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Help End the Two-Party Monopoly

This e-mail from the Gary Johnson campaign just goes to show you how it's not just Ron Paul the GOP has picked on. I hate how the two parties feel like they get to pick and choose who gets to be on the ballot in November. Even if you don't plan on voting for Johnson in November, let's help get him some funds to fend off the GOP and their continued efforts to silence votes.


Ryan Shattuck

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Your voting rights are under attack – by Mitt Romney and the national Republicans.

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HAARP, Lightning Rods & Twin Towers Have in Common?

HAARP is the largest RF broadcaster in the World at 100 Billion Watts. The Twin Towers 163' Antennae was the largest RF receiver. HAARP's director admits that it creates a Hole in Heaven & if a Conductor was below (The Twin Towers), it would cause energy discharge to the ground equal to 100 lightning strikes/sec & dustify everything. This is the reason 1000 people jumped to their death. They were being electrified.

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Frustrating division on DP. We need to stay together

I hate to be rational, for fear of being accused of being an Ayn Rand disciple. But, all I have seen for over a week now are "Ron Paul says take over the GOP and the Gary Johnson people suck" and "abandon the GOP" and "write in Ron Paul even though they won't be counted" and "if you are not working within the GOP you are not a Ron Paul Republican!

7 votes : Let The World Feel The Pulse Of Liberty !

Good evening Liberty Lovers,

Please refer to this post :

It's Information War Times And I Just Had This Crazy Idea... Of A Liberty Pulse Day (Weekly)


Then navigate to :


Put the latter in your bookmarks !

by clicking in THE WARM color discs (which are not "PLACEHOLDER"s, but with an actual title), your browser will open a new window (or tab) to make a LIBERTY PULSE hit as described in above linked post.

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Proposal for new commercial. Get PACs and SuperPACs to fund?

Get a well known moderator. Maybe Ron Paul. Maybe Dennis Kucinich. Maybe Chuck Woolery. Maybe a series of different moderators. Have the moderators ask real, substantive questions of not one, but TWO empty chairs. End with a message imploring people to demand that the debates be open to third parties, and SERIOUS.

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I have a suggestion

The top banner that says "Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America." Who here thinks it would be better as "Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to these United States of America." Before the Civil War, that was the name of this country. "These" not "The"; the emphasis was on the individual states, not one government.

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Can We Raise Enough Money to "Buy" a Neo-Con?

Something to think about...

The South got behind LBJ and then he gave them the middle finger in terms of civil rights.

We need a better Trojan Horse than Rand. Perhaps several of them.

The people are on our side.

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A Case for Romney

Most of the liberty movement would agree that Romney is, on balance, an unattractive candidate. His divergence from Ron Paul on two major priorities--(1) constitutional rule of law and (2) the national debt--is troubling, and many will not accept voting for the lesser of two evils in presidential election.

Recently, there has been talk about the future of the movement. Ultimately, the liberty movement will go where the most influential activists decide to take it. But for now, I would like to make the case for our movement's future lying within the GOP.

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Fake Headlines

I'm imagining a blog site, or a fake news site (onion-esque, but not for satire) that would allow me to post links to 'articles' on facebook, give a nice photo preview and a headline to draw attention. Basically, do what MSM does and make up stories to report as the truth.

Headlines could be like:
"Romney charged with election fraud, RNC to reconvene" or
"Candidates Paul, Kucinich face off in tonights debate" or
"Obama resigns, ashamed of Yeminese civilian murders" or

Got any good headlines? Anyone have any idea how to set up a 'news' site?

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Do Not Give Up On Ron Paul's Ideas

This election is not over you can still vote for Ron Paul's beliefs you just have to go in the voting booth and pull your lever for Gary Johnson. If you are a person who is concerned about the future of the Republican Party what better way to move it in the correct direction but to tell it they and the Democrats are not our only two options by voting for Gary Johnson? So what if his victory is a long shot it is not the time to quit now is the time to make our voices as loud as possible.

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Grow The Liberty Movement!

Sorry for the low audio, but I wanted to express what I thought was a great idea in pushing our movement to the next level. We need to have the legislative power of an NRA or AIPAC and I discuss how we can get there. We need to use mainstream TV and brilliant voices like Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, Jim Rogers and more in order to reach off-line voters. This could make us very powerful, if we can get the funds necessary for even one weekend of 5 hour infomercials on ABC, CBS AND NBC.

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Why the Ron Paul Media Blackouts Happened

As I tried to explain why the FEC vs Citizens United case mattered for us normal folk to someone, I found my aurgument lacking in factual base as I couldn't explain what the difference was between a regular PAC (Political Action Committee) and a SuperPAC. As I started to research I found a pretty good explanation on It seems as though the way a SuperPAC works as opposed to a regular PAC, is that it cannot donate directly to campaigns however its money can be used for media spots.

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If I could sum up how I think Ron Paul would act for the next 4 years.

I read this chapter, and was just re-inspired again by the character of Ron Paul. I think of what Ron Paul has been through. I think of what delegates at state & national conventions went through. I think of what our tireless minority has gone through. I think of what the next 4 years of an Obama or Romney administration looks like, and it does not look good.

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Is it time for Gary Johnson supporters to start their own forum?

This forum is being hi-jacked by another campaign. I don't mind a post once in a while about GJ, but today there's more posts about Gary Johnson than about Ron Paul or even the issues that hold us all together, such as ending the Fed, ending aggressive foreign policy, sanctity of life, ending vote fraud, exposing what the GOP did to our campaign, etc., etc. I understand that some of RP's supporters have decided to back GJ and I respect their choice. I think they should all get to work starting a DailyJohnson forum rather than using DailyPaul to promote their candidate.

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