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DFW Day of Resistance at Flagpole Hill

The day of resistance for DFW is being held at Flagpole Hill. If you don't have anyone to meetup with, I can give you a contact. (Contact me through my profile)

Safety in numbers, friends. Be safe today.

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Rand Paul: Totally Wrong on Foreign Policy but Going for a big Voting Block inside the GOP

Rand Paul: Totally Wrong on Foreign Policy but Going for a big Voting Block inside the GOP ... and it is all...

"pointless because he will never be embraced by the GOP apparatchiks because of his father”.

Read excellent summary Here:


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Are we heading for another housing bubble?

A housing bubble is a rapid increase in the price of housing caused by factors such as low-interest rates and government mandated loan requirements. The government creates artificial demand, demand that without government intervention would not exist, entrapping buyers who cannot afford the expenses of owning a house. Bankruptcies start, prices fall and the owners find themselves with a now toxic investment. This snowballs into massive bankruptcies of lending institutions, relative industries suffering and the corresponding unemployment.

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Heads Up for a "One People's Public Trust" radio show this morning.

Like all of us, I am a mixed bag. I have looked into the UCC / Sovereignty / Straw Man stuff enough to know they ARE on to something. Good truther.
I researched a couple groups, talked with some friends who have been fighting this battle, realized there was a lot of "trial and error" in the process, and that in this case, the "trial" part was actual court trials... I don't like court. I quit digging. Bad truther.

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22 New world laws. Tom Woods sarcastically says they are awesome.

"23 Awesome Laws We Should Have Here."

23) '[G]roundbreaking piece of [Bolivian] legislation redefines the Earth and all its inhabitants as a living system with rights instead of a commodity to be exploited.'

There are 22 other examples.

Go straight to list here.

1) Law of the Earth: All its inhabitants are a living system with rights instead of a commodity to be exploited.

2) Gross National Happiness (GNH) is a measure of the population’s general level of well-being.

3) Renewable Energy Acts mandate that 80% of the country’s power will come from renewable sources.

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Sign our Petition to fund Childhood Cancer Research with Traffic Camera Revenue

We are starting a signature campaign this weekend to support our idea of taking traffic camera revenue and using that revenue to pay for childhood cancer research and treatments in the state of Iowa.

I know it's unlikely to succeed, but I want to showcase two things, one how much money is at stake. Two to show to individuals that the cameras are not about safety at all, just revenue generation for the municipalities.

Sign our Petition

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State of the Ron Paulers on Maui

What’s going on with all the Ron Paulers? I hear they are discouraged. I hear they are upset. Where have they gone, and why aren’t they joining the Libertarian Party?

My name is Joe Kent, and I was the Ron Paul National Delegate for Maui County in 2012, so if there’s anyone who should be discouraged, it’s me. The stunts they tried to pull! The trickery, and defeat. It’s enough to make anyone want to get out of politics for a while. Indeed, when I got back to Maui, I wanted nothing to do with politics, the Republican Party, and especially television.

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The Cancer Compromise for Traffic Cameras

Some friends and I recently started a new website Libertarian Mafia. One of my favorite articles I've written so far was a satire piece on traffic cameras in Iowa. The Cancer Compromise.

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Looking for help with

We just launched and need help from Ron Paul & Liberty Patriots in the following ways:

  • Create content and liberty news
  • Help coordinate state activist groups
  • Help moderate the's social network

If you would like to help out, please email me at:


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The Ron Paul Bust Project - A Beautiful Tribute to a Remarkable Man and You Can Help!

A Dr. Paul supporter named Daniel S. Thompson has sculpted a beautiful rendition of him. He is in the process of raising the funds to have it cast in bronze and delivered to Dr. Paul along with a book containing all of names of people who donated to this cause. Please review the following links for more information and consider supporting this wonderful tribute to a man who has given so much of himself to the cause of liberty. Thank you!

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If you want to kill off the MSM, here's how WE can do it

We get 2-4 web developers together and create a site that offers everything people want. This crowd-driven and managed site gathers both opinion and facts with self verification steps along the way. It ranks both against the crowd's weighted values and then displays the info in virtually any format to any medium desired. It can be used globally, locally or privately and assigns precedence and dependence links to all items.

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Moneybomb for Liberty Candidate Mark Mezzina

Please chip in $100, $50, or whatever you can to support Mark Mezzina, a liberty candidate for School Committee in North Andover, MA.

Remember that while local office may not seem particularly important, these people are the farm team that will be seeking higher office a few years down the road. We need your help to build the movement!

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Ron Paul Bronze Bust Project

Hi All,

I'd like to call your attention to the project to create a bronze bust of Dr. Paul, which will be presented to him on behalf of project participants. There's a limited time to make sure this project gets off the ground, and you can help, if only by sharing this kickstarter page with your friends and associates. This is also an opportunity to see these bronze busts placed in public buildings: libraries, schools, and universities. Please take a look:


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Liberty and The Daily Paul - International Phenomena

About a year ago I started a blog at Two weeks ago I had a link to it in my signature, and was surprised to see how many people from other countries clicked through to it:

United States 317
Canada 11
Sweden 5
Belgium 5
Norway 5
Germany 4
Republic of Korea 4
Thailand 3
Russian Federation 1
Switzerland 1
Romania 1
Spain 1
Finland 1
Czech Republic Republic 1
Colombia 1
Australia 1
South Africa 1
United Kingdom 1

And replies came in from all over when I posted this:

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Making a list of modern newspeak and doublethink examples... Chip in! (UPDATE1)

Semantic = Relating to meaning in language or logic.

Newspeak = Ambiguous euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda.

Doublethink = Thought marked by the acceptance of gross contradictions and falsehoods, especially when used as a technique of self-indoctrination.

Colbert's interview with Frank Luntz is a good example of political doublespeak in a light hearted way..

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