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Rick Perry Revisited

Rick Perry Revisited

By Charlie Cook
July 21, 2014

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Actual Examples of Gold and Silver Manipulation

Actual Examples and Admissions of Manipulation of Silver and Gold

In part one of our two part series on Gold and Silver Manipulation, we covered a long list of suspected silver and gold manipulations.

All came up inconclusive with no clear manipulation found.

Those outcomes do not mean, however, that manipulation of the price of gold and silver does not take place.

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The Rot Within, Part I: Our Ponzi Economy - Charles Hugh Smith

by Charles Hugh Smith | Monday, July 21, 2014
Of Two Minds Blog

Depending on blowing the next bubble to temporarily prop up the economy is the height of foolhardy shortsightedness.

All the conventional policy fixes proposed by Demopublican politicos, technocrats and the vast army of academic/think-tank apparatchiks are the equivalent of slapping a coat of paint on a fragile facade riddled with dryrot. All these fake-fixes share a few key characteristics:

1. They focus on effects and symptoms rather than address the underlying causes, i.e. the dryrot at the heart of our government, society and economy.

2. They maintain and protect the Status Quo Powers That Be--no vested interests, protected fiefdoms or Financial Elites ever lose power as a result of these policy tweaks.

3. They are politically expedient, meaning they assuage the demands of vested interests rather than tackle the rot undermining the nation.

4. They ignore the perverse incentives built into current systems and the incentives of complicity, i.e. to cheer another coat of paint on the dryrot rather than face the costs of real reform.

The financial underpinnings of the economy and society are rotting from within: finance, higher education, defense, healthcare, law, governance, you name it.

This week I want to highlight a few key causes of this pervasive and eventually fatal systemic rot.

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Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Could be Airborne

In a scientific paper published Tuesday, scientists suggested that Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) may be airborne. The disease has already claimed at least 288 lives since its appearance in 2012.


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Does Rand Paul have a Ron Paul problem?

by Philip Bump | The Washington Post

Russia Today and Russia's permanent mission to NATO no doubt couldn't believe their luck. As the United States and its allies increased criticism of Russia's links to the separatists that their evidence showed shot down Malaysia Airlines flight 17, here was a still-popular former member of Congress willing to say that his government was moving too fast, engaging in propaganda to impugn Russia.

That elected official was former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), who criticized the government's response over the weekend. "While western media outlets rush to repeat government propaganda" on the Malaysia Airlines crash, he wrote Sunday, "there are a few things they will not report." (Among those things that the media isn't reporting: that the U.S. is supporting Ukraine in the fight, that separatists couldn't operate the missile battery without training, and that separatists had recently inflicted heavy losses on Ukraine.) Russia Today, picking up an interview Paul gave to the conservative site Newsmax on Friday, summarized his thesis: "[F]ormer Texas congressman Ron Paul warned against jumping to conclusions over the culprits." God forbid we rush to repeat government propaganda.

There's not really anything new about this. Ron Paul's residency at the intersection of isolationism and government mistrust is part of what endeared him to supporters during his presidential bids in 2008 and 2012. But it remains to be seen what happens in 2016, when his son Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) makes his (all-but-certain) play for the presidency. What happens when a Paul who actually has a chance to win decides to run?

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Rand Paul blames Putin for Airline Disaster.

From libertycrier.com


Rand Paul has determined that Russia’s Putin is to blame for the surface to air missile attack and destruction of a commercial airliner flying in Ukrainian airspace and carrying 258 passengers. Rand is now calling for sanctions against Russia in retaliation for the attack, claiming that sanctions are the only thing that will “work”.

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Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots

Monday, Human Rights Watch released a study showing how the FBI creates criminals out of citizens to promote the necesity of their own existence. Though the report stops short of accusing them of false flag attacks, it is very clear to see how the terror plots that they create can be easily left to occur either through negligence or on purpose for policy advancement.

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China’s debt soars to 250% of GDP

Katie Holliday | CNBC

China's debt has soared to two and a half times its economy, Standard Chartered estimates, highlighting the difficulties Beijing faces in balancing growth with the risk of bubbles forming in its economy.

Total financial credit has surged to 251 percent of gross domestic product from 147 percent at the end of 2008, the bank said.

"The economy will continue to leverage up, and the market will remain concerned," said Stephen Green, chief China economist at Standard Chartered.

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Debt Expansion Is Benefiting The Top 1%, Weighing On The Middle Class, And Keeping The Poor Dependent On The Government

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The Internet Sales Tax is Back - And this time it might pass

By J.D. Harrison | July 21
Washington Post

When the Senate passed legislation last year allowing states broader latitude to collect sales on online purchases, the proposal was immediately cast aside in the House — and there is has remained, stuck on a shelf. Until now.

Suddenly, even with the midterm elections nearing, the bill’s supporters believe they have found the perfect opportunity to try to push it through the lower chamber.

The House last week easily approved a bill dubbed the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act that would renew a longstanding ban on taxing access to the Internet. Considered a must-pass proposal, the legislation would prohibit state and local governments from charging residents fees to browse the Web.

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No saggy pants for you, kid

ORLANDO Fla. (Reuters) - A central Florida city is banning low-riding pants, becoming the latest community in the country to outlaw a fashion choice that intentionally exposes underwear or buttocks.

Pull up your pants, offenders will be warned under the ordinance approved on Tuesday by the Ocala city council, or else face up to six months in jail and a $500 fine.

The ban on saggy pants was immediately effective on city property, including streets, sidewalks, parks, public pools and municipal buildings. Ocala joins several U.S. cities prohibiting or campaigning against what many defend as a fashion statement.

Councilwoman Mary Rich said the city is not trying to play fashion police but rather ensure public decency.

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White Flags mysteriously appear atop the Brooklyn Bridge

Early this morning New Yorkers noticed and took to Twitter that White Flags had replaced the usual stars and stripes atop the Brooklyn Bridge. "Who have we surrendered to?" asked one.

The flags are 12 feet by 18 feet in size, and would take quite a while to switch out.

The NYPD, et.al. is supposed to have surveillance on this bridge, yet they cannot say who did it.


They have since been taken down, more to the story...

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Major Blow to Obamacare

The DC District Appeals Court has said that *some of* the Obamacare tax subsidies are illegal (the ones given through the federal exchange).

The hilarious thing is that it is not something that was declared to be unconstitutional, but rather it was something that is in the statute itself. The writers of the statute were so dumb that they ONLY wrote that tax subsidies would be available to people who buy insurance on a STATE exchange, but not on the FEDERAL exchange (they thought every state would just go along with it, no problem).

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The Grim Reaper Report : Raw Numbers in A Picture, in "That" Region of the World, as of July 21, 2014

Who or what are you going to blame?



Israel? Hamas? Jews? Muslims? Religion in general? ...

Go ahead. Take your pick.

Here's mine :

I blame NATION BUILDING, only a facet of ( GLOBAL ) SOCIALISM.


Because I have MEMORY :

War in the Vendée


And yeah, A LITTLE EARLIER than just back in 1913 and on, if anyone noticed...

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Venezuela's Breathtaking... Air Tax (7/18/2014)

By Mac Margolis, for BloombergView, 7/18/2014 :

"For Venezuelans fed up with life under 21st-century socialism, checking in at Maiquetia International Airport in Caracas is a breath of fresh air. That's exactly what the gatekeepers of the Bolivarian Republic had in mind when they dreamed up the latest levy on the wallets of companeros on the wing.

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