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Harry's dirty China deal, call for his resignation now.

Flood his office(s) with calls and/or letters politely requesting or bluntly demanding, however you see fit, for his immediate resignation from his seat in the senate. The implications of his chosen assignment to the head of the BLM, and the deal his son had with the Chinese for the solar power project on Bundy's land are very serious at least. There is a huge conflict of interest here and this is an outright case of public corruption, as it clearly tells the tale of how the Cliven Bundy ranch stand-off came to be.

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MA Rep. Jim Lyons files Amendment to defund CCSS

Hi everybody.
It's been a while since I've posted, but we have been real busy building C4L here in Massachusetts. We have a great opportunity to fight CCSS with an Amendment to the state budget. We have a champion in Jim Lyons that was willing to file Amendment #67 to completely defund CCSS and PARCC. A Link to the amendment is here

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Open Thread: Please comment by picture postcard

Chris gave me this idea, from a dream he had.

The address is:

The Daily Paul
PO Box 16132
Seattle, WA 98116

I love getting mail, and I keep, and have in my possession, every piece of mail ever sent to the offices of the DP.

This will be like the DP's own little Post Secret

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2A Project: Tyranny vs Liberty - Connecticut Gun Control

Have Yall Seen These? It would seem like there are folks
in Connecticut that still love the Constitution...

So we made these...

Tyranny vs Liberty - Connecticut

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Families Should NOT Have To Move For Medical Marijuana

Families are uprooting their lives and separating from each other in order to get medical marijuana to save the lives of their children. The stories are heart breaking.

Please check out and share this campaign being started by a friend of mine who is trying to make a difference and create a path for these families to be able to stay together and further legalizing medical marijuana in all 50 states for those who need it.

His campaign page is here


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UPDATE MuckrakerStore now officially open, IndieGoGo in full swing

See updates inline.

muck•rak•er - noun : An investigative journalist who seeks to expose corruption or scandal, especially in politics and public affairs.

(All are Copyright Muckraker, Inc - ya, know, private property rights. ;)

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Drudge Reports Prohibitionist Propaganda

I usually check the Drudge Report once or twice a day and have so for several years. One thing that always disturbed me was his obsession with prohibitionist reefer madness propaganda.

In this thread I will attempt to catalog and debunk Drudge's reefer madness propaganda in real time as he post it. Everyone is free to join in and help debunk it or post anything I miss.

Up first is this gem he posted a few days ago about an internal non boarder checkpoint where medical marijuana edibles were found.....

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Dhs Libs

OK this will be a game thread for a Mad Libs style game called DHS Libs full title The Interdepartmental Homeland Security Phrasal Template Word Game or "Freedom and Safety" for short. The game was inspired by ralf hornsby's comment in
this thread.

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Logo design volunteer needed for exciting Activist Project

Hello fellow activists! In case you don't know me, I was the Co-founder of the Ron Paul Revolution march in 2008. I was also the owner of Ron Paul Radio / Revolution Broadcasting from 2008 trough 2010. I have interviewed Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Naomi Wolf, Edwin Vieira, Ken Synder, Chuck Baldwin, and many more.

I am currently in the process of launching the first activist project that I have worked on since 2010. I am looking for a graphic artist with a passion for change, and a talent for creating visuals that inspire passion in others.

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Daily Paul Pets

We're all in this Arc together.
Please post pics of your pets and their party affiliations.

This is Maggie. She is a sweetheart and has total adherence to the non-aggression principle. Party - Libertarian

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Freedom Dating Site Needs Owner

Hey clan,
Approximately 1-2 years ago I began developing a Dating Website platform in hopes of serving the liberty movement. I have since then completely customized the site to provide a turnkey launch. For those who are curious, it's a skadate platform with custom code that allow for organizing events and unique forums based on location.

Other projects and demands keep me from launching and subsequently maintaining the site.

I'm asking $1000.

Advanced apologies to Michael if this isn't appropriate but I glanced the post guidelines and couldn't find an applicable prohibition :/

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A Texas Town's Political War on Volunteer Community Gardens

My friend asked if I could help her get the word out about this issue her and her friends are having with the City of Copperas Cove, TX.

Here's her story which can also be read on

If you feel compelled to help them battle the City, please sign her petition.


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Help Find the Missing Plane

by signing up for the challenge on tomnod to tag satellite images.

--- ---

Unless this guy beat you to it. Is this image the plane?

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Have Time Warner Cable?

In regards to the merger with Comcast....

On February 13, 2014, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Time Warner Cable Inc. distributed the following email to employees:

"....I know you’ll have a lot of questions, so I've set up a special email box. , and we’ll use Channel You to answer as many as we can, as quickly as we can."

Send those e-mails friends!


Update: Downloaded all the papers filed to the SEC by TWC.

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BITCOINERS help me test this software with $0.10 "donations"!

Hey guys, we released this bitcoin crowd funding thing for Wordpress and we kinda hurried to get it done for Texas Bitcoin Conference....which we're not even at but lots of others of us are....

ANYWAYS it would be a great help if you could hop on and just make $0.10 contributions to test it (or more if you just wanna be nice people and help fund this ware). $0.10 is something like 0.000149 BTC this morning.

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