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Just another day in America

Death of Kelly Thomas

Ex-Officers Found Not Guilty in Kelly Thomas’ Beating Death

A diagnosed schizophrenic wandering around the streets? Check.

Not one person willing to take responsibility for him, care for him or even take an interest in his well being? Check.

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First Annual Anarchy Party Meeting

The first annual Anarchy Party meeting kicks off this weekend, although some chairmen say it will be next weekend, and some have called it off completely until they believe we are ready and organized.

Everyone is welcome unless someone doesn't think you should be. It is recommended that you look for attendees that welcome you or argue with those that don't.

Meeting begins at 8AM unless you think it should start at a different time in which case we will start over again for you when you feel it is a good time to start the meeting.

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I propose substituting "Secede" with "Divorce" and "Nullify" with "Separate"

The Articles of Confederation established a perpetual union of states. A lot like getting married. Till death do us part.

After the first 13 years at the hip states regretted getting married but instead of going for a divorce opted for marriage counseling. Sometimes these things happen after a rocky 13 years together. Too bad their unlicesned counselor was "We The People" because the people adopted a Constitution to form a more perfect union. "We The People" said what this marriage needs is an all powerful central government to keep all of these state spouses in check.

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Is the United States a Fascist Country? What We Can Learn From Mussolini's Economic Fascism.

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined by Professor Carlo Celli of Bowling Green State University for a history lesson, to discuss his new book Economic Fascism: Primary Sources on Mussolini’s Crony Capitalism. Professor Celli describes the economic and social conditions which led to Mussolini’s rise to power, how he used rhetoric to control political debate, and how his economic dictates influenced the Italian economy. We then probe the idea of whether or not the United States today is an example of a fascist country.

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Is Greenwald a Hypocrite, or Worse, or Not?

Back in July last year, I made a post that got hammered with downvotes, here: http://www.dailypaul.com/292247/should-greenwald-just-stop Something about how Greenwald was rolling out the Snowden disclosures was not smelling right to me. I was trying to figure out whether he was 'milking' it (I called it "draw" in the post) or just what...

I quit following it (and him) much.

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Are You Doing It?

Are you spreading the truth? Are you spreading the message of Liberty?

If you have a committee seat, are you presenting vetted material on your local/state candidates? Are you presenting "on the record" material on potential presidential candidates?

If you do not have a committee seat, are you attending those meetings and distributing the above, or getting it into the hands of those who do attend?

Are you putting the above material into the hands of those who belong to tea party, rotary clubs, women's leagues, etc.?

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I told him I would not recite the Pledge...

My pastor asked to talk to me. In an interview, he asked if I would be the Scout Master in my church for the boys in my area.

I was concerned how to say it, so I just told him. "Yes, I'll agree to volunteer and the be the Scout Master but I think you should be aware of one thing. I don't recite the Pledge of Allegiance."

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Is Marijuana More Valuable Than Gold?

Value is in the eye of the beholder.

"How useful is this to me?"

An ounce of high grade marijuana valued at about $350-$400 on the black market, or an ounce of gold valued at about $1200 on the mainstream market?

Does gold have the ability to heal, or relieve physical pain? In a monetary, mental sense yes. But not physical. Gold does not cure, heal or relieve physical health problems.

Marijuana can not be patented, neither can gold because they are both natural and not man made products.

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Is Legal Marijuana an Opening for Non-Traditional Financial Services?

Could the legal marijuana business be a new lease on life for Bitcoin? If Silk Road was the Napster of Bitcoin, perhaps legal marijuana will be the iTunes?

Yes, these are very poor metaphors.

I don't follow bitcoin as closely as others do, and I am not a bitcoin booster, but the refusal of traditional banks to handle marijuana money because of its status under federal law presents an opportunity for non-aligned financial service providers to enter the market.

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"They Hate Us For Our Freedom"

The notion that we need the NSA spying on us to fight against terrorism is quite backwards. Security provided by any government since the beginning of time has had nothing to do with keeping people safe. Its only purpose is to control people. Tyrants, dictators and fascists rise offering safety in exchange for liberty then abuse that power to their own selfish purposes.

So, why do they hate us?

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Please Stop Attacking Rand Paul

Rand Paul is right.

I see so many posts in the Libertarian community who seemingly disapprove of Rand Paul and his position on many subjects—most recently Edward Snowden.

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Neutrality and Stable Money are the Keys to Prosperity

"That leaves us with the third line of reasoning that sees today’s affluence mainly as a dividend from political stability and neutrality in the twentieth century and where the rise of the financial sector takes centre stage."


Switzerland has been a fascination of mine for a little more than 2 decades now. My best friend growing up was Swiss (German) and while he and his family were quite normal in just about every way, they all had a sense of confidence and ability that was noticeable.

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Speaking of the Pledge of Allegiance

Forgetting for the moment whether the pledge is good or not, as that is another subject...

As an adult, I look back and wonder two things:

1) How could I have been so ignorant as to say the pledge more than one time? A pledge only needs to be made once!
Answer: I was a child being instructed by an adult for whom I had been to taught to show respect.

I now believe it is wrong for anyone to pressure or force a child to make a pledge before he is of age to contract willingly, knowingly and with full disclosure and understanding of all terms, responsibilities and possible consequences.

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Was Sandy Hook Payback for Bust of Child Sex Rings? Anyone Know This Cat Yoichi Shimatsu?

I love the free-wheeling, smart discussion at DP. This is as good a place as any to bat more speculative ideas around. This guy gives you no links, few names, and lots of tenuous links based on mere suggestion. Yet, some of what he says does check out.

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