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What is the Government Spending Book

Hey fellow DPers,

I wrote a book (under the pen name A. Citizen) and self-published it on Amazon.com. It's called, "What is the Government Spending?"

What it's about: I took the appropriations bill passed by Congress, and did a line by line breakdown of every thing they appropriated money to without all of the legal mumbo-jumbo. I included all the dollar amounts with running totals for each department and the overall bill. I even included the roll-call votes at the end.

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How to Spot a Constitutionalist Immigration Hypocrite In Less Than 10 Questions

1. Where are national borders defined in the Constitution?
2. How come borders are only defined in state constitutions or treaties?
3. What does the term "rule" as used in the phrase rule of Naturalization mean and how does it differ from a "law" such as a law of bankruptcy?
4. Does establishing a rule, like rules for voter registration eligibility, involve any use of police power for something like declining voter registration requests from people who are ineligible analogous to enforcing a law of bankruptcy where police power may be used to redistribute assets to creditors?

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Pray for our boys who still sit in ‘dark holes'! (re-visited... for a dose of reality midst the smell of dystopian D.C.)

Memorial Duty: Pray for our boys who still sit in ‘dark holes’!

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Remembering Memorial Day

Black cloth
Empty glass
Vacant seat
Heroes past

Flags wave
Children laugh
Heroes forgotten
Wars last

Monday May
Emotion release
Four July
Process repeat

Indoctrinate masses
Safety bequeathed
Memorial passes
Silent defeat

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Government is force

Please think about this for a moment.

When Washington said "government is force" he clearly did not mean that as a complete definition as suggested in another post on this forum.

What did he mean then? Clearly, he knew about and envisioned manifestations of force that were not government. For example, if an individual as a private person committed a crime forcing someone to hand over his possessions, i.e., commiting the crime of theft, Washington would have recognized that as force. He would not have considered such force as "government."

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The new health of the state

What if the whole internet burned down
Would you look outside, browse around
What if your neighbor had a name
Would you call on him and heed the same

Would you give an update on your status
Quilting patches, web of lattice
Different pieces, pulled together
Strung and knitted, social treasure

What if the bonds of gravity broke
Like could not attract like by remote
What if your phone melted in your hand
All alone in a crowd, stranger in the land

Are you caught half way between two worlds
Neither quite whole, entangled and furled

Is it better to be above it

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Hacking your degree – Get your degree faster & cheaper than ever

Finding myself out of work recently, I’ve been pondering going back to school to further my education. After looking into all the options, and schools, I’m completely amazed at the time and cost involved in doing so. For a Bachelors of Finance degree, using just my local colleges in the area (there are many) would cost me upward of around $25,000 just in tuition, and that’s on the low end. It would also take around 2+ years to finish. Being 35 years old, with a family to support, taking two years out of my life on someone else’s schedule just wasn’t going to cut it.

I started to do some digging, and what I’ve found is nothing short of amazing. I’ve discovered that through a few specific websites, I can not only take(for free) the exact courses I would need to finish such a degree, but can also schedule, test out of, and get college credit for these courses as I go along, and pay only for the exams(about $80 each). Doing it this way, turns that $25k into around $3k-$5k depending on the degree you’re seeking.

So I have set out on a plan, I am going to start studying on my own time, and take the tests when I feel I have learned enough to pass them. Also, the site offering the free courses provides free practice tests as well. If you have ever wanted to “go back to school” or further your education, but didn’t have the time or money to do so, this is by far the best way to do it. Below I will show you the resources I’m currently using and offer some insights into each one.

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Digital Technology

What is the difference between an analog and a digital world?

We are analog creatures, who exist in three dimensions. But we're communicating through a digital, two dimensional interface - our computers, and then the internet. But something is being lost when that third dimension gets cleaved off as our information, distilled into bits and sent screaming down the pipes of the internet, emerges back into digital symbols, in near real time everywhere, simultaneously, all over the world.

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We are also a Lost Generation

Hello friends.

It's time for one of those serious talks.

We like things to be simple, black and white. They are not.

There are problems that aren't easy to solve. Sometimes there is no villain, and some problems are never resolved, but simply resolve themselves, fading away before anyone has time to remember them.

Today we have such problems in ourselves and in our generation. Maybe they will disappear and be forgotten in a generation, and we can only hope they do. They certainly aren't going to reproduce themselves.

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There’s Been Another Mass Shooting – Don’t Read About it.

Don’t give him the notoriety he wants.

Don’t watch his video.

Don’t make him famous.

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David Webb thinks foreign aid is not Redistribution.

David Webb thinks foreign aid is not Redistribution. Part 1


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Nine/1=L1=V1=N - Truth and Hope!

The day is approaching where we find ourselves in an unfamiliar atmosphere, where we find ourselves at face with the murderer of that day...

the question is, will the revelation become imprinted on the public mind as a means to garner a proper address to the events of that day or as a means to foster a dire rush to prevent one.

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Can You Believe 2014 Is Half Gone?

This year is on cruise control. Memorial Day, already?

The older you get the faster the ride goes.

Maybe that is why many of us have felt an urge to slow down, get off the ride and smell the flowers instead of going to the amusement park every day?

The Internet can be a roller coaster...it's fast and fun, but too many rides too often can lead to information overload.

Hey man, slow down!


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Moral Laws & Immoral laws have both been Enforced by every society in History...

*Edit to Title - I felt I needed to edit the title as several commenters have pointed out that immoral laws have also been enforced throughout history. This is undoubtedly true and the point of this post does not attempt or intend to deny that fact. Quite the contrary.
The point being made is that force can be, and has been used for both good and evil.
Government is merely force. All government's power is derived from Force.
When force is used immorally, it is tyranny.
When force is used to uphold moral justice, and ONLY when used to uphold moral justice, it is a 'Min-archy'.

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On stuckness, grieving, remembrance and release.

In some ways, I feel stuck. Waiting for the storm. The epic sh!tstorm that They have been warning about for my entire life. It is supposed to begin any day now. Maybe even today.

But until that storm comes and goes, I feel a little paralyzed…

* * *

I met a guy who has been waiting for the storm since 1987. He thought the crash of that year was just the first leg down, and he’s been waiting ever since.

I don’t want to be that guy. Was that shift in the etheric weather real? Or was it just an illusion, perpetrated on my by my anxiety?

* * *

After the 2012 campaign had been over for some time, and the internet had devolved into bickering and confusion, I went out for a walk with a fellow Ron Paul supporter, someone who had been active in the fight.

“I can’t believe it’s over! I really can’t believe it!” he said. It was a fine summer day, and we were walking down a residential street. His voice was loud and excited, his gestures animated. “I want to get that back,” he said. “That feeling! You know what I’m talking about,” he said, turning to me. “That FEELING!”

He described the feeling: It was a feeling of having a direction, a goal, and not being in it alone. Of working together with others, towards a common goal. Even though the groups were small, and sprinkled sparsely across the country and around the world, it didn’t matter. We had the internet. We had the same playbook. We were making it up along the way! We were having fun! We were winning!

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