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It's Not Hillary, It's Boeing 2016

This week the Washington Post reports on the close ties between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the world's second largest defense contractor, Boeing. With allies already in Congress and the White House, Boeing has stretched its influence to the State Department as well. With Hillary Clinton preparing for a possible presidential run in 2016, it might be Boeing that benefits the most. RT's Sam Sacks reports.

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Montana Candidate For US House "Shoots Down Gov't Drone" In Ad

Matt Rosendale is a state senator in Montana and is one of five Republican candidates running for Montana's at-large seat in the House. In an ad for the upcoming primary Rosendale demonstrates his dislike of federal government overreaching and spying by picking up a rifle and "shooting" down a "government drone".


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Catherine Austin Fitts - Gregg Hunter: Awesome video

I watched this awesome interview by Greg Hunter of Catherine Austin Fitts that talks about the banking system and how the government system is dependent on it, some comparison to nazi-germany, how to fix it (because the government is not capable to fix it) and alot more. The video is being deleted all over youtube, 3 out of 4 have been deleted. This is the last one I have found that isn't deleted.

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Nomi Prins Author of "All the Presidents Bankers" on Upcoming Collapse

Best-selling author Nomi Prins warns, “Never before have the Government and the Fed collaborated so extensively by propping up the banking system to the detriment of the population.” Prins lays out a long history of the relationships between U.S. Presidents and bankers that date back to Teddy Roosevelt and JP Morgan.

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Boston Bombing Hero is a total and complete fraud

I see this all of the time. The media trump up a hero who is nothing but a scammer. And the 'Merican's eat it up.

Kill your TeeVee!

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Speaking of cities and cars...

Over 70 municipalities are criminalizing people living in cars. Cities are telling carpoolers that sharing your car is illegal. And now this: Don't park your car on your lawn.

Some residents who regularly park on their lawns declined to speak on camera, but said they should be able to park wherever they want on their own property. "I think it's really just gonna be letting the neighborhood know they have this tool. If they want to use it, they can," said Forgey.
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The Majestic

Here is a short clip of this great movie that speaks to today.

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The Truth About the BLM - Informative Video

I found this video very informative. Also I would like to share my experience with a BLM officer.

My Experience.

A couple years ago after purchasing my Daniel Defense rifle from I was heading out to Palm Springs for a weekend and thought I would site my rifle at a known range on "BLM" property. Every dove season my father and friends and I would stay in Palm Desert and stop by this range right of highway 111.

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Dark Journalist & Jim Marrs: JFK Assassination Coup

Amazing New Facts Revealed!
Join Dark Journalist and Best-Selling author Jim Marrs as they explore the fascinating layers of intrigue and deep politics in the JFK Assassination.

Covert operations, Oswald doubles, Z-Film tampering, Dealey Plaza tramps and intel agents, coup d'etat and JFK coverup are just a preview of this stunning examination of the real reasons behind the historic tragedy.

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Government as a monopoly on force is too reactive! what about words and writing? (VIDEO)

we need to start discussing the government as a monopoly on words and writing... proactive people do not just react to force

The Policy of the Federal Constitutional Convention was to create the legislatures of the states to inhibit the fedcoats from violations of our constitution.

So that every individual may stand close to the law in their writing by judicial tools reflectable in their respective states.

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