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Interesting stuff about the Sun and Gold

Interesting stuff about the Sun.

Due to the suns enormous gravity,  it takes 100,000 years for light to go from the center of the Sun to the surface of the Sun then it only takes 8 minutes to get to earth. 

The earth is bombarded with 420 billion light particles "per square inch" every second.   

Over the next 5 billion years, our sun will burn the last of its hydrogen, bloat up as a red giant and consume Mercury and Venus.  

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Statism is under Siege. Not us.

This is a post for all those people that feel that their fight has been futile.

I'm writing to those that feel that America is doomed.

I'm writing to those that don't want to participate anymore.

I'm writing to those that think the liberty movement has largely failed.

I'm writing to those that have become aware of the fact that Ron Paul is too old to run and aren't convinced on anyone else.

I'm writing to those that are sick of playing the game, that see abuse everywhere, and no longer see the point.

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Khazars, Communists, Zionists & the US

I despise Neocons as much as anyone else on the DP and I thoroughly enjoyed Ken O'Keefe's "Zionism is Doomed" youtube video posted on the DP the other day. But, I have also noticed quite an uptick in the "Its all a Jewish Conspiracy" meme recently, not only on the DP, but all across the alternative media, which makes me somewhat suspicious about what's really going on here. Moreover, if Israel's days are numbered as O'Keefe and Kissinger predict, what happens next?

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Will Israel Be The Death of America?

A few days ago on C-SPAN, retired Army Col. Ann Wright (who also worked in the State Dept) made a disturbing statement regarding how Israel controls the United States.

She claimed that American politicians are threatened by the Israeli lobby to do their bidding - OR ELSE.

If they don't vote to keep funding Israel with military and economic aid, they will lose their seats in congress.

If they advocate for any Palestinian sovereignty, they will lose their seats in congress.

If they vote against any wars or invasions of Arab nations, they will lose their seats in congress.

And believe me, when it comes time for an all out WWIII, they WILL vote the way Israel demands.

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Dark Journalist: CIA Super Spy Richard Case Nagell and JFK Assassination


In this exciting new Dark Journalist episode, he is joined by best-selling author Dick Russell, who co-authored several volumes on American conspiracy with Former Governor Jesse Ventura. He also wrote the ultimate classic volume on the JFK Assassination, "The Man Who Knew Too Much."

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Existence Without Total Freedom is Poverty

I have to muse these days on what poverty is, because I guess I'm stuck in the (lower) middle class (or, really, working poor without benefits). Our family had previously been on a share of cost public medical plan. It mostly covered our daughter, and adequately covered us, and I suppose we were being subsidized by some government theft, but at least we were contributing something.

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I Got A Knock on the Door Today, or, Why Fascism is Ascendant in America Today

So I got a knock on the door from a canvasser for a BART Director candidate.

Some background. BART is Bay Area Rapid Transit. It's the Bay Area's light rail system, and by far the crown jewel of the country's light rail systems, in my opinion. It's clean, it's comfortable, the ride is smooth, the trains are pretty reliable.

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Love the only salvation the only hand that rescues!

"There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way." - Christopher Morley

When you feed pigeons
And a woman comes
Says "God bless you's"
You know Love rules!

For so many thousands of years
This planet its inhabitants
In various forms have been slaves

Taxes pay for the never-ending wars
Our brothers and sisters
Slaughtered like animals on fox fur farms

The clock ticks
The next "Great" war spells
Planet earth's self abortions
Controllers names
Cull of the human herds
Depopulation eugenics

When you feed pigeons
And a woman comes

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Thoughts on what to do with murder advocates

These are my thoughts.

Those who advocate murder should be put in a cage, until either they stop advocating murder, or they expire.

The idea is to rehabilitate the offenders. Unfortunately, they are currently holding most offices in government.

How do we achieve this?

Those who advocate murder should be separated from influencing society until they have been reformed, and no longer advocate murder.

They should be treated humanely, of course; not "put in a cage to starve" and expire, but fed both body and mind, with good food and good books; educated, with liberty and justice.

I'm conflicted on how to achieve their education. I don't like cages, and I don't like advocating them. So, since I had this thought, I wanted to post it and see if there were other thoughts that could achieve the education and reform without cages.

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Ron Swanson, Rob Hospidor, a short rant

This occurred to me because I was at a restaurant with this new reality show Utopia on the TV. I would not otherwise have ever seen it.

I find it particularly deceitful that the media continually portrays caricatures of libertarians such as Ron Swanson (fictional) and Rob Hospidor (real) who don't like 'hippies' or 'bleeding heart liberals' and sneers at potheads and seem to have an erotic attraction to firearms.

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The Pleasantly Perfect Pumpkin Patch

This is a follow up to my dailypaul gardens thread.


As some of you know, this summer I was quite busy tending to a lot of acreage and multiple gardens. I took on a lot at the beginning of the summer, and it kept me quite busy.

This summer the zucchini did the best. This is one example of the numerous massive zucchini plants that has appeared in the vegetable garden.

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Peter Joseph and Stefan Molyneux "Debate" Sept. 23rd 2013 "evaluated"

Peter Joseph and Stefan Molyneux "Debate" Sept. 23rd 2013 "evaluated"


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Trailer Park Boys discover alternative currency! Ricky mints his own money!

Well, Netflix has put up Season 8 of The Trailer Park Boys!
This Season, we find Ricky disgruntled with Gov. Issue currency.
Starting at Episode 1, "Fu*k Money"!
Which has Ricky making his own form of currency...

Hash Coins.
100% pure goodness.
Denominations of fives and tens.
They are accepted by almost everyone!

Just awesome!

Liberty First!

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Iowa Liberty Candidate receives funding boost!

Hello fellow liberty activists,

Iowa State Senate Candidate Jeff Shipley (https://www.facebook.com/shipleyforiowa?fref=nf) has received a campaign funding pledge of a matching $1,000 from a University professor!


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Tar Baby Part 2 - I really screwed up the 1st post!

It all started as an email to a friend I debate politics with; he can't stand any/all Ron Paul supporters because of 9/11, our "allegiance to Alex Jones", period, end of story...and he will never change...

And he tries to get my goat about how neo-con talk radio "loves" Rand Paul; so, I had cut and paste half my email to him into the post, then the words "tar baby" came to my mind.

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