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I wish I was God for Seven Seconds to Stop All Wars

I wish I was God for Seven Seconds to Stop All Wars

The very first of the seconds
I would use to shut down all television sets

The very second of the seconds
I would remove powers
Of all governments
To rule over folks

The third one of the seconds
I would free all prisoners
Of the war on drugs
And all our freedoms
The Snowden's
The Manning's

The fourth of the precious seconds
Asking everyone to hold each other's hands

The very next second after I would ask for blessings
From the true God above me in the Love of his very hands

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Beloved family, I am found not guilty, all my rights are restored and this dark cloud

this dark cloud that has pervaded my life for over a year....

is lifted.

One would think that when the judge pronounced me not guilty I would feel this instantaneous sense of relief and joy but the fact is that I saved up or avoided all the stress by sheer DENIAL and did some neat software along the lines of responsive mobile compliant websites but the night before trial it all descended upon me and man,

I, the Great Smudge Pot Warrior Priest,

was an effing mess. I could barely keep my feet. I was shaking, I could not eat, I still can't, I'm still a mess.

But I went into that trial with something that not everybody has: the full and unconditional support of dozens of you and you theists prayed and you atheists counseled me and I did not walk into that dismal place alone. And some of the last words I heard was Smudge, no matter how this comes out, we are behind you.

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN....BOYS AND GIRLS THE PATRIOT ACTIVIST THING IS A ROUGH TRADE. The sacrifices we make in order to operate are extreme. And we're our own harshest critics. We're always challenging one another. Debate is our number one form of intellecutal advancement and to top it off, almost nothing we do is good enough for US. Good enough is CRAP. IT HAS TO BE EFFING PERFECT, NOTHING ELSE WILL DO. And we seldom hear thanks. It does happen but pretty rarely.

So lemme run down some recent facts:

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Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor Episode ZERO (aka The Lions of Liberty Origin Story!) Pt.2

In a follow up to last week's episode, this week the Lions of Liberty crew picks up where they left off in the latest installment of “Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor!” In this edition, dubbed “Episode Zero – The Origin Story!”, Marc is joined by fellow Lions of Liberty contributors Brian McWilliams and John Odermatt, along with fellow liberty-lovers and longtime friends Trent Seaman and Howie Snowdon.The crew kick back with a few adult beverages and reflect back on how the Presidential campaigns of Ron Paul drove them to become vocal advocates for the ideas of liberty. So grab a drink and comfy seat, and join the Lions of Liberty for this epic look at the origins of our liberty love!

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Can we get a ballot issue to do away with all immunity of all government officials?

We the People know that our elected officials will never vote to do away with their immunity.

From law enforcement officers to congress critters, to include Judges and prosecutors, we see these public servants say that they have qualified immunity and not be charged with a crime.

How is it that the servant (public servants) above the master (We the People) would we not have a better serving government if they could be held to responsible for their actions.

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God Bless Congresswoman Barbara Lee - One of the few Peace Makers in Congress

Today on MSNBC she said that there should have been a debate in congress and a congressional authorization for the military actions Obama is doing now.

While most every other Democrat sides with Obama on the war just because their man is in office, she has the principles to stand up for the Constitution.

She also bashed Bush's Iraq war and his authorization to use force as Un-Constitutional.

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Why the conspiracy double standard with JFK and Ron/Rand Paul? Huh?

Why the conspiracy double standard with JFK and Ron/Rand Paul? Huh?

We are told that all the so-called conspiracy theorists who support Paul hurt his chances. But what about JFK? JFK has more conspiracy theorist supporters than Ron or Rand Paul could ever dream of. Yet JFK remains the most popular president of the 20th century 50 years after his death.

Yes, despite gazillions of whacked out nut-jobs who believe JFK was outed in massive conspiracy, JFK remains popular and respectable.

Please explain this double standard.

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Someday, when the world blooms once more,
Bright and free like days of yore,
Babes will play near the wolves' den,
The lion and the lamb will be friends again,
No one will hurt or steal or kill,
There will be peace on earth and good will,
Weapons will become farming tools,
And deserts transformed into glistening pools.

Someday, when the world blooms once more,
Nations will learn war no more,
Love will fill each mind and heart,
The world will have a brand new start,
Death and dying will be no more,
Someday, when the world blooms once more.

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Dark Journalist: Aliens Good & Evil! Intel Sources Reveal Startling UFO Encounters!


