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5 Ways You'll Lose Money in the Next 5 years

Not related to Ed Snowden, the NSA or Vladmir Putin.

We live in strange times. There are unimaginable amounts of money at stake, and someone is going to lose big, and that someone could be you. Here are the biggest risks that I see on the horizon.

1. Bond Funds

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I have nothing to hide!

Those who utter those famous words forget that they do not decide what should be hidden.

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Curious how Wear your Whistle to Work went

I'm sorry to say, I did not get the reception I had hoped for. I work in a large teaching hospital. My Supervisor, a somewhat high-positioned man commented, "very controversial" and that was the end of it. That was also the general sense I got today. I didn't have one person ask me about the whistle. Not one. When I did bring it up, people felt it was too controversial and shied away.

What was your experience?

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TragedyandHope Startup

Hello Everyone,

It's been a very long time since I have posted here and just as long since I have created a video. After almost losing my account at the beginning of the year and having two of my most popular videos removed I was almost ready to give up on my channel.

But then I saw the response that people had to my going away and I was truly blown away by the amount of people who wanted me to return to video making, I never realized so many people cared. It actually amazes me..

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Wearing a Whistle to Work Tomorrow

3:50pm EST. Hopping in the car, heading to local sporting goods, planning on wearing a whistle outside of my shirt tomorrow at work.

Open for other ideas

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March to the Border


I've been thinking about the drawbacks to a march on DC. Basically, that would be seen as an attack on the govt., and an excuse to disarm and imprison the marchers.

What we need is the moral high ground. It is the govt.'s duty to secure our border. Since it is not doing so, the people themselves have the right and duty to do so. So, we don't have an armed march to DC, we take our arms to the border where we have the right and duty to be to protect our country.

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Operation Get Ben Swann to Interview Russell Brand!

On my mobile right now, so I'm a little limited, but I just got this idea for a mutually beneficial interview. If we could convince Russell Brand to be interviewed by Ben Swann, that might make for an interesting alliance. Based off the Morning Joe video, they may have similar ideals for truth in media. Thoughts?

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Is there a way to overload the system? If everyone is informed to make a phone call, tweet, text, email, instant message, etc. at the same time. Can the system be overloaded? I'm not that adept in this kind of thing. Maybe someone else is and can explain either way?

If it can be done. Can they come after you for setting it up so it could happen?

Just thinking that power systems can be overloaded and so can servers.

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We are the Gods now... Technological unemployment, The system and you

“In the future… a new generation of artists will be writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses.”
— Freeman Dyson

Ladies and gentleman we are on the cusp of change. A change so incredibly powerful it will make mockery of all that has come before. A change that will make us the Gods now.

For the last few decades advancements in technology, in all fields, has shown very predictable trends. These trends are advancing exponentially, show no decline in pace, power and scale and are progressing through every industry on the planet.

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Is the Utah NSA facility a Cyber warfare test range?

Is the Utah NSA facility a Cyber warfare test range?... the analyzing and data mining isn't a very computationally challenging problem nor a data storage problem...
Also funneling the worlds broadband traffic all the way to utah instead of just doing the basic analyzing and collection at the major hubs seems like a massive infrastructure problem that I would assume hasn't been solved nor would need to be solved since the existing tech is already in place AT the hubs.

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The NSA wants my cell phone data? Meh. Most of it is on Facebook anyway!

So this whole "the government is going all Big Brother on us" thing is everywhere right now, and I’ve come to an important conclusion about it all.

I don’t really care.

Like I know that, as an American, I should care that my Fourth Amendment rights are potentially being violated. But honestly, I had to Google what the Fourth Amendment even was. And considering that we’re talking about an amendment written so far before the existence of cell phones that it was fifteen whole amendments before women were allowed to vote, I’m not sure that it’s actually being violated here.

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Update: Karen Hudes is batshit crazy

Update: she is fucking insane. Sorry for doubting.

This is just a previous post that I made about her. Mods, i would be grateful if you took it down , if you find the time.

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20 HUGE scandals since Obama took office.

Here are 20 impeachable unconstitutional economically terroristic things that have happened since obama took office

-IRS targets Obama’s enemies: The IRS targeted conservative and pro-Israel groups prior to the 2012 election. Questions are being raised about why this occurred, who ordered it, whether there was any White House involvement and whether there was an initial effort to hide who knew about the targeting and when.

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Doesn't the leaked classified information make us safer?

So the national security "experts" are saying the recent leaks of classified information about the government spying on people will make us more exposed to attacks by terrorist organizations. Recall that the terrorists supposedly attacked us because they hated us for our freedoms.

By the latter logic, that the terrorists attacked us because they hated us for our freedoms, aren't we safer now since they now know we are losing the freedoms they supposedly hated us for? In fact, wouldn't they love us since we are losing our freedoms at such a fast rate?

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Freedom Will Only Suffer More From Recent Events.

The recent scandals hitting the IRS, EPA and now NSA (wow so many three letter words) would seem as though freedom is finally winning. At first all of this got me very excited until last night when I heard the words, "My biggest fear is that nothing happens." These words coming from what most of us consider a hero, Edward Snowden. Upon hearing those words I put aside my excitement and analyzed the current events more objectively. In comparison to past issues how should we expect these events to unroll?

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