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"Meet Ron Paul" is climbing Amazon's Top 100 Best Selling Children's Biography List.

The Ron Paul biography for kids, Meet Ron Paul, is now #65 on the Amazon Kindle Store Children's Biography list. We are just below Abraham Lincoln and "One Direction." Let's get it in the top 10 to show the world our ideas are growing in popularity.

If you have a Kindle and would like to purchase a copy for $3.99 here is the link: Meet Ron Paul

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Be A Broadcaster To Spread Liberty!

Since the traditional AM/FM radio waves have been hijacked by big corporations and the government, the internet is vital to freedom of speech to a mass audience. To create a AM/FM radio station is costly mostly due to the government regulations and licenses. Let's be honest, a license is a tax and a regulation is put into place to eliminate competition. We have an option that the FCC cannot touch, and that is the internet. With the cost of a computer and a microphone, your voice can be heard by many people.

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Time to re-brand RonPaulYellowPages to RandPaulYellowPages? has been up and running since 2007, and it has been a side project that we cobbled together with a spare hour and there from various Paul supporters. If anyone is interested, I have secured the URL, and maybe it's time to re-brand and try to take it up a notch. If anyone would like to get involved, we need graphics, content ideas, etc. One of these days, if we ever get it to a point where it is ready, I would like to promote it on Infowars and see what happens.

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The path has led me here...and I'm not alone...

My project over the next week:

1 Pinpoint the brand name of each vaccine provided by Merck to my children's Pediatrician...

2 Identify every single ingredient/additive/adjuvant in each vaccine...

3 Research every ingredient and compile a alphabetical listing of each and information relevant to opposing it...

4 Present it to my wife, my children's Pediatrician and you all here...

I'm compelled to investigate...I'm all-in!

Peace and Love to you all.

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Liberty Art

While reading the DP last night, I was inspired to try and create some artwork. Using Adobe Fireworks, this is what I came up with so far.

It was going to be a bumber sticker, but now, maybe a mailer? lol

There will be two other collage type sections, one for the powers that be using pictures to show who they are, and one for the media showing with pictures how they are all connected. working on it....what do you think? They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Liberty candidate Juan Martinez for North Las Vegas City Council

The push for freedom in Nevada is at a critical turning point.

Liberty candidate Juan Martinez, member of the Clark County GOP Executive Board, is running for North Las Vegas City Council against a neoconservative and a liberal Democrat.

Juan needs YOUR HELP to bring the message of liberty to voters in these critical final days of the campaign. Early voting is going on now, and Juan needs money NOW for direct mail and outbound GOTV to likely voters.

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Presentation: Common Core-Rotten To The Core!

For those in the Phoenix Metro area, we will be hosting our first public presentation on the "Common Core" school standards which are currently being adopted by school districts across the nation usually with little fan fare and even less knowledge of parents! In fact, you could say these "standards" are being shoved down our throats.

Come find out the REAL truth about Common Core which is only now beginning to leak out--and find out how we can stop this in Arizona! Also come to hear what your elected "official" in Arizona are doing about it (or more to the point NOT doing about it).

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Expose the Fluoride Deception and A Deputy Sheriff May Show You the Door


To understand in a comprehensive manner what transpired in the video above one has to first fully understand the background and context of my effort as an individual to end the practice of fluoridating our public water supplies in Durham, North Carolina.

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Join me and others on Aprile 30th to save our Nation

Republic for the United States of America

A message from National Chaplain
Wade King Butler foreverglory

Chaplain Wade K. Butler

Date: March 11, 2013

To: James Geiger , President: The Republic of United States of America

Dear Mr. President,

I believe this letter is of the utmost importance for our nation. We, as "We the People" and our nation are under the greatest attack we have ever experienced. Every day we see and hear of the increased warfare from around the Republic Free States. I am asking that you would hear my heart in what Father is telling me to do.

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Can delete


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Missouri Driver's License's Already Have RFID Chips!?

This story broke WIDE open, to Missouri Senators' surprise, right on the Senate floor this last Wednesday, March 13th. Tempers exploded!

Listen to Brent Stafford's Radio broadcast for a full discourse on the topic. (link to his broadcast at bottom of website).

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Writing a Letter to Close my Account at RBS

I am writing a Letter to Close my Account at RBS -- Royal Bank of Scotland, still known as Citizens Bank. I have been a customer for 25 years, ever since they bought my local savings bank when I was a kid -- and promptly slashed interest rates and benefits. But now I gotta do something else.

Might anyone have poignant points for me to make in this letter of resignation from the Queen's northern Bank?

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To Do List for March - March Manifesto

Plan of Action
Many have waited for the system to collapse under its own weight, but it's clear that it can be sustained indefinitely by central banks and governments through the manipulation of currencies and markets. For this reason it's incumbent upon conscious people to act in a coordinated manner to break the bankers stranglehold on society. Beginning March 20, 2013 and lasting through the last day of spring, June 21, 2013, the following three actions will be carried out collectively. . .

Spring cleaning, so to speak :)

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Ron Paul biography for kids is available! Huge activism project...put one in a school near you.

***Short Story***
I wrote a biography of Ron Paul for kids/youth. It would be awesome if we could put a copy in every school library possible. The best way to accomplish this huge goal is for you and me buy a copy and donate it to our local schools. If you would like to buy a copy of this book for your reading pleasure or to join the cause to help educate kids in your area you can find it at HTTP://

***Long Story***
Fellow Ron Paul supporters,

If you could give kids the opportunity to learn about Ron Paul and the Liberty movement, would you? If you could make sure that the historical presidential campaigns of Ron Paul were not swept under the rug by our government controlled educational system, would you? If you could do your part to spread the brush fires of liberty to the next generation, would you? Unfortunately, there are very little resources in schools to give youth an alternative to the left/right paradigm.

I came to that realization one day while browsing through a bookstore shelf in the kid's section. To my dismay I found what must have been twenty Barack Obama biographies. Upon further investigation I found maybe eight George W. Bush biographies, a handful of Bill Clinton biographies and a couple of George H. W. Bush biographies. Sure, one could argue that they were all presidents and so they deserve to have their story told to youth. I agree. So I searched for people like Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks…they never became president but were none the less influential in shaping our country. There were plenty of biographies of these history makers.

I aimed my search at more modern contributors to American society and I almost lost my lunch at the choices…Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, a few athletes, and Honey Boo Boo. OK, I didn't find Honey Boo Boo’s biography but I wouldn't have been surprised if I did given the stack of wasted paper I had in my hands.

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