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'Dirty Wars' in Springfield, MO

If you live in Southwest, MO, then PLEASE take two minutes of your time and follow the instructions below:

This is one of the most important films to come out in years, and one that our government does not want you to see.

Please invite friends to this event link and then share the link to this event on your timeline:

Then go here and request that 'Dirty Wars' be played in Springfield:

Better yet, leave a message for Bob Weiss, the buyer for Wehrenberg Corporate, at 314-822-4520

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Contact Adam's representatives

Perhaps we ought to consider contacting Adam’s congressional representatives regarding his kidnapping. I have supplied an example letter which includes the posted contact information so that they may make inquiries. Contact information for Adam’s senators and representatives follows. (Wikipedia shows his residence as Arlington, VA and his hometown as Santa Fe, NM.)

Subject: Assistance request regarding one of your constituents

Dear Mr. <<>>,

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Heroic Ai WeiWei Turning Protest into Art | Art into Protest An Independent Lens Documentary

Great Video get it on net flix or find it on PBS Or pay a little to see it because it is totally worth it.

This guy fights big government in absolutely amazing ways and he is highly intelligent, creative, and kind.

He memorializes 5000 dead students from an earthquake and exposes the Governmental cover ups on the shoddy construction.

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They Want News Stories

WLOS ABC 13 Asheville NC
If you see breaking news or have a news story you would like NEWS 13 to look into?
Click here to send us your story ideas:News Ideas
Or share your breaking news pictures with us in our See It, Shoot It, Send It gallery: Gallery

I have been posting story ideas on there Facebook page for a long time now, but they dont want to cover them. Stories like:
Fast & Furious and why isnt Holder/Obama in jail
Benghazi and the fact the story leaked Obama was watching it the entire time

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Industrial Hemp Action Alert : Phone Calls Needed in 48 States by Monday Morning!

Hey Daily Paulers!

On Monday May 20th, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is planning to introduce a hemp amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill. Because both of our Kentucky Senators have already pledged to support this issue, I'm reaching out and asking for your help around the nation!

Will you call your Senators and ask them to support and vote for a hemp amendment to the Farm Bill of 2013? This amendment should be attempted on Monday, so phone calls should be made today, this weekend, or early Monday morning.

Even leaving messages for your Senators is great, so don't worry if you don't get through right away.

This may indeed be one of those "strange bedfellows" situations, but Industrial Hemp is an issue that rises above political divides. And it may be one of the best methods to save our economy and begin the healing process of our country and our environment.

There are no silver bullets. But this is an opportunity that has presented itself to us, and we should take action while we have time!
Please go to:
Ask them to support & vote for the Industrial Hemp Amendment to the Farm Bill.

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Exit The Matrix Now

Ok guys, long time no talk to!
There is an exit wide open from The Matrix (U.S. Jurisdiction, Congrees, the money Changers Fed).
Go to Sovereign Warriors, see Taking Control of your Birth Certificate Trust.
You can change your status to non-resident alien, get rid of the Social Security number and be issued a new EIN number. No more voting, no more taxes, no more wonderful rules passed by the legislatures that you have to follow. You still cannot harm anyone, this just ends your contract as a Federal Employee.

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Kansas and Missouri Should Post DefCAD Files

It has been exciting to see states recently pass legislation nullifying federal gun control laws. If these states want to continue to advance the cause of liberty they should take Cody Wilson's design and post it on their official state websites.

Lets see the overreaching federal bureaucrats try to shut that down. People in these states should start calling their legislators to get this done. A great move for internet freedom as well.

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Write your congressman! Stop the Internet tax! Update with Reply

Just wrote my congressman:

Mr Reichert , Im writing today to voice my concern over the Marketplace Fairness Act. I was disappointed as I watched 22 Republicans in the senate vote to raise our taxes. There is nothing fair about this legislation and it flys right in the face of the Commerce Clause in the Constitution. How is it fair that I can go to Oregon and pay no taxes at a brick and mortar store, but pay taxes if I bought from the same store online? Why should a small business in Washington have to comply with thousands of different tax authorities throughout the country?

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A worldwide pamphlet mailbox campaign - Can we do it?

Geez, I am frustrated.

It is so obvious how the media controls the population with propaganda yet you still can not talk sense to some people.

I have been following the UKIP campaign in the UK council elections. While UKIP are not really libertarian they do have a leader who is willing to expose the EU for what it is - a giant grab at power. They are also anti-establishment so I am keen to see them do well.

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2013: The Year of the Liberty Candidates?

Is 2013 the year of the Liberty Candidates as we of the Liberty Movement build momentum for 2014 and Rand Paul's run in 2016? This piece seems to say so. Please like and share! Get the word out about our golden opportunity!

2013: The Year of the Freedom Candidates?

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Israel Has A Good Heart... It May Be Yours Next!

Please spread the truth about Israel and their wicked ways. Thank YOU!!

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Rand Paul endorses Chris Stearns for VA State Senate

Please help get Chris Stearns elected. Rand Paul just endorsed him. He is a 26 year old liberty activist in VA. He was Ron Paul's coordinator in VA for the 2012 campaign. Although it's not publicized much, he worked tirelessly to help Ron Paul win VA. Of the 45 Delegates elected to Tampa, 23 of them were Ron Paul supporters and Chris was crucial in making this happen.

He is an articulate young liberty candidate and will be going to higher places after winning this election.

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May 3rd: World Press Day - Media Rating Blitz

What do you think about the news coverage in the media these days? Do you feel let down by your favorite news outlet? Is the news in your area really fair and balanced? Informative and relevant?

Please join us on May 3rd to commemorate World Press Day and speak your mind! Leave a review or comment for a media outlet or journalist at

Let your favorite news coverage anchor or media outlet know what you think about their performance and give them the feedback they deserve.

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The plan to combine Canada, the US and Mexico into one super state is advancing

"There seems little doubt that plans for an "EU of the Americas" are advancing as well. Look at various developments between the three countries through the prism of the NAU and it is uncanny how each agreement and proposal supports further government – and eventually citizen – integration."

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First Al-Qaeda suspects of "terrorism" on trial

Interesting I say, that they're getting a trial.

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