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Edward Snowden Is Going to the Oscars: CitizenFour Wins Second Award of the Day

Edward Snowden Is Going to the Oscars: CitizenFour Wins Second Award of the Day

by Roger Friedman - December 1, 2014 9:37 pm

“CitizenFour” just won the Gotham Award for best documentary, just hours after winning the New York Film Critics Award. Michael Keaton won for Best Actor in “Birdman.” Other categories are being announced.

The doc about Edward Snowden by Laura Poitras has made $1.5 million at the box office. Now it’s sweeping awards season. Maybe Snowden will be persuaded to leave Moscow and appear at the Oscars.

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Roubini: The return of currency wars will strengthen the U.S. dollar even more

By NOURIEL ROUBINI - Dec 1, 2014

A dozen or more central banks will follow Japan in weakening their currencies to stay competitive

NEW YORK — The recent decision by the Bank of Japan to increase the scope of its quantitative easing is a signal that another round of currency wars may be under way. The BOJ’s effort to weaken the yen is a beggar-thy-neighbor approach that is inducing policy reactions throughout Asia and around the world.

Central banks in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand, fearful of losing competitiveness relative to Japan, are easing their own monetary policies or will soon ease more. The European Central Bank and the central banks of Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and a few Central European countries are likely to embrace quantitative easing or use other unconventional policies to prevent their currencies from appreciating.

All of this will lead to a strengthening of the U.S. dollar, as growth in the United States is picking up and the Federal Reserve has signaled that it will begin raising interest rates next year. But if global growth remains weak and the dollar becomes too strong, even the Fed may decide to raise interest rates later and more slowly to avoid excessive dollar appreciation.

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Total US Debt Rises Over $18 Trillion; Up 70% Under Barack Obama

Total US Debt Rises Over $18 Trillion; Up 70% Under Barack Obama

by Tyler Durden on 12/01/2014 17:35 -0500

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ZeroHedge: Politics Explained

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Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Average High School Senior in Japan

What I can't wait for is realtime, simultaneous translation. A real-life babelfish, as it were.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Artificial intelligence in Japan is getting closer to entering college. AI software scored higher on the English section of Japan’s standardized college entrance test than the average Japanese high school senior, its developers said.

The software, known as To-Robo, almost doubled its score on a multiple choice test from its performance a year ago, indicating progress toward a goal set by its developers to eventually pass the entrance exam for Tokyo University, Japan’s most prestigious college.

“The average score for the English section of the standardized entrance exam was 93.1 (out of 200), but the AI scored 95,” a spokesman for NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group said. Last year the software scored 52.

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VIDEO: 10 Signs That Communists Are Infiltrating The Ferguson Protests

VIDEO: 10 Signs That Communists Are Infiltrating The Ferguson Protests

In the video posted below, communists from Chicago proudly display a banner as they verbally provoke the police in Ferguson…

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrUtssFcdz0

By Michael Snyder, on November 30th, 2014

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FDA Recruits Minors For Online Cigarette Purchases

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently solicited quotes from contractors to recruit minors ages sixteen and seventeen to purchase "regulated tobacco products" on the Internet. The purchase attempts must be made from a facility located in Virginia and shipped to a P.O. Box provided by the FDA for purposes of this probe. The FDA is careful to note that the contractor must "debrief minors on the dangers of tobacco use" and that the minors "[agree] NOT to attempt to purchase tobacco products" outside of the FDA investigation.

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"Facebook can gain direct access to your mobile and take pictures or make videos at any time"

The MPs on the Science and Technology select committee called for the Government to draw up new guidelines for websites and apps explaining clearly how they use personal data, warning that laws will be needed if companies fail to comply.

By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent
The Telegraph | 28 Nov 2014

Facebook can gain direct access to a person’s mobile and take pictures or make videos at any time without explicit consent, MPs warn as they call on social media companies to simplify their terms and conditions.

The MP said that they should simplify the conditions of using their services, which are designed for US courts, because they are so impenetrable