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Brief Context And Highlights Of The Crimean History

I've written this originally for my Czech blog, where it became popular and syndicated elsewhere, but I believe also the English speaking people deserve to learn the not well known side of the story, so I decided to translate it.

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There is a free market solution to today’s artificially inflated health care costs. Congress can amend the law to allow free market forces to drive down sick care costs, better enable the prevention of diseases, and facilitate rapid development of improved medical therapies. A just-released book titled Pharmocracy provides factual documentation to reform the broken health care system that plagues the United States. It is more than 300 pages long because there are at least that many underlying reasons why medicine costs far more than it should.

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Does Smuge Pot live or die?

Here is a question and I am seriously gonna listen to your input and I will explain why.

Some of you know that I am sick, I have this horrible illness and I fight it ever single day but it's a losing battle. I have so far outlived expectations that I actually feel silly still standing here.

I have been holding onto hope that somehow medical science might come up with a cure.

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We have all been enslaved by tyranny since 1215 by Magna Carta

Prior to 1215, men were free. After 1215, the government could use the law of the land to legally enslave us all, and they have.

The Magna Carta was the real start to tyranny. We all today are chained by Magna Carta. Clause 39 gives the government today the power to enslave us all by the law of the land:

39. "No freemen shall be taken or imprisoned or disseised or exiled or in any way destroyed, nor will we go upon him nor send upon him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land."


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To the heartless monster who owns this website

Thanks for the awesome print Michael!

I hope you, in your capacity as brutal overlord of the Daily Paul, approve of what I've done with it.

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Cognitive Dissonance: The Single Most Important Topic in the Liberty Movement

Getting people to wake up and see the truth for what it is is the single most important topic in the liberty movement.

The single biggest obstacle for people who cannot or will not see truth is their own cognitive dissonance.

I saw a post by gregroberts in another thread where he posted a James Corbett video on Cognitive Dissonance. Thanks, Greg. As usual, Corbett does an excellent job.

In addition, I found a few other vids that are interesting about the subject (and not too long to watch).

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My Son the Wrestler

My Son the Wrestler

My 16 year old son just finished his 2nd year of high school wrestling. I never used to care for the sport. Quite frankly I always thought it was kind of a silly sport but never really paid much attention otherwise.

We moved to a small town 9 years ago from living in the cities. Our move was made to pursue a dream and own a family business outside the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. It was quite a change of pace. Out here, in my county alone we have over 1,200 lakes. Can you guess where I am???

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Bill of Attainder is Unconstitutional

Something never discussed in the media, and rarely ever discussed within the liberty-loving community, is that a Bill of Attainder is strictly prohibited by the Constitution.

Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3:

"No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed."


So, what is a Bill of Attainder?

It is a "legislative act that singles out an individual or group for punishment without a trial."


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I'm being extorted, and I need protection.

A group of known murderers has made a false claim against me for about $10,000 due on April 15. If I don't pay, they claim the authority to kidnap me, and lock me in a cage, depriving you of the enjoyment of my company. If I resist the kidnapping, they say they'll kill me.

I will gladly pay $7,000 to any person, or group, that will protect me from this gang commonly called the "Internal Revenue Service." But I would certainly need assurances that the protection will be effective.

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4/4/14 Update: Dandelion Wine - A Great Way to go Cross Eyed

20 years ago, and never being a wine drinker, I tasted a friend of my father's home made Dandelion Wine. I recall loving it back then, tasting delicious. It made me remember it for the next twenty years.

Recently I decided to get a quality wine making kit instead of my Home Depot redneck DIY git 'er done special setup I used on my first run of grape wine, and enough glass carboys and supplies to accommodate a few simultaneous runs a few years down the road when the all the fruit trees we put in begin producing. So Daily P.Au.L's Amazon link sure came in handy this week. I probably paid for the month of hosting anyway. Lol

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I Can’t Finish House of Cards (and Should’ve Stopped Breaking Bad)

Don’t worry – no spoilers here.

Disgusting. Unrealistic. Waste of time. – That’s my summing up of House of Cards (second season) on Netflix.

Yeah, the first season was great, a little bit over the top but pretty good overall. Loved it.

Onto the second season. I’m a few episodes in and…really? Seriously? The disgusting, macabre nature of the show was beginning to turn me away.

Why do shows nowadays revolve around people’s sexcapades?

And I should’ve stopped watching Breaking Bad. The last few episodes were just downright disturbing.

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Abraham Lincoln's Terrible War (original video)

This is a remake of my original video in HD. It's less than 5 minutes but packs a punch in my humble opinion. Hope you all enjoy.


When Abraham Lincoln launched his military invasion of the Southern States to prevent their peaceful and democratic assertion of independence, he ushered in a radically different Union than the one the Founders intended.

This is the real story of America's "Civil War"

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Fear begets the weakening of immunity,
the dissociation of spirit and ethereality,
the dis-ease of inspiratory thought...

Fear likens itself to any vice,
regards itself as permanent,
yet flickers as a flame to drizzle...

Fear manifests egregiousness,
longing and languishment,
palsy and the comatose mind...

Fear breeds trust in the fearmonger,
belief in the deceiver,
allegiance to cloth and color...

Can we not see? When you leap from the grip it has come to strengthen by your empowerment of it, you understand at once that it was always a self-driven illusion.

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Special Sneak Preview only for Daily Paul: Hacking For Change


In case you don't know me. I was the co-founder of the Ron Paul Revolution March in 2008 and I ran RonPaulRadio from 2007 to 2010. I would love any input from the brilliant DP community on my latest project.



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