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Austin Tx: Meet Ben Swann, Dwayne Stovall, Congressman Steve Stockman and more! Jan. 18

Ben will be talking about his experiences with the liberty movement and tea party nationwide and featuring content from his Reality Check shows and his new online network.

Tickets start at just $15 with RLC membership, $24 for students and $30 general admission. All tickets include buffet lunch and all events except VIP reception after party.

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Open Challenge: Find Opponents of Liberty Willing to Debate

Invite them to the DailyPaul, if they have the cojones, so I can destroy them. Might as well use me as a resource for wrecking our opponents rather than just tearing through all our internal debates like a razorblade hurricane.

I am not aware that I've ever lost a debate, and it might be fun to see if someone from the Huffpo or some other rag would want step into the lion's den and take their medicine.

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Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Brigadier General Mark Bircher For Florida Special Election

RLC Endorses Mark Bircher in January 14th Florida CD14 Special Election
Submitted by Matt Nye on Thu, 01/02/2014 - 09:55

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - The Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce its endorsement of Brigadier General Mark Bircher for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

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Just Exactly How Evil Is Your State Representative? You Know You Want To Know :)

Texans: have you ever wondered just exactly how Conservative, Liberal, or Pro Liberty your Texas State Representative is? Well now you can know! We have 150 of these suckers, find out about yours.
You may be surprised how good (or bad) your incumbent is.
I have taken the time to get together some of the most important votes, scorecards, and ranking systems. Please care, and please enjoy! Remember sharing is caring :)
Any and all comments, suggestions, additions, and opinions by Texans and others are VERY welcome here. So here goes:

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Ron Paul Endorses Dr. Greg Brannon For U.S Senate In North Carolina!

Ron Paul Endorses Greg Brannon! Tom Woods and Rand Paul have also endorsed Greg Brannon. Here it is:

Dear XXX,

“If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it.”

Americans heard that line so many times in the lead up to the votes on ObamaCare in 2009, many people actually believed it.

Now, we’re seeing that promise wasn’t true as Americans all over the country are feeling the crunch from this disastrous law.

I was proud to vote against ObamaCare.

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Operation Rescue Japanese Homeless People

I propose a project to expatriate and relocate homeless or other socially undesirable people in Japan being recruited for dangerous work on the Fukishima plant.

All the fine upstanding Japanese folks got themselves into the mess and those same fine upstanding folks ought to be the ones who die from radiation exposure getting themselves out of it.

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New Jersey ~ Second Congressional District

In 2010 I took a crack at congress and the state GOP couldn't get me to court fast enough. I was forced to withdraw my name because of lack of signatures and the fact that in New Jersey you can not sign both a general election petition and a primary election petition.

In 2012 like many others my job and finances prevented me from doing anything except caring for my family.

Therefor I am taking another crack at it.
If only for the singular reason to give the people of the 2nd district a real and fundamental choice in 2014.

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DE Gun Grabbers

The Delaware state legislature will be back in session by mid-January and the stakes couldn't be higher.

The Gun Grabbers are planning to ram through legislation as soon as they reconvene in less than a month.

First State Liberty PAC was successful last year in derailing most of Gov. Markell's Gun Grab Package.

Especially successful in sinking HB-88, Markell's Mental Health Monitoring Bill, even though the NRA in Delaware supported it!

In less than a month from now, this is what we'll see:

•So-called "Safe School" Gun Bans (HB-67)
•Magazine Capacity Limits bill (HB-58)

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Retire Lindsey Graham Money Bomb!

 photo RT9JZQE_zps9151f21d.png



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U.S Marine Brigadier General Joins The R3VOLution! (St. Petersburg Florida)

Former U.S Marine Brigadier General Mark Bircher has joined The R3VOLution!

He is running for U.S Congress in Florida CD 13 in the Special Election Republican Primary, which will take place on January 14 2014.

District 13 is located in Pinellas County Florida, it includes an area from Dunedin to western and northern St. Petersburg.
Click these links to see if you are in the district:

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Buy gold with bitcoin - Amagi Metals vs. Agora Commodities

I placed four identical orders with four different vendors offering gold and silver for bitcoin. During the purchases, there were several unexpected events that I have documented on a website for this purpose.

If you are planning to buy gold with bitcoin, you could read my reviews first. When I purchased from Amagi Metals and Agora Commodities, one of them added a ridiculous extra shipping fee when the bitcoin currency was selected. The screenshots are provided on the site.

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Brannon Claus needs Raleigh Elves!

Brannon Claus needs Raleigh Elves! the following is from Greg Brannon's facebook page:

***Raleigh Area: Please see this message from my Political Director***

We need elves!

Santa isn't the only one working overtime this month! We've got multiple mail and data projects that must be finished before next Friday, and we could really use your help.

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Chapter 3 of my book is available for reading

As you all may or may not know I'm working on starting a writing career and as such I'm slowly working out the kinks on my debut book. Its for younger audiences and its designed to gently promote the idea of individualism and decentralization.

you can check out Chapter 3 here:

or catch up from the beginning here:

Let me know what you think.

A new Chapter will be out every other week. Up to 10 Chapters in total (out of 30)

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Truth In Media? We Have A ROKU Channel For That! Ben Swann ROKU!

Hopefully this is just the first of many new places we'll be able to expose the masses to Ben Swann's hard hitting investigative journalism!!details/35662/ben-swann-truth-in-media

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