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Starve the Beast: Do Not Do Business With Comcast

We should starve The Beast every chance we get. "The Beast" is (a) government and (b) the crony corporations that live off government contracts and special privileges.

Comcast is one of those companies.

Here is someone who tried to cancel his service with Comcast and got hounded by a sales rep, who tried to make it extremely difficult to cancel the service.

No doubt, Comcast trains their reps to do this. Therefore, Comcast deserves to lose business.


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Identifying and Understanding the Patterns of How or Why the U.S. Legal System is Structured.

I do not ask anyone to believe as I believe. What I believe is irrelevant as it can not create what is. That said, I believe there are clear identifiable patterns in the architecture of the entire U.S. legal system with an origin in the Declaration of Independence. It as though there has been some power or force operating behind the scenes that is unknown or unrevealed. I can not explain or describe it but the patterns of its signature is in everywhere in the legal landscape.

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Need help naming the newest member of the Liberty movement...American Nomad has it!

American Nomad picked the name we thought best fit him. Thanks for everyone's input as i have the post bookmarked for future mutts. Please welcome to the Liberty movement "Inde" the wonder mutt!


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Politics Aside, Is Rand Paul Qualified To Be President?

Senators generally make horrible presidents due to their lack of administrative experience.

Running a business can provide a candidate with administrative experience as can being a governor.

Rand Paul is a Senator and a former eye doctor.

Running a medical practice, provides insight into the mechanics of commerce, but does not necessarily provide the type of administrative training that may be required to successfully run a Presidential administration.

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Facebook sucks because:

I would like to start this post with a naive idea.

Social Networking will change the world by decenteralizing power and communication.

Instead what we got was kitten videos, baby mommas and dumb redneck stunts.

Yet the further we went down that rabbit hole of nothingness, the greater power at Facebook grew.

Anybody else find it strange that you have to pay to promote your idea to your 'friends' on Facebook? I grow a personal network and am forced to pay to access the people that I grew?

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Direct representation by letting the people directly vote electronically on all legislation.

With the current state-of-the-art purchasing and banking technology now in place, (along with voting fraud laws), American should start demanding direct voting on all legislation by the people. After all being governed by the consent of the people is the central tenant of the consitution.

The elected officials may not like it, but it's not they country. Instead, they could be facilitators that make sure their constituents are educated on the issues and ready to cast an informed vote.

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What is the Daily Paul my friend asks?

When sharing information with people in life from friends and family, to coworkers and cashiers, a ripple is made in the brain of that person. Once this idea is planted roots grow and become like a sword set in stone. Maybe you caught this person in the infant stages like Dr. Paul caught me during the GOP debate before the 2012 presidential election. I can remember the message of Liberty so crisp and clear. The cool thing is and without my consent Dr. Paul snuck into my conscience and pulled the wire that programmed me to worship the State.

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What if FEDS Nationalized Christmas?

This is the concept behind the forthcoming feature-length animated project Uncle SAMta from AJ Viviani and Sean Springer, two animators with an impressive background having worked on the likes of Shrek 2, Iron Giant as well as several video games.

Both will join me this evening on the Allison Bricker Show (12am to 1am ET) to discuss the somewhat tongue-in-cheek notion of Big-Daddy government taking over Christmas.

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Daily Paul Gardens: The jrd Edition

My friend’s parents have somewhere between 10 and 15 (I always forget exactly how much, but it is in that general range) acres of property. Her Mom is a master gardener and every summer since high school I have spent a lot of time on that property helping with gardening and various landscaping tasks. String-trimming, rototilling, mowing, branch cutting…the whole works. Her parents are getting older and doing a lot less on the land and the past 3 summers they have given me a lot more responsibility and land to work with. This is what I have going on this summer.

First; the flowers.

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Tax Filing in 2015!

I have noticed something quite interesting over the past few years, even to a decade back, upon filing taxes. There was a time not so long ago when our, if any, tax return supplemented our income. For the past several years any return, which we've only had one in four years, is used to catch-up to the place we were one year ago.

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I love everyone here.

I am not overly mushy or emotional as most of you know. But I wanted to say something.

I love you all.

When you call me an idiot. I still think you are awesome.

When you support things that I cannot support. I still think you are the most intelligent people I know.

I have shared almost 7 years with you.

The DP has been my diary.

The DP has been my sounding board.

The DP has helped me decide what I do and don't like about myself.

I enjoy my time with you all. Still not going anywhere. I don't think I could leave if I tried.

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And then I went a little bit crazy.

The trip to Portugal gave me a bad case of wanderlust. Even before I got back to my cubicle under the fluorescent lights of the office tower downtown, I started plotting my escape.

With Y2K and the end of the world bearing down, suddenly I had the urge to taste and touch / and to feel as much as a man can, before the world collapsed in a Y2K apocalypse.

From the perspective of the outside world, I went a little crazy. I ditched the ties, quit my job, sold the car, grew a beard, let my hair flow, donned a kaftan and found myself wandering through the desert in Cairo (among other places).

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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, False Flag, Spoiler Alert!

I went and saw the new planet of the apes movie last night, and I have been a fan of the old ones as well.

I thought it was an excellent film and thought it was funny how the creators had a false flag event in the movie.

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