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Has DP turned into Drudge "light"?

Is it me or over the last several months has anyone else noticed that a considerable amount of posts on the DP have been copies of Drudge's top posts of the day? Are we as a liberty community starting to take the lame stream media bait of never-ending neo-con moral outrage, instead of focusing more on the endless font of alternative media providing inspired and productive information...

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Mr. Obama, Please Stop Enforcing the Law!

Obama has stopped enforcing immigration rules for some illegal immigrants.

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Nerd t-Shirt idea for us big fellas

My gravity is bigger than yours.


6'7" ~260 lbs here.

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Please Post more Links to Interesting Articles

I used to browse DP for links to interesting articles related to the most recent recent political/economic developments in US and the world, so I could get full information faster and avoid lengthy internet searches. Libertarians are now everywhere in the world and we are communicating. This simple sharing of information resources made me hooked on DP. I still check DP postings every day but I don't find anything more informative than it is available elsewhere.

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Judicial Watch

Since Congress doesn't seem to have the tenacity to conduct oversight of the Executive Branch, perhaps our efforts would better spent by supporting Judicial Watch, rather than trying to influence Congress to do the right thing, which they never seem to do.

Judicial Watch has a far better track record, recently, at getting information than Congress.

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Making No-Knock Raids Ineffective Through Innovation

In my humble opinion, the most beautiful side of promoting liberty is in the medium of innovation. By coming up with effective ways to compete with State functions, the populace can shrink the government without having to rely on the promises of politicians - the trustworthy bunch they are.

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Would you like to start a business working with organic, non-GMO food supplements and other liberty folks?

I am just throwing this out there for those who may be interested. ***Note*** I am not affiliated with or have a dime invested with any company.


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1st Annual Daily Paul Picnic

Who's in?

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(Video) A liberty candidate with a good idea for a family activity today.

This is a great idea for a family activity today. Help plant the seeds of Liberty in your family!

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Factions Fight Club

What do you guys think? We've identified a bunch of factions here. How about Factions Fight Club? Every Thursday night.

One faction picks another, and they bloody each other to no end, or until one cries uncle. The NAP shall not be violated (since interaction here is only words.)

The key is to limit it to Thursday night, where it is no holds barred. And then, for the rest of the week, the factions work together.

Isn't that the whole point of the Hunger Games? The GOVERNMENT had a point: Allow the citizenry to live out their anger vicariously through entertainment.

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"At Walgreen, renouncing corporate citizenship"

Excerpt; "Alarmingly, dozens of large United States companies are contemplating the increasingly popular tax-skirting tactic known as an inversion. Under the strategy, companies merge with foreign rivals in countries with lower tax rates and then reincorporate there while still enjoying the benefits of doing a large part of their business in the United States."

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Transitioning to Linux - Own your computer.

The main advantages of Linux over Windows are its speed and stability. There is also the possibility of gaining complete control of your computer.

Linux is the perfect operating system for those who want to take control of their computers.

Windows is slow.

Windows frequently hangs.

Linux is fast and stable.
It is also secure.

It used to be indeed that the software you want to run was not available for Linux.

Now there are software packages, all of them FREE, most of them Open Source, that are actually superior to what is available from Microsoft.

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Is Ron Paul the San Antonio Spurs of American Politics?

Is Ron Paul the San Antonio Spurs of American Politics?

Written by Adam Dick

Many basketball fans are marveling at the San Antonio Spurs winning on Sunday night the team’s fifth nonconsecutive National Basketball Association championship. Cato Institute Executive Vice President David Boaz suggests at his institute’s website that people should also marvel at RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul’s similar, and unmatched, United States House of Representatives­­ electoral accomplishments. Boaz explains:

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