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Say NO to more debt!

Say NO to raising the debt ceiling!
Please sign the petition and pass it on!

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State Senators Elected by County?

I have been thinking lately about different ways to change elections to better protect our liberty(better balance of power). One idea my friend mentioned a few years back was to elect state senators by land area and not population. It would be similar to how it is done at the federal level.

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Alright, The Attacks on Rand Has Hit a Boiling Point

Look my facebook page has been riddled with liberals and socialists posting links about Rand plagiarizing. They are having a freaking field day over here. Luckily only one or two like the nutjobs post. Today, my liberal professor posts the damn link. Most of the links are from the source of the City of Dis itself (City of Distraction works too), MSNBC. They want to disparage Rand in a methodical sneaky way? Nitpicking Rand right and left? We can do it too.

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Plagiarism Rand Paul: How to get this issue to go away, Start looking at Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz writing and speeches

If you look for something long enough, you will find it. I just want to say that these plagiarism charge on Rand Paul is BS. How many times can you say statement "A" until it is consider plagiarizing. And like Rand said it is not like he didn't give credit to the person or the idea. Again I've been through College and these people are clearly engulf in the stupidity of writing rules... A good teacher will say it's fine you've referenced it here I should be able to understand. Clearly the people who hates Rand are not understanding and wants to nick pick.

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WAKE up GOP let VA be the call!

So maybe VA governor elections should be a HUGE message to the Republican party. Adjust your platform to be for greater personal liberty, massively less government, and stop acting as the world's police or you will remain in the LOSS column in all close states. Dispatching Ron Paul was a nice trick but people would rather have the wolf in wolf clothes.

Lastly I get Ron Paul firmly believes in changing the party from the inside, but to ask libertarians to vote this way was in very poor form, and I am a bit disappointed.

My first post ever, thank you to the dp site!

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Contacted for Radio Ratings? Don't forget PodCasts.

Turns out Arbitron Radio Ratings include pod casts.
Get $18-$20 and help out some Liberty media in the process.

Nielsen Audio (formerly Arbitron) is a consumer research company in the United States that collects listener data on radio audiences. -Wikipedia

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Conspiracy Theory of the Month

Since the creators of the ACA website admitted to knowing that the site was not ready to go on line on 10-1. And the republicans were threatening to shut down the government if it did.

Was this another dirty trick by the democrats to get the Tea Party republicans to shoot themselves in the foot?

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It’s time to end the stigma of infanticide

October 29, 2013 by The Matt Walsh Blog

On Monday, a federal judge once again descended from Heaven to rule that unborn humans have no right to be protected at all, in any form, for any reason, in any way, against any harm of any kind. He struck down as “unconstitutional” the Texas law that aims to put some basic regulations and limits on abortion practitioners. To quote from his decision:

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Obama at Faneuil Hall on Weds Oct 30

Dear Friends,

How ironic that Obama will travel to the very hall where our humble, unfunded, libertarian, grassroots tea party was born in 2007!

Yes that's right, Obama will be speaking at Faneuil Hall Boston on October 30th according to this article in the Globe.

Sounds like a great day to have a tea party in the very place our movement was born, no?

- Jane

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I just invited all of my Republican leaning friends to "like" Rand's facebook page

I encourage you all to do the same. Yesterday only 20 of my friends liked Rand Paul's page but now 30 do. I know it seems trivial but the better us Liberty minded folks can connect the better chances we have in 2016. We have to make Rand palatable and familiar by the time of reckoning.

I ask all of you to go through your friends list and invite anyone who may have some right wing affiliations or who may just be political in nature. especially anyone who has already liked Ron's facebook page.

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Has Anyone filed for a "religious exemption" to Obamacare?

I just received a postcard in the mail stating that most people will be required to carry health insurance by Jan 1, 2014.

So I'm trying to find information on how to file a religious exemption form, through my states healthcare exchange. According to that is where I'm supposed to file the exemption.

So far I haven't been able to find a form for religious exemption to the individual mandate.

I'm just curious if Buddhists would be able to claim this objection.
I cant really define that as my religion but it would be the closest to my beliefs.

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Declaring Spook the Spooks Day, Friday Oct 25

A friend fm S. Dakota sent this...

Declaring “Spook the Spooks Day,” October 25th
by Quantum Prod
Let's stick something in their pointed ears to record, compute and cram into their tiny, tiny brains...

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The best reply to a post I have ever seen.

This is a comment I read today that put into words that which I have been thinking for a long time. This comment is in response to an article posted on @

and was written by TheSharpenedPen. I take no credit for this and direct anyone to read the article and comment on their own. Also, I have found TheSharpenedPen's YouTube channel @

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