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LIVE: The Jeff Treubig Show: Bitcoin: Bull Market or Bubble? 1-855-873-8244

Call in live!! The Jeff Treubig Show. Call 855-873-8244 press 2.

7PM EST- Midnight? Maybe longer? We'll see.

We do an open format for you to call in and speak your mind. Don't be shy, give it a try!! Call in now - let's get the Bitcoin conversation started! Let's hear what you have to say. We're live and waiting.

Join us in Daily Paul Chat too.

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Hunger Games Activism

Hunger Games 2 comes out this friday. I have read the books and saw the first movie. Contrary to what some in the media portray, it is an anti-statist movie and can be very useful to the Liberty movement.

As the much anticipated movie comes out next friday, I pieced together some flyer material that I plan on distributing to people entering and exiting the movie theater. You can view the materials below. Feel free to share and I would be happy to hear suggestions.




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Can we Still help Ben Swann get a super bowl commercial?

Since intuit didn't pick Ben Swann to the last round of the Superbowl ad contest, I was wondering if we could do it ourselves. it costs about $4m for a Superbowl commercial. The one day record for a Ron Paul money bomb is $6m Now, I know people are not going to be as enthused about a Swann commercial as RP's campaign, but keep in mind the 6m figure is 1.5x the necessary amount, and it was in ONE DAY!

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I'm a software engineer hoping to contribute to the Freedom Movement

I'm not very active on DP but I've been an avid reader for several years. This community has inspired me in so many ways. My two passions in life are liberty and software engineering. I've tried numerous times in the past to tie the two together and nothing has ever really worked out. I respect Michael Nystrom so much for what he has done here.

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Help Starving Children In The Philippines.

So many times I have been on this site and debated philosophy, economics, and war. Many times we have forgotten all the great things we use to do. Remember the time we raised money and food for Japan during the tsunami. Well our brothers and sisters in the Philippines need our help. My friend who is a libertarian and a huge Ron Paul supporter needs our help. His mother runs an orphanage in the Philippines and needs some serious help because the kids are starving. Please read the article he has written. Please if you can donate to this organization its a great cause, and they need our help.

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Anybody with video equipment want to help knock Graham out?

This is for an anti-Lindsey Graham project.

I have a project for anybody with video equipment that would want to volunteer their time in either Columbia, SC or Greenville/Spartanburg, SC.

It would require about 30-45 minutes of your time, not including driving time.

Anyways, if you have professional grade audio and video equipment, please comment below if you're interested. I will give you more details in private.

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Haiyan typhoon appeal

You probably heard and see on the news what happen in Philippines right now. Our country was battered and badly hit by the typhoon. The area that was devastated was just close to my hometown. Fortunately, we did not suffer that bad although food, water and gas is already not available. My close friend organise a search and rescue volunteer from my town to help out our neighbouring towns. These are boots on the ground who knows the area well and they are the once who goes to the remote areas that charity and relief group do not go.

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Simple thing - fly your state flag

I'd like to promote a very simple project that should appeal to a wide cross-section of us. And it is very simple:

Don't just refuse to fly the US flag... Fly your state flag *instead* of the US flag.

It is a small but visible reminder that the people of your state have their own sovereignty. And when people comment on your flag choice, you can educate them about the structure of our republic, and about your support for [pick something meaningful to you: smaller govt, state's rights, nullification, ratifying conventions, liberty movement, whatever].

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Happy Birthday Marines! From Oath Keepers



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Sudden Twists in Amish Girl's Forced Chemo: Is the Hospital Backing Out? Exclusive Interview...

Part 3 -- Sudden Twists in Amish Girl's Forced Chemo: Is the Hospital Backing Out? Exclusive Interview...

and Girl is said to be cancer free. Parents explain details of the illegal and unethical treatment they have recieved

Fundaiser approaching $12,000

Please help make this go viral !!!

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Dr. Ron Paul Asking Veterans to Share Their Military Experiences: Month of November

Veterans Day? Try Veterans Month.

Subscribe and we'll give Ron Paul Channel to a Vet tired of the repeated government bleating of "support our troops" that holds no weight when these men and women lay down life and limb, only to come home and find no support in place for them?

A single day is not enough to honor, tell the truth to those who have sacrificed so much in expensive, illegal, and often times unethical wars.

That's why we're celebrating Veteran's month on Ron Paul Channel.

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Art Robinson Is Running For US Congress Again, Endorsed By Ron Paul Twice!

Ron Paul endorsed Art Robinson twice before, hopefully 3 times will be the charm!
Art was elected Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party earlier this year, a big victory for Liberty.

Art Robinson to Face DeFazio Again
November 5, 2013
State GOP Chair Art Robinson has filed to run for Congressional District 4, currently occupied by Peter DeFazio.

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Bitcoin Self-Defense, Part I: Wallet Protection

Bitcoin Self-Defense, Part I: Wallet Protection
by Vitalik Buterin on May 16, 2013

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Libertarian Governor Candidate Adrian Wyllie Speaking @ South Florida String Festival Nov 10th!

Hi everyone! A month or so ago I posted here asking for ideas of how to represent the Liberty movement at String Fest this year. Well, since then we have been in touch with Libertarian Candidate Adrian Wyllie, and he will be coming to speak at South Florida String Festival on Nov 10th in Hollywood Florida.

We need your help!! If anyone would like to come support Adrian and this epic Festival please contact me. I would be happy to provide discounted tickets to DailyPaul members. We would like to have as many Liberty minded people out to enjoy an amazing festival with us as possible.

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Foundation Establishes Amish Health Freedom Fund for Sarah

The Foundations for Health Education has established Sarah's Health Freedom Fund.

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