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For Bitcoin to move forward, we should price in Satoshis.

I read an article the other day about the psychology of the decimal. When numbers are on the far right of the decimal, the brain fails to analyze its meaning as much as on the left of the decimal. Having .1 bitcoins seems trivial, until you realize that it's worth $80 today. But $80 dollars for 10 million Satoshis? I'm listening, seems cheap.

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Where's the love for Rand Paul?

I've been following Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and this website for some time. I get the feeling there is not a lot of love for Rand Paul at times. Why is that? When I see him give interviews and listen to what he says, he's the most measured, intelligent man next to Ron Paul. I see him playing more to Neo-Cons at times, but I feel he does this for political reasons, probably a run for the Presidency in 2016.

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(LIVE) Allison Bricker Show - Tonight: William N. Grigg - Gun Confiscation

LIVE! 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Hola, fellow Liberty Lovers here at the Daily Paul, tonight on the show, we will be speaking with William N. Grigg on California's draconian gun confiscation regime, whether it could serve as an example for the feds, and how it connects to the "Knockout" meme making its way through the old media.

Be part of the show, share your opinion: (888) 252-9911

Have a topic or guest suggestion: Allison@Radio.Smargus.com

Peace, Love, or rEVOLution

- Allie

The Allison Bricker Show

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All Eyes on Dallas, 'City of Hate' Tries to Lock Down Dealey Plaza on 50th Anniversary of JFK Murder


Despite the official conclusion of the most recent official inquiry into the assassination that Oswald "probably" did not act alone, and JFK's nephew, RFK Jr., saying that he believed "rogue CIA" may have been behind the assassination, the city of Dallas is attempting to close off Dealey Plaza to anyone who does not abide by the official story.

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3rd Term For Obama?Someone Please Duct Tape Reids Mouth

Morning Action: Harry Reid to Go Nuclear, Changing Senate Rules and Eliminating Rights of the Minority

HARRY REID. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)10% wants to change the Senate rules before Thanksgiving, which would eliminate the rights of the Senate minority:

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I need to start a new TV show

I've been up to date on all of the major shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, Mad Men, Downton Abbey etc.

Is there anything you can recommend that is a bit off the beaten track that is worth checking out?

Any conspiracy stuff is welcome too.

No reality garbage please unless its rad.


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(LIVE) Allison Bricker Show - BIG News, et tu Rand Paul: Judas?

LIVE! 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Let me start out by saying a HUGE thank you to all of you who tune in, call, email, and send well wishes. I cannot begin to explain how much I sincerely appreciate your support of the show and the Grassroots rEVOLution Radio Network.

In fact, thanks to this support, I have some big and exciting news to share with everyone, and hope you will join me tonight as we celebrate.

Also, we will be discussing the BitCoin bubble, Rand Paul: Judas or Covert Liberty Operative, your calls and more.

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Mt.Gox under heavy DDoS

Mt. Gox is under heavy DDoS attack today. Access to the site is extremly slow, and is reflecting in the trade volume. Price is almost $200 off its high.

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New Lampoon The System cartoon - Placekick The Can

Obama and his teammates buy a few months by kicking the can down the road once again. They'll line up for the next kick in early February when the NFL Playoffs are in full gear and we reach the debt ceiling again. Aah... Football.

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I Sold My Bitcoin -Guess What I Bought

I bought my Bitcoin at $45.... I cashed it out to buy my wife some new cloths and.............

2 - 10 OZ hand poured bars!!!!

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Bloomberg: Gold ‘Death Cross’ Signals Slump to $1,200

The Diamond Dog predicted $1,200 gold two months ago, right here on the Daily Paul in his post, Look for Gold to Drop Back to 1200 in the Next Few Weeks.

Granted, The Dog's timing was slightly off. Making predictions is never easy, especially about the future (credit to Yogi Berra). Gold still hasn't hit $1200, but is heading back in that direction, currently down $11 to $1262.

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The Parenting State of Hillsborough County

I want to share my story with you. It's a story of gun control, parenting control and money. My story takes place in the corrupt county of Hillsborough, Florida. My wife and I lived in Brandon, Florida within the counties confines at the time of this occurrence. I firmly believe that what I'm about to tell you added the stress to our relationship that eventually led to our divorce this year.

Who is the main perp? County Sheriff David Gee.
Time? Started taking place in November of last year. It was finally "resolved" this July.

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Happy 5th Birthday my son.

I gave my son his first troy ounce of silver on this 5th anniversary of his birth to keep with his 30 Mercury Dimes and 180 wheat pennies. Yes, November 19th, 2008 @ 3:53pm will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Before I say those three important words,
before you tear the paper and fling the bows
and before the sweets your attention take,
a few things my dear boy I want you to know...

of the 1825 days,
of the 43,800 hours
you have babbled, wobbled, crawled and screeched;
gestured, drooled, spit or bellowed the highest pitch
a pterodactyl could reach,

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ADHD/ADD: The War On Children

This is in response to FreedomLover2012's post.

I love to learn! As a child as well as a teenager, I didn't like school. The last thing I wanted to do is sit in a room and listen to someone cram information into a structured time frame. I wanted to investigate the world and build things. Hike in the woods and learn about nature. Take a lawn mower or a VCR apart and see how it works. Like lots of people, I have a creative and curious mind.

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We're Not Happy Because

We spend most of our time fielding the crap that comes out of the government.

Years ago we were on fire and unstoppable because we had a mission.

We were busy spreading Ron Paul's message.

We didn't have much time to sit around and compete over who could come up with the most evil deeds perpetrated by the government.

I have to admit that it's not fulfilling and I'm considering a "muckraking fast".

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