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Is Russell Brand's Socialism the answer?


What are your thoughts? The video is anti-socialist and well worth the watch.

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Just Do The Opposite

of what the state does and you will most likely have a fight on your hands. No-one said this would be easy! But you will most likely be healthier, have more money in your pocket and get to enjoy heaven. Keep on keepin on.

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May I Please Post The Article On Rand From The Front Page Of The NYT Or Will I Be Called A Troll?

In Liberty Defined Ron Paul explained how political correctness was a subversive way to limit free speech. I consider smearing as a troll a longtime member who has nothing but libertarianism in his heart and soul to be just this sort of political correctness, and I don't like it.

During my two years of participation on this site I have clearly been an enthusiastic supporter of both Ron and Rand Paul. While everyone else was swearing him off, I stood by and defended Rand in the wake of the infamous Romney endorsement.

I am clearly a libertarian through and through.

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Predictions, Unicorns, Golden Rainbows, Chaos and Gurus.

Can we all discuss the predictions, tales, and unsubstantiated claims that are being passed around this site and many others recently?

I'm just wondering why? Why is it starting again? Do all these gurus work on the same biorhythm? Do they use the same crystal balls? Maybe because it's the end of the year--they need to stock up on dollars instead of gold? I can't figure it out, but the prediction crew and doom/gloomers have woken up and their crystal balls are hot again!

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Are We Close To Being Serfs?

If you had to write a check every month for all taxes, penlites and fees, who would you say you work for? Do you work for your individual wealth or for the governments collective society?

Taxation is theft and a license or permit is a tax.

The power to tax is the power to destroy individual wealth.

Really, whats the point of a fishing and dog license or a gift tax? Its a method of extortion.

Partial list of taxes and fees:

Personal/Consumer Taxes & Fees
Federal income tax

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At What Point is Using Lethal Force Towards the Government Justified?

Last week’s tragic incident unfortunately left one dead and others wounded at LAX, not something you want to read about the morning after while sipping coffee. As much disdain as I have for the cruel TSA I don’t believe an agent deserved to murdered. And if the reports were even slightly reliable coming from the mainstream media, unfortunately that’s exactly what happened – murder.

Let’s talk about cruel government employees in a larger context, however.

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Tax Reform Proponents Mull Freedom Use Consumption Tax

In response to long-standing complaints about the complexity of the tax code, proponents of government efficiency and critics of government waste are proposing a bill to simplify the tax code.

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Why you shouldn't be scared of Fukushima (but only if your a Christian)

OK, so if your not a Christian, what I'm saying won't calm your fears at all so you might as well go read something else. If you are a Christian and you truly believe in the Bible, you really don't have to be afraid at all.

I understand the full seriousness of the Fukushima situation. I understand that if the pool of fuel rods catches fire they are saying everyone in the northern hemisphere will die. Pretty scary stuff.

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Just helped the DP out! :D

I completely missed where DP had an Amazon link to purchase items through until another member here mentioned it, so I just used it to purchase a couple of books.


And since it's the 40th anniversary of Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Freidman (which is on sale right now), no better way to utilize this on a book that's been on my reading list far too long.


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Ben Swann, Luke Rudkowski, and Josh Tolley with Revolution Car Badges in Galt's Gulch Chile!

Sweet! An online liberty friend of mine traveled to Galt's Gulch Chile for the Liberty Festival, and he went bearing gifts!

Check it out!

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McAuliffe is bringing Obama to Richmond to rally Democrats. Ken Cuccinelli is bringing Ron Paul to rally us.

The last minute push to rally support for the party base is in full swing in Virginia's race for Governor. Terry McAuliffe (D) has the President of the United States of America coming to Richmond to stand in his corner. Not really a shocker. Who wouldn't want to have Obama in their corner if they were running as a Democrat in a highly contested election?

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Twitter Executives implicated in recent rash of shootings

Top marketing executives at Twitter have been connected to the planning of at least 7 recent mass shootings, in an apparent strategy to get the media to plug Twitter, when frightened school and office administrators inevitably use their Twitter feed to provide the community with updates during the lockdown.

So far there have been four arrests and documents seized in what is considered the biggest false flag operation since the gas attacks in Syria, carried out by Anderson Cooper's 360 staff.

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Is There An American That Knows What Their First Constitutional Right Is?

I refer to a right as something Americans have a right to use. There is a reason and purpose to these threads.

At the thread titled, "Can One American State The Purpose Of Free Speech?"


we learned that Americans not only do knot know the purpose of free speech, most cannot accept the logical root definition of its purpose. Or, maybe they do, but simply do not state that they accept the notion that the purpose of free speech is to assure information vital to survival is shared and understood.

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USA vs. Bond: A Potential Disaster Brewing In Scotus.

USA VS. Bond.

This case is currently on the docket, and if the State, Holders DOJ wins, a dangerous precedent will have been set that establishing that international treaties trump the constitution.

With an obvious crossover to the recent small arms treaty signed without congressional approval, by Obama/ Kerry, one can see how this case ( Vs. Bond ) is the vehicle being constructed to carry away the second amendment, visa vie the UN small arms treaty being viewed as trumping the constitution.

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