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FREE Event for Parents of PreK12 Parents - Education Options EXPO

Would you like to learn about the private EDUCATION options you have as a parent of a Pre12 student?

Then come learn from the pros on March 15, 2014 in Cupertino, CA for the Education Options EXPO (

The Education Options EXPO is an exhibition where parents and professional educators meet face-to-face to explore the educational options available for their child now.

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To many Canary's in the mine. Justin Briber can stay!

There came a time even when Paul Revere stopped informing and started fighting. I'm saddened by the poor response of my post. But Thanks for pointing out a grammar error... That has to be my most important lesson from here.

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Ron Paul 2016! Please sign to let Dr. Paul know you want him to run again!

Please sign this petition at the bottom by going to the attached web address.

Ron Paul,

We want you to run for President again. We stood by you in 2008, 2012, and we will stand by you in 2016. The time we supporters have spent electioneering for you has been well spent! It has made a long lasting impact and our country is awakening to the message of Liberty. We Ron Paul supporters now control more then a foothold in the Political infrastructure of this country. So let’s exploit it!

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Feb 11th NSA protest


If you're in the US: Thousands of websites will host banners urging people to call/email Congress. Plans may change, but we intend to ask legislators to oppose the FISA Improvements Act, support the USA Freedom Act, and enact protections for non-Americans.

If you're not in the US: Visitors will be asked to urge appropriate targets to institute privacy protections.

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Anyone live in the Sarasota, FL area?

Hey people,

I'm in the Sarasota area in Florida. I was wondering if any other people wanted to meet up and see what kind of changes we can do on a local level. It could be fun.

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Today Is The Florida District 13 Special Election, RLC Endorsed General Mark Bircher on Ballot.

The Florida District 13 Special Election is today, January 14 2014. Those of you in Pinellas County Florida, Please consider voting for Mark Bircher.

Polls are now open! Please remind your friends and family to get to the polls before 7:00 PM this evening. Your voting location can be found at:

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To Michael Nystrom And The Ron Paul Revolution: No More Facebook!

Hello, Michael and everyone.

I have been struggling with this issue for so long and this is THE PERFECT NETWORK to vent my frustration and ask this community for a solution.


I never liked it and now EVEN LESS. I really liked MYSPACE how it was in the beginning. In fact I was one of the last people on my Myspace Network to move over to Facebook. I only did when Myspace DESTROYED our ability to comment and message and wiped out years of memories.

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Please help me make Larken Rose a 1000 Josie wanted posters

hi every one

Larken Rose is going to drive from Pennsylvania to Arizona. To
speak at the Freedom Summit put on by the one and only Ernest Hancock. I have the money to go But would rather hand screen print up a 1000
Josie the posters for larken to post up and past out on his way home. For him to promote the s#!t out of Josie's message of liberty like wild fire.
But I still would like to go to the Summit. That's why Im asking if you could Pitch in a little FRNs, gold dust, sliver dimes, or Bitcoin. so I could still get in.

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Fluoride in my Borough.

How does one get fluoride removed from their local "medicine water"? I'm not sure where I should start.

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New Band Project Aimed at Heading Revolution :)

When I first heard Ron Paul talking about every revolution needing music and youth something clicked, and I knew I wanted to be one of the people creating the music. I have brought my band to what I consider the ultimate test, The Daily Paul. Without further delay I present to you, Dead Horsemen Revival!

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Help Ben Swann Win a Shorty Award!

I just nominated Ben Swann for a Shorty Award - - Please join me - lets get a win for an independent journalist!

"The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media. Millions of people participate in The Shortys to recognize individuals and organizations producing great content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare and the rest of the social web. The 6th annual ceremony will be held in New York City and livestreamed on the web on April 7, 2014."

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Austin Tx: Meet Ben Swann, Dwayne Stovall, Congressman Steve Stockman and more! Jan. 18

Ben will be talking about his experiences with the liberty movement and tea party nationwide and featuring content from his Reality Check shows and his new online network.

Tickets start at just $15 with RLC membership, $24 for students and $30 general admission. All tickets include buffet lunch and all events except VIP reception after party.

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Open Challenge: Find Opponents of Liberty Willing to Debate

Invite them to the DailyPaul, if they have the cojones, so I can destroy them. Might as well use me as a resource for wrecking our opponents rather than just tearing through all our internal debates like a razorblade hurricane.

I am not aware that I've ever lost a debate, and it might be fun to see if someone from the Huffpo or some other rag would want step into the lion's den and take their medicine.

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Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Brigadier General Mark Bircher For Florida Special Election

RLC Endorses Mark Bircher in January 14th Florida CD14 Special Election
Submitted by Matt Nye on Thu, 01/02/2014 - 09:55

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - The Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce its endorsement of Brigadier General Mark Bircher for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

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Just Exactly How Evil Is Your State Representative? You Know You Want To Know :)

Texans: have you ever wondered just exactly how Conservative, Liberal, or Pro Liberty your Texas State Representative is? Well now you can know! We have 150 of these suckers, find out about yours.
You may be surprised how good (or bad) your incumbent is.
I have taken the time to get together some of the most important votes, scorecards, and ranking systems. Please care, and please enjoy! Remember sharing is caring :)
Any and all comments, suggestions, additions, and opinions by Texans and others are VERY welcome here. So here goes:

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