An interesting piece of multimedia.
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I challenge everyone to a contest.

The purpose of this contest is to see who can make a video that will win the most hearts and minds over to the principles of truth,freedom,peace,kindness,the golden rule,non-aggression and helping others voluntarily.I would suggest posting your video here,youtube,facebook or other sites.I will start with my own submission that is linked to this post.

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Why are they protesting in Ferguson?

Why are they protesting in Ferguson?

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#OfficerGoF*kYourself Threatens to Kill Ferguson Livestreamers

#OfficerGoFuckYourself Threatens to Kill Ferguson Livestreamers

SSG Joe Biggs @Rambobiggs

I witnessed a cop stick his M4 in a journos face and say "I'll fucking kill you" a female officer had to pull him out of the young man's fce
12:44 AM - 20 Aug 2014

Mikael Thalen @MikaelThalen

@PrisonPlanet Had 3 riot cops freakin out, point shotguns @ me when i got isolated bhind building after shtf. Audio/video bad though
2:01 AM - 20 Aug 2014

Ryan J. Reilly ✔ @ryanjreilly

"Get that camera out of my fucking face." -- officer who pointed gun at protestors #Ferguson

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Video: Ron Paul Responds to NY Times"Libertarian Moment" Article

From Voices of Liberty: the good Doctor's message gets better and better - please watch and enjoy!!

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DP Summer 2014 Playlist Tracks 9-12

<< Tracks 5-8

All from Wookiefoot, via johnald007

9. Ready or Not!

As you walk along your road / Try to find out just which way to go / If the trail is clear your probably on someone else's path / So to the woods you go / Deep into the darkness and the great unknown / Blaze through the maze / Until you come upon a place that's not your future or your past / You walk up to the chasm's edge now / And jumping is the only way across / Those who seek are never lost

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Dream Theater - Forsaken


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How to Make Free Motor Fuel at Home... Using Wood?

Hey everyone! My work to promote freedom has centered around breaking our addiction to oil. Its a tough nut to crack, but real progress is here.

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Muppets doing a Beastie Boys cover

My friend shared this with and I just had to pass it along to everyone I know, that includes all of you fine people. Have a great day

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New Black Panthers Protect Cops In Ferguson

I was skeptical, but this video clearly shows what appears to be members of the New black Panther's backing up and protecting police. It could have been a joke or something, but the cops in the back were acting VERY lax if those were real protesters.

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Ferguson, MO is a Psy-Op?

I posted this comment few nights ago, here:

The 'clash' has been coming for a long time now.

Most of us here at DP know it as well as anyone. We see the videos and read the stories everyday. We constantly see & hear about police brutalizing, traumatizing, and killing Americans, whether they be black, white, brown, young, old, fat, skinny, man or woman, senior citizen, or little baby in a crib. Not to mention dogs and pets of all kinds.

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