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WH Petition to Send Piers Morgan Back to UK!

[I didn't start this, but fully support the effort!]

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Blandford Will Run in SC Special Election for US Congress


Blandford Suspends Senate Race To Pursue Congressional Special Election

Charleston, SC - December 18, 2012

Sullivan's Island businessman Keith Blandford announced today that he will seek the Republican nomination for the Congressional District 1 seat that will be vacated by Tim Scott's appointment to the US Senate.

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Ron Paul's encyclopedia: The Ron Paul Wiki Project

There's been a lot of grumbling that Dr. Paul hasn't had a dedicated wiki of his own. So utilizing exactly the same software as the world famous Wikipedia, we built one just for him. It's called the Ron Paul Wiki Project, and you can see it right now at

The Ron Paul Wiki Project is a live, interactive, shared resource to create a master archive containing all the speeches and appearances of Congressman Ron Paul.

These Pages hold the actual words of Ron Paul entirely free of commentary or interpretation.

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Special liberty-minded coverage of shooting

LIVE SPECIAL TRANSMISSION to cover the Connecticut Elementary School Massacre, starts at 5pm central/6pm eastern with Tripp Pugh and Chris Bronson - tune in: - call in number: (310) 388-9718

Matt Bracken, author of enemies foreign & domestic trilogy joins at 8pm central/9pm eastern.

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Calling all Twitter users interested in organizing to trend Liberty topics...

We have created a Facebook group to network Liberty minded Twitter users with the goal of getting important topics to trend using scheduled Twitterbombs. Twitter is a great way to get our ideas in front of a national audience and this group gives us the ability to coordinate our efforts. Hashtags topics are decided by the group and anyone is welcome to join. Is this something you guys would be interested in? If so check us out:

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Operation Bullhorn is in Pre-launch, Webmasters Are Needed

The new interactive platform to amplify the liberty message as spoken by Ron Paul is nearing the launch phase. If you have some webmastering abilities and can devote some time each week to the project, please contact Kevin at RonPaul2012Pasco [at] for details. In your email, provide a description and some background information of your internet skills. This information will be kept confidential. As a volunteer editor, you will be helping to build the largest search engine friendly archive of Congressman Ron Paul's message ever assembled.

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Live: Fed Chair Meets with Press After FOMC Meeting

Live at 12/12/12 02:15pm ET
On C-Span 3

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This article has been removed.

This article has been removed.

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The Liberty Amendment needs a logo - paying $2.50 for the best entry. In pre-1964 silver quarters.

The Liberty Amendment needs a catchy but classy logo - anyone out there with some graphics and marketing skills to help us out? And yes - I'm paying - $2.50 in 90% silver quarters. Any takers, or have a friend who could use some work?


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I'm going to grow Hemp

I live in the Yakima valley in Washington state and I'm a farmer. My wife, 1/2 year old, and I live with my parents on their farm and I help out, its a small place less than 20 acres and its mostly an alpaca farm. They aren't serious farmers, they have only had the place for 5 years now and both have full-time jobs on the side. I NEED TO GET MY OWN PLACE!

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Created 'the Liberty Movement' Google+ Community Today. Please Join!

Hey all, I'm a long time Liberty love and patron of the DP. I saw that Google+ has launched their Communities and I couldn't help but be a little reactive and stick flag down for Liberty.

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#CutThisFirst Twitterbomb Dec 11th 8:00pm EST

The Trending Liberty FB group is hosting a Twitterbomb to draw attention to specific cuts that need to be made before anyone thinks about raising taxes. Please join the group/event and tweet under the hashtag #CutThisFirst on Dec 11th @ 8:00pm EST to share what cuts YOU would make!

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"Get The Hell Out Of My Way!" What Does It Mean To You?

I looked up this famous quote from Atlas Shrugged and found a site called that lets you type in, in 500 characters or fewer, what a quotation means to you. Here's mine:!/235961/

It's easy to post your own definition of a quote. Don't know why mine should be the only one.

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How to build an AK from a $2 shovel

This crazy Russian built an AK out of a $2 shovel. His humorous step-by-step instructions (with plenty of photos) are here.

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