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It's a shame that Rand Paul's base is an anti-politics/anti-government/ and in many cases anarchist demographic

Cuz boy does he do a good job as a politician.

(deliberately choosing to ignore the lying about his positions from three months ago, for the purpose of this post)

There isn't a politician in Washington in my lifetime that has done what he is doing.

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Lion sleeps with his sisters lambs!

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."
- Socrates

Earth's one day's inter-connections
One enslaved soul carries heavy burdens
Another enslaved soul shops buys with smiles

The t-shirts
You cover your souls
Are dressed in many pains

Love in our life-times
Ultimate un-chaining of our hands

Lion sleeps with his sisters lambs!

We are all brothers and sisters
In all earth's lands

If one could walk on waters
Changed waters into wines

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November 4 – America’s New Day of Independence

The U.S. Constitution was written to be understood by the common man. The original document of seven articles and the ten amendment Bill of Rights included three years later was designed to share power equally between the three branches of the federal republic as well as between Washington, the States and the American people. However what is often missed in the interpretation of this hallowed affirmation of binding legal agreements is where the authority originates from and that is boldly stated in the preamble.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence he started in the original penmanship style of the day which was to begin writing the first word of the first paragraph in a larger font type, that is the word, “When”. Gouverneur Morris, who wrote the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, scribed the introductory statement with quill and ink using the prevailing form as well. However he included not just the first word but the first three words as in “We the People” to emphasize the august body of laws that followed is for the people of each of the separate States joined in a common union of republican democracy. Therefore it is the American people who have the ultimate control over the central government and are empowered to act in their own behalf when the appointed center of authority no longer acts within the limitations of governance imposed upon it by the Constitution as guardians of the peoples’ trust.

Over many decades Washington’s politics of perfidy and mendaciousness has removed itself from the rule of laws for equal justice and placed itself above the citizenry. Americans must reclaim their natural rights to govern themselves and create a new fiduciary given only those powers written in the Constitution. The traditional mechanism of validating Washington’s authority has been perverted to the point the choices offered to the public only guarantee to powerful men their continued enrichment at the expense of the freedom, wealth and property garnered from the people by force. The time to take action is when the country is solicited to engage in the dance of deception so that federal politicians who seek your permission can pat you on the head and then go back to continue their malevolence, larceny and oppression.

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How to Double Your Vote's Impact This Election Season

(I know we're all busy so I'll keep this introductory aside to a minimum.)

If you are particularly emotionally involved in the current election season or not, and would like to see your measly one vote have the impact of two, just follow this one simple step.

#1: -vote for the other guy.

In this way you can remove a vote from the opposition, AND add one for the politician of you choice, all in one fell swoop!

There you are! Enjoy your politics and remember they call it a process for a reason!

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Remove the veil re-remember of not being a slave!

Why one must struggle to be free?
Why one must struggle to be chain-free?

We are born here because Love creates
Life in its many manifestations

Without Love nothing exists!

Jesus restored water at our weddings
We are already drunk with his blessings

Angels do not need earthly weapons
Their hearts shine for the entire Universe

We are standing tall revealing propaganda lies
We are standing for the establishment of Republics

Hearts shine for the entire Universe to see!
Removing veils covering people's eyes!

Remove the veil
Re-remember of not being a slave!

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What is your favorite Ron Paul quote?

Friends in Liberty!

Using Twitter to educate folks out there often I tweet great timeless quotes like this one:

"There are people who think that plunder loses all its immorality as soon as it becomes legal." - Frederic Bastiat

I thought I need some great quotes from Dr. Ron Paul to put out there.
So therefore I ask you the awesome Daily Paul family for some help.
What is your favorite Ron Paul quote?

I adore all the truth he speaks on behave of all of us Liberty loving people. But some things he said over the years are simply sublime.

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Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Religion, Politics, Marriage, Abortion, 9/11, Death….I have grown!

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Religion, Politics, Marriage, Abortion, 9/11, Death……..

After being here on the Daily Paul for over 7 years, I have really learned something. I have really grown. What brought me here was actually Alex Jones. About 10 years ago I stumbled upon some articles about 9/11, and that led me to researching that day on my own, that led me to infowars, I watched a couple of Jones’s really early films(Martial Law 2005), and then I discovered Ron Paul 2006/2007 I thought I knew it all. I thought that I have discovered the “Hidden Secrets” that nobody knew.

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'Goodbye World' the movie

Wow. The messages in this movie. They even used the forbidden word "libertarian".

The two main guys from the HBO series 'Entourage' team up again for this almost perf3ct depiction of being ready for the SHTF scenario.

And it does that whole Non Aggression Principle too.

A couple of rogue (and unconstitutional) national Guardsmen get schooled on the 3rd Amendment and so on

Really enjoyed this movie.

Highly recommended for DP'rs

Picked it up at a Redbox tonight

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Published in the Void!

My most recent letter-to-the-editor was published this morning in the local newspaper regarding Measure 92 in Oregon. Thank you for all the support and advice my fellow DP'ers.



Peace and Love always.

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2016 Presidential Election Debates - Let the Charlatan Charade Parade Begin!

As our fellow DP'er emalvini has already discovered here: "Preparations are already underway for the first debate of the 2016 presidential primary contest." Two years ahead of time.


Bring out the Dog and Ponies, and Red Clown Noses for everyone!

YES! - COMING SOON, Once Again! For two totally wasted hours of your time each week, each month, for six whole annoying months before the 2016 presidential elections, you can hear CNN, FOX, and MSNBC Debate Moderators propose the stupidest most irrelevant questions you can possibly imagine, to what seems may potentially be the largest list not only in American history, but in the world, ever assembled, of political hacks and charlatans trying to con you of your vote for the presidency.

This time for your improved viewing pleasure:

*More Lies, Half-Truths, and Omissions than Ever Before!

With a list of liars as long as the Nile, We assure you, the people, a great debate each week, where you can witness the most contradictions you have ever heard (sometimes even in the same answer when Mitt Romney runs) in a total Politics Gone Jerry Springer style!

*Divisive Distraction Issues Galore!

Haven't heard much division about Gay Marriage or Abortion on Cable News since the last election, have you? No sensationalism or urgency about these issues for the last four years? Fear Not! You can be certain that once again, out of the long forgotten blue at election time, these will become the most important, urgent, characterizing issues and questions to be proposed to our ever proliferating list of political paltering podium putzes as your economy and currency is on the brink of collapse, your Constitution is gutted, and wars rage in uncountable locations.

And POT! OMG! Who could ever support POT!

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

My costume:

Enjoy the night everyone.


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Seal the war-fraud in its un-blessed coffins!

"At no time has the world been without war. Not in seven or ten or twenty thousand years."
- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

We are all Human Beings
Enslaved here by evil beings

Every one of you can defeat evil's!

I had a vivid dream last night
Seeing soldiers prepping to fight
In my dreams I take to flights
In the air I can take their flags

Then the commanders their shouts
Heard he was send by our enemies

Some soldiers were clapping
Seeing their flag's kidnapping

In full view of the ancient armies
Released into the air above us

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Where's all that "Ebola" we were promised?

It's been months now since the beginning of this latest scare tactic. We were told the big bad monster is coming and it's going to eat our children and so far... (crickets). What, one death (and that person fresh from Africa), a few "infected" and "recovered". We were told that this big bad virus was going to spread like wildfire... it was going to get us when we ride the subway, go to Walmart, and God forbid we should ever have to make a trip to the hospital!! We would never return.

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Happy "Ron Paul" Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween to the Daily Paul Family.

What's your costume?



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