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Who Is Really Behind The Destabilization Of The Middle East? Some Legitimate Questions

Is it possible that there exists a continuation of the Cold War, so to speak. Are Russia and the US using the middle east and funding opposing sides of "Terrorists" factions as a way of fighting each other? Are they both at work in overthrowing and destabilizing these countries? Is this in order to sell arms?

This was just a thought that kind of hit me, in contradiction to reading a book that believes Zionist Jews are behind all of the problems. Anyone done any research into this or could point me in the right direction to some info on the matter ?

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Is the USA a Republic or a Democracy?

In a Democracy, the sovereignty is in the whole body of the free citizens. The sovereignty is not divided to smaller units such as individual citizens. To solve a problem, only the whole body politic is authorized to act. Also, being citizens, individuals have duties and obligations to the government. The government's only obligations to the citizens are those legislatively pre-defined for it by the whole body politic.

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I was abducted by Iraqis in the middle of the East.

just a line I made up one time.

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Should police be considered to be soldiers? Does the Constitution limit or even abolish state police forces?

Can a nation call itself free if a sizable force of armed thugs are "policing" everyone else? We know that police regularly violate our Constitutional rights. But is the police institution itself a violation of the Constitution? I looked through the Constitution to see if I could find anything that would suggest that.

The first issue I came up with - Does the "keep troops" clause forbid states from keeping police forces?

Article 1, Section 10 forbids the states from a list of things, including keeping troops without the consent of Congress.

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Tolerating the intolerant - the paradox of tolerance

I'm curious what people here think of the following statement, as justification for engaging in the violent confrontations in the middle east. (and the non aggression principle in general.

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Please tell me these are not your kids.

So i was on a boat ride to an island and saw these kids almost drooling to go near the captain's deck, but would not. The parent arrived and the children asked if it was ok, and only then went to talk to the captain.

Sorry but when i was a kid I would never have waited. Not because I was a bad kid but because my curiousity was allowed to roam.

See this too often. Maybe we are just more worried about what is okay to do and what isnt now days.

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For the first time in forever

For the first time in what seems like forever we are going to open up the gates! So exciting.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my "idea" is to open up the gates now. ;D

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What is a Christian?

"Christians are people who have stopped pretending that they are good enough to deserve a place in heaven. Instead, they have realised that God loved them enough to settle the score for all their wrongdoings by sending His own Son, Jesus, to die in their place. Following this, they have committed their lives to Jesus, trusting Him for the power to enjoy an ongoing relationship with God now and a place in heaven for eternity."

John 8:36 - "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."

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A Note About Constitutional Rights...

I lose people quickly when they start talking about constitutional rights, the discussion should be human rights or god given rights. Constantly saying fighting for my " constitutional rights " is handicapping the argument, i mean aren't we fighting for non negotiable RIGHTS that are not dictated by law but by my humanity itself?

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Modern Water Balloon Technology

.....just took a quantum Leap .
Got to be other uses for this 'liquid-to-container' technology. I love it!

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Bachmann Needs an update on her back tracking of the Constitution

Here's my thing. We just watched Bachmann oppose Amashes bill about NSA spying. She says she's for constitutional conservatism. Funny thing is that NSA data collection is violating our Constitutional right to privacy and she thinks it's ok? Sounds like hypocrisy to me... Does this sound right?

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My thoughts on the Central American illegal aliens invasion

So, I was trying to understand a possible motive to why the Obama Admin has been supporting the trafficking of women and children, teens, and young men to the USA from Central American countries. An exodus of a generation of young folks.

One possible motive is to depopulate the Central American countries of a large portion of young able bodied men that could join their respective countries military in defense of an invasion.

Remove enough young folks that within the next 10 years the armies of these Central American countries will be depleted of able bodied men by the year 2025.

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Crowd source peace process

Throwing an idea out there to see what you all might have to say.

Here goes:

Build and promote a loose organization of individuals connected via a social app focused on an approach to the peaceful resolution of a selected conflict.

Step 1: Selecting a cause
People propose and select a geographic area with a particular conflict. The area with the most crowd interest in a period of time is the area selected to focus on. People posting from within a proposed area and selecting their own area are weighted strongly.

Step 2: Brain storm proposals and steps

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Has DP turned into Drudge "light"?

Is it me or over the last several months has anyone else noticed that a considerable amount of posts on the DP have been copies of Drudge's top posts of the day? Are we as a liberty community starting to take the lame stream media bait of never-ending neo-con moral outrage, instead of focusing more on the endless font of alternative media providing inspired and productive information...

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Mr. Obama, Please Stop Enforcing the Law!

Obama has stopped enforcing immigration rules for some illegal immigrants.

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