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My humor isn't appreciated at work

I'm sure I'm not the only one here to find that their humor isn't appreciated at work.

I work in sales and recently they kind of realigned the "teams" in our department and we were supposed to come up with a new team name. The criteria for the assignment was simple.

1. The name must refer somehow to selling or making money, or achieving quotas/goals or something along those lines.

2. The rival team is called "Sales Team Six" and the name for this new team should be fitting of a team which would "do battle with" Sales Team Six.

I submitted 2 names:

The Saleban (Sale-i-ban)

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The US is so easily riled up by "terrorists"

With the "beheading videos" coming in, and the response that is shown by the media, the public support, and the government response seen...

It is apparent; that one killing, one video... can garner a FULL BLOWN RESPONSE by all of our country.

So basically we are so easily manipulated that JUST ONE MAN is capable of taking on our country, and getting the entire country's attention and emotions.

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An Alternative to Obamacare: Health-Sharing Ministries and the Self-Pay Patient on the Lions of Liberty Podcast!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in financial and insurance expert, Jeff Kanter of Empowering America, to discuss alternative solutions to the burdens and costs of Obamacare insurance. Jeff describes how the use of health care ministries and becoming a self-pay patient can both satisfy the ACA mandate while providing better health care at a much better value. If you’re still recovering from Obamacare sticker shock, be sure not to miss this latest episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast!

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no future without roots

Natal : Relating to birth

Native: Belonging to by birth

Naive: Acting as one born yesterday; artless

Naiveté: Quality of being childishly simple

Nature : The essence of a person or a thing

Natural: Relating to nature

Nativity : The process of being born; a coming into the world

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If America leaves... then ISIS wins, and we look weak!

That's what the neocons surely will tell you. "Murica must stand STRONG!" "We need to send MOAR TROOPS!"

I've watched both of ISIS' beheading videos, and ISIS' purpose is clear. American forces just need to leave. But of course, if you repeat this to the mainstream or the status quo, you're instantly labeled a "terrorist sympathizer" or something like that.

So just remember in this time, when you try to educate/persuade these people, remind them history didn't start on 9-11-01.

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Faded Daze

Just flowin' here. How are you boyz tonight?

Faded days.
Time tickin'.
Couldn't trace it back to the basics.
Time wasted.

Crazy rhyme. Living in a sad time.
The airwaves alive. The private eye.
Looking over your shoulder.
Move to Boulder
Moving higher, World on fire.
Jim taught us of the funeral pyre.
World class liar.
Propaganda 24 on the news wire.
Falling in the basket.
Bring in the newsreel guillotine.
Manufactured truth in a casket.

So sad to say it. Still can't obey it.
Find a way to just come out and say it.
I've said it. I've done it. I pray it.

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Open Letter to the Electors of Kentucky

Please consider some logic from someone of another state as you contemplate an issue within your own state.

I speak of the issue before you of whether or not to change the law that currently forbids someone to be a candidate for Senator and President of the United States of America simultaneously.

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Echo Chamber Blues

Since BILL3 has left me,
Took off his jeremiad shoes,
A wave of boredom swept me,
I've had to turn to booze.

With the keyboard before me,
The bourbon set to "transfuse",
No one to get me all foamy,
My mind is set to "snooze",

Oooh, baby, I got the echo chamber blues.

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The real rate of US inflation

I've just gathered some data from the US bureau of labor statistics.

They track prices for different commodities. I've just done a quick comparison on 14 of the most widely tracked items. Things like a gallon of milk, gallon of gas, loaf of bread, 1 lb of ground beef, 1 lb of chicken, 1 lb of coffee, ETC....

When charted out, those 14 common household goods have shown an average inflation rate of 50% over the last 10 yrs.

This is a far more accurate measurement of actual inflation than the crap their trying to sell us via the CPI, or any of their other under estimated figures as of late.

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If you don’t want nude photos leaked, don’t have them taken in the first place

Of course the media would never blame the celebrities who partook in the nude photo-taking. They’re fully on the side of the Feds who are so bravely working to apprehend a “hacker.”

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Phil Robertson on ISIL: ‘Convert them or kill them'…now that's being Christian!

The Muslims say convert or die now a self professed Christian wants to do the same. What a charade. Our government tortures far more people and kills millions. America is the terrorist nation!

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Rand Paul: Time To ‘Destroy ISIS Militarily’…you're a dirtbag, Rand Paul!

The U.S. created ISIS and the U.S. tortures far more people than ISIS will ever torture or kill. Listen to your dad, Senator Paul. Get out of the Middle East and leave these people alone.

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If Rand Paul is elected president, he'll probably bomb someone

That's just part of the job description. He's already talking about it:

In an emailed comment ... Paul elaborated by saying: "If I were President, I would call a joint session of Congress. I would lay out the reasoning of why ISIS is a threat to our national security and seek congressional authorization to destroy ISIS militarily."

I know, I've heard the arguments. It's a game of chess, not checkers, blah blah blah. He's the best shot we've got, blah blah blah. He's just 'playing the game' blah blah blah.

But if he's just 'playing the game,' when does the game end? After the election? After the midterms of the first term? After the first term? Maybe it is so much fun that the game never ends.

In 2007, with very little data, my gut spoke to me about Ron Paul and his intentions. In 2014, it remains hazy on Rand.

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I Worked in the Empire State Building Today

I worked in the Empire State Building today. When I was a child growing up in a small three room apartment in the Bronx with my parents and brother, I could see the building on a clear day from our bedroom window. I have had to return to the family trade to pay property taxes after ten years of tutoring home bound high school students. I'm 60 years old, in very good shape, but the work is hard for me. The building, though, inspires me. A free people can accomplish almost anything. The building went up in less than two years. I am glad to be here with all of you. I was radically involved with Dr. Paul's campaign in 2012. I'm tired but happy to be here with all of you. The thought of 2016 sends my adrenaline through the roof!

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Why doesn't daily Paul feature more features?

I'm tired of looking at my own fugly mug all week when I'm supposed to be at work supposedly doing my job.

Mods can't someone update the features section?

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