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James Comer for Kentucky Governor

James Comer/Chris McDaniel for Kentucky Governor in 2015

We need help elect the next Congressman Thomas Massie in the Kentucky Governors' Mansion. James Comer/Chris McDaniel have announced and filed for Governor/Lt. Governor. The Three way Republican Primary is Tuesday, May 19th 2015. James Comer official web site:

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Help Promote A Voice For Liberty In the Mainstream Culture

I know I'm a bit like a broken record when it comes to advocating liberty media creators with mainstream potential and all things Ben Swann - but yes! Liberty media creators and all things Ben Swann! :)

Here's two ways you can help promote Ben in a way that will help get him attention from the mainstream -

Nominate Ben for a Shorty Award in the journalist category -

Ben has been the fan favorite in his category the past two years, and I'm thinking the 3rd time could be the charm that they recognize him and he wins the Shorty! (I'm cool with him just winning the fan favorite for his category again too though!)

If you're not familiar with the Shorty Award, Neil Patrick Harris, Big Boi, Will Ferrell and others can be seen talking about it here -

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EDIT: On the advice of others in this thread

I have decided to good small scale and start from there.

For all of you that supported me: Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

For all of you that gave constructive comments, yet were still encouraging: Thank you too! It opened up new avenues to explore.

To those that felt the need to be less than useful or even derogatory: Thank you for showing your true colors.

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Ron Paul Activism 2015

Let's push Ron Paul's State of Liberty speech onto Drudge to get it on the front page!! Go to, scroll down right side until you see the box that says: "SEND NEWS TIPS TO DRUDGE"

Paste in the Ron Paul speech video link:

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Swiss Police Seize Robot Programmed to Buy Products from Deep Web

On January 12th Swiss authorities seized an automated bot called the Random Darknet Shopper which was programmed to buy products from the Agora marketplace on the Deep Web. The bot was part of an art exhibit in Switzerland which was exploring the implications of robots breaking the law by purchasing from the Deep Web. The Darknet Shopper spent $100 in bitcoins per week; purchasing counterfeit jeans, ecstasy pills, Nike sneakers, cigarettes and the entire “Lord of the Rings” series of novels.

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UPDATE: Thoughts on a DailyRand Website

I know Michael does not want the DP to be the hub for the Rand Paul campaign.

In light of that and the possibility of the DailyPaul going dark, I have registered the domain

I also started playing with LXC (Linux Containers) and AWS (Amazon Web Services) with the possibility of putting online in case our community needs a new home.

What are your thoughts and in case the DP goes dark, can you help?

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Solutions Institute's Online Activist Conference (ActCon) set for Feb 7. Speakers include John Wells, Derrick Broze, Ben Swann

Solutions Institute:

Gratis Consulting For Activists

We are a collection of professionals and activists from across the political spectrum. Our organization is comprised of experts in media, crowd psychology, organizational structure, social media and more. Our goal is to teach, motivate, and put all the necessary tools for activism in your hands without charge.

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Documentary Project: The Story of the Afghanistan War told by an Army Chaplain and his camera

Speaking of Veterans, can I get anyone in the liberty community to help support this film? Even 1 dollar will help.

I served with this chaplain on my deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. It was deployment which shook my soul and turned my world upside down... where I met James Foley... where I saw the bravest of men fall. In one year my world view changed forever and everything seemed so much more connected.

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PaulsPlace: Case 1201

Each case is a five step corrective action plan

1) Identify problem(s)
2) Benchmark
3) Plan the Work
4) Work the Plan
5) Review and Repeat.

13 weekly benchmarks helps keep your case on track.

1) Identify problem(s)
-- problem statement
-- Differential Diagnoses Q & A

My business plan is:
- To collect commissions on product sales and build a team..
- Personal donations to my silver stack is appreciated, if warranted.
- The manufacturer guarantees their product.

No charge for recommendations or warranty for fitness of use.

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I bought a microscope, to study food

I'm not one to buy on impulse, so after spending $60 online for a microscope I had some buyer's remorse. It went away as soon as I unpacked it!

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Support requested for my Kickstarter project: 'agapt' - an adaptable internet app

Please check out my project at:

Your comments, suggestions and pledges would be greatly appreciated.

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✪ IUS - Proof of God. Through science.

This is a just gone live Indiegogo campaign.

A documented path to the Proof of God. Through science.
25 Years in the process of discovery. A paradigm shift for humanity.

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Research Services Requested: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole, Again

I found an article telling of one Charles W.F. Dumas who was very involved in the Revolution of '76 and just so happened to involve himself in the intellectual debates of the Continental Congress that would later draft the Declaration of Independence. He republished a book that the delegates used to debate the proper articulations of "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness' and made his own additions. I AM LOOKING FOR THAT BOOK. It's price, It's location, It's publication date, It's everything. Maybe someone who lives in Philly would like to stop by and ask those that work here? :) Yes, I've google'd it (and then some) but to no avail. So, Please help! I've fallin down the rabbit hole and I can't get out.

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Project X - Opportunity Knocks

We are going to engage the DP community on this one.
We are also running this locally.


Project X
Opportunity Knocks !
Expected payout, 100% - 300%, Payout Timeframe 2 - 5 years. Earliest payout favourable.
ONLY 100 Allocations – Closes when sold. This offer has a very short time frame.
We have structured a very generous payout figure that is in line with our early growth.

Over 90% confidence levels of achieving goal. 1 Million dollars invested into the project.
25 years in the making. Completed June 2014.

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I think I am going to challenge the IRS

So I think I am going to challenge the IRS, or rather play by the laws. Over the past few years I have slowly dived into the legal aspects of the IRS (as well as other Sovereign issues) but recently I have gone much further.

It started with this link, 31 Q&A about the IRS.

From there I started researching the People v. Boxer case mentioned in reference to the 16th amendment.

Researching the actual state records of the 16th amendment vote I came across this gem.

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