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Tom Woods Interviews Larken Rose and Takes Statist Position in Mock Debate

I talked to Larken Rose on my program the other day about his book The Most Dangerous Superstition. Larken has been wanting to debate an informed statist, so I did my best to play that role in the second half of our discussion.


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4409 - Woman Gets 16 Years Supervised Slave Probation

A Phoenix woman get 16 years Supervised probation for a stupid mistake.

Will this SLAVE probation and money paid to state employees help her kid when he is 10 and unable to be left on the roof of a car?

Was is a stupid mistake almost fatal?...uuuuuuh, she a criminal...uuuuh, no.

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"It’s for the Children! Honest, No… Really!"

By "Citizens For A REALLY Safe Ashland", March 2, 2014 :

"Enjoy" :

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Michigan latest of 34 States to call for Constitutional Convention 2/3 requirement met!

"The state of Michigan has just became the 34th state to vote that a Constitutional Convention be called, and no one really noticed. Now the required 34 States Call for Constitutional Convention."

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Snowden Grills Putin on Live TV

NSA leaker Edward Snowden put a direct question to Vladimir Putin during a live televised question-and-answer session Thursday, asking Russia's president about Moscow's use of mass surveillance on its citizens.

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Bundy Ranch Conspiracy Debunked?

The Bundy Ranch issue is a very hot topic and I was waiting to hear what the Young Turks would bring to the light. I saw this video posted and I initially thought...maybe Cenk Uygur has some points. Then I checked out Wiki:

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It's Not Hillary, It's Boeing 2016

This week the Washington Post reports on the close ties between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the world's second largest defense contractor, Boeing. With allies already in Congress and the White House, Boeing has stretched its influence to the State Department as well. With Hillary Clinton preparing for a possible presidential run in 2016, it might be Boeing that benefits the most. RT's Sam Sacks reports.

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Montana Candidate For US House "Shoots Down Gov't Drone" In Ad

Matt Rosendale is a state senator in Montana and is one of five Republican candidates running for Montana's at-large seat in the House. In an ad for the upcoming primary Rosendale demonstrates his dislike of federal government overreaching and spying by picking up a rifle and "shooting" down a "government drone".


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