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Free Talk Live is unlistenable

Every once and a while I try to listen to the Free Talk Live podcast. I listened to the show a long time ago when the Free State Project was just getting started. The show's host is an arrogant, self-righteous condescending person. The co-host was a minarchist when I listened. I don't know if he still is.

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Wow! A tweet fave'd by @CNNtube. Surprise

#HeyAmerica I am the 100%. I don't support our endless war. In fact, I hate all WAR. No more... #JustStopAlready

I am confused by the fact that CNN favorited this tweet

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Why you should move to Shanghai to teach English

I am sorry if this is against the rules. I read through them and didnt see anything prohibiting a post like this so if it is against the rules dont banish me, just let me know and i wont do it again.

As some of you already know, I am a New Jersey resident living abroad in Shanghai. Currently my boss is looking for some native English speakers to help teach kindergarten English.

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Georgia's 11th District battle heats up on Twitter

Erick Erickson of Red State and Bob Barr (for congress GA 11th), got into a bit of a tiff on Twitter today.

Check this out:

Bob Barr ‏@bobbarrcongress

@EWErickson - says the radio talk show host who is so inconsistent and hypocritical as to be the Chris Matthews of Atlanta radio...

Oh no. @bobbarrcongress is calling me inconsistent. https://twitter.com/bobbarrcongress/status/487708926264504320 … guess I should be a GOPer turned Libertarian turned GOPer.

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Interview: Gov. Gary Johnson Leads Company Producing Marijuana Lozenge

Interview: Gov. Gary Johnson Leads Company Producing Marijuana Lozenge

Former New Mexico Governor and 2012 Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, the newly named CEO of Cannabis Sativa, Inc., spoke with Annabelle Bamforth of Benswann.com to offer additional information about the company’s products and his evaluation of future marijuana trends.

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Stranger danger mamby pamby bull crap is depriving your children.

It's time to make a mountain out of a mole hill and no better cause.

We have this 100% opposite feeling about child rearing and I do feel this fight is best subjected to the light of day.

I responsed to this post about how we love our children and caress them and somebody was like eeeeeeew that's not cool, and you aren't allowed to talk about yumming them up yum yum yum....and how children are so beautiful you just want to live inside their skin.

Anyways I thought I would just tell you how different the place where I came from was.

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Three Poems, Then I Go


Let it go
The path
Let is snow
Don't get buried
To the other side, ferried
Don't get Rick Perried
Stuck On a stage
Owned, and afraid

To home
The path is paved
Don't fight
Or throw arms
Take flight
No harm
To Self
Restore Wholeness
Store up
New wealth
To give
We Live



A study in contrasts
Spending a lot of time
Listening to St Paul
Who's truths, are many
And Nietzsche, too
Who's truths are plenty

Study in contrasts!

So different
Two poles
Of one human soul
One extols
The virtue
Of self sacrifice

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Downvoting and the fall of the DP

I think the function of downvoting is continually hurting the site.

Whenever my posts or comments get downvoted into oblivion, I think, "Why am I even wasting my time writing to a bunch of morons? Why don't I just leave this site altogether and talk to people elsewhere that are able to understand what I'm saying instead of using knee-jerk reactions to feed their egos and downvote everything they don't like to see?"

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The Genocide Escalates in Palestine. Israel Apologists in FULL Propaganda Mode.

It is sickening, I have posted a couple very innocuous articles on Facebook about the Israeli attack on the Palestinians and I have been viciously attacked within seconds by the Israeli apologists. Meanwhile, the social media pages are alight with the Israeli propaganda.

I come to the Daily Paul expecting to see some conversations going on about this civilian massacre and nothing... Is the Daily Paul being silenced as well?

9 killed while watching World Cup as Israeli missile hits Gaza beach café (VIDEO) http://rt.com/news/171908-gaza-killed-world-cup/

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First Factions Fight Club

Thanks to Bill3 for reminding us what Fight Club is NOT about. Factions Fight Club is not about name calling. Leave that to the little children.

If there is one misunderstand, then there may be more. Therefore, the First Factions Fight Club (F4) will be an examination of the definition, nature, and function of factions.

At its most basic level, a faction is a group within a larger group. Factions themselves can contain sub-factions: Groups within groups within groups.

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The First Factions Fight Club (F4)- see here for details.


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Government & Factions

Originally published - Mon, 06/03/2013 - 21:21, under the title "Government (I spent a lot of time on this please read it all the way through)"

- - -

I started writing this 6 years ago. This was a concept that i had before a found that there were liberty minded individuals in this country, although my understanding of freedom and inalienable rights differ from the general consensus Please read it and critique. I posted another lengthy post year a month ago and it got very little reception. I would go elsewhere but i am not sure where my ideas might be accepted. I spent a lot of time on it and i think it offers a different perspective on the ideas of natural rights:

It ought to be asserted that no political entity has ever managed or regulated man as capably and competently as the individual has managed himself. This basic human instinct has caused humankind to prevail over every menace to her existence. Throughout the ages the will of man, most importantly the will of the individual has set mankind on a path of remarkable advancement. Advancement in all fields in fact, to the extent that through most paradigms history is characterized by advancement and progression. The indomitable spirit of man, coupled with his ability to understand his own suffering and the reason to employ means through which to prevent it, has caused the ascendancy of an existence the likes of which nature has never seen. To incorporate this into the larger scheme, one must consider the implications of man's aptitude for success. It is an accomplishment of mankind inasmuch as mankind shares the same characteristics as its elements. For the ascendancy of mankind is a direct answer to the ability of the individual to attain his own ends. The unification of individuals is as much a product of reason as their competition against one another. It is an arrangement, an intangible contract between a people that outlines the manner in which their coalescence will benefit the private interest of the singular. No man would submit to the will of another man arbitrarily. This invaluable check on mankind ensures his interdependence on each and every aspect of his environment. The individual good precedes the greater good. The greater good is its consequence.

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Marc Clair Speaks with Dale Carson on How to "Arrest-Proof" Yourself

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome defense attorney and author of “Arrest Proof Yourself”, Dale Carson to the show. Dale describes how his career in law enforcement showed him the inherent flaws in the way policing is done in the United States, and sent him towards the defense side of the law. Dale and I discuss the type of attitude one should take when dealing with law enforcement, and Dale gives a few tips on just exactly how to “arrest-proof yourself.”

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Question about Rothschilds/international banking families owning all the gold

While all this economic discussion is going on about investing in gold/silver etc., and we middle class people are buying paltry amounts of it, it should be pretty obvious that the MAJOR players, the ones that control the central banking system, are also preparing themselves as well.

I find it hard to believe that after over a century of controlling interests in the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve system that they haven't queitely put aside large amounts of mineral wealth for themselves (it's what I would do with that kind of power). So I have some questions:

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Rand Paul: "Amazing resistance from both Republicans and Democrats" to the Stand With Israel Act.

Rand Paul: "Amazing resistance from both republicans and democrats" to the Stand With Israel Act.

Listen @ 1:10 mark:


Anyone care to sort this one out?

My answer: Hamas is controlled opposition, that's why AIPAC opposes the Stand With Israel Act. AIPAC represents the Israeli government. They want US foreign aid to flow to Palestine, so it can flow to Hamas, so Hamas can use the money to attack Israel, so the Israeli military-industrial complex will have an "enemy" to fight. Wake up!

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