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Universal Contradiction Helps Sort Out Quantum Mechanics!


Here we go again! Psyence at its 'best'!

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Israel Greenlights Coca Cola Factory in Gaza

Israel's defense establishment hopes this factory, like other factories in the works, will jumpstart Gaza's economy, reduce terrorism and lead to a forward acceleration of Gaza's rehabilitation.

3,000 Palestinian jobs will be created by factory in Karni industrial area. Israel hopes new factory will spur economic growth.


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Michelle Obama Wants The Black Community to Vote Democrat No Matter Who is Running

In typical race-baiting fashion leading into today’s elections, First Lady Michelle Obama went on Cable One, a station with programming geared towards black audiences, and stated that…

“Thats my message to voters, this isn’t about Barack, It’s not about person on that ballot, its about you, and for most of the people we are talking to, a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on regardless of who said what or did this, that shouldn’t even come into the equation.”

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How to Spot a Psychopath

Found this article on rense.com today and thought it might be good to post here, since we are electing people to Congress today:

But for a small – but not that small – subset of the population, things are very different. These people lack remorse and empathy and feel emotion only shallowly. In extreme cases, they might not care whether you live or die. These people are called psychopaths. Some of them are violent criminals, murderers. But by no means all.

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Rand Paul all over Kentucky today with Team Mitch.

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Crude Oil Hits Three Year Low

Oil at 3-year low after Saudis cut selling prices for U.S.
By Barbara Kollmeyer and Eric Yep | Nov 4, 2014

(MarketWatch) - Crude-oil prices hit multi-year lows on Tuesday, as the market struggled in the aftermath of Saudi Arabia’s decision to alter oil prices sold to U.S. and Asian buyers amid a weak forecast for European growth.

Saudi Arabia’s move to keep itself competitive amid tanking oil prices, sees the oil-producing country cutting oil prices sold to the U.S., while it is increasing prices to large buyers, like China. The move has had the effect of further driving down oil prices late Monday, and into Tuesday’s trading.

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Should Libertarians Vote?

Midterm elections take place tomorrow and it’s around this time of the political cycle where we witness a bevy of propaganda aimed at various political goals. Some of this propaganda is aimed towards the support of specific candidates or ballot initiatives, while others simply push a generic “Get out the Vote!” message, without any specific reasons for doing so given.

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Silver Short Positions Remain Elevated - Is a Comex Default Imminent? Probably Not

Many have been predicting for the better part of a decade that a Comex default was inevitable and in many cases imminent.

While a default is certainly possible, its not likely because Comex is not a place where people come to buy and sell silver and gold. Rather it's a place to buy and sell silver and gold long and short contracts.

Comex is a place where people sell silver and gold they don't have to people who don't want to buy it.

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GOP Senate Takeover Would Put Fed Under The Microscope.

It's Happening!!!

"If the Republicans take control of the Senate and thus have control of both the House and the Senate--two words for the Federal Reserve: Watch out," said Camden Fine, president of the Independent Community Bankers of America."

"Another measure that could get more traction with Republicans in charge is Sen. Rand Paul's "Audit the Fed" legislation. The bill by the Kentucky Republican, a tea-party favorite, would open up the Fed's core monetary-policy deliberations to congressional scrutiny.

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Officials: US Kills 500,000 in Iraq

Laurence M. Vance

Actually, the AP headline reads: “Officials: Islamic State group kills 50 in Iraq.” Americans are outraged about the 50 but don’t seem to care about the 500,000. It seems to be okay when Americans bomb, maim, and kill, but not when others do it.

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Science Blowback Overwhelms Prosecutor in Federal Medical Marijuana Case

Assistant US Attorney Gregory Broderick stumbled badly in his cross-examination of Dr. Carl Hart in federal evidentiary hearings to determine the constitutional basis of the federal Schedule I classification of cannabis, appearing at times to even tacitly endorse the idea that cannabis has medical value. In hearings conducted on October 27th by the Hon.

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Ted Cruz poised to make life miserable for Mitch McConnell

By Ashley Killough, CNN

(CNN) -- Mitch McConnell could very well become the Senate majority leader after Tuesday's midterm elections, but don't count on Ted Cruz to make it an easy transition for the Kentucky Republican.

Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas who's eying a 2016 presidential bid, all but promised to raise hell next year should his party control the Senate.

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Rand Paul distances himself from himself

November 2, 2014

Rand Paul, the heretofore libertarian senator from Kentucky, gave a foreign policy speech to Republican grandees in New York last week with a clear message: I'm not an isolationist like my dad.

The senator's peppery father, the thoroughly libertarian former Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, hardly ever saw a U.S. military intervention he liked. He said George W. Bush's war in Iraq was nuts, suggested that the United States could live with a nuclear Iran and thought stationing U.S. troops overseas was just an expensive way to invite trouble.

On Thursday evening in a Manhattan ballroom, Sen. Paul, a probable GOP candidate for president in 2016, declared himself an advocate of "conservative realism" and named as his models Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower and even (on free trade, not military adventures) George W. Bush.

"The war on terror is not over, and America cannot disengage from the world," Paul said. Speaking in a way likely to make dad shudder, he called military force "indispensable ... when vital American interests are attacked and threatened," and said he supports airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (but not arming Syrian rebels, whom he considers unreliable).

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Video: The Progressive Income Tax Explained

Just saw this video on Facebook, and I loved it! Enjoy...


Remember, Freedom isn't free.

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