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To Do List for March - March Manifesto

Plan of Action
Many have waited for the system to collapse under its own weight, but it's clear that it can be sustained indefinitely by central banks and governments through the manipulation of currencies and markets. For this reason it's incumbent upon conscious people to act in a coordinated manner to break the bankers stranglehold on society. Beginning March 20, 2013 and lasting through the last day of spring, June 21, 2013, the following three actions will be carried out collectively. . .

Spring cleaning, so to speak :)

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Ron Paul biography for kids is available! Huge activism project...put one in a school near you.

***Short Story***
I wrote a biography of Ron Paul for kids/youth. It would be awesome if we could put a copy in every school library possible. The best way to accomplish this huge goal is for you and me buy a copy and donate it to our local schools. If you would like to buy a copy of this book for your reading pleasure or to join the cause to help educate kids in your area you can find it at HTTP://

***Long Story***
Fellow Ron Paul supporters,

If you could give kids the opportunity to learn about Ron Paul and the Liberty movement, would you? If you could make sure that the historical presidential campaigns of Ron Paul were not swept under the rug by our government controlled educational system, would you? If you could do your part to spread the brush fires of liberty to the next generation, would you? Unfortunately, there are very little resources in schools to give youth an alternative to the left/right paradigm.

I came to that realization one day while browsing through a bookstore shelf in the kid's section. To my dismay I found what must have been twenty Barack Obama biographies. Upon further investigation I found maybe eight George W. Bush biographies, a handful of Bill Clinton biographies and a couple of George H. W. Bush biographies. Sure, one could argue that they were all presidents and so they deserve to have their story told to youth. I agree. So I searched for people like Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks…they never became president but were none the less influential in shaping our country. There were plenty of biographies of these history makers.

I aimed my search at more modern contributors to American society and I almost lost my lunch at the choices…Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, a few athletes, and Honey Boo Boo. OK, I didn't find Honey Boo Boo’s biography but I wouldn't have been surprised if I did given the stack of wasted paper I had in my hands.

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Doug Wead Interview

Tonight on the Chris Dillard Show, Chris will be interviewing Doug Wead,, who is a New York Times bestselling author and an adviser to two American presidents. Doug was also the head adviser to the Ron Paul campaign. We will discuss the historical context of Rand Paul's filibuster and its future implications. Then he will open the floor to any discussions, questions, comments, or concerns. Call in: 415-707-2236 and listen to the show & join the chat at . Thank you and enjoy the show!

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Agenda 21 Design Contest!

Designing to Live Sustainably "A Competition that Consciously Challenges the Conventional Paradigm". I came across this at the coffee shop today.
This stuff is right out of Rosa's book. The Delphi Technique hard at work. Far be it for me to pass up an opportunity to have some fun I going to make a submission. Any Ideas?

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Anti-Federal Reserve Film 'Silver Circle' to Premiere in NYC Followed by Peter Schiff Q&A

Two Lanterns Media is excited to announce the New York City in-theater premiere of "Silver Circle", a thrilling new 3D animated dystopian film about a future scenario in which the Federal Reserve causes hyperinflation, forcing a group of rebels to mint their own silver currency. The movie is packed with action, adventure, and romance and features a compelling storyline that appeals even to those who aren't up-to-speed on the economic and political implications of central banking.

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Time for the GOP Liberty Movement to Take Over the Environmental Movement

Time for the GOP Liberty Movement to take over the Environmental Movement, just like we did with the Civil Rights Agenda. We can do a better job of it.

A must watch – Greening the Planet – Dr. Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley on How Fossil Fuels are Greening the Planet

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New Site: Alt Feed (Dot) Com

Hi everyone,

check it out from time to time:

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F.U.C.U. - Freedom United Credit Union

I had this epiphany as I woke up this morning.

F.U.C.U. - Freedom United Credit Union
The First 100% Privacy Protected Online Bank

There's a lot of different directions to take this concept of financial privacy. Here are a few features I had in mind:

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The Liberty Voting System: Approval Voting!

Did you ever want to vote for Ron Paul & Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode at the same time last November? How about voting for EVERYONE except Romney in your State's Primary? Under our current plurality system, liberty has been cheated out of office.

Introducing the liberty voting system: Approval Voting!

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New Documentary "Freedom Is Popular" Coming this Summer

Our new documentary entitled "Freedom is Popular" will be coming out this summer. We'll catch up with many familiar activists and new voices at some of the latest liberty festivals. Take a trip with us to Tampa Florida of last year along with Music City Liberty Fest's debut launch in Nashville, TN. We'll also check out many activities currently happening in 2013. Hear the inspiration and feel the excitement that is shattering mainstream media. Please check back for more release information on "Freedom is Popular". Trailer coming soon!

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Gold Swindle: The Story Of Our Dwindling Gold Ch. 3: Clear and Present Danger

read chapter two here:

Gold Swindle: The Story Of Our Dwindling Gold Ch. 3: Clear and Present Danger(1)

buy it on amazon:

copyright 1959, revised 1961 - George Racey Jordan, USAF Major (ret)

It was January 31st, 1934, when President Roosevelt devalued the dollar after calling in all gold, giving the Government a monopoly over gold, except for claims through foreign banks.

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Gold Swindle: The Story Of Our Dwindling Gold Ch. 2: The Maze

read chapter one here

buy it on amazon:

copyright 1959, revised 1961 - George Racey Jordan, USAF Major (ret)

Gold Swindle: The Story Of Our Dwindling Gold Ch. 2: The Maze

How did this unfortunate situation come about?

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