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Cops shoot another "unarmed black man" in Brooklyn...

...if he had already dropped the knife, they can spin it that....technically he was "unarmed"...and protesters will magically appear and cause property damage...


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A news curation website all about liberty that’s BETTER than Daily Paul?

...Never! What could be better than this place and the members that fuel it?

However, we are very excited about a new website project and would like Daily Paul members to be a part of it. After seeing the website you might be tempted to call it a “Drudge Report” for the liberty movement. Well, that's basically what it is!

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Ron Paul Institute For Peace and Prosperity Needs Help!

(Skip to the bottom for a DP exclusive!)
Actually the subject line of the email I just received was more succinct: "Ron Paul: "Help!"" Given the latest report about surplus cash from the presidential campaign, I was a bit befuddled with the following request:

Dear Friends:

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Hunger Games Activism

Hunger Games 2 comes out this friday. I have read the books and saw the first movie. Contrary to what some in the media portray, it is an anti-statist movie and can be very useful to the Liberty movement.

As the much anticipated movie comes out next friday, I pieced together some flyer material that I plan on distributing to people entering and exiting the movie theater. You can view the materials below. Feel free to share and I would be happy to hear suggestions.


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Our Hope in Rand - how long will we deny we're already under a tyrannical dictatorship?

Rand is EVERYWHERE(in the mainstream) these days - on t.v., on conservative talk radio...people are just eating him up!

You're so well-spoken, Rand; such a fresh voice of reason and sanity and Constitutional fortitude; but in reality you are severely outnumbered by the evil and insincere, your party(the talk radio heads) has every intention of riding your coat tails to increase their popularity and budgets, then stabbing you in the back once an incredible amount of the electorate is clamoring for you to be President.

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Organic Cosmetics

So my wife has recently joined NYR Organic, a cosmetic company that uses GMO-free, organic ingredients in their beauty products. The FDA doesn't regulate cosmetics so a lot of horrible stuff goes into their making. You can see what goes into certain products here:

Not only does your skin absorb these chemicals, but when washed off, guess where it goes? If you guessed "ecosystem", you are correct. Take a look at their products and tell me what you think:

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Good Stuff - Liberty Activists Organize For Thanksgiving Charity

"’s Annabelle Bamforth recently spoke with New Hampshire resident Amanda Bouldin to discuss Shire Sharing, a charity organization founded in 2011 with a mission to deliver hundreds of Thanksgiving meals to needy families in the areas of Manchester, Nashua, Keene and the Upper Valley.

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TRAILER: Know Your Rights (by Voices of Liberty)
Ron Paul's new website and youtube channel has produced this trailer. They are having a fundraiser to make it into a full series. This is the kind of knowledge that becomes a real weapon for liberty, I will be doing what I can to help (starting by asking you to help, too.)

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I need hosting

Back in 2006, I made this website:

That's only a web copy of my old site.

Google banned me from advertising, hosting was $70 a month for the VPS server. So I killed it.

But tonight, an old buddy on there sent me that screenshot. Oh the memories.

I need help. I need windows VPS hosting, and MSSQL 2000 or better. Low bandwidth, and if I get busy I'll move away and thank you with some cash.

If you are interested in helping out for a while to get this back running, please contact me.


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DP Musicians? Potential Liberty Song Project

I am pretty sure that other musicians here besides myself have taken notice of how Mr Ed Moran's Liberty Poems rhyme with a rhythm that could easily be put to music and made into a song for sharing Liberty. I think this has the potential to create a very popular song with a good message.

Mr Moran has agreed to use one of his poems and make an effort in this direction. He has also shared that he doesn't have the musical or vocal ability to do it himself but would enjoy working with those that have this ability to put a song together from one of his finely crafted works.

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Too complicated to start in Bitcoin? Outsource it.

Dear Dailypaul community,
I am forever in your debt because you have taught me more than any other learning environment. This is why I want to propose this opportunity for all of you. I am a partner at a tech-start-up called Valhalla Vaults based in the Netherlands. We offer help in accumulating and securing the bitcoin portfolios of our clients.

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Learn Permaculture Design for FREE!

This is an online course that is absolutely FREE!!! I took the class, and for a couple hundred dollars (and after passing a test) I became a certified permaculture designer.

The good: This really is the path to REAL liberty. "You are what you eat" and as long as the tuckfards have control of the food supply and are poisoning it and GMOing it... we ain't free.

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Kick the Currency Habit

Alternatives to FRNs

This is a project I recently heard about that encourage site users to issue an accept market stamps for goods and services...... It is still a concept site for now....please check it out and give these folks some feedback...

What do DP ers think about Online market and its market stamps as a concept?

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Ben Swann's Call To Action!

Please don't just watch the video! When you've finished watching, head over here -

And follow those 10 steps to help spread liberty!!

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