mirror a cop right on my butt.

Scared the crap out of me because I had reached 110 mph about a min before I saw him. So I immediately pulled over. He approached me and I expected the worst of course. He layed Into me hard. Yelling at me, "Are you some kind of freekin' idiot man? I saw you about five miles back go on the exit and then swerve back into traffic, that is so dangerous and stupid. It's not even so much the speeding but the swerving in and out. This is obviously not the place for that."

Me nodding, "I know, I know."

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The DailyPaul The Beacon of Light!


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