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Freedom Dating Site Needs Owner

Hey clan,
Approximately 1-2 years ago I began developing a Dating Website platform in hopes of serving the liberty movement. I have since then completely customized the site to provide a turnkey launch. For those who are curious, it's a skadate platform with custom code that allow for organizing events and unique forums based on location.

Other projects and demands keep me from launching and subsequently maintaining the site.

I'm asking $1000.

Advanced apologies to Michael if this isn't appropriate but I glanced the post guidelines and couldn't find an applicable prohibition :/

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A Texas Town's Political War on Volunteer Community Gardens

My friend asked if I could help her get the word out about this issue her and her friends are having with the City of Copperas Cove, TX.

Here's her story which can also be read on

If you feel compelled to help them battle the City, please sign her petition.


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Help Find the Missing Plane

by signing up for the challenge on tomnod to tag satellite images.

--- ---

Unless this guy beat you to it. Is this image the plane?

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Have Time Warner Cable?

In regards to the merger with Comcast....

On February 13, 2014, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Time Warner Cable Inc. distributed the following email to employees:

"....I know you’ll have a lot of questions, so I've set up a special email box. , and we’ll use Channel You to answer as many as we can, as quickly as we can."

Send those e-mails friends!


Update: Downloaded all the papers filed to the SEC by TWC.

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BITCOINERS help me test this software with $0.10 "donations"!

Hey guys, we released this bitcoin crowd funding thing for Wordpress and we kinda hurried to get it done for Texas Bitcoin Conference....which we're not even at but lots of others of us are....

ANYWAYS it would be a great help if you could hop on and just make $0.10 contributions to test it (or more if you just wanna be nice people and help fund this ware). $0.10 is something like 0.000149 BTC this morning.

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Pre-release to DP, free bitcoin crowd funding plugin for wordpress!


Our little development firm is once again a trend setter. Tomorrow at Texas Bitcoin Conference we launch our new "cryptoSpheric bitcoin crowd funding plugin for Wordpress". We're first to market, first in deployment of such a ware, having an instance publicly running right now. As far as we can tell, that is.

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Anyone going to texas bitcoin needing a crowd funding device this is for you.

Just in time for Texas Bitcoin Conference...

Me and Jimbo are releasing (what we beleive is) the first bitcoin crowd funding plugin for Wordpress on March 5th. If you are going to TBC and you wanna be doing crowd funding I think we can hook you up with an advance copy.

Get in touch ASAP, we're furiously trying to finish up the alpha release.

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Help Ben Swann Make Season 2 of the Truth in Media Project!

Season 1 amassed over a million views and saw the brand extend to Roku, multiple online formats and is now poised to become the first crowd funded content on Hulu and Amazon Prime!

Help us make season 2 a success at

To help spread word of the campaign Ben Swann is giving away an AR-15 from, sign up for a chance to win here!

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We The VJ - An Experiment in Decentralized Media / Music / Info

So, a while back I had an idea to help decentralize media. Now it's in an early BETA stage and could use your input. It's a website, but designed to behave more like a mobile app (remote control), and a TV app (streaming video).

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6-State California Breakup

I am working on the proposed 6-state ballot initiative in California and am looking for some enterprising folks who would like to launch an independent, professional signature gathering service that I can pay for their services. I am helping develop other campaigns, and this immediate project could springboard into semi-regular, paid, pro-liberty activism. These petition drives are an excellent way to indirectly get paid to distribute pro-liberty literature which should be the primary focus.

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Wcc Presidential Straw Poll -vote Online Now!

PASSWORD: wcc3189

Vote only for Rand and you can do so multiple times providing the fake email you enter has @ and .com/.org/.gov/etc in it.

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My wife is running for the House of Rep. for PA 12th Congressional District


My name is Joshua Jones and my wife, Katherine Jones, is running for the House of Representatives for Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District. We're both Constitutional Libertarian Conservatives that are as appalled with the state our country is in as much as everyone here. We've decided to take a page from Ron Paul's (our hero) playbook and run the Republican ticket.

This is her official Facebook page

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Online video chat ooVoo meetup group

I just started a video meeting with friends from Cali to Minnesota using ooVoo. Free on App Store. We have a lot of people from everywhere but it is a good way to start. We can start wide and if it's good we can start meeting more and more locally online.

We just need to set up a time and someone can start calling people and get everyone together. All you need is a webcam headset computer or a iPhone/smart phone with wifi. All I use is my iPhone 5 and my headset.

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Show Ron Paul some LOVE. Let's put him on top of the charts!

Part #2 of the "Meet Ron Paul" give away is here!!!

The goal of this giveaway is to show Ron Paul some love on Valentine's Day. To do this we will attempt to put his biography at the #1 spot in Amazon's "Best Selling Children's Biographies List". We have been to #8 before...let's top the charts!!!

Here is how you can win...

Step #1 go to and buy a copy of 'Meet Ron Paul' before midnight tonight February 14th EST.

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