An interesting piece of multimedia.
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VIDEO...US and Coalition Completely Failing Kurds In Kobane FROM VIDEO..... When Andrea Mitchell says "were not hitting people" what she is failing to say is - “the US and coalition are not protecting Kobane, or the thousands of innocent people in the city.” Rear Admiral John Kirby can't answer Andrea Mitchell's question on why the US and coalition will not bomb ISIS to defend the Kurds in Kobane. Kirby acknowledges the “immediacy” of the ISIS threat to the citizens in Kobane but doesn't offer any plausible explanation for why the US is not providing any close air support (CAS).

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DIY fix for broken windshield wipers

This Russian problem-solver rigs up a clever solution to his broken windshield wipers that works for the traveling pair amazingly well. This is funny, yet practical.

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City Manager Says No Cameras Allowed – Gavin Seim Says No Way!

NO Cameras America (said the sign on the door)

Moses Lake is a small town of about twenty thousand run by corrupt a city manager named Joe Gavinski. He does the dirty work while the city council hides. During my Congressional race the city was stealing my signs, sometimes on camera. Why? Because I would not sign a contract with them for a grant of free speech.

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Silver Or Gold - What To Buy Watching the Gold:Silver ratio

A short video that explains why I buy Silver.

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"I wouldn't be surprised at all if in 2015 ISIS has disappeared and some other group with another strange name has appeared..."

The president of Argentina said it at the UN: "I wouldn't be surprised at all if in 2015 ISIS has disappeared and some other group with another strange name has appeared and is more violent."

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Leaving a News Reporting Gig to Run a Marijuana Business... What you Smoking?

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Why The Illuminati Killed Robin Williams

Edit. Since this post is receiving so many visits, I decided to add a couple of my own thoughts. Shout out to bastu below. :)

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AWESOME interview of Fed Bash Brothers: Robert Kiyosaki Interviews G. Edward Griffin (9/29/14)

Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Radio, Released on 9/29/14

This video isn't available on YouTube. To listen to the the podcast, CLICK HERE

"All of you out there who believe in being a good, hard-working person and saving you're money - you're being screwed. That's what it is. You're being screwed by our government."

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VIDEO ...PA police officers burst into home, arrest woman for filming them with cellphone

Couple Sues Police Over Tense Confrontation Inside Collingdale Home
(NBCPhiladelphia) A Pennsylvania couple is suing three police officers, claiming their rights were violated during a tense confrontation captured on cellphone video.

Kia Gaymon, 38, and her husband Michael Gaymon, 35, of Collingdale filed a lawsuit against the borough as well as three police officers.

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Climate Summit 2014

We discuss the 2014 Climate Summit as well as the recent climate marches that coincided with the #FloodWallStreet movement. Just how were they able to rustle up that many people to protest for more taxes and higher energy costs? Yes waiter I'll have Climate Protestor Lunacy with a side of economic suicide to go please. Just send the bill to Al Gore.

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