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A new element discovered named Pelosium

A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science. The new element has been named Pelosium. Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 223 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311.

These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

The symbol of Pelosium is PU.

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Message from Lance : "Stock Market Alert" - Russia Transfers U.S. Treasuries as Dollar Attack Begins

(Opinion; for once, NOT a stock market update)

WWIII has begun and it's a Currency War.

Bravo King Obama, you started it, by trying to distract US public opinion from domestic affairs with yet another regime change :


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Why I'm not going to be an organ donor.

I had to get a new drivers license the other day and I got to thinking about the whole organ donor thing. I decided not to mark myself as a donor because of the way the system works. Organs are worth a very large amount of money, that money goes to the hospital when they harvest your organs after your death. I would just like to know why the most private of property on earth is treated like it belongs to the public. We should be able to do with our organs as we so choose.

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IDEA: Alternative to Raising the Minimum Wage

My son sent me an email the other day and I wanted to recap what it was about:

We're hearing a lot of chatter these days of the government wanting to raise the minimum wage. Being a believer in the free market, I know raising the minimum wage is going to hurt the job market. On the other hand, the more people earn, the better it is for the individual and economy overall. It's a catch-22, but I've been playing with an idea which sounds good in my head, but I want to get some opinions.

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So Russia has effectively annexed Crimea... yeah, that happened.

It May be time for Obama to explain to Putin the whole thing about "costs" and "red lines" one more time, maybe over a two hour phone call this time so the former KGB spy finally gets it, because while Russia has been seemingly confused for the past two weeks, Moscow just successfully annexed Crimea, without spilling a drop of blood. Which is what Ukraine essentially just confirmed after its acting president, who attained his position after a violent coup and remains unrecognized by Russia, told AFP in an exclusive interview saying..

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NSA vs CIA? Drudge Headline 'WAR: Senate accuses CIA of seaching computer network established for Congress...'

Senator Feinstein, cheerleader of the NSA, is now leading the charge in the inquisition of possible violation of the fourth amendment by conducting domestic searches or surveillance. This time the alleged surveillance is exclusive to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

These are some interesting developments.

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A Walk Out.

When does the American Public draw a red line of their own?

How about a day where we can stop commerce or a few select businesses on our terms. We start with an hour long work stoppage. Should separate the men from the boys. It would of course need all kinds of grassroots media to build the idea.

Commence with the "Walk Out".

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The 3 points of the "Jesse Ventura" formula for political success

Based on lessons learned from Jesse Ventura's win in Minnesota's election for governor in 1998.

Wikipedia ==> Minnesota gubernatorial election, 1998

The "Jesse Ventura" formula for winning elections:

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Drudge Poll: Who Is Your Current Republican Pick For '16?

Saw this on Twitter.


Update as of 3/10 1:00am

JEB BUSH 6% 15,799 votes

CHRIS CHRISTIE 5% 12,202 votes

TED CRUZ 28% 71,076 votes

MIKE HUCKABEE 4% 9,343 votes

BOBBY JINDAL 3% 7,319 votes

SARAH PALIN 5% 13,151 votes

RAND PAUL 31% 77,533 votes

RICK PERRY 4% 10,868 votes

PAUL RYAN 4% 9,098 votes

RICK SANTORUM 1% 2,257 votes

DONALD TRUMP 2% 4,682 votes

OTHER 7% 17,510 votes

250,838 Total Votes

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Physically Thumbs Down Tyranny in Front of You, Make it a Trend

Do you ever pass by a glimpse of tyranny in your daily travels. What I'm getting at is the increased police state all around you perhaps harassing someone on the road or shaking someone down on the corner. My thoughts are when you see tyranny, thumbs it down physically, nothing aggressive, just rational body language when you see someone being harassed from your own locally legislated police state tax dollar cage machine. It would be cool if we could make the thumbs down another hand trend, maybe call it the thumbs down on tyranny/oppression?

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Glenn "Kane" Jacobs: Selling Liberty

Documented and archived by Journalistic Revolution

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Guilty culprit fingered in the Ukraine:

Guilty culprit fingered in the Ukraine:

CNN News did it! It was a secret plot to increase their miserable TV ratings!

*=)) rolling on the floor

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Daily Paul web banner / picture

how About a Daily Paul web banner / picture that daily paulers can put on their website or blog and link it back ti the daily paul

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Mark my words, big news is coming down the pike!

Well, the story of the FCC wanting to monitor the newsrooms is making this all clear.

(In case you missed it: )

It's apparent there is a story loose that the upper echelon of our White House Mafia know is out but hasn't surfaced yet.

Some part of me thinks that Benghazi is a MUCH bigger story, as it keeps resurfacing in the news and many unanswered questions.

Some part of me thinks that there is info that hasn't been released yet by Snowden and Co. that the administration knows that they know about.

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