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Young Americans For Liberty and Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments

<<<"I checked out the website and found that Young Americans For Liberty claims 125,000 student activists on over 400 campuses! That far exceeds the number of activists at SFL which only needs 3 people to start a campus affiliate and has 930 such affiliates or chapters.

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There's still time! Sarvis money bomb extended!

The Robert Sarvis money bomb continues until Friday night at midnight!

Here's the site!

You can send a message for liberty in a 2013 race!

If 10,000 DP readers could donate what is a large pizza ($10-$15), Sarvis would have a nice sum to start a media buy. For more on the money bomb, go here:

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New effort

We used to throw a lot more of these optimistic possibilities around in the past. I plan to participate in this one. I don't know the source, or who I'm "getting in bed with," but if you want to participate, you're joining me (and I'm fun to be in bed with).

The idea is simple: On September 11, 2013 cease all exchange of FRN and cease all online commerce, replacing all web content which you control with the image

Repeat in October for two days, November for three.

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Money Bomb For Virginia Libertarian Robert Sarvis!

I had been hearing soundings for several days about it. Now it's here: The Robert Sarvis Money Bomb:

Read more at:

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Million American March Against Fear on 9/11/13 (Not Million Muslim March)

Although the MSM tried to trick you on the name of this march for ideological and political reasons, there is a whole other name and side to this story.

Event: Million American March Against Fear on 9/11/13

"We invite you to stand with and join us to Rally Against Fear at 12 noon on The National Mall, then the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House, to hold truth to power at the three major branches of American government.

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Your Vote Needed - Help Ben Swann Get Noticed At Yahoo!

I think the entire world would benefit from Ben Swann's videos being available on one of the most trafficked websites out there - please vote and comment at this link!

And stay tuned for a breaking story on the NSA this coming Monday!

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DP! Let's do this! Amend the Constitution! Simple Plan!

Most of us know about Mark Levin's new book "The Liberty Amendments" and have been talking about it. Some of us are still very skeptical of an Article V convention to propose amendments to the constitution.

Still, many of us see how this is one of many tools we could actually use. Some of these amendments could actually give liberty just a bit more traction in electoral politics.

Electoral politics? You know, that thing that so many people registered as Republican for to try and vote for Dr. Paul. It's a lost cause, I think, but this is one way to reverse it.

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Help Buy A Clock For TV's Lou Dobbs at

click here to donate:

If you saw Lou Dobbs interview of South Carolina senate contender Lee Bright on August 14, you were likely just as aghast as I was when Mr. Bright was interrupted in the middle of answering a question regarding S. Carolina issuing its own currency:

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The Race to save America

Welcome to National Liberty Alliance meet-up the purpose of our meet-up is to facilitate and unite the people, and encourage them to become Jurists and Committeemen.


Our mission is to restore the people to sovereignty through knowledge , and only then will they be armed with the virtue to take political and judicial power. The people have it in their power to disarm and defeat the enemy of Liberty both foreign and domestic if they only understood the principles of freedom, the political and judicial powers available to them and how to take the power.

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Senator Feinstein must Go!

It is time the Senator from CA to go. Mrs Fienstien is the epitome of what we can no longer stand for if we are to save our country.

I need some help here to figure out just how feesible this is. Outlined below is the section of the CA constitution that addresses how a state officer is run out of office.

In Ca, the electorate can recall a state officer via a petition. 20% is the threshold for a Senator.

Please post any thoughts....thanks!


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Help Fund SUNY Albany Young Americans for Liberty fund vital projects

Hey fellow Liberty Lovers,

My name is Skyler DeAngelo and I am the President of SUNY Albany Young Americans for Liberty and the current NY YAL State Chairman.

Today I come to ask the Liberty community a favor to help us fundraise for our organization. I know that tons of requests for crowdfunding come through forums like these and I'm sorry to have to ask but any help would be greatly appreciated.

With our chapter just named best Chapter in the Northeast, we are looking to expand our operation to do bigger and better things!

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In solidarity with Lavabit and Silent Circle, this site will remain offline until the tyranny by the USA against We The People is stopped, and Obama The Terrorist and Congress The Terrible are held accountable. #StandAgainstTyranny

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Rand Paul 2016: Term Limits Now Petition

From Senator Rand Paul's email... "let me explain exactly why term limits are so important.

I can already tell you, my colleagues here in Washington, D.C. are going to FIGHT my Congressional Term Limits Amendment every step of the way.

For them, politics as usual is just fine.

But for virtually everyone else I talk to across our country, it's clear career politicians have FAILED.

After years of raiding the national treasury to buy more votes for their next elections, our federal government is saddled with over $17 TRILLION in debt.

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Standing up for Bradley Manning

Hey guys, climb on board and let's get this up over 4,000! I've already offered the rest of my life.
John Galt

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