An interesting piece of multimedia.
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Doug Casey New Interview: Do We Need A State?

This is an interesting interview. Although I don't agree with everything Mr. Casey says, he certainly has his thinking cap on!

Here's the Interview:


"Bigger is not better when it comes to states and governments."

"If the state had not dissipated trillions and trillions of dollars with its warfare and its welfare, there would be enough capital in existence that we would probably be several generations of technology ahead of where we are..."

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Breakfast Television: Marc and Jodie Emery’s Pot Platform

POT TV - The Prince and Princess of Pot joined Breakfast Television to talk about the latest on prison, marijuana legalization and the future of Canadian politics.
From BT: "Marc Emery and his wife Jodie reflect on their sacrifice, their politics, and where the fight to legalize marijuana goes from here."

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Sarah McLachlan - Train Wreck

Sarah McLachlan - Train Wreck

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Dallas DEA harasses citizen journalist

This weeks episode of #FirstAmendmentFriday brings me to the Drug Enforcement Administration's Dallas Tx office. Filming from a public sidewalk, the agents approach me in typical government thug fashion.

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Scary pavlovian response

Scary, knee-jerk, reflexive pavlovian response to 'pop' music. Can you say, 'mind-control'? Cute, though!

Hugs from Chile

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Video: Swat Team Raids Innocent elderly Woman's Home; Lawsuit Filed

An elderly woman's home was raided by police after she was suspected of making anonymous online threats against the Evansville police department and Chief Billy Bolin.

The 68-year-old woman, Louise Milan was in the house with her 18 year old adopted daughter when police shattered a glass door and burst in after throwing flash grenades inside.

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I challenge everyone to a contest.

The purpose of this contest is to see who can make a video that will win the most hearts and minds over to the principles of truth,freedom,peace,kindness,the golden rule,non-aggression and helping others voluntarily.I would suggest posting your video here,youtube,facebook or other sites.I will start with my own submission that is linked to this post.

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Why are they protesting in Ferguson?

Why are they protesting in Ferguson?

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#OfficerGoF*kYourself Threatens to Kill Ferguson Livestreamers

#OfficerGoFuckYourself Threatens to Kill Ferguson Livestreamers

SSG Joe Biggs @Rambobiggs

I witnessed a cop stick his M4 in a journos face and say "I'll fucking kill you" a female officer had to pull him out of the young man's fce
12:44 AM - 20 Aug 2014

Mikael Thalen @MikaelThalen

@PrisonPlanet Had 3 riot cops freakin out, point shotguns @ me when i got isolated bhind building after shtf. Audio/video bad though
2:01 AM - 20 Aug 2014

Ryan J. Reilly ✔ @ryanjreilly

"Get that camera out of my fucking face." -- officer who pointed gun at protestors #Ferguson

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Video: Ron Paul Responds to NY Times"Libertarian Moment" Article

From Voices of Liberty: the good Doctor's message gets better and better - please watch and enjoy!!

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DP Summer 2014 Playlist Tracks 9-12

<< Tracks 5-8

All from Wookiefoot, via johnald007

9. Ready or Not!

As you walk along your road / Try to find out just which way to go / If the trail is clear your probably on someone else's path / So to the woods you go / Deep into the darkness and the great unknown / Blaze through the maze / Until you come upon a place that's not your future or your past / You walk up to the chasm's edge now / And jumping is the only way across / Those who seek are never lost

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