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For our brothers

My oldest brother Robert passed away this morning at the young age of 53. He had a hard life and a stroke got the best of him last month and even though I know he's not suffering now it's so sad especially for my Mom. He was number three and I'm six of her seven children. Hug those with you, my friends even if you're upset with them. Can't believe he's really gone...

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Post deleted

Post deleted.

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(Video) Maricopa County Attorney calls Veteran an "Enemy"

for using marijuana:

The debate is between the County Attorney and a leading Defense Attorney in Arizona. It's a clash that's a joy to watch.

The above link goes right to the question/comment referenced in the title, but the whole barnburner of a debate is worth watching, and Marc Victor is clearly the "Victor"!

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Charlie Rose interview with Bashar al Assad the other day.

I've seen Assad interviewed before and he always seems very poignant and eloquent.

Charlie, as always, tries to steer the discussion towards MSM/Government propaganda and Assad clearly sees right through this.

You decide:

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Ron Paul: Is Indiana Law a Good Answer?

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana is called discriminatory by its detractors and essential by its supporters. But are both of these groups missing the real point? Ron Paul explains...

PS Best comment on Youtube: Please God Ron, run for president. Save the country from tyranny, restore freedom to the citizens.

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VIDEO: Former Navy Seal, Code Name 'LANDSHARK': Sign Papers Swearing To Disarm Americans or Else

VIDEO: Former Navy Seal, Code Name 'LANDSHARK': Sign Papers Swearing To Disarm Americans or Else

by INFOWARS.COM | MARCH 30, 2015

Former Navy SEAL named “Landshark” calls to talk about his experience in the military (1995-1996) being handed a stack of papers to sign in order to keep their positions.

The documents required that, if the SEALs were asked, they would agree to go door to door in America to confiscate firearms.


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VIDEO: Jade Helm: Preparation For Huge War in the Middle East?

VIDEO: Jade Helm: Preparation For Huge War in the Middle East?

Drill simulates invasion of Iran, Syria

Published on Mar 30, 2015

The Jade Helm military exercise, set to take place in nine U.S. states this summer, has prompted concerns about preaparations for martial law in America, but could the real purpose behind the drill be centered around a mock invasion of Iran and Syria, and a huge Middle Eastern war?


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The walrus was Paul

Name that tune!

Band? Album? Year?

Explain the meaning.

What is your favorite song from that album and why?

The song refers to other songs by the same band. Which of those is your favorite song?

Free associate!

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The Song of the Sea

Has anyone seen it? Samantha's watching it now. I'm thinking about the future of the Daily Paul, its successor, and about moving on in life.

She's going to want to watch it again, I can tell. I can't wait to witch it with her tomorrow.

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VIDEO: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/30/15: Repeal, Don’t Reform the IMF!


Texas Straight Talk | Written by Ron Paul
Sunday, March 29, 2015

A responsible financial institution would not extend a new loan of between 17 and 40 billion dollars to a borrower already struggling to pay back an existing multi-billion dollar loan. Yet that is just what the International Monetary Fund (IMF) did last month when it extended a new loan to the government of Ukraine. This new loan may not make much economic sense, but propping up the existing Ukrainian government serves the foreign policy agenda of the US government.

Since the IMF receives most of its funding from the United States, it is hardly surprising that it would tailor its actions to advance the US government’s foreign policy goals. The IMF also has a history of using the funds provided to it by the American taxpayer to prop up dictatorial regimes and support unsound economic policies.

Some may claim the IMF does promote free markets by requiring that countries receiving IMF loans implement some positive economic reforms, such as reducing government spending. However, other conditions imposed by the IMF, such as that the country receiving the loan deflate its currency and implement an industrial policy promoting exports, do not seem designed to promote a true free market, much less improve the people’s living standards by giving them greater economic opportunities.

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'The Presidency of the United States Is Not Some Crown to Be Passed Between Two Families'

"Well I think that our country always benefits from new leadership and new perspectives. I mean, let's be honest here: the presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families. It is an awesome and sacred trust, that to be earned, and exercised, on behalf of the American people,"

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