In this exciting episode Dark Journalist interviews the legendary UFO investigator and best-selling author Timothy Good. His deep research on ET contact has led him to the startling conclusion that there are both benevolent and sinister alien beings battling for influence and control of planet earth!

In his newly revealed investigation Timothy has discovered an ongoing worldwide contactee group known as "Amicizia" or "Friendship" that spans over five decades of alien contact. These helpful ET visitors, who are known simply as the "W56," closely resemble human beings and want to help humanity grow spiritually.

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Patriot and fellow DPr needs help in Florida

Patriot needs help in Florida

Can you help this guy or forward this to someone who may be able to help?

His van's brake line went out . He's stuck at McDonald's at Coon Road and Bayshore (hwy 78) in Ft. Myers, Florida.

He needs help getting parts to fix his van, has the money, needs help with Transportation to parts store.

Needs a house to Tow it to so he can fix it there. It is critical to get his van off that lot. He can not afford to get it out of the impound.

He's also needing the following:

1- Place to stay for a week. Will pay room and board and pay his own way.

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Keeping America Alive Requires a World in Flames


Recently, Charles Hugh Smith posted arguments for why the U.S. dollar is bound to get stronger rather than collapse the way most folks in the gold-n-liberty club have been expecting. To be sure, they have had the right perspective on the problems and reasonable expectations for very severe consequences. After all, there are endless historical examples of government financial malfeasance to prove the gold-n-liberty folks right -- from Diocletian's debasement to Zimbabwe's 100,000,000% inflation rate.

But the truth is, the world has never had a hegemonic financial system in place as it does now. We are not only in a contemporary period of ahistory (meaning, nothing in history can compare), we are unaware as to the extent at which this system can be made to last for its beneficiaries -- at the expense of the REST of the world.

In The Counter-Intuitive Rise of the U.S. Dollar (September 22, 2014), Smith lists two main reasons for the dollar's continued dominance DESPITE the kind of massive abuse that ordinarily sinks other currencies and their economies: ubiquity and liquidity. He states:

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432 Hz musician needs help with eye surgery; might Rand Paul assist?

I met a musician recently who is working with 432 Hz music, Brian Collins. He helped me with my keyboard, and to thank him I wanted to share his site and his call for help: http://omega432.com/a-call-for-help -- he has an eye injury for which he needs funding to repair.

BTC donations: 131MUotcb924RZDg5JLvtvLZS2eCSdLgVM

His music is here: http://brian9.bandcamp.com/

I am currently listening to "The Journey" from his album "Awakenings", which you can listen to here: http://brian9.bandcamp.com/album/awakenings

Hmm. (I just updated the subject.) I wonder, would it be possible to put this man in touch with Dr. Rand Paul, who sometimes performs charity eye surgeries? If anyone is in a position to do so, please consider mentioning it to him?

With love.

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How I did almost 1/4000 of Ron Paul - DIY Home Birth

Admitted, headline misleading. But it's great for attention.

Ron Paul delivered more than 4000 babies. I delivered 1. And he was a 10'er.

Don’t know if you use this number rating system immediately after birth (color, breathing, body intact, etc), but I was the only one present, so I examined him, and announced: He is a 10! The Doctor on the phone, lying on the bedside, must have noted my rating, because looking at the birth papers, his rating states: 10!

What happened was that we never made it to the hospital with my 3rd kid. Having tried spending a long waiting time in the hospital, giving birth before, she was determined to stay at home as long as possible. And she did!

I called the doctor at the hospital, who was expecting us, to inform that I was unable to persuade her into the car, so they had to come to my house instead, for the delivery or a pickup.

They sent an ambulance, but when they arrived, it was all over: "I just put down the phone; I can see the color of his hair!"

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My Dad The Neocon, Turned On Me!

As long as I remember, my dad has been a neocon. Supporting Anders Fogh Rasmussen, The Bush Family, The Obama wars.

"We need to help Israel, look at their neighbors", OR "They (insert country) need military help, to get to where we are (democracy)"

For years since my own awakening (2007), I have been telling him: "We need to just leave these people alone"

Two days ago, my dad visited for coffee, the talk fell on current world affairs: ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine... I observed my dad take a sip of coffee, waiting for him, to tell me the Neoconservative truth, that somehow we NEED another war.

He sipped, and fell into thoughts, I let him be for a moment, then he uttered these words: "We need to just leave these people alone"

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