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Snohomish County Sign Wave - April 7th!

Snohomish County is getting organized and holding a 3-intersection signwaving on April 7th followed by an afterparty TBD. If you're local we would love to have you come out, we will have signs and super brochures to hand out, possibly some banners (Staples has vinyl banners for $10 online). If you're not local, you can put together a meetup group, a Facebook page and/or pull out the Ron Paul contact list and email folks to get something started.

Super brochures -

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Top Fed Investigator Hid Probe Of Improper Leak From Congress And Public

WASHINGTON -- The independent investigator charged with policing the Federal Reserve conducted a secret inquiry into the 2012 leak of a sensitive central bank decision, according to a person who was interviewed in the probe. It wasn't disclosed to Congress.

The existence of the at least yearlong investigation has not previously been made public, according to government records.

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Liberty (Libertarian) Mascot

I think its time to rethink the Libertarian Party Mascot.

I think it should be a Golden Retriever. (named Liberty)
Works into the very popular idea of Auditing the Fed (Retrieving the Gold)
The party is currently the Underdog (but American’s like the underdog.)
It is striving to be top Dog.

People love dogs.
Dogs are man’s best friend (just like Liberty.)
Dogs are Warm, Friendly, Lovable animals.
Dogs are Loyal, Obedient, Protective, and provide a sense of Security.

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a free idea for entrepreneurs out there

a phone case which has "flaps" or some piece which can block the camera and the microphone when not in use, but easily unbutton/clip/velcro/snap for use.

perhaps I'm the 89374859237459823rd guy to have this idea... I don't plan to draw up any plans but I'm gonna make one by hand for my own phone. I assume the mic will be more difficult to block than the camera... not sure what I'll use for that yet.

anyway, while I'm only interested in doing this for myself, I'm sure there's a market out there if someone wants to get t work on it... they can't hack velcro.

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Are We Losing the Comments War?

Lately I have begun to spend less of my internet time on facebook (still not sure how I got sucked into arguing about that dress...) and more time outside the happy land of real news. There is enormous amount of news articles that cater to neo-cons, wanna be tea-partyers and die hard liberals. There are also hundreds of articles on Scott Walker.

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Good or Bad Idea? Support Rand through Ron Paul Identity

It is going to totally suck not having Ron run in 2016. Like a crack addict couldn't help but follow all the delegate fighting youtube videos throughout 2012 esp when pizza were delivered to the battle weary.

I can totally understand some here having a lack lustre support for Rand. Yes Rand I will support, but just not the same.

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Snowden documentary CitizenFour grabs Oscar

A Laura Poitras’ film about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has won Hollywood’s highest accolade by snatching the Oscar for Best Documentary.

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Media Influence On Public Opinion

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Could this be the key to waking up the sleepwalkers?

Do not tell them about the wonders of the free market, or the virtues of personal liberty. Simply tell them that the TV is manipulating them. Once they wake up they can think for themselves.
Here's a suggested post to help people question their reality. Any suggestions for improving the message are welcome.

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If Earth were granted personhood

If corporations are people, why shouldn't planet Earth be a person, with legal rights?
If she was, we would have the obligation to defend her on her behalf. For instance, we would ban Round Up and other toxic pollutants.

Would that open up the floodgates of force against people and destroy industry? Would it be justified? Should Earth be defended?

Any random thoughts on this?

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Why don't any of Ron's other kids run for office?

I'm just wondering because I've never read anything on this. I've read some articles on Rand's life story, all of which have suggested that he was always the one with the most interest in politics. But just because the others didn't make politics their sole interest doesn't mean they cant jump in.

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Incase folks forget

I found this article from 2012. Kinda reminds us that that the global issues are religious not secular as most would suppose.
This will give you an idea why we support Saudi Arabia and oppose Syria, Iran and Iraq and Russia supports them.

Anyway, Russia and the USA opposites.



Gordon_2By Gordon M. Hahn

During the Cold War Washington and Moscow constructed the barricades that made for what Alexander Solzhenitsyn called “a world split apart.”

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What Are We Doing? Let's Audit The Fed! Harry Reid Is Ousted So Let's Do It! What's Stopping Us Now?

Contact your congressman and make sure Mitch knows this is is important.

Rand needs to pressure Mitch!

Lets pick up the pace people. Hoorah!

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Read This!: from a History Book printed in 1844

...that I bought off EBay for $45.00

The Unabridged History of the United States, Or, Republic of America by Emma Willard

Are these NOT our sentiments today?

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