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Colorado Libertarian Self-Sustained Community - Lots $700/DN - Deed In-Hand After No-Interest Payments

The land is already purchased. Spectacular views. River access. Large enough area/population potential to establish our own recognized TOWNSHIP government re-establishing the constitution as the law of the land and common law being the way controversy is decided.

1) Mind your own business.
2) If you can't mind your own business... at least take your neighbor's business to your neighbor first.
3) Handle things with a jury of peers from the community if one and two fail you.

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#WTFcongress Twitterbomb tonight 1-21-13 at 8pm EST

In honor of Inauguration Day, Trending Liberty ( is hosting a Twitterbomb to raise the public's awareness of all the WTF moments we had with Congress in 2012. Please join us and spread the word! Tweets start at 8pm EST

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FINALLY! This is how we rewrite the rules and win!

Okay, let me keep it short. I hope everyone on DP takes the time to read what I say here in this post, because it could be the most important thing you'll read. Please, read the whole post, even if you don't click the links, and comment with your opinion so that everyone has a chance to at least see this before the topic drifts into oblivion.

Here is my thesis:


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New Radio Show "The Radio Revolution" all About Liberty debuts Tonight At 9 ET!

Jay and the Duke are no strangers to liberty OR radio. Jay and the Duke have been hosting "We STILL Believe: Real, Raw Christian Talk" for about 2 1/2 years now. As huge fans of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Nepolitano, Alex Jones, Ben Swann (who came on our show last year), and Jesse Ventura, we are stepping up our game in fighting for freedom and liberty in this country. Last year, Jay even ran as a delegate and almost made it to Tampa except the MASS GOP would not count all the votes (remember that?).

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The new Liberty Amendment - help us debate the Amendment's text.

The Liberty Amendment Project is moving forward - our social media outreach is growing daily on Facebook and Twitter, we are representing our ideas at local Liberty group meetings and have begun making contact with state legislators in Pennsylvania (where I'm from). There has also been significant drafting work done on the wording of the Amendment. I'd like to get more folks involved in the debate - will you join us?

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A List of Great Political Punk Rock Songs. Please Help Make It Lengthy.

This Post was created to compile a list of Reverent Punk Rock Songs that touch a nerve in our movement. It can be used as a source for others to do whatever. Play at parties, concerts, protests, online videos, those who work at college radio stations, on and on and on. For This Revolution to survive and thrive there must be Music.

Ron Paul once Said:
"My theory...if you ever can bring about revolutionary changes two things will be required; young people will have to be involved and you will have to have music."

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Want To Stop Reince Priebus? Maine Patriots Need Your Help

Awright look. I know what it's like to go 1000 miles away from home without a pot to piss in and be working my arse off for a cause that so many of us profess to support. I lost track of all the people who helped me along the way . When I was in the US Marine Corps you had your infantry but you also had your support units. Nothing gets done without food and ammo being sent to the front lines,communications,,,etc. Ours is a cause that looks to defend and bolster individual Liberty. We are some of the most non conformist independent people on the planet.

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I'll Trade You! Let's Make a Deal! Buy, Sell, or Barter!

A post to post things you want to buy, sell, or barter.

I'll go first:

Location: Central Texas


A legit, used copy of Adobe CS3, CS4, or CS5
Hunting rifle/accessories/equipment/lease swaps

A few things I have to offer:

Revolution Car Badges
Marketing assistance/consulting
Basic Website development
Graphic design work
Help with starting an online business
Garage full of household items
52" Hitachi rear projection HD TV with minor bulb issue

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A favor to ask all you fine DP souls!

Hi everyone,

I have a favor to ask my fellow DP members!

I am the Team Leader of Team 2E16, and we have been chosen as one of 26 finalists in the New Zealand Finals of the 2013 Microsoft Imagine Cup. It's a software development competition for students.
We are developing a new type of social network that is based around bringing people together in person, rather than going with the current trend of people congregating online only (and arguably pushing local communities further apart).

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Tell Reince Priebus To Step Down Now!

Lets get rid of this clown! STEP DOWN NOW! Mark Willis for RNC CHAIR!!!!

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Is it Time for a National "Open Carry Month"?

A Right, if left unexercised is no Right at all.

We need to make our numbers known. We need to prompt real conversations with the people we encounter.

One day protests are great but their effects are usually short-lived. We need something to start and sustain a meaningful conversation. It's time for us to stop whining and walk the walk.

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NY State Senator's petition to repeal and replace the 'SAFE' act

Help Senator Marchione Repeal and Replace Restrictive New Gun Control that Weakens the Second Amendment Constitutional Rights of Law-Abiding New Yorkers!

In a vote held in the state Legislature last night – Monday, January 14, 2013 – the Second Amendment Constitutional freedoms of New Yorkers were weakened with passage of restrictive new gun control. I strongly opposed this legislation that was rushed through both houses of our state Legislature without a single public hearing or the proper time to carefully review the bill.

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Petition to change the Pledge of Allegiance

Change the words of the pledge:


"I pledge ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG... and to the republic FOR WHICH IT STANDS..."


"I pledge TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION... and to the republic WHICH IT PROTECTS..."

This change would represent our allegiance to our contract with government rather than our national colors. I am a teacher and I don't like that students are asked to pledge blindly to a flag rather than the Constitution. Help me out Daily Paul people.

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Fill the RNC in-boxes: sign the Mark Willis For RNC Chair petition

Your help is needed and time is running out. Liberty supporter Mark Willis, a Maine Republican National Committeeman is challenging Reince Priebus for the Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee.

We need everyone to go to this site:
Click the petition button and fill out the petition! an email will be sent out to ALL voting RNC members in your state! let's fill up their in-boxes!

Facebook page

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Impeach New York Governor Cuomo petition

I don't sign onto petitions very often, but this one certainly seems worthy of signing and sharing. I've been refreshing the page for the past few minutes and can see that it has some traction. Let's help it along.

current # of supporters: 3,930

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