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My final post - Letter to the editor published!


May all of you be blessed and find everlasting strength in these times to stand up, speak up, share, love and make community over division.

Peace and Love always.

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City in the US where most of the centenarians live

At the age of 100, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham still drives on the freeway, putters around the house and takes care of his yard. He was still assisting in open heart surgeries until four years ago.

“I really don’t feel any different than I did when I was, say, 30,” he tells explorer and National Geographic fellow, Dan Buettner. “I feel like I could live another 25 years, but I know that’s not realistic.”

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Who Is Lincoln Chafee ? A Hillary challenger?


A brief summary:
Mr. Chaffee is the son of a former Governor/Senator from Rhode Island who originally replaced his father John Chaffee in the U.S. Senate, when his father died while still in office.

He was originally a Republican, switched to Independent and got elected to Governor of Rhode Island as an Independent, but now declares himself a Democrat, to challenge Ms. Clinton as an anti war candidate.

He was the "ONLY" Senator in the U.S. Senate to vote against the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

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Bill For Armed Us Agents In Mexico Clears Mexican Senate

U.S. federal agents could soon be working in Mexico with their service weapons holstered by their side after a hotly debated historic bill that has been approved by Mexico’s Senate. The bill is likely to make its way into law.

Breitbart Texas previously reported the bill would change Mexico’s strict gun laws and allow the Mexican army to provide temporary gun carry permits to U.S. federal agents and security details. The permit would allow agents to carry semi-automatic handguns and revolvers that can fire up to .40 caliber ammunition.

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World’s first head transplant volunteer could experience something "worse than death”

This week, 30-year-old Russian man, Valery Spiridonov, announced that he will become the subject of the first human head transplant ever performed, saying he volunteers to have his head removed and installed on another person’s body.

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A Certified Medical Controversy

First, one clarifying preamble: While ABIM certifies about one out of every four doctors in America, it is not alone. Doctors with specialties unrelated to internal medicine are certified by other organizations—most of which are part of a larger body called the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). While there is anger brewing among these specialists, who also feel abused and cheated, they aren’t fomenting a revolt like the one playing out with ABIM.

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Sheriff Orders Immediate Internal Investigation Into Arrest Seen on "Disturbing" Video

"In the two minutes after the man was stunned with a Taser, it appeared deputies kicked him 17 times, punched him 37 times and struck him with batons four times. Thirteen blows appeared to be to the head. The allegedly stolen horse stood idly nearby."


I have officially lost ALL respect for the police. F'm

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That Moment When You Realize They’re “Grubering” You…

Jeb Bush, Rupert Murdoch, Valerie Jarrett (12/01/14) Wall Street Journal CEO Council Dinner


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California approves bill banning child vaccine exemptions

California lawmakers approved a bill this week that would prevent most parents from opting out of vaccinations for their children enrolled in school, just months after the state was hit with the largest U.S. measles outbreak in decades.

Legislators endured an intense, nearly four-hour hearing ahead of the vote on Wednesday, with many people rising out of their seats and shouting over the lawmakers, The Sacramento Bee reported. The measure, which passed by 6-2, must go through several additional hearings before a potential vote on the state Senate floor.

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Ron Paul Blimp w/Trevor Lyman

Ron Paul Blimp w/Trevor Lyman from Daily Paul 12/01/2007.


read more: http://www.dailypaul.com/16348/ron-paul-blimp-w-trevor-lyman

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Rand Paul is winning the Fox News primary, and by a wide margin

Rand Paul is winning the Fox News primary, and by a wide margin
THU APR 09, 2015 AT 12:50 PM PDT

Even for Fox News, that is a heaping helping of Rand Paul.

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Rand Paul Campaign Sends Cease-And-Desist To Stations Running Iran Attack Ad

Paul’s lawyers claim the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America is running false and defamatory ads.

by Rosie Gray | BuzzFeed

WASHINGTON — A lawyer for the Rand Paul campaign has sent a legal notice to TV stations that ran a hawkish attack ad based on Paul’s views on Iran, calling the ad defamatory and asking stations to stop showing it.

The letter is an objection to a million-dollar ad buy by a group called the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, led by Republican operative Rick Reed. The ad, which launched in early primary states on the day of Paul’s presidential campaign announcement, accuses Paul of supporting President Obama’s policies on Iran and of opposing new sanctions.

“The Advertisement attempts to deceive voters regarding Senator Rand Paul’s position on U.S.-Iran relations through at least three false statements,” writes Paul campaign general counsel Matthew T. Sanderson in the letter dated April 7, which was obtained by BuzzFeed News on Thursday.

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NY Times: Rand Paul Tells Republican Critics: ‘War Is Not a Game’

Rand Paul Tells Republican Critics: ‘War Is Not a Game’

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. — Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky was defiant on Thursday as he answered fellow Republicans who have attacked his foreign policy as naïve and misguided, telling them “war is not a game” to be exploited by over-zealous politicians.

“Too many lawmakers in Washington haven’t learned that lesson,” he said.

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