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Need to put a brilliant idea out for others to run with?
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Idea 2 - Apply Computer Organization and Procedure Standards to US and State Code

Idea 2

A couple other ideas have popped into my head in the last hour or so, but I thought it important to give the second idea before working on them.

Apply Computer Organization and Procedure Standards to US and State Code

This idea may or may not make sense to you depending upon your understanding of how computer code is organized, developed, tested, launched, audited, and maintained. It is not a hard subject to follow, it actually really makes good sense if you think about it.

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Help me educate these blind sheep!

I have a humanities course at a local community college entitled Technology and Society., on our first day of class the topic of privacy came up and the wire tapping that the government did post 9-11. 9 out of 10 stated outright that they didn't care because they weren't doing anything wrong!! Hoo-boy....I bit my tongue as best as I could during all this...until it was my turn to explain how I felt. My answer was short: The Federal government and its alphabet agencies broke the law in doing this...period, end of story.

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Idea 1 - A Daily Paul Lessons Learned Exercise

Idea 1

First off I hate to disappoint you right out of the gate, but I only have four ideas to start with, not five. One idea turned out to be a subset of another, and I just came up one, so I really only had three.

Here they are. Each one will get its own post as I get time to write them up.

  1. A Daily Paul Lessons Learned Exercise
  2. Open Source Liberty
  3. Apply Computer Organization and Procedure Standards to US and State Code
  4. Liberty Through Innovation

A Daily Paul Lessons Learned Exercise

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Ideas for DP'ers as we move to the next stage

I recently finished 'Choose Yourself' by James Altucher and it gave me an idea. It goes like this.

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Help make one little corner of the MSM just a little bit better

If you have a Yahoo account, vote this up and help make Yahoo better with Ben Swann and a dose of liberty and truth -

(if you don't have a Yahoo account, it's easy, quick and free to set one up just to vote this up there, just sayin;)

For Liberty!

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We can win if we focus on winning hearts and minds.

Day after day we hear about all the problems,corruption and injustice in the world.I don't think things will change much for the better until many more people are won over to the principles of truth,liberty,peace,the golden rule,the non-aggression principle,sound money,ending the drug war and a non-interventionist foreign policy.Therefore,I am simply suggesting the best solution and game plan I can think of to accomplish this.If anyone else has an idea on how to accomplish this,I would love to hear it.

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Archive & Save

Hey guys,

I haven't been here in a while and the first thing I see is a lot of articles about dailypaul going down for good? Is this true?

I saw one article asking how to save a few DP websites that were in a favorites menu, and I got an idea:

Lets archive as much of dailypaul as we can.

We can split up sites/posts by time period and assign them to users (or users can just randomly volunteer for whatever time period they want, first come, first served).

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We live in a culture that worships comfort

"WE LIVE IN a culture that worships comfort. During the 20th Century we saw the greatest assault on discomfort in the history of the human race.
We have learned to control our environment with central heating and air conditioning; we have reduced drudgery with machines and computers; we have learned to control pain, depression and stress; we even provide electronic antidotes to boredom with television sets and video games.

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Updates on the China Microsoft/Google fallout

I posted about the Chinese governments' rejection of Microsoft and Google several months back. Well now I'm back in China after being in the USA for 6 months and sure enough, its true. The Chinese gov't, consisting of 80-90 million people in the Communist Party, have rejected Microsoft Windows 8. They will stay with Windows 7 because apparently Windows 8 has the ability to spy on everything the user does. I also do not have access to any google web sites, including the search engine and gmail.

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A Christmas Revolution!

I've seen a lot of myself in my son lately. I've become more than acquainted with the realities of myself, yet lesser so with wishing them not to be. I've hurt many people with my obsessiveness, yet my obsessiveness, rather sensitivity of the senses is fundamental to my continual enlightenment: the faults, mistakes, burdens, achievements, emotions and goodwill of who I am as a human being. I have loved a beautiful woman for 12 years. We have fought. We have fought for our children. We have fought for each other. We have fought for blessing and love.

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One World Tribe, the quiet evolution of humanity.

One World Tribe, the quiet evolution of humanity.

From the YouTube account of 1 NEOTECH

The Global Show Of Hands Pamphlet

I disagree that money is the root of all evil, I believe that dishonesty and irrationality holds that title, otherwise I found this presentation very agreeable. Please share your thoughts below.

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A Joke?

One day my friends and I started making up crappy jokes.
Sometimes really good ones would come but mostly cheap complicated puns.
Either way cool because they were original. The session lasted several years but has since dwindled.
All in all we could've made our own joke book with a solid 500 or so jokes. But alas we didn't.
We still text new ones that Pop up from time to time so between phone history and memory that's what's left.

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Personally Nullify ObamaCare

Few things make me happier than witnessing the raw awesome power of the internet than through individuals sharing the message of how to personally nullify the Federal Plantation's edicts outside of voting in new Plantation Masters every four years in the soap opera that is American electoral politics.

As such, just wanted to share with my fellow Liberty Lovers, two great manifests, which outline how to refuse to participate in the corporate welfare regime known as ObamaCare.

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Can Ron Paul run for president in Greece Now?

do you all know if ron paul or someone with his ideas can run for president in greece since this article says its a week till elections and no candidate is out there, so this might be an opportunity for a libertarian to take the office and fix the country and show the world what these ideas can do.

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What Should Replace The Fed?

Most libertarians seem to want one of these solutions:
1) free banking
2) A national gold standard
3) An end to fractional reserve banking

What if we had a national fiat currency where the monetary supply was fixed. This would prevent inflation, because money could not be printed. This is effectively a gold standard. FDIC would also need to be ended, which would would force interest rates idea.

Any Ideas?

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