Starting something great?
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Indigo Alert: Save Hakken Family


(Come on, I made it up on the fly.)

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Libertarian Lessons of South Park

Hello, Everybody

I'm an author/publisher and moderator of the the Libertarians for Ron Paul Facebook page ( I'm writing a book about libertarianism in South Park. I have a preliminary, unedited draft ready for comments and suggestions for improvement (Should I add something? Should I omit something? Do I need to clarify something?).

You can view the book in its PDF form here:

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Radio Show Platform Idea

Hi Everyone,

So as you may or may not know, we have had LIVE radio shows at here at Daily Paul. As the host of the radio shows so far, I have to say it has been lots of fun. It should not stop there! I have many ideas and quite a bit of knowledge on internet radio and websites. I posted that here

As far as the radio station goes, is open to more energetic hosts to broadcast their radio shows. Just click my name and send me a message if you want to be a host.

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Ron Paul can be a part of National Library Week, April 14th-20th, with 'Meet Ron Paul."

A big part of the 'Meet Ron Paul' book concept is the idea that we can use this as an activism tool to educate others. April 14th - 20th is National Library week. There is still time to order a copy that you can donate to your local school or public libraries during this high profile time. How awesome would it be if we all give back to our communities by spreading the message of liberty?

Get your copy here:

or HTTP://

Thank you so much for your support.
Mat Blankenship

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Which Political Party Do You "Really" Identify With?

According to the authors of “The American Voter Revisited,”
voters inherit their parents’ party affiliations 75 percent of the time.

Click here for more:


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My Podcast, The Liberty Talk, Episode 1 (3-29-13)

Episode 1
Host: Ben Tomlinson

-Introduction to The Liberty Talk
- About Host and his political beliefs
- Cyprus Bailouts
- Gay Marriage in the Supreme Court of the United States
- Podcast Goals

Questions from Podcast

What's your opinion on the Cyprus bailouts?

Should married couples have distinguishable and different rights than individuals?

To you what does the separation of Church and State, keeping religion out of politics and government, keeping government and politics out of religion, or both?

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"Meet Ron Paul" is climbing Amazon's Top 100 Best Selling Children's Biography List.

The Ron Paul biography for kids, Meet Ron Paul, is now #65 on the Amazon Kindle Store Children's Biography list. We are just below Abraham Lincoln and "One Direction." Let's get it in the top 10 to show the world our ideas are growing in popularity.

If you have a Kindle and would like to purchase a copy for $3.99 here is the link: Meet Ron Paul

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Be A Broadcaster To Spread Liberty!

Since the traditional AM/FM radio waves have been hijacked by big corporations and the government, the internet is vital to freedom of speech to a mass audience. To create a AM/FM radio station is costly mostly due to the government regulations and licenses. Let's be honest, a license is a tax and a regulation is put into place to eliminate competition. We have an option that the FCC cannot touch, and that is the internet. With the cost of a computer and a microphone, your voice can be heard by many people.

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Time to re-brand RonPaulYellowPages to RandPaulYellowPages? has been up and running since 2007, and it has been a side project that we cobbled together with a spare hour and there from various Paul supporters. If anyone is interested, I have secured the URL, and maybe it's time to re-brand and try to take it up a notch. If anyone would like to get involved, we need graphics, content ideas, etc. One of these days, if we ever get it to a point where it is ready, I would like to promote it on Infowars and see what happens.

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The path has led me here...and I'm not alone...

My project over the next week:

1 Pinpoint the brand name of each vaccine provided by Merck to my children's Pediatrician...

2 Identify every single ingredient/additive/adjuvant in each vaccine...

3 Research every ingredient and compile a alphabetical listing of each and information relevant to opposing it...

4 Present it to my wife, my children's Pediatrician and you all here...

I'm compelled to investigate...I'm all-in!

Peace and Love to you all.

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Liberty Art

While reading the DP last night, I was inspired to try and create some artwork. Using Adobe Fireworks, this is what I came up with so far.

It was going to be a bumber sticker, but now, maybe a mailer? lol

There will be two other collage type sections, one for the powers that be using pictures to show who they are, and one for the media showing with pictures how they are all connected. working on it....what do you think? They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Liberty candidate Juan Martinez for North Las Vegas City Council

The push for freedom in Nevada is at a critical turning point.

Liberty candidate Juan Martinez, member of the Clark County GOP Executive Board, is running for North Las Vegas City Council against a neoconservative and a liberal Democrat.

Juan needs YOUR HELP to bring the message of liberty to voters in these critical final days of the campaign. Early voting is going on now, and Juan needs money NOW for direct mail and outbound GOTV to likely voters.

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Presentation: Common Core-Rotten To The Core!

For those in the Phoenix Metro area, we will be hosting our first public presentation on the "Common Core" school standards which are currently being adopted by school districts across the nation usually with little fan fare and even less knowledge of parents! In fact, you could say these "standards" are being shoved down our throats.

Come find out the REAL truth about Common Core which is only now beginning to leak out--and find out how we can stop this in Arizona! Also come to hear what your elected "official" in Arizona are doing about it (or more to the point NOT doing about it).

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