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Sam Seder Debate with the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, hardly. Benoit's response


Sam Seder dictating nonsense. Mike Benoit responds to a debate between Sam Seder and the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida.

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School Lockdowns

Hello DP, I am still fuming right now. My local community college just had a lockdown drill. This is not abnormal for my school. However, this time the reasoning for the lockdown drill was a group “protesters” that were “attempting to start a riot.” They had actors holding signs and yelling while police stood by. At this point the announcement came over the intercom for the lock down, and all the students were told to hide in a back room.

I’ve been asking myself: Why would they go through the trouble to create this fake scenario? Is this a demonstration of force against the First Amendment? Maybe an example of what will happen to you if you protest here? No one would have the opportunity to capture evidence of police misconduct if they were all quickly ushered into a back room.

I openly shared these concerns with the 40 or so students and faculty while we were locked in a dark room together. Most of them realized how ridiculous the entire situation was, but they were still quite apathetic about it. I attempted to ask the police captain some questions but I didn’t get much out of him he just replied with: “maybe you should come by my office sometime, but I’m going to be busy for the rest of the day.” I am still unsure if this invite was genuine or if the captain was simply deflecting. What questions should I ask this guy if I get another chance? What would you do DP Community?

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DIY Chicken Coop... Followup; "What do you do to experience life... all the way?"

A few weeks back there was a post here about how "you" experience life. Well, I said I build things sometimes. Anyways, I just finished my coop. First time chicken owner, in about 3 more weeks, my glorious flock will move from the basement into this. Looking forward to the eggs! With anything else, I'm sure I'll have to "improve" some things after the first few weeks to work out the kinks. Just wanted to share as the last screw went in yesterday. Thanks to all at the DP for the inspiration!

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You are the Witness

It's late one night and (you) happened to be the only individual to witnessed a man stabbing a homeless person to death in a alleyway. According to this individual's worldview anything is justifiable. Would you go about your day as is? Would you turn the man in to the authorities? What action or measures would you take if anything?

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Patient like a cat in the middle of cornfields

"I tell people I won't vote to go to war unless I'm ready to go or send my kids."
- Rand Paul

Patient like a cat in the middle of cornfields
Firmly on the ground his two paws
Waiting for the vibrations
The sounds

Once the mouse is caught
All trouble is forgot

Patient like spider's webs
Listens to his father and learns
Stories of love and her many sisters
Truth liberty and peace that conquers

Patient as holy songs
Birth-giving notes

Then one brilliant day surely arrives
The sacred flag of the Republic in his hands
He always knew that to break all our chains

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The Enemy

The Enemy

He tossed and turned again that night,
Up as usual before the light,
I saw him sitting at his place,
A troubled look on his face,
A quiet man and often grim,
And again that look came over him,
But one morning at the break of day,
He said the things he had to say.

Son, I thought it was all worth fighting for,
But I’m not so sure anymore,
And all that stuff about country and glory,
Well, now I sort of doubt that story,
But what bothers me so unbearably,
Is the one they called the enemy.

He was just a young man like me,
The one they called the enemy,

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I Love the Atheists, Christians, and Religious Fundamentalists

Seems like there’s been an awful lot of intolerance, hatred and trolling going on at the Daily Paul lately. I dread looking at the comment section anytime a topic has been posted having to do remotely with anything religious.

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Madeleine Albright dines on the Hearts of 500,000 dead Iraqi Children for Breakfast, not GMO Wheaties

This is in response to the news I just read about that absolute demonic witch getting her picture on a personalized box of Wheaties, with a peace dove on her shoulder at that. Where have I seen that dove before? Oh yeah, here.
(Maybe that's her in the gas mask)

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What would you do if you were President?

What would you do if you were President of the United States of America?(if you were willing to run for President at some point.)

In the following comments I will write down what I would do and will add more ideas and positions over time.I wanted to get this thread started so others can start writing down what they would do.

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The big question for the next century

While none of us know the future, we have a good handle on what drives change. Technology is the big b1tch on the stage of history, setting the act and letting the characters play out their roles in her drama. Ideas, economics, politicians, and literati are just characters on her stage, who operate in her paradigm.

We have a little window into the next big technological revolution, the automation of most human labor, body and brain.

Within the existing economic order, automation portends a tectonic shift in the magnitude of inequality, and the diminution of the value of the average mass man to near nil.

The political table is set for a war over the proceeds of this automation - who will reap the benefits. The millions of mouths who's hands and brains have lost their value, or the fortunate ones who sit astride the machine that manages the machines?

The earth has a limited surface, a limited carrying capacity, limited fuel and a limited tolerance for swarms of living things crowding it up. The human enterprise has bred huge numbers of animals and pairs of hands to produce its daily bread, fight its wars and produce its wealth, and so long as those pairs of hands and their attached mouths had a real positive value, population has grown.

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Treat yourself to the second greatest book ever written

Beyond Good and Evil




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Riot in Keene at Pumpkin Fest?!

I'm not there but I've heard there is a "riot" that broke out in Keene at the Pumpkin Fest, with the local thugs calling it a "Level 2 Emergency with Mass Casualties??"
Sheesh! Does anyone know what's going on?

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If Rand is GOP Nominee, 3rd Party Candidates in POTUS Debates

I'm calling it right now--if Rand is the GOP Presidential nominee, we'll see a 3rd Party candidate in the Presidential debates for the first time since Perot. This will be done to split the GOP vote to hand the victory to Hillary, of course because it will be a Libertarian or Right-leaning candidate. They would not dare allow a Green party candidate into the debates because it would cost Hillary votes.

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The Power of Music

I've always been a musical guy. As a kid I learned to play several instruments and learned to sing in church and school choirs... As an adult I was the program director and general manager for an alternative radio station for 6 years.

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Tag Lines at DP - mix and match!

Just for fun... Here are 10 tag lines found at the bottom of 10 users' posts. Below are the 10 screen names who have that tag line on their posts. How many do you recognize? Which is your favorite?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul
Live Free Or Contemplate Your Death!
If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.
Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine
The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

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