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Sudden Twists in Amish Girl's Forced Chemo: Is the Hospital Backing Out? Exclusive Interview...

Part 3 -- Sudden Twists in Amish Girl's Forced Chemo: Is the Hospital Backing Out? Exclusive Interview...

and Girl is said to be cancer free. Parents explain details of the illegal and unethical treatment they have recieved

Fundaiser approaching $12,000

Please help make this go viral !!!

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Dr. Ron Paul Asking Veterans to Share Their Military Experiences: Month of November

Veterans Day? Try Veterans Month.

Subscribe and we'll give Ron Paul Channel to a Vet tired of the repeated government bleating of "support our troops" that holds no weight when these men and women lay down life and limb, only to come home and find no support in place for them?

A single day is not enough to honor, tell the truth to those who have sacrificed so much in expensive, illegal, and often times unethical wars.

That's why we're celebrating Veteran's month on Ron Paul Channel.

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Art Robinson Is Running For US Congress Again, Endorsed By Ron Paul Twice!

Ron Paul endorsed Art Robinson twice before, hopefully 3 times will be the charm!
Art was elected Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party earlier this year, a big victory for Liberty.

Art Robinson to Face DeFazio Again
November 5, 2013
State GOP Chair Art Robinson has filed to run for Congressional District 4, currently occupied by Peter DeFazio.

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Bitcoin Self-Defense, Part I: Wallet Protection

Bitcoin Self-Defense, Part I: Wallet Protection
by Vitalik Buterin on May 16, 2013

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Libertarian Governor Candidate Adrian Wyllie Speaking @ South Florida String Festival Nov 10th!

Hi everyone! A month or so ago I posted here asking for ideas of how to represent the Liberty movement at String Fest this year. Well, since then we have been in touch with Libertarian Candidate Adrian Wyllie, and he will be coming to speak at South Florida String Festival on Nov 10th in Hollywood Florida.

We need your help!! If anyone would like to come support Adrian and this epic Festival please contact me. I would be happy to provide discounted tickets to DailyPaul members. We would like to have as many Liberty minded people out to enjoy an amazing festival with us as possible.

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Foundation Establishes Amish Health Freedom Fund for Sarah

The Foundations for Health Education has established Sarah's Health Freedom Fund.

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Quick Online Vote to Help My Friend Win A New Truck to Build Community Gardens, Voting Ends 11/3

A liberty friend just asked me:

Hey Rob! I don't do this often, but could you do me a quick favor and vote for our Community Gardens program in this contest? Voting ends TODAY. If we win we will get a much needed truck to haul materials to build gardens with. All you have to do is click on this link and vote for Green Spaces Alliance. Thanks for your help!!

Vote here:

It took me all of 10 seconds!

If you'd like to learn more about the project, visit these links:

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Ron Paul Coming To Virginia Monday November 4th 2013 Greater Richmond Convention Center

8:00pm until 10:00pm in EST. 403 North Third Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219

You lucky dogs! :)

Here is the facebook event:

You need tickets, but they are free

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Dallas Area: Need Grassroots Support, Stat

Hello fine DPers,

Don Huffines has officially announced that he's running against incumbent Senator John Carona. Huffines is a long-time friend of Dr. Paul.

Huffines is a great, honest dude with whom I've personally met to discuss his goals. One such goal is to work FOR the people, not for the government. He's pretty laid back, considering he homeschooled his kids, runs a real estate company and is now running for office.

I really dig that he doesn't talk to you like a politician, he's a normal person hoping to represent people like him in the Texas senate.

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Happy 24th Birthday YG364!

Oooo YG, you little firecracker
you ball of fire, will and spirit
You fighting heart, you glowing spark
self burning, independent, ohh soo smart
(for a girl, anyway)
You're a pearl, come and play
With us, we love you!
Happy birthday, darling!
No fun without you
You deserve all your wishes
but don't go and leave us
today's all about you
You complete us

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Watching the World Series? GAME 5 UPDATE

Fourth Inning and ST Louis' leadoff hitter just tied the score

It's the 7th inning...Boston has rallied from a deficit.
I'm catching this ....
...on a British linkup....
I had noticed a lack of links to streams in recent days.
The commercials are...well..."different"?'s a WORLD SERIES LINK below for ya.

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Both Of John Boehner's Primary Challengers Have Been Taking Questions On Daily Paul.

I made this thread over a month ago, since that time Both of these gentlemen have found this thread, joined the DP. And have answered some questions in the comments below.

Come on Ohio, take the RINO down! You can do it!

The race for Ohio’s 8th district seat — now held by House Speaker John Boehner — is getting downright crowded. So far, three candidates have declared they will challenge the West Chester Republican and 12-term congressman.

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California Grassroots Group "Free California" Launches Colorado-Style Recalls Over Gun Laws

Full article here:

Thursday at 10:45 a.m., a grassroots group called "Free California" launched Colorado-style recalls on the west steps of the California State Capitol.

These come less than two weeks after California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed sweeping new gun control measures, including a lead ammo ban and an expansion of the criminal firearm storage statute.

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Ideas for 7th and 8th Grade Constitution and Liberty Test

H i all, I have an idea and am looking for input.

My daughter goes to a charter school, and this year the 7th and 8th combined class (20 kids) are going to take a trip to D.C. in March. In an effort to reduce costs to each family, the students and class are constantly fundraising to pay for the trip.

My idea, funded by myself, would be to offer each student to take a test, that when completed and graded at a 88% or higher, would earn that student $100. Here are the requirements I have come up with so far-

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