An interesting piece of multimedia.
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Introducing: 'Hold' Music's Greatest Hits!

Now YOU can listen to 'hold' music - anytime, anywhere!

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Russia vs USA I actually burst into laughter the 2nd time I watched. Watch PART 2

I watched this...and then went to watch it again. This is our leader Obama....working out in the gym. He looks like a 14 year old girl with the weights. And his face as he lifts next to the wrong form of course. Then you get to see Putin. Focused, correct form. We are sooo screwed. Enjoy.
I just watched this.....this is an absolute MUST SEE. Take the time and listen. Putin is grilled....and is 100% honest...calls out the USA.

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Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Cancer is Not an Illness

Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains that cancer is a symptom, not an illness. He talks about stress and lack of energy as being the main causes of cancer.

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How to promote freedom in the world.

How to promote freedom in the world and how not to.

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Funny Commercial

Funny Commercial

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Brave New Game Show – Your Freedoms in Jeopardy

It’s the Brave New Trivia Game Show – Your Freedoms in Jeopardy!

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A Conflict of Visions: KRAUTHAMMER vs. NAPOLITANO - "In The Grown-Up World There's A Trade-Off Between Security And Liberty"

Hopefully even neocons can side with the Judge and not Krauthammer this time around:

Also the comments section is encouraging. Literally not a one supporting Krauthammer's view.

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Congress Makes Christmas Come Early! Did Uncle Santa Bring You a Gift?

Merry Christmas, Everybody!

The $1.1 trillion budget passed by congress sure can buy lots of gifts and presents for everyone. Are you on Uncle Santa’s list? These lucky bastards are.

Approximately 1:30 minutes.

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VIDEO: Students sign petition to deport Americans in exchange for illegal immigrants

VIDEO: Students sign petition to deport Americans in exchange for illegal immigrants

An absurd petition recently made its rounds at a prestigious college campus and actually garnered signatures despite it supporting the deportation of American citizens in exchange for illegal immigrants.


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Ron Paul was Right on Cuba

Ron Paul on Cuba CNN Florida Republican Debate 1/26/12

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the dick cheney

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