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Get Ron Paul's new book with free shipping on Amazon

Ron Paul's new book, The School Revolution, ships out September 17th. The Amazon price is listed at $13.80. Amazon is offering free shipping for orders over $25. If you add a paperback copy of "Meet Ron Paul" (the Ron Paul biography for youth) to your cart it will put you at $25.49 for both books and get you free shipping. This could be a good opportunity to have quality reading time for you and your kids.

Just a thought.

Thank you all for your support,
Mat Blankenship

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Money Bomb 4 Justin Amash - Sep 17 - Sep 19

Let's launch a liberty attack on the establishment that starts with this money bomb - September 17 to September 19.

As a strong defender of the Constitution Justin Amash had taken on the establishment and stood up for the people of this country.

He had never missed a vote, either as a Michigan State Representative or as a Federal District Representative.

GOP Representative receives from the Republican party an average of 75k every three months. Justin does not.

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I Have An Idea to Bombard the Internet...Help?


I'm sitting here at home in Virginia trying to find quotes from our Republican candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. While each of them are not 100% concise with my viewpoints, each one of them is the best hope Virginia has at the moment to retain and hopefully gain any liberties we have/had. As I peruse the internet for information, almost EVERYTHING I see/read are attacks and twisted news articles.

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Petition Your State Reps: All Police Must Wear Cameras

I've set up a petition to State reps to require that all police officers wear cameras when they are interacting with the public.

The state level is where we've seen we can make real changes. This is something that would dramatically reduce all of the violence from a police force that is basically out of control.

The petition is here:


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Trenton Independent Gazette goes LIVE, Sanity Check Adds Philly Broadcasting!

The Trenton Independent Gazette has gone live! Visit the site at Some articles are:

An urgent message from Jesse Epps
Outside the BOX: Interview with Jason Scheurer
Educating through media for the common good
The People vs. Tony Mack
A dream shared with MLK

We are just getting starting in Trenton, but have been active in PA for quite a while (

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UPDATE 2*Call Congress!* What is really going on in the Middle East? Ask a Christian in Aleppo, Syria, the AP, and "The Week"

The rebel blockade has lasted three months. Prices for bare necessities have skyrocketed, and a bag of lentils that once cost the Syrian equivalent of $1 now costs between $5 and $10. One church that had been feeding 30,000 Syrians has been forced to cease doing so simply because they don't have the means to anymore. What sort of government will the rebels bring to Syria, if this is the sort of 'government' they are enforcing now?

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We Need a List of Allies Across the Aisle

I was reading a post by Blue Republic concerning Rush Holt (D-NJ) submitting legislation to repeal the Patriot Act. Seems that much like Alan Grayson concerning the Fed, Kucinich concerning foreign policy, Congressman Holt is an ally in liberty concerning this issue. I believe we need to identify more populist Democrats that we would be more engaged with so that we know who the statist Democrats are (the enemy). It is just my thinking that a one-party system is not a good idea.... even if it is a libertarian party. Why shouldn't we pick our opposition on the other side?

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South Carolina Poll, Lindsey Graham 42% Bright 13% Mace 10% Cash 7%

Lindsey Graham is toast.

all told, Lindsey is only 13 points ahead of the challengers, and the race has just begun!!!!!!!!

Once thought to be a sure bet for re-election, a new poll shows that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has seen his support fall among South Carolina Republicans, as his three primary challengers begin their campaigns against him.

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Common Law Grand Jury - Erie PA - Anyone Else Doing This?

Hello DP!

We are creating a local Common Law Grand Jury here in Erie PA!

Anyone else involved in their local county doing so?

Wasn't sure how this was going to work out, but I think I understand a bit more how it goes.

Locally we had a law passed against an open carry rally in the city.
Open carry is legal in PA.

Therefore, a CLGJ could rule that this is unConstitutional and hand verdict to judge to rule on. '

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Project to make a simple encrypted email

Hello, I wanted to mention that I'm starting to raise funds to build an encrypted email system to protect our emails from government spying. The Project is called Mailelf and will be a free, open source program that anyone can download and run which will use your existing email accounts and add encryption to them.

I would love to get feedback on the project and answer any questions you may have about how the system works. You can find more information on the project page:

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Stephanopoulos Clams Up When Questioned on Racism

When interviewed on racism George Stephanopoulos refuses to answer a simple question: if you conclude that someone has bad character, because they are black, is that racist. A softball question if there ever was one. When asked if there was something wrong with the question he said no, nonetheless he clams up. For a guy who loves to talk, it's amazing to see George clam up when Jan questions him on racism.

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Need Sign Idea for #NoWarWithSyria Protest Tomorrow Morning

I need a good idea for a sign for tomorrow's #NoWarWithSyria protest in San Antonio. Think short and sweet and controversial. Preferably no cuss words in case we can gain some press. The sign will be 18" x 24". I don't need artwork, just a great slogan. Ready go!

Best idea gets a free car badge!

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Liberty Republican TJ Fabby Is Now The Front Runner in race forTexas State House District 10!

State Rep. Jim Pitts, R-Waxahachie, the powerful chairman of the Texas House Appropriations Committee is retiring.

This makes his 2014 primary opponent T J Fabby.. the front runner.! Fabby ran in the 2012 primary against Pitts, and garnered 26.95% of the vote in a 4 way race, coming in 2nd.

he is a big supporter of Liberty, he is running on a platform of the 10th Amendment, and ending Property Taxes in Texas!

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Mail President Obama a Box of Crayola Crayons with the Red one Removed

Effective cost is about $2.25 per mailing.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

I just want to take the childish toys away. This red line business is kindergarten nonsense. Wiele E Coyote Acme bomb bullsh*t.

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Bad News: Miley Cyrus has a biography for youth written about her. Good News: So does Ron Paul

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and many other "awesome role models" have biographies written about them that target youth. This is one of the biggest reason I felt the need to write the book, "Meet Ron Paul." We can do better.

Sure, Dr. Paul was never president but neither was MLK, Rosa Parks, Ben Franklin, or Thomas Edison. Ron Paul deserves to have a spot on that bookshelf. More importantly, our kids deserve to have a Ron Paul biography to read in contrast to Miley, the Bieb, or any other of today's role models.

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