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Making Some Holy Noise!

This thread is open to anyone who would like to share some of his or her favorite holy music. I've posted two videos to start the holy noises. There is only one rule: NO PREACHING! Just singing.

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For All You Defense Rifle Lovers

Did you know about this?
Did you ever want an short barrel rifle, but not the paperwork?

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Quitting Time - Let's Go Home

Quitting Time - Let's Go Home

*Now, this guy is GOOD !!*

*How to load a Bobcat onto a truck*

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Medical Marijuana for Vets with PTSD

Some of you may not be aware of Dr. Suzanne Sisley and her research on Medicinal Marijuana for the Treatment of Veterans with PTSD. When her randomized placebo controlled clinical trial finally received approval this year from the FDA, NIDA, and the DEA, she was unexpectedly terminated from the University of Arizona before the study could begin. Her termination may have had something to do with her efforts to access research funds from the several millions in surplus tax $ on the sale of medical marijuana in Arizona.

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Michael Steele: Rand Paul, the most dangerous man in politics

Steele: TIME calls Rand Paul most interesting man in politics, I call him most dangerous man

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The Weather Channel will teach you wild conspiracy theorists about chemtrails

When will you guys learn?

And since Michael Rivero, (who believes a 757 actually hit the Pentagon on 9/11 by the way), ALWAYS hangs up on any caller that says "chemtrails" on his radio show - then you KNOW this Corporate Media SCIENCE is fact!!!

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10-year-old shooter: 'I want to be an inspiration'

Meet Shyanne Roberts, a 10-year-old competitive shooter who is out to prove something: Children with guns don't always mean disaster.

read more here:

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/20/14: National Service is Anti-Liberty and Un-American (VIDEO)

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/20/14: National Service is Anti-Liberty and Un-American (VIDEO)

Written by Ron Paul | Sunday, October 19, 2014


Former Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich recently called on the government to force young people to spend two years either “serving” in the military or performing some other type of government-directed “community service.” Neoconservative Senator John McCain has introduced legislation creating a mandatory national service program very similar to Reich’s proposal. It is not surprising that both a prominent progressive and a leading neocon would support mandatory national service, as this is an issue that has long united authoritarians on the left and right.

Proponents of national service claim that young people have a moral obligation to give something back to society. But giving the government power to decide our moral obligations is an invitation to totalitarianism.

Mandatory national service is not just anti-liberty, it is un-American. Whether or not they admit it, supporters of mandatory national service do not believe that individuals have “inalienable rights.” Instead, they believe that rights are gifts from the government, and, since government is the source of our rights, government can abridge or even take away those rights whenever Congress decides.

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Bill O'Reilly: 'I think Mitt Romney's gonna be the 2016 GOP nominee'; Coulter: 'I hope so!'

Dial in to 2:44 to skip the rest of the BS:

Coulter elaborates: "I think it would have to be either Mitt Romney, or Ted Cruz."

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Help Wyllie get this commercial on the air!

Help Adrian Wyllie get this commercial on the air in Florida. First airing will be on Tuesday 10/21 during the CNN debate

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