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Immigration Control vs. Immigrant Liberty Education

I've heard, for a while now, many people in the liberty movement talking about the need for secure borders. When I've asked them about why we need them, it usually comes down to keeping immigrants out so that we don't get an influx of anti-liberty voters.

There is an alternative to this, though. What if we instead we focused our energy to make a concerted effort to reach out to immigrants, even illegals about the benefits of liberty?

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Why is the legal status of marijuana important?

Lovers of Freedom & Liberty,

In my mind, the legal status of marijuana is a pure freedom and liberty issue. Should any person or entity have the authority to tell us what we can or can not do as long as we are doing no harm? How can we say we live in a free country? My litmus test for any political candidate is their stance on the legality of marijuana. That is why I'm unsure about Rand. I won't vote for him if he can't come out and say that he is for the full legalization of marijuana.


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A better, more secure way to privately "email." BitMessage!

As we are all well aware, just about everything is compromised when it comes to all of the big corporations according to the PRISM document as well as other recent revelations.

So what's a person to do? How do we keep our personal mail exchanges private?

By far the simplest and arguably the best way is to use a little known program called "BitMessage!" - Download it, save it to your desktop or a USB key and run it! There's nothing to install!

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How bout a Ron Paul Channel Promo Contest

The contest would use the great job that so many supporters did in 2008 and 2012 to create youtube videos to promote The Ron Paul Channel. Contrast the MSM with the content from RPC. I remember the great videos from GHoebberX and eLIB3RTY, as well as others. We could get the grassroots to support this post these videos and create A "subscription bomb"

you know what to do.

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Obama Prevents Terror Attack at Fort Hood

Obama is a few executive orders away from beating the NSA's record of protecting Americans from 50 terror attacks. Read a refresher here on the NSA's claims:

Using his presidential powers, Obama was able to prevent a terrorist attack at Fort Hood by declaring Major Nidal Hassan guilty of workplace violence and not terrorism.

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What Would It Take For Libertarian Robert Sarvis To Win In Virginia?

The Richmond Times Dispatch article I cited in this blog entry had the stark financial tally of the three candidates:

Cuccinelli has raised nearly $7 million; McAuliffe more than $12 million. Sarvis has raised $39,000, all from private donors, since his campaign launch.

“We have been able to raise what we have needed so far,” Sarvis said. “It’s very organic and it kind of builds on itself. I think we are gaining a lot of momentum.”

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Where should libertarian/constitutionalists give their money in 2013?

There are a lot of good races for the libertarian/constitutionalist in 2014. But this is 2013! What can I do for the cause of liberty with say fifty bucks!

Let me say first, the local constitutionalist running this year with a solid chance to either win or influence the debate is the best bang for your buck. But what about the three big races? Governor of New Jersey, Mayor of New York, and Governor of Virginia.

Read the rest at

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Jesus and Nonviolence: A Third Way

More than ever, Walter Wink believes, the Christian tradition of nonviolence is needed as an alternative to the dominant and death-dealing "powers" of our consumerist culture and fractured world. In this small book Wink offers a precis of his whole thinking about this issue, including the relation of Jesus and his message to politics and nonviolence, the history of nonviolent efforts, and how nonviolence can win the day when others don't hesitate to resort to violence or terror to achieve their aims.

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Marches and Protests that accomplish direct action results

There are some things in life that we know for certain are crimes. We also know that, when informed, we feel compelled to do something in order to cease the crime from being prolonged or perpetuated. That something usually comes in the form of chatting with friends and family, engaging with the community on the issues, or expressing discontent with laws and policies. In any case it is the behavior that needs correction. Some crimes committed against us are very apparent. Others are not so much.

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R3V0, Darth Cheney, and OB/GYN Ron Kenobi

Ever seen those Ron Paul Star Wars pictures? I thought we could expand on the idea. So either R2-D2 or C-3PO could be R3V0 (that's what gave me the idea even before I had seen other RP Star Wars stuff). We could have characters like Darth Cheney, and...what are your ideas?

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Let Us F O I A The N.S.A. !

So we know now for sure (as if we didn't before) that the "government" is keeping tabs on all of us so how about we start a huge campaign to each make freedom of information act requests for whatever data they have on us. This would put a huge strain on the system and there may even be some very important data on us we don't even know about. I think its worth a try. If someone were to post a FOIA request here that we can modify and submit to the NSA, we can grab it, fill in the blanks, and send it off. This could be very interesting...

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libertarian communities could freely banish dissenters for disagreeing


Private property entitles its owner to discriminate: to exclude or include others from his property and to determine the conditions of entry and inclusion.

Both inclusion and exclusion have associated costs and benefits for the owner, which he weighs against each other when he makes his decision.

In any case, the owner’s decision is motivated by his concern for his property and by reason. His reasoning may turn out correct and he reaches his goal or it may turn out wrong, but in any case, the owner’s is a reasoned decision.

It occurred to me that the Daily Paul has struggled with these very issues.

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Privacy in 2013 - What can WE do about it?

Nothing we do online is private. How can we do anything about it?

If our representatives aren't going to help us invoke our 4th amendment protections, we need to get serious about finding ways to do it ourselves.

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I'm making a bet with my friend

I have Keynesian friend, he studied economics in Holland. And he firmly believes that government is needed to keep stability by interfering in economics, and provide the needed services that couldn't be provided by private business. He also believes that most people couldn't take care of themselves and that government is needed to protect the them.

So I decided to make a bet with him:
If he proves to me that government can produce any service/commodity cheaper than any individual/private business, I'll give him 38.24 $(100 LTL).

Do I stand a chance? :D

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My Idea on reducing election fraud

What happened to RP in Maine must never happen to anyone ever again. If our votes are meaningless then all hope for our government is lost.

In order to reduce fraud in voting affairs, I propose an online system should be set up, whereby:

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