An interesting piece of multimedia.
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All Diamonds are "Blood Diamonds"

Church exposing corrupt Federal Reserve, corrupt world systems and African Diamond Corruption: Skip to 50 minutes in,
and @2:57:42 paraphrased; "Ebola was a biological weapon released to justify boots on the ground, It's about minerals, a scam." end paraphrase

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Who is Americas #1 racist?

Could Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center be Americas #1 racist? We discuss all that as well as George Soros, Stephen Harper, Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine situation.

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Institute for Justice: "We Are Absolutely Not Superheroes"

Here's a quirky video from the Institute for Justice. (Sorry they won't allow embedding). From the link description, it seems the video was made for their IJ Partners Retreat 2014 but now makes for an interesting promotion video... even more so than their other one.

See if you can spot 'Captain Plantiff' towards the end of the video (starting at 9:34).

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Poker Scene from The Sting

I've never seen the movie, but it comes highly recommended. In fact, it is the movie in which the (soon to be famous internet meme) phrase "Nice, J.J." comes from. I haven't found that clip, but this poker scene is intriguing, to say the least.

Who are these guys? What is their relationship. I've surmised it is something like "Ocean's 11" - in which Clooney gets a crew together to pull a big hoist. But the crew in the Sting is much, much bigger. There are hundreds of guys in on this hoist, as my friend informs. They've got guys interviewing for positions in this hoist.

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Sarah McLachlan The Best Songs of Mirrorball Concert

Sarah McLachlan The Best Songs of Mirrorball Concert

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Metallica - Blackened

Metallica - Blackened

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VIDEO: Obama Admits To Violating The Constitution

Tells pro-immigration heckler “I just took an action to change the law”

Steve Watson |
November 26, 2014

A frustrated President Obama told pro-immigration hecklers in Chicago Tuesday to “get the facts,” and pointed out that he had circumvented the Constitution to stop illegal immigrants being deported.

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Ben Swann Recent News Broadcasts

BEN SWANN LIVE in Ferguson 12/1/14 -Ended-

Ben Swann 7:00 PM CST Ferguson, MO (Monday 12/01/2014)
Updates in Ferguson; More on nationwide protests.

Obama Seeks 50,000 Police Body Cameras To Rein In Police Brutality
Ferguson Oath Keepers: Guardians Or Vigilantes?
Police Target St. Louis Rams Over Ferguson Support
Can Congress Fix American Police?
Darren Wilson Resigns From Ferguson PD
New York Grand Jury May Not Charge Eric Garner’s NYPD Killer

Links here:
More here:


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Snowmageddon 2014

We discuss the lake effect snow pounding the great lakes area and the claims that it is caused by climate change. I’m dreaming of a brave new Christmas with carbon taxes on the snow.

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What We Can’t Do At Home We Do In Coventry


We Can't Do This At Home, So We Do It In Coventry
A further example of artificial diversity.

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