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Daily Paul writers: Pledge to participate in "VOD-Day" (Silver Circle's iTunes release)

Silver Circle needs you now more than ever. After signing on with one of the fastest growing video on demand companies, Gravitas in Hollywood, we’ll be launching our digital release starting July 1st! This means over 15 different platforms will offer Silver Circle through online streaming and video-on-demand options. According to business trends lately, iTunes covers 75% of the total online streaming and VOD sales. This is great news, because iTunes is easy to use, and let’s face it, who doesn’t have an iTunes account?

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Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: A Tale of Two Tellers and the Tales they Tell

The list of the “Hero Edward Snowden” detractors is short but growing. I’m talking about real detractors, not the jackasses who are playing the scripted roles set forth for them who call him a traitor and wonder aloud if China is behind it all. Those aren’t detractors anymore than John Cena is a bad guy. Heels are apparently popular these days. Go figure. We live in a lawless society for the elites and a ruthless police state for everyone else. I’m not surprised that WWE fans have taken to rooting for the bad guys.

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Help send the next Rand Paul to the United States Senate!

North Carolina has a real opportunity to send a Constitutional conservative to the United States Senate. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing Dr Greg Brannon speak knows that he is a man who "get's it" and will stand with current senators such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz on Constitutional issues. But we need your help! Karl Rove has dumped millions into the establishment candidate's campaign and we have a tough fight ahead of us to get Greg Brannon the nomination. We in the North Carolina liberty movement know that we have a winner if we can just get his message out.

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Mass FOIA Requests? Show! Me! The Dossier!

What if everyone submitted a FOIA request to the NSA requesting ALLLL records on oneself, as an individual? "I demand you turn over the emails, texts, cell phone calls, Internet searches, metadata that you have on me." ALLLL of it.

It is not hard to submit a FOIA request. It is a simple letter. You can find the guidelines online. The gov has a limited time to reply. If they ask for more time or give excuses, keep following up.

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A Call To All Patriots - Now is the time for all good men, to come to the aid of their country!


I am calling for a money bomb for Ben Swanns new project found here:

If we can do it for Dr. Paul, I know we can do it for the "Liberty is Rising Truth in Media Project" to kick start Ben Swann and his message of Liberty and truth, one thing our nation is seriously lacking. Please review the message from MattLarson10 found here:

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Bitcoin Mining Virus Enslaves Computers?

...Those who click the links are infected with a virus dropper downloaded from a server in India. Once the machine is infected, many other pieces of malware are sent to the computer from The malware concurrently connects with a command-and-control server in Germany.

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The Bitcoin Education Project's Free Course on Bitcoin

Hello my fellow Libertarians,

After I left the Ron Paul campaign, I went into cryptography and computer science. In the years that followed, I discovered Bitcoin and it reignited my passion for monetary policy. Hence, I started the Bitcoin Education Project to teach one million people about Bitcoin and the wonderful ideas it brings to the political discussion from competing currencies to usurping the state theory of money. We've released our first free course in partnership with Udemy and I'l love for this community to take it and give us some feedback.

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Life Is A Video Game: The Movie


LIFE IS A VIDEO GAME: THE MOVIE is a feature film documentary by the Edge Bros. on the science of how the universe is a computer-generated dreamworld.

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The libertarian movement in Bulgaria

Hey guys. This summer I decided to go on an internship to Bulgaria to work to spread the ideas of liberty.

Last weekend we had a very successful youth libertarian seminar near the capital, where 17 students gave presentations on various topics in liberty, from competition to Honk Kong to marijuana to monopolies on the free market.

We're making do with the limited resources we have and that we can fundraise.

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Solid Silver Ron/Rand Paul Revolution rings

I made these for everyone. These are all 3d printed in solid silver.
If you need a specific size just message me and ill upload it for you

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Here is What Ron Paul Taught Me - The System Does Work

I just wanted to share with the DP community a little bit about some Ron Paul-inspired actions. If it was not for Ron Paul and his ringing the bell of liberty, my little village would just take the decree's of our Village council. Hope you enjoy -

"A group in Perry Village is aiming to place a referendum on the November ballot to restore an income tax exemption for residents already paying 1 percent or more elsewhere in the municipality they work.

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After 6 weekends with non stop rain, finally took a week from work to get the garden started.

Keep in mind this is the return to Eden style on my third year. Start up was Spring of 2011 and so my soil should be perfect this year, we hope!

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Get Rand Paul on Ballots.

I feel that Rand Paul may not be wanting to run for office cause he is not sure if he would have enough support. I know it is really early from the next election and I believe that it would be a good project if we see what the laws say when you can start to sign petitions to get Rand Paul on the Ballot a big Grass roots effort. Who is with me :D

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Ancap Minds - Anarcho-Capitalism Forums, News, and Resources

Just wanted to share this new and growing community with everyone here who may be interested.

Feel free to share this with anyone you know who may want to join.

Ancap Minds on:

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