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Official Draft: Ron Paul For Speaker

THERE IS NO METRIC, that warrants another Speakership Term for either John Boehner or Nancy Pelosi

The Constitution does NOT require the Speaker of the House of Representatives to be a member of Congress.

Perhaps IT'S TIME for a respected Statesman who isn't worried about "The next election" to guide legislation, especially when the current leadership on both sides is inept to solve America's problems.

All a Member of the House has to do is request a blind vote on the first business of the 113th Congress.

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Get Ron Paul's Voice for GPS Navigation!

Many celebrities have lent their voices to GPS navigation, whether it be Mr. T, Homer Simpson, Knight Rider or Yoda.

Wouldn't it be cool if Ron Paul also lent his? And then, to make his voice the #1 requested voice, that surely would make a cool statement.

All you have to do is get this software, Garmin GPS Voice Studio

Or, you can record him in one session and separate the different phrases:
Proceed to Highlighted Route
Traffic Ahead
Continue On Route
Make a U-Turn

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I just submitted an FOIA request regarding "chemtrails" to the EPA (12/27/2012)

The request reads:

I request any documentation related to substances released into the atmosphere by aircraft for the purposes of geo-engineering, greenhouse effect remediation, or any other motive that has lead to such release. Further, I request that the list be exhaustive and indicate whether the substances are currently being used or their use has been discontinued. In addition, the documentation should include the locations of all such releases by date and substance(s) deployed.

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The Liberty Amendment - Announcing Our Logo Winner!

The winning entry came from Awl19 of the DailyPaul - thank you for your winning entry! 10ea pre-1964 90% silver quarters are getting mailed out today for his work ($2.50 Face Value). Thanks everyone for participating, and his entry can be seen at

or you can check out the modified for site versions at: or :)

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Facebook "likes" and White House petitions.

May just be a futile and useless gesture in light of the well organized Obama machine, but I've started a facebook page that has a simple message. I'm trying to collect likes sufficient that the simple message will be noticed.

"We do not apologize for being owners of firearms. We are not "negotiating" for "reasonable" restrictions. We will contribute to campaigns to elect leaders that respect our rights to self defense and self autonomy."

Any "like" support or republication will be encouraging and hopefully helpful.

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Join Folding@home for Science, Ron Paul 2012 Team

What is Folding@home?
Folding@home is a program by Stanford University in which you contribute directly to scientific research by donating your computer's resources. The scientists send your computer work involving the way proteins fold together. Then, your computer automatically processes the work and sends back the results. When us Ron Paul supporters group together we can process a lot for charity/science and with enough support we can be in the top 10 or 100 of groups participating in the program!

To Participate

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Community Currency Startup

Please help!
I am attempting to startup a new community currency in Minnesota. This currency will be based on the HOURS system started and used in Ithaca. The idea was shared with me this past August by Wayne Walton as we walked 8 miles across Tampa during the RNC on a veterans march from Paul Fest to a veterans homeless shelter. Turns out it takes about $1500 Federal Reserve Notes to get new currency designed and printed. Please see the Chip In at All donations welcome! Any amount will help!

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Liberty Amendment Logo Contest - voting is open!

The Liberty Amendment Logo contest is open for voting after receiving two high quality submissions from Daily Paul patriots :) The logo with the most votes will net the artist $2.50 Face Value in pre-1964 90% Silver quarters and the Liberty Amendment will receive a logo for our letterhead, mailing materials, Facebook, Twitter and web presences -

please help us out in choosing at

Twitter @TheLibertyAmend

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4 worthy White House Petitions

PETITION 1: "Invite Ron Paul to the White House for a Policy Meeting"
(22K Signatures needed-Exp. Dec 28)
We ask the President to invite Dr. Paul and his lovely wife Carol to the White House to discuss the concerns of a growing number of voters. We also ask that a Q&A with media follow the exchange, and that staff display a level of ceremony that reflects the Paul family’s sacrifice to the nation. Sign it here:

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#WeStandWithYou Twtiterbomb tonight 12-22-12 at 9pm EST to support Liberty candidates!

Who did YOU support this year? Why? Join our Twitterbomb tonight to give some love to the good guys!!

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Michigan GOP already looking to primary Kerry Bentivolio

“I’m sure he’ll get a primary,” said one Michigan Republican who requested anonymity to speak candidly. “He’s new, and people perceive him as untested. It’s a great seat.”

Two local Republicans mentioned businessman David Trott, former state Rep. Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski and outgoing state Rep. Marty Knollenberg as potential challengers.

Knollenberg, the son of a congressman who represented much of that district for two decades, appeared open to the possibility.

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Spanking Boehner

Let the Republicans nominate John Boehner for Speaker. Just let 'em go ahead and do it.

Because I think the rank and file could really put a finger in the eye of the GOP establishment. Imagine a Republican-dominated House, run by Nancy Pelosi.

I can see *NOTHING* getting done in the next two years.

Wouldn't it be great?!

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Libertarian Party petition to arm teachers

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NDAA 2013 Twitter

On December 18, it was reported that lawmakers had decided to drop the Feinstein-Lee provision "that would have explicitly barred the military from holding American citizens and permanent residents in indefinite detention without trial as terrorism suspects".

We need to stand together to make our positions known to the world. Habeas Corpus is essential for liberty, and let it be known.. this is by design.

Twitter @NDAA2013

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A Choice Between “Guns and Guns”, not “Guns and Butter”

Finally there was a bipartisan effort to stop bankrupting this country by unfordable defense spending, but only Reps. Justine Amash and Kurt Schrader care about it more than they do debating gun rights.

There was a Bipartisan Congressional letter calling for Defense Cuts, ie Less US Guns Roaming the World. Every single Libertarian leaning Republican signing that letter likes domestic guns ie against against gun control, while all but one of the Democratic Reps signing that joint letter is for gun control, Kurt Schrader goes to great lengths to claim to be neutral on Gun Issues

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