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If you're frightened...

now, I wish to tell you this...

I am with you. There is no death. This fight is the only one you'll ever be privileged to accept. What is fear but a lie.

Teach Love and Peace...always.

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What is my 'Status'?

I am about to enter a world that is both mind blowing scary and promising at the same time. I'm about to go to Court.

I've heard a great deal and read a little about this Sovereign Man idea, I like it, but people who use it seem to go to jail. I don't like that. So I pulled out my handy dandy Black's Law Dictionary 9th Edition and I looked up the CAPITUS DIMINUTIO definitions. I see that they are all about one's 'Status'. So I looked that up.

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Ebola and November plot

860. IRS search plot and FISA warranty (10/13/2014)

Eric Holder announced his resignation on 9/25. It means he approved a new murder plot.

Next day, 9/26, my wife got up earlier in the morning. She went to Social Security Service to apply for Medicare. Her birthday is 12/21. She will be 65 years old this December. Generally, she should register for her Medicare one month earlier before her birthday. She did it three months earlier. I think she was ordered to do so. The purpose was to justify an unreasonable search by IRS. See story at “663. IRS raid plot (4/3/2011)”.

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Libertarian Societies...

As with most libertarians, I have many discussions with friends and strangers about the ideas of government. It is very hard to change a person's ideology, or for them to even question it. However, I have found something that gets them thinking and usually ends a discussion...

*A Libertarian community cannot exist in a non-libertarian society. Basically if you wanted to set up a small village with libertarian ideas it would be impossible because the laws of state and federal governments would prevent such concept.

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Ebola And Isis

I think that infecting ISIS fighters with the EBOLA virus would do more good than all the airstrikes, but only if they are true.

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Florida's Off The Grid Amendment

Hello Daily Paul community, your help is needed. I recently met Robin Speronis of Cape Coral, Florida who shared her story of Off the grid living. It is a truly inspirational story that you can read here.
Off The Grid Widow Gets Eviction Notice after New…:
Well, we all know Big Government doesn't like self sufficiency and would like to lay the HEAVY HAND down on anyone attempting to try. Donations needed to get the Off The Grid Amendment on the ballot.

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Amazon - Is the CIA on Amazon's Cloud?

I shop Amazon it.

Just got an email from Roots Action to raise $ to put a billboard near Amazon's HQ about the CIA on their Cloud...??

Can anyone confirm or provide clarity?

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Support US Army Spc 4 Michael New!

The story of Army Spc. Michael New is a story that should inspire every American to take notice of the times and impending changes that are taking place in our political and economic climate; changes that threaten the very fabric of our American society.

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Time to Get out of Dodge

The only problem is, it's all Dodge.

Is one man's Dodge...another man's Dodge?

Wherever you go, there is Dodge?

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Dodge followed with him.

Is the grass brown on both sides of the fence?

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Wanted: A (police-proof) solution to automatically upload video to online storage for later use if needed.

It todays world two of the biggest threats we face is an overly aggressive police state and litigious society. Because of this, I am seeking an efficient, and affordable solution to preserve video evidence from both my cell phone and dashcam.

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Massie and Amash, you guys on this?

"Retired Rep. Tom Campbell, who sued a president over the War Powers Resolution, tells today's lawmakers to do their duty"

"Fifteen years ago, little-known Republican Rep. Tom Campbell bucked the White House and congressional leaders of both parties to force a vote on President Clinton’s air strikes against Serbia. And then he brought one of the relatively few lawsuits in U.S. history against a president under the 1973 War Powers Resolution — for going to war without explicit authority from Congress.

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Here's how to get home phone & mobile phone service for $10/month (or free)

Use a combo of magicjack and tracfone.(I don't work for either company.)

magicjack-Home phone service for $3/month.It connects to your router to place calls over the internet(VOIP).(The newest version is the magicjack GO.)If you want to use multiple cordless handsets at home plug the main unit into the magicjack.

magicjack app-free mobile calling over WiFI on android/apple smartphones/tablets/ipod touch.(You can set the app to use your magicjack home phone number.)Here are the links for android/apple:

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Liberty in surprising places

If you've never heard of it then it is about time you did. The very excellent anime, Attack on Titan, is a story about the last remnants of humanity surviving against overwhelming odds. It sounds typical until you realize that those odds are 15 meter, human-like monsters whose sole purpose of existance is to eat devour all of humanity. I won't get into the gritty details but to say that if you can handle the intensity, and mostly implied gore, then this series is a must watch.

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Follow The Money To Mecca Land

The Zionist want Gaza because it is the most valuable real estate in the world. It is "Mecca Land" for three religions. Follow the money to Mecca Land. Imagine developing the "Holy Land" without owning/ruling the Gaza and the West Bank? The Zionist would have to share the richest money stream ever created with the Palestinians and "all the others."
The only way that "Truth, Love and Freedom," can rule and develop the Holy Land is to open Israel to all religions and retain only those individuals or groups of individuals, who initiate force on others - for any reason.

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Free Kent Hovind Ideas

Enraged at the way the government is treating a liberty hero?

Post your ideas that may help him get free. Ideas may include lawsuits to file (class action lawsuits?), protests in front of the court house where he will be September 8, 2014. Protests infront of the county jail where he has been transferred, letter-writing campaigns...

Let's help this man or we will be next on some other frivolous charges facing a stacked deck of goverment pirates and thugs!

Post your implementable ideas below.

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