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Secession: The Reasonable Option Everyone Resists | Tom Woods

Secession: The Reasonable Option Everyone Resists | Tom Woods

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Exercising Liberty in a Cave: The Man Who Quit Money

The Man Who Quit Money

In 2000, Daniel Suelo left his life savings—all thirty dollars of it—in a phone booth. He has been living without money—and with a newfound sense of freedom and security—ever since.
The Man Who Quit Money is an account of how one man learned to live, sanely and happily, without earning, receiving, or spending a single cent. Suelo doesn't pay taxes, or accept food stamps or welfare. He lives in caves in the Utah canyonlands, forages wild foods and gourmet discards. He no longer even carries an I.D. Yet he manages to amply fulfill not only the basic human needs-for shelter, food, and warmth-but, to an enviable degree, the universal desires for companionship, purpose, and spiritual engagement. In retracing the surprising path and guiding philosophy that led Suelo into this way of life, Sundeen raises provocative and riveting questions about our relationships with money and the decisions we all make, by default or by design—about how we live and how we might live better.

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Smart Meters To Be Removed Because Of Fire Hazard

We discuss the smart meters that have been causing fires and now some are slated to be removed and replaced.

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Obama wakes up supporter, cures her apathy!

Well, I would suspect that most of us got the wake up call from the good Doctor.
And from being a member here. I know that I surely did.

I don't care who or what helps folks wake up.
Just please, wake up!

In this particular instance, Obama himself has facilitated this young lady's wake up call.
Not only to the truth of Obama himself; but the whole truth.

Paradigm Shift.
We are winning.

Liberty Now!

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Man arrested for not putting down golf club.

Elderly man, holding groceries, using a golf club for a cane, arrested for not putting down the golf club:

The full video of the interaction:

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American Specops in Donbass, Ukraine. Local Witness. Start 16.25

American Specops in Donbass, Ukraine. Local Witness. Start 16.25

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John Taylor Gatto - An Educator's Educator!

Every now and then I need a fix of intelligent discourse ... sometimes the DP doesn't quite fit that bill ...

For those times, I turn to John Taylor Gatto!


I first heard of John Taylor Gatto via the Daily Paul.

... which references the following 4+ hour YouTube playlist

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Climate Change is Really a Basis for Elite Control - Lord Monckton

Quite a fascinating discussion on the politics and science of climate change.

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Jami Tillotson, Public Defender: arrested for doing her job.

Jami Tillotson, a public defender in San Francisco has been arrested for standing by her client. Plainclothes police officer asked Jami Tillotson to stand clear so they could take a picture of the defendant but Jami Tillotson refused and said that they were OK and did not need their pictures taken... Officer said that he'd arrest her for resisting arrest, to which she replied "please do"

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Code Pink Tries to Arrest Kissinger – John McCain Tells Them “Get Out of Here You Lowlife Scum”

A Senate hearing opened this morning with Code Pink protesters trying to arrest former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for “war crimes.”

The protesters, bearing signs reading “Kissinger War Criminal” and “Cambodia,” rushed up behind the 91-year-old diplomat at the witness table of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which was holding a hearing on global challenges and the U.S. national security strategy.


Later, when Kissinger began his opening statement, more protesters popped up in the room, screaming about Vietnam and rattling off his “war crimes.”

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Your Liberty Is Diminished By Debt

Enlightening discourse on debt, being surety for someone else, making deals based on advantage rather than integrity. Very good!

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Why QE4 May Not Ignite the Gold Market

Peter Schiff May Be Wrong about QE4 and Gold

Gold Fell on the Announcement of QE3-the Largest QE Program

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