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California Grassroots Group "Free California" Launches Colorado-Style Recalls Over Gun Laws

Full article here:

Thursday at 10:45 a.m., a grassroots group called "Free California" launched Colorado-style recalls on the west steps of the California State Capitol.

These come less than two weeks after California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed sweeping new gun control measures, including a lead ammo ban and an expansion of the criminal firearm storage statute.

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Ideas for 7th and 8th Grade Constitution and Liberty Test

H i all, I have an idea and am looking for input.

My daughter goes to a charter school, and this year the 7th and 8th combined class (20 kids) are going to take a trip to D.C. in March. In an effort to reduce costs to each family, the students and class are constantly fundraising to pay for the trip.

My idea, funded by myself, would be to offer each student to take a test, that when completed and graded at a 88% or higher, would earn that student $100. Here are the requirements I have come up with so far-

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Gun Owners Of America Endorses Ken Cuccinelli For Governor of Virginia.

"Gun Owners of America has proudly endorsed Ken Cuccinelli for governor."

Here is the link to the full endorsement:

"There couldn’t be a more stark difference between the two leading choices in this November’s governor race.

As we told you in previous alerts, Ken Cuccinelli has developed a long history of fighting for our gun rights.

He has been one of the premier leaders in this state who has pushed for the right to carry concealed … pushed to repeal gun bans … pushed to keep gun owners’ information private, and much more"

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New Blog - Freedom

Hi everyone,

I'm a long-time DP reader and Ron Paul supporter. This is my first time posting to the DP. You may remember another blog that I ran during the 2008 election.

I've started a new project that I'm hoping you'll take a minute to review and provide feedback on. It's This is a new blog I'm starting. Only a couple of posts at the moment and a fair bit more work to do, but take a look and let me know what you think. Also, let me know if there's anything you'd like to see me cover.

Freedom Crier

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Moneybomb! Robert Sarvis running for governor of Virginia

Wow, have any of you heard of Robert Sarvis yet? He is a really impressive Liberty candidate running for the governor of Virginia right now and he has studied at Cambridge and Harvard university, he is very smart, and has even won an app design competition from Google (now the world's third most valuable company). He also has a very diverse family and believes in the same values and philosophy we do here at the dailypaul. And best of all his poll numbers are doing very well, but he needs all the help he can get.

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There's A Mole At The Daily Paul

Dearest friends,

Que paso amigos - sorry to be the bad-news bearer but here it is: we have a mole.

Someone has been leaking our stories, views, dissertations, and egregious attempts at humor to the outside world. They might even be spying on us.

By way of speculation it is suspected that these individuals are using the TWITTER, FACEBOOK, REDDIT, STUMBLEUPON, and very infrequently the GOOGLE PLUS-1 icons to LEAK OUR STUFF to the outside world.

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The Daily Paul poem of the week - idea

It would be a pleasure to contribute a weekly original poem specifically oriented towards the issues raised here at the DP. And it would be the greater hope that all who read the weekly piece and find inspiration or emotional tugging would share it with those they know or love.

I am brimming with ideas and I have reached a point where I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, whether in the form of criticism, thanks, indifference or promotion AND I thank all of you here for not only coming here but contributing at very least.


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Ron Paul Declares War On Michael Bloomberg And Planned Parenthood In Virginia!

Ron Paul has finally got involved in the race for governor of Virginia!
here is his very strong endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli from yesterday:

"My good friend Donna Holt put it best by saying; “Ken Cuccinelli has been the most pro-liberty legislator and Attorney General we have ever had in Virginia. He is the only one who has consistently worked with the Liberty movement and the only one who has the guts to stand up to Washington"

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Freelance writing - no copyrights, no ownership - project!

I am contemplating an official non-registered, freelance writing endeavor, the basic premise of which will be to provide my writing services as dedication poems. These dedication poems can be for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, assuming the request doesn't propose an infringement upon someone else's copyrighted material.

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Thank you Micheal

for allowing me to so to speak grow up on this site.

I will admit that before joining your community here I was naive about trolls/schills. As to people actually being paid to confuse, disrupt or creating division among its members. Yea trolls have been since the creation of the net but had no concept of people being paid to do it.

Any way I have decided to create a website that will be for sharing ideas of liberty and how to get our nation back to the Constitution.
This site will be linked to a newspaper.

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Time for Occupy the Parks Movement

It is time for We the People to take a stand against the thugs in D.C.

I am sickened watching old men who fought for our country being arrested and carried off simply for exercising their First amendment rights. The closing of the parks is nothing more than our President trying to inflict as much pain upon the people, and then blame the Republicans. There is no good reason to fence in the memorials and close the national parks. When Detroit closed their parks, they just abandoned them and did no upkeep.

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Investor Activists wanted

I'm looking for potential real estate investors to establish homes dedicated to the liberty movement. I believe there is a use for such homes by offering an alternative to the traditional learning institutions to ambitious liberty minded individuals. A project like this could act as inspiration to others to reconsider how their own property is used and managed.

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Libertarian Charity In Action

Hey everyone, for all the talk we do about supporting voluntary charity and opposing government healthcare, I've got a friend who could really use our support. She's a beautiful 26 year old lady who recently found out she's got a tumor on her brain stem. Brain surgery is extremely expensive. She's just had it partially removed at the Mayo clinic and is facing bankruptcy and a very tough life ahead.

She's a liberal Democrat who once told me she liked Ron Paul... and ever since then I've been trying to convert her. Help me finish the job.

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