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Tampabay Online Poll Please Vote Now: Who Do You Think Will Be The Perceived Star Of The Rnc?

Who do you think will be the perceived star of the RNC?

Mitt Romney(18%)
Paul Ryan(17%)
Chris Christie(12%)
Ann Romney(24%)
Someone else(29%)

i VOTED someone else <3


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Let's Work Together!

I know we are real split because of the RNC and the amount of us just raging over the way Ron Paul and our delegates were treated. BUT, we need to show force against the RNC and Newt Gingrich and everyone else who thinks we don't matter. We can PROVE to them we have numbers and we MATTER by all voting together. The ONLY candidate we can ALL vote for is Gary Johnson. Several states don't allow write-ins and most don't count write-ins (so they will not even TALLY our write-ins for Ron Paul if we do that). Gary Johnson is the closest thing we have to what we want.

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We can still make an impact!

Over the last couple of days I have been thinking. I am not ready to vote for either Obama or Romney, nor am I sure if I ever will be. We all want the discussion of Liberty to continue and prevail. I myself have never been a supporter of 3rd party candidates, because they have never had strong chance to win. One of the major reasons for that is, without 15% of the vote in polls, they are not in the debates or the media. Most Americans dont even know who the Libertarian Party candidate is.

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Ron Paul Took Over Occupy Tampa Last Night!


Last night, we were leaving the convention & a unit of troops were scurrying in an opposite direction from us. "Watch your backs! Watch your backs!" echoed through the group & we laughed, "Watch your bags?"

We are so rummy now, from lack of sleep & weariness, we joke about everything. We rounded a corner & there was a rush of mounted cops. I stopped to take a photo of the horses, I'm a horseperson, & dozens of bike guards rode up & formed in front of the horses.

Then, a raft of press ran up the street, and behind them were the Occupy protesters. They were chanting their slogans and stopped to take a stand. Immediately, I heard stuff that was just plain stupid, & stepped into the middle of them & tried to talk some sense. At first, they wanted to verbally fight with me, but all of us have talked the talk for so long, it's really hard for anyone to win in debate with us. Soon, they started listening to me. Everyone listened to me, the cops, the press, even the horses, I think.

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Nullify the convention vote. Replace RNC members

Submitted by Speciallyblend on Wed, 08/29/2012 - 17:29

folks, the minute ,they ignored robert's rule of order and did not have a division or roll call vote on the yay vs nay vote. which i think we clearly won. by rules before or after . the convention in whole should be nullified at that point by rnc rules, everything past that point is nullified by rnc rules. yeah i know the answer to this. rules do not matter!

federal courts? romney shouldn't be the nominee unless the rnc ignores it own rules of robert's rules of order.

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Weakness is stronger than strength

By laying down and “letting the GOP” railroad him, Ron Paul did more to advance his cause than he could have by fighting and prevailing. Now untold thousands, and maybe even millions, have been birthed who will NEVER give up, never compromise, and they will only multiply.

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone, but if it dies it brings forth much fruit. (John 12:24)

God bless Dr. Paul for laying down his rights and prerogatives in order to achieve more than he ever could have by asserting them.

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A party within the Republican party; 2nd tier party structure

What about staying republican party members, but building our own 2nd tier structure with the intention of replacing the RNC and taking over state parties (switching to caucuses everywhere, unbinding delegates)?

Proposed membership requirements:

1. Must be a registered Republican
2. Must swear an oath to defend the constitution, promote peace, and advance liberty

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What Mainers should do now

Maine republicans have been disenfranchised. Their democratic will has been ignored. So has the will of all the people of Maine. What can they possibly do now to stop themselves being dragged ever deeper into an authoritarian, communist, quagmire of evil?

Declare Independence. That's right. Independence for Maine.

You think I'm joking but I'm not. It seems radical but the issues faced by Americans today are exactly the same as the issues facing their forefathers 236 years ago. No taxation without representation is as radical today as it was then.

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Audit the Fed? How about Audit Electronic Voting Machines?

I think we should make it a core platform of our movement to audit every voting process in the United States so it is not rigged. All of our "liberty candidates" should parrot it just like they parrot "Audit the Fed", "End the Fed", etc. Sure, they can cheat if they control vote counting... so why do they control vote counting?

Our #s are growing. There is no excuse for this. What can we do to make this happen? Diebold, electronic voting, all vote counting should be out in the open and fair. This should be OUR platform.

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No Doubt!

Ron Paul does not endorse Romney...
The GOP knows that Ron Paul needs no endorsement from Romney,
We The People endorse him...

We're all waiting for your next move...

We're here and we're miscounted...

We are Independent at heart,
because Liberty manifests it...


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Post-RNC planning - we don't have much time!

A lot is being made of what the future for the REVOLUTION holds after the RNC. Who do we vote for in the general election? Who (if anyone) can carry Dr. Paul's torch when he retires?

All of these questions are relevant.

But we CANNOT afford to miss the opportunities we still have before Nov. 6th.

We have to show up to every Obama and Romney rally possible, and let them hear our cries for Ron Paul. It will be difficult, if not impossible to ignore.

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You can Vote for Gary Johnson, but you have to come back to the GOP or this was all for naught

That is just what the GOP wants us to do. We have to bring our ideology to the Republican party, but not our Party.

Ron Paul is in the Republican Party. We have to stay in the GOP.

Sure vote for GJ, but stay a registered Republican. Don't give up on all the work we did this year and all the work Ron Paul has done.

He never thought of himself as a Libertarian or a Republican. He thought of himself as a true Conservative. We have to continue that legacy in this fractured party. We can easily take over this party.

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President Paul: Let the Grassroots continue!

I know I'm not the only one saddened by the end of Ron Paul's political campaigning, but I believe it doesn't have to end so easily.

I propose we of the Daily Paul don't have to reluctantly endorse the lesser of the two evils, I say we continue the campaign.

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Ron and Rand working together to save America

Here's my idea.

Ron and Rand Paul have been planning this together. Ron Paul's job was to encourage the liberty movement giving Rand support. Ron knew Romney had it in the bag from the beginning and also knew that Romney can't win, so Rand endorses Romney, and impresses the neocons, then Rand runs in 2016, neocons meet with liberty people, and masses of people are awakened, he becomes president, and the world is saved.


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2016 Presidential Race: Drafting One Liberty Candidate Isn't Enough

I'm noticing a lot of posts on the DP asking "Who will be the next Ron Paul?"

Some of you are saying it's Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, Judge Napolitano, Tom Davis, Tom Woods, and Justin Amash.

For some strange reason the consensus on here is that we need to get behind one single candidate... I couldn't disagree more.

I realized a few months ago that trying to get a liberty candidate elected won't happen unless the masses understood our message... And obviously, the masses don't understand it... YET!

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