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Tokyo Reverse: Walking Backwards Through Tokyo

Recently, Ludovic Zuilli, a 28-year old photographer, spent over nine hours walking backwards through the streets of Tokyo. You get the pleasure of watching his journey in reverse.

Tokyo Reverse, the product of that simple editing trick, is a dreamlike journey through a world in which everything and everyone moves backwards. In the footage, captured by friend Simon Bouisson, crowds bustle hurriedly in reverse; people arrive at the top of an escalator with their backs turned; and a selfie is saved, reviewed, captured, and posed for–in that order.

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Canadian Members of the UNPA

We talk about a few Canadian politicians signed on to a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly including Justin Trudeau , Elizabeth May, and Olivia Chow. watch video here ->

Look up how many politicians in your country have signed on to a Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly here

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VIDEO - Nevada Citizens Intimidate Rangers Enough Forcing Them To Leave the Area!

The citizens come in large numbers to support Cliven Bundy and force the "authorities" to leave. What will happen next?

And I just realized something... Pay attention to what is happening. This is all to save the desert tortoise. All these armed men trampling the desert habitat with their boots, ATV's, 4WD's and helicopters. Where do these men relieve themselves? When did a reptiles life become more valuable than a mammals?

EPA - Egotistical Police Actions!

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VIDEO: GOP lawmaker suggests Eric Holder should 'be in jail' to his face!

VIDEO: GOP lawmaker suggests Eric Holder should ‘be in jail’ — to his face!

Brendan Bordelon
8:41 PM 04/08/2014

Texas Republican congressman Blake Farenthold refused to ask Eric Holder questions during a Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, saying the attorney general should “be in jail” for ignoring congressional subpoenas instead of testifying before Congress.

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Nigel Farage, who are you? Channel 4 Documentary

In case anyone was wondering or doesn't already know him. Here is the current great hope of Britain. Keep up the fight Mr. Farage.

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Ukraine situation IS about 'Killing the Dollar'!

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Unless you are a political neophyte you will know that nothing happens in government, at the high levels, especially covert operations with potential military consequences without extensive 'game planning' research and simulation.

Obama administration invested $5 Billion to "destabilize" the Ukraine, yet they would have obviously foreseen the "consequences" lying one chess move ahead, i.e. - Russia "retaliating" by annexing the Ukraine.

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VIDEO (Matt Larson): Mitt Romney Finally Admits: “They Had To Steal Republican Nomination” From Ron Paul

VIDEO (Matt Larson): Mitt Romney Finally Admits: “They Had To Steal Republican Nomination” From Ron Paul

New documentary called “Mitt” all but states Mitt Romney stole the Republican nomination from Ron Paul. This new documentary was released last friday at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

Examples of Rampant Election Fraud:

-Significant Evidence of Algorithm Vote Flipping in GOP Primary Elections.…

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