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For for all the anti-war crazies here who won't shut up

Just kidding!

I'm just poking fun at the now banned loungelizard's inflammatory pro gmo and pro vaccine posts.

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Was that a message for them to us or from one of us to them? The colorful corporate tapestry of deceit yet waves.

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Anarchism and Eschatology - Why anarcho capitalism is not a solution, per se

My argument is that anarchism is impossible - sort of. Let me note that I think that anarchism is the most just, and probably most beneficent 'system' a society can arrange for itself - if such a thing can be said.

It is absurd to say that we should 'enact' anarcho-capitalism. Obviously, no anarchist would suggest this. You can't vote anarchism into existence.

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Retreat: The Epicurean Response to Politics

"Ron Paul cured my apathy" is familiar to most of us here. More than just a slogan, it is a personal story for many of us. As formerly jaded observers on the fringes of public life (or worse, trapped in the false dichotomies presented by the newspapers), we were drawn into activism on behalf of our republic by the great dramas of 2008 and 2012.

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If Not Anarchism, What? A Third Way

Anarchism is a crackpot ideology. Anarchist philosophy was born holding hands with socialism, its roots in a spiritual rebellion against capitalism and the state.

The capitalistic anarchism springs from even less healthy soil than socialist anarchism. At least the instincts that rebelled against the excesses of industrial capitalism were basically healthy and sound, even if they adopted crackpot ideas about practical politics and economy theory.

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Demonology by Smudge Pot or I know some Demons and they are really nice people.

This is gonnna go deep and if you are under attack or vulnerable you don't wanna read this.

For many generations my people wondered why, why did not God protect us when we were slaughtered?

And back when I started asking there was just a fragment of our tibe left. Some of our medicine people lasted just long enough. Sunny Billy and Nicholas Schumatoff and some others....Grey Fox and Black Fox and not much others. We were Llenappe and signatories to Delaware. And we always tried to do the right thing but we did not understand. We did not understand why our medicines no longer work.

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Maine Bound: RNC Ties That Bind


FLASHBACK: August 28th 2012 Tampa, Florida: The following transcript is from a meeting of the RNC Rules Committee that took place on the 2nd day of the 2012 Republican National Convention prior to the now infamous and highly controversial floor vote and Maine's duly elected delegates walking off the floor in protest.

BILL PAULSEN (Minnesota): ...With this compromise language, we will pass 16(a)(1), which will require without regard to state party rules that all states-- that all delegates be bound....

CHAIRMAN SUNUNU: Thank you, sir. Mr. Barbour, you have the final presentation on this motion.

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Scenes from SuperBowl LXXV

News from 2041...

Superbowl LXXV is only days away, and the Boulder Chiefs are playing the El Paso Jets for the NFL title game. The Chiefs have the best defensive record in either league, and the Jets have racked up more yards and scored more points than any other team in NFL history.

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Things NOT to do (Lessons for Younger DPers)

I m relatively young myself, so you truly older DPers please jump in with your own advice. I wonder how many young DPers (under 25) there are. Anyway... Some things you should never do.

Smoke a cigarette. Just not worth it. You learn nothing, risk 10, 20 years of misery.

Hard drugs, crack, heroine, don't try them.

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The Law and you

Who are you and how do you address yourself in court? Whenever you seek to go to court go as the injured third party the living Soul. If you goes as you in Capital letters you are a ward of the state with a trust name. that the state was paid for from the Social security administration. And therefore the case must be dismissed because no one can charge themselves the state can not charge the state for which you are a ward off. So Should you go as Human being? under government definition a human being is an animal.

I will give you the government doc here in a bit to show you.

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My friend Ray the murderer. Let's talk about that.

Time seems to fly for us in activism, in politics, in day to day life and in our struggle. The "wheels of justice" grind exceedingly slow. The facts in this matter are not in dispute:

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Iphone Taser App Raises Questions About Tasers, Iphones

breaking... twitterverse asunder and up in arms over kerfluffle

A recently released new Iphone app for Iphone that turns your Iphone into a taser is raising questions from the general public about tasers, the right to personal self defense as a God-given right given by God and defended by the Constitution of the United States, and Iphones.

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Which Words Work

What words mean is important.  The ability to speak, to transfer complex and symbolic knowledge from one person to another is one of the hallmarks of humanity.  When words lose their meaning communication loses its ability to transmit thoughts.  Obviously words can change their meanings over time.  One example is the word prevent.  This word now means to stop something from happening.  Hundreds of years ago it meant for one thing to happen before another: pre-event. 

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Freedom Manifesto: my rant, revised

For several years, I have struggled to find words about freedom that could reach a non-libertarian audience. A few weeks ago, out of frustration and anger, I pounded out a raw rant that I felt reached the heart of the matter. I revised it several times, then posted it on the Daily Paul. It received positive though limited feedback. With feedback from my wife, I've revised it extensively again, and I believe I have turned my rant into a statement.

Does this move anyone? Would this appeal to a person not already part of the 'choir'?


Something is terribly wrong.

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