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#FreeChelsea Imprisoned 1661 days now

#FreeChelsea! - Imprisoned 1661 days now.
Why? For exposing #warcrimes!

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Commercials for Government employees "Without us..."

Is it just me, or has anyone else picked up on the increased frequency of these lame commercials about how many important functions Government employees perform for us? They tend to go something like this "Without us, your food wouldn't get inspected." or "without us, Us borders would not be patrolled."

Every time I hear these pathetic attempts to sway the hearts and minds of the American people, I want to vomit!

So, I thought it would be a little fun to see who can come up with the most anti Government "Without us..." slogans. I'll start out with

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Say Something Nice about the President

No, I’m not a shill, just trying to keep my sanity. If you look at previous posts you’ll see that probably every single one is about how much I dislike the current state of this country and where it’s headed. Some days, like many of you, I’ve had to zone out from the news in order to maintain a positive attitude.

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I, Peace

I realize everyone is equal, I am above no man.

I will drop the weapon forced into my hands, I will refuse to shoot.

I reject all violence, I am peace in my heart.

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PaulsPlace Catching plant minerals in a broth.

Making do on a budget. Catching plant minerals in a broth.

Slow cook broths in a double boiler.

Fifteen minutes at 145F pasteurizes. Low temperature is easy on delicate components.

Two seconds at 170F also pasteurizes. Higher temperature but less cooking time.

Salt and cook hours until pulp is worthless, strain.

-Larger pan with boiling water.
-Smaller pan for stock.

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Have you ever had someone close die suddenly?

I have. More times than anybody deserves.

My brother in-law was a good man. Father of two. Cared about his two boys like you wouldn't believe.

Every day we would send one text or another to each other. He would send pictures of the boys playing soccer or winning some race. Or a picture of his wife sitting across the table from him, at a restaurant or bar, having a great time. He was fairly stoic. When he enjoyed himself, you could tell by a faint smile.

He was a sports fan. He didnt have sports in his life growing up. He learned to love them when he had kids.

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Intellectual Property is an Anti-Concept

“A people averse to the institution of private property is without the first element of freedom.” ~Lord Acton

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Do Individuals Have the Right to Govern On Their Own (Legitimately Acquired) Property?

Question for discussion.

Many libertarians express an opposition to "government" per se.

Most libertarians are in favor of private property, that being property acquired through homesteading or through a voluntary exchange with someone else who has legitimately,acquired their property.

So, do individuals have the right to "govern" on their own, legitimately acquired, property?

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Elizabeth Warren and Slavery

So Elizabeth Warren has recently spoken out against the blatant corporate welfare shuffled into the spending bill passed by a Congress whose seats are warmed by "small government" Republicans. That's great. I salute her and appreciate her fight against corporate welfare.

So then I decided to look up more information on her to see what kinds of things she believes in. Lo and behold, wikipedia has a famous statement of hers, which, apparently was one of the things that launched her into progressive stardom. Here it is:

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Exposing the Elites

Anybody ever think about posting the track records of some of these elites that Americans seem to have love affair with in general?

For example:
Bill Gates

Recent track record includes:
- Funding Monsanto
- Being taken to court in India for killing many young girls with his Gardasil vaccine experimentation
- Windows 8 is rejected by the Chinese Gov't of 80-90 million communist party members for being able to track all data on this platform. Meanwhile, Americans seem to be unaware of this news

Others I'd like to know more about -
Warren Buffett
Tim Geithner
IMF leaders

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Liberty is not dying!

Liberty: (definition)

the power or scope to act as one pleases.

Shame on you:


Liberty is altruistic, not the weapon. If Liberty is dying then why do I favor and strive to do as I please within the glory it affords me to do so with? Talk of liberty dying here is provocative and misinformation at its core.

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The Land of Tyranny and the Home of the Enslaved

The US government has become accountable to no one. Is it time to re-write the Star Spangled Banner to reflect reality? Let's check the result of modern government malfeasance, shall we?

NSA mass blanket surveillance on nearly the entire planet.
Charges: 2
The whistleblower, Edward Snowden
The whistleblower, Thomas Andrews Drake

US military/government corruption, Iraq occupation.
Charges: 1
The whistleblower, Bradley Manning

US government international corruption.
Charges: 1 (Open grand jury)
The whistleblower, Julian Assange

CIA torture program.
Charges: 1

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John McCain Reveals Plan to Guarantee Hillary Clinton Election

In a move that will surprise no one familiar with his gargantuan ego, John McCain (RINO-AZ) has revealed his plan to guarantee the election of Hillary Clinton: his campaign for the GOP nomination in 2016.

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Love Brings Peace!

"The Church is near, but the road is icy. The bar is far away, but I will walk carefully." — Russian Proverb


How many of us on this planet are truly free?
How many are slaves from dawn till sunset?

If you are a policeman a soldier a veteran
Did you measure the level of freedom in your life?

A flower alive in the middle of a bombed country
It is still more free than all of you put together!

A stone is more free than all of you put together!

Bankers control politicians
Big money made in wars
Blood flows

The evil entities crave wars

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Liberty is dying and no one seems to care...

This was a terrible week for those who value liberty and freedom...NDAA passed which jails Americans indefinitely without jury or trial on just the mere suspicion of "terrorism," the Intelligence Authorization act passed which grants the executive branch unlimited access to all your private communications which can then be passed to local law enforcement (so much for limiting the NSA...), the budget passed which among many terrible things, it put taxpayers on the hook for wall street's 303 TRILLION derivatives market if/when it tanks. Oh, then there's the CIA torture report. There's a few other things I could mention but why bother....What does it take for WE THE PEOPLE stand up for ourselves, let alone pay attention??

There has been a couple times where I've thought to myself, why bother? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought this here. But D***, seriously what does it take? I feel this community is one of the few who actually value their freedoms. I cant help but think of M.N.'s post on standing watch till dawn.

Maybe that's what we should all do. Where's Galt's Gulch when you need one? I guess I'm just ranting and clearing my head here because I'm really not sure where else to put these words and thoughts. If any could understand, it would be this community. This battle to just maintain the liberty we still have is tiresome..It'd be nice to have a few more reinforcements.

Maybe it's just time to shrug.

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