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We are about to win big in Texas again... and They are really really scared!

I have been following two State House races in Central Texas very closely this year, HD10, and HD58. both had RINO incumbents and Liberty Republican challengers... until August 22nd.

That was the day the news broke that Jim Pitts (Rino, District 10)
was "retiring" making T.J Fabby (Liberty Candidate, District 10) the front runner.

Fast forward to yesterday, when Rob Orr (Rino District 58) announced he is "retiring" as well! Making Liberty delegate Philip Eby the default front runner!

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Update 2: No War - It's Time To 3VOLve (t-shirt design + Sticker)

Hello DP.

Seeing as today is 9/11 and we have a potential war brewing, I decided to make a t-shirt today that I will wear attending my local "ReThink911" event and I just wanted to share the design with all of you. Many of us are creative and I encourage using your creativity in simple and affordable ways.

Peace & Love!

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Ben Swann Super Bowl Commercial?!

If we vote for it! Intuit will be paying for a commercial to air during the Super Bowl to one lucky small business, and can you imagine a Ben Swann commercial being seen by the 120 million people tuned into the Super Bowl? What do you imagine it looking like? Please vote to help make it happen here -

Then tell me what you'd want it to look like? :)

We can vote once a day from now till the 22nd!

And here's an easy way to let your friends and family know about it -

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The unseen will become seen

I read a prediction back in 2012 about how one of the major changes beginning at the turn of the Mayan calendar is that the unseen will become seen. I don't remember the source or further details.

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In case the Internet gets censored, does your area have a meshnet?

Hey guys. I searched "meshnet" and it doesn't look like it's been talked about since last October. Kind of surprised me on a place like this. I don't know a whole lot about it, as I just found out about it.

The meshnet is an underground rebuild of the Internet. It works basically the same way, you group your area to a central server (or multiple servers) and those servers run something called "cjdns" and connect out to all the other central hub servers in different areas. You can email and make websites, basically same deal, just without all the government backdoors.

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A serious question for Democrats on Syria

Leaders of the Democratic Party and their media side kicks are giving President Barack Obama a free ride on his proposal to attack Syria. Along with the Republican leadership, they're ignoring the strong opposition to any attack by citizens in both parties and independents.

The president's proposed military strike targets a government that has neither attacked nor threatened to attack us or our allies. Obama did so without any intent to get congressional approval and before any evidence was made public. He and the Secretary of State announced the attack without regard to clear international law which bars the unprovoked attacks on sovereign nations.

We are told, Trust me. I've made the decision.

Does this remind you of anyone? The president is Barack Obama but the words sound just like those of former President George W. Bush before the 2003 Iraq invasion.

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Your Attitude as a Liberty Promoter

Agents for Liberty,

we have to remind ourselves who we are! You are very important!

We have the great opportunity to acknowledge our true nature and with that become more effective agents for Liberty and promoters of peace:

Please listen to the message of Joel Osteen:

God bless you!

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Nobel Peace Prize for Vladi-mir Putin!

Nobel Peace Prize for Vladi-mir Putin!

Who is with me?

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An Organized Effort to Stop this War

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to build a nationwide, coordinated effort to call, email and visit every member of Congress and express the concern to vote down any resolution that involves a military strike on Iran.

What I really want to achieve with this, is to find out how each Representative is voting, and make it abundantly clear to them, that they will be challenged in a Primary if they vote for the use of force. That's the language they speak unfortunately.

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Write to your congress-critters!

My letter to my congressman and two senators:

Dear Senator Warren:

Please vote against any kind of military strike against Syria. All war involves unintentional civilian casualties, as would the strikes against Assad proposed by President Obama.

We don't need more innocent blood on our hands, or more blowback from our military aggression in the Middle East. We especially don't need to shed innocent blood in a country that is no threat to us.

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Idea for Calling Members of Congress

This goes out to anyone who worked on the Ron Paul campaign or any Grassroots organizations who used a phone dialing system.

I would be willing and able to call as many members of Congress as I can tomorrow to put the pressure on them to hold a vote, and then vote AGAINST a declaration of war with Syria.

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Ken Cuccinelli says: protect the Constitution, do not attack Syria

The Republican nominee for Governor of Virginia, says only Congress can declare war, hmm kinda sounds like the good doctor from Texas who endorsed Ken in 2009. From his facebook page:

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Syria's Physical Gold can Cover JP Morgan's Short Positions

Are we sure that there is enough Gold in Syria to Cover JP Morgan's Short Positions in Gold?

Since the gold from Libya did not last as long as expected it has put things on a faster timetable for Syria and I want to make sure that we in the US are getting JP Morgan all the gold they need so that they can take delivery of Syria's gold as soon as possible.

I just want to be proactive and make sure that we are making plans to overthrow another country now, today, so that JP Morgan does not gets its inventories so low next time.

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Possible to personally sue government officials?

Question: I have a political friend - don't know where she fits on the political spectrum - who keeps suggesting to people to sue cops when they violate the rights of citizens.

Obviously the problem is that taxpayers just pay for these settlements whenever the public sues a police department.

We are wondering if it is possible to have monies personally come from the police officer and superiors who would be implicated in a given crime.

If this isn't currently possible, what is the path to writing it into law?

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