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IDEA: Mining Bombs To Support Daily Paul

I've thought of a possible way to support the Daily Paul for those people who aren't able to make a financial contribution:


There are a few anonymous mining sites so that you can mine cryptocurrency for Daily Paul. These anonymous sites don't require registration in order to mine, you just have to put in a bitcoin address for payouts to be directed towards. For example, the Middlecoin pool only requires you to point your miner to their website with the user as your bitcoin address and the password can be anything. The Daily Paul Bitcoin address is

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2 Truths

This is in reply to some no planer threads and I believe it's important enough a thought to share in it's own thread.

What I believe based on everything I have seen on all topics is this.

You must get people to argue to diffuse focused energy.
If the energy if focused, the people will take you down.

They must get us arguing.

What if,

1. the video of the plane hitting is not of that day,
but a faux rendering of a digital plane.

2. The actual plane hit we don't see on video.

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Something not much discussed

How come this place, LRC and others never have nothing to say about the the small business in this country being totally taken over by tax exempt far eastern and near eastern immigrants. I have nothing against these folks as I would take the deal too, but it seems stacked against indigenous boobus americanus.

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.22 Amo?

I'd like to take my daughter out target shooting. Any ideas on where I can buy .22 amo online and relatively cheap? This shortage stuff is getting old.

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Would like Daily Paul to run a Bitcoin ticker and accept BTC for donations- willing to donate Bitcoin to make this happen...

Is it possible to make this happen Michael? What sort of donations would be necessary for this to be worth the time and effort?

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Our friends at need some financial help. You know that the Neo-Cons and other war-mongers would love to see them die away. So, please help with a donation... even a small one.

While we're at it, let's also subscribe, donate or buy something from the DailyPaul. Any little bit can help!

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Sniper Training

Sniper Training

"Remember we are First Marines, and all the communist SOB's in the world cannot stop us from going where we intend to go"...
"Chesty" Puller, Lt.Col. U.S.M.C.
Chosin Reservoir North Korea, 1950

Often tested Always Faithful Brothers forever
United States Marines ..... Semper Fidelis

'I guess he was including SOB's like Obama as well..

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A what rifle?

How were we all coerced into calling rifles "Assault Rifles"?
Why do we allow the Collectivists to control the narrative and our language?
I suspect it's because they are running most of the media and are simply able to repeat their language into the public's ears constantly.
I'm not sure where, but I recently heard someone remark that they own a "Defense Rifle", not an "Assault Rifle".
Makes a lot of sense to me.
I am now making it a point to incorporate "Defense Rifle" into my daily vocabulary and drop "Assault Rifle".
Maybe it will have an impact?

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Beduins need your help

C'mon American people, this time you can do better than helping genocide to be done again. Contact your representatives ... or burn in hell.

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Libre Office - Wow.


In preparation for my Transition from Windows to Linux,
I downloaded LibreOffice Version:

My Big Concern was whether or not my library of .ppt and .pptx files was still going to work.

The answer is YES... and not only YES but ZOMFG YES!!!!

I have been using Office 2007 for awhile and hate hate hate it and hate hate hate the friggin' ribbon bars but kept office2007 because I dont have a good reversion path easily available.

LibreOffice brings back some of the features I missed and adds new ones.

And it is FAST as lightning.

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I Met A Guy At The Bookstore Who Is Writing A Thesis

He was in the same isle that I was in so I asked him what type of books he was looking for. He stated that he was writing a college thesis on Economics.

We talked a bit about free market, which he seemed to understand, so I asked him if he knew the difference between the Keynesian and Austrian schools. He never heard of Austrian economics, Hayek or Mises. After we burned 30 or so minutes talking he asked the lady for a piece of paper and a pen :-)

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A Realistic Plan to Restore Liberty to America

Eighteen months after the plug was pulled on Ron Paul’s campaign, the Liberty Movement is in disarray. Without the unifying focus of a national campaign, the high level of activism ignited by Paul’s candidacy is gone. Scattered efforts to supply this vision have yet to gel into an effective political force. What follows is a simple, yet powerful, plan of action.

Simply put, the activists in each State need to set a goal to transform their own States into Free States.

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