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If we are all considered Banks of the Federal Reserve...

Why can’t we set up our own corporation called the Federal Gold Reserve. We can offer membership to our corporation which makes each member an employee of the Federal Gold Reserve. When entering the corporation we transfer assets to the corporation and become legal managers of those assets transferred by proxy. Basically the corporation gives you legal proxy for those assets. On our certificates we specify that our notes are only for barter of proxy-assets or services with employees of the Federal Gold Reserve corporation.

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Unite the party! Against Rule 16.

This is where I think we should go. Rand Paul is it seems trying to inject liberty ideas into the top, I'm sure some are keen to neutralize us and him...

Naturally we aught be cautious of the establishment and those close with them.

They are trying to unite the party under them But I feel they cannot. For the same reason central governments cannot mould a society, the people are the party no the establishment. We need to Remind them that they are not the party its supporters are.

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making a statement ! We can all unite around the "none of the above" campaign

Let us admit that even though most people are not yet fully aware they know that they are being lied to . We call them apathetic , they do not vote in most elections because they see no difference between the candidates . They are right there is no difference . Time is to short to fully awaken them before the election also to get them to rally behind a media unknown candidate , so who can disagree with "none of the above " the apathetic would vote and the write in would win .

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Make better use of those Romney donation requests

One unfortunate consequence of agreeing to participate in my district GOP convention is that I'm now on the mailing list and so I receive several donation requests from the Rom/Ryan campaign each week.

At first I just threw them out, but then I decided to put together my own form letter to send back in the postage paid envelope in lieu of a donation. I figure, you never know, it might just plant a seed.

What if everybody picked their own favorite liberty topic and did this?

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If Ron Paul cannot be the president at this time, what would you do?

If Ron cannot be the president at this time, let's search the electable candidates who want to run for Congressmen, Senates, Councilmen, Governors, Mayors and more that have a similar philosophy of Ron Paul! There are more out there than you can imagine! Take your action and I will do the samething! It is only way for America to be improving in the ahead of future and our next generation. God, Creator or Great Spirit bless you all!

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Who could lose the election for Obama now? Joe "Gaffe" Biden. My prediction.

The way things are looking, it appears that Obama pretty much has it sewn up again for the next 4 years. --

Yet, no matter what Obama, Romney, Ryan, Anne Romney, or Michelle Obama do, it probably won't swing the election that much over the next two months.

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Our new strategy: Electoral College

per the article: some Ron Paul electors are considering not going with the popular vote (i.e. not choosing Romney or Obama) which could potentially put the election in the hands of congress.

I think this has poetential especially if we could get a count of how many electors we have

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"Run in the party you think you can win because...the parties were irrelevant" - Ron Paul

When I switched to the Republican party from Democrat, it was honestly a weird feeling. I campaigned for Obama at my college campus and I was a "die-hard" liberal who would never be caught voting for any "crazy, racist" Republican. I use those adjectives because that's what people from my town thought any Republican was...crazy and racist.

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Ben Swann Reality Check: Did the 9/11 Commission Report Suppress Evidence of Controlled Demolition?

Boy would I like to see this episode of Reality Check...if it existed! Perhaps we can lobby Ben to do it! Thoughts?!

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I just joined the Laissez Faire Book Club

Tonight I finally signed up for the Laissez Faire Book Club, which is an entrepeneurial endeavor of various folks, including notables Jeffrey Tucker, Doug French, etc. It is $10 a month and as a member, you are able to read countless e-books written by various libertarian/anarchist minds such as Tucker, McElroy, Hoppe, Rothbard, as well as numerous others. There are also forums and videos attached to each release that I think is very much valuable for $10/month.

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Got Your WAPI yet?

For those of you who worry about the possible dollar collapse, there is one item you might want to get, even if you are not an avid gloom and doomer.

WAPI is a small non-electrical device that you can use to make sure your water is pasterized and drinkable (in case the collapse causes shutdown of water departments, etc.) It is easy to use, just float in a jar of water that is sitting in the sun until the green block of wax melts and drops to the bottom of the tube. Some say it is better to paint the outside of the jar black or sit it in a homemade Sun oven to speed the process..

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@GovGaryJohnson Twitter Bombs - Schedule your tweets BEFORE the bomb!

From -

Video -

If people are interested in participating in future Gary Johnson Twitter Bombs, it is encouraged that they schedule their tweets ahead of time using a free application such as TweetDeck. Scheduling your tweets ahead of time provides several benefits:

1. You do not have to physically be at your computer or on your smartphone during the Twitter Bomb.
2. You do not have to come up with original tweets using the new hashtag "on the fly."

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It is not over yet

Ron Paul can still make it to the White House in 2013. Here is how

Plan A

Objective: Throw the election of the President to the House and let the die roll on January 3.

Why: It is the only practical way left now to get Ron Paul in the White House.

How: By denying both Obama and Romney a clear majority of 270+ Electoral College Votes (ECV) on November 6.

Process: Help RP win IA, ME and NH by a “severe” write-in campaign. Total of 14 ECVs. Help Johnson win NM and CO (another 14 ECVs.)

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Atlas Shrugged II - "Nikola Tesla" Is "John Galt"

REPOST: Atlas Shrugged II Trailer - "Nikola Tesla" IS "John Galt"

US Declares Martial Law in December 1900:

March 20th 1900 & November 5th 1901, Tesla files his patents for Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy & an Apparatus for Accessing Radiant, Solar, Microwave and Laser (Free Energy). See the Tesla Tower at Wardenclyffe, built in 1901, destroyed by the Army in 1917.

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What do you think of Republican Patriots as a name for the liberty activists in the GOP?

What do you think of Republican Patriots as a name for the liberty activists in the GOP? It describes our motives and even shortens down to RP for fun.

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