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Has Anyone filed for a "religious exemption" to Obamacare?

I just received a postcard in the mail stating that most people will be required to carry health insurance by Jan 1, 2014.

So I'm trying to find information on how to file a religious exemption form, through my states healthcare exchange. According to that is where I'm supposed to file the exemption.

So far I haven't been able to find a form for religious exemption to the individual mandate.

I'm just curious if Buddhists would be able to claim this objection.
I cant really define that as my religion but it would be the closest to my beliefs.

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Declaring Spook the Spooks Day, Friday Oct 25

A friend fm S. Dakota sent this...

Declaring “Spook the Spooks Day,” October 25th
by Quantum Prod
Let's stick something in their pointed ears to record, compute and cram into their tiny, tiny brains...

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The best reply to a post I have ever seen.

This is a comment I read today that put into words that which I have been thinking for a long time. This comment is in response to an article posted on @

and was written by TheSharpenedPen. I take no credit for this and direct anyone to read the article and comment on their own. Also, I have found TheSharpenedPen's YouTube channel @

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Women almost faints at rose garden strange objects in video "bug" and "patch" plus buzzwords
In the video from this angle it shows
In the first second of the video a bug or an object is flying down where her arm is then Loops around and flys away ..
The women then starts wobbling looks to her friend then
Obama gets some kind of buzz word Maybe "illness" he the turns around as the lady gets walked off a man is holding her left arm .. She turns and he let go of her arm then there is a strange patch when the "object or bug" would have been

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No Representation without Taxation

A business always tries to do the best for its shareholders. Also the biggest contributors get to have the biggest say in the affairs of the business or company. Isn't that the most logical and fair way to conduct a business?

When running the affairs of a state, shouldn't we adopt some similar common-sense moral approach to voting. To prevent unchecked coercion (by taxation) and reckless spending by representatives, shouldn't only the people funding the government, i.e. the tax payers, be allowed to vote.

I found a similar argument in the following article -

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Kenya Mall Attackers' Bodies Still Not Found

Kenya Mall Attackers' Bodies Still Not Found

NAIROBI, Kenya October 11, 2013 (AP)
By JASON STRAZIUSO Associated Press

A Western official briefed on the Kenya mall attack investigation says the bodies of the attackers have not been found.

Investigators, including FBI agents, are working their way through the collapsed mall rubble following the four-day siege on Westgate Mall that began Sept. 21. At least 67 people died in the attack.

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792. Kenya Mall shooting is a false flag (10/4/2013)

792. Kenya Mall shooting is a false flag (10/4/2013)

Symptoms Western intelligence is behind this case.

(1) The Feds used to recruit terrorists in domestic community. I have alleged Tsarnaev Brothers were recruited to penetrate Chechen rebel group. In this terror case, though there were only four attackers, British and US were all involved in.

[quote] James Norton 10/4/2013

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Last Day To Vote For Ben Swann in Round 2 of the Intuit Super Bowl Commercial Contest!

Voting in this contest is the easiest thing you'll ever do to promote liberty and freedom, and truth in journalism! Please vote TODAY and share to help win this commercial for Ben Swann!

For Liberty!

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Both Chelseas

So what, if, as reported in the Tea Party Story above, O'Bomber & Her Mommer©, Hillary, set up Chris Stevens, too ?

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3D Printed Wireless Security Camera Looks Like ANYTHING

Imagine if your wall outlet cover, picture frame, vitamin bottle, ballpoint pen, knick-knack, can of soup, vase, candle holder, door knob, or drinking cup was also a wireless motion-activated security camera, built with a 3d printer?

any of these objects could be a hidden video camera

Could be the pen

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End the Illusion. Begin the Evolution!

We don't need a Revolution. We need to break the cycle, and begin the Evolution!

Let me know how you all feel about this approach. Maybe lose the Guy Fawkes mask because it's too polarizing, but I love it. Need it to be as universal as possible.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Need Help! Starting Gold/Silver Business.

Hello free-marketeers. I am in the early stages of starting a gold/silver brokerage & internet site on Long Island, New York.

Was wondering if anybody is in the business, has any advice, or has any comments whatsoever.

Feel free to post!

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This author needs your "help" with some reviews

Today on Amazon they are giving a away the follow book:
Unregulated Capitalism: Unregulated Capitalism is Destroying Democracy and the Economy

I think this author needs some "good insight" from some DP's, check out his summary:

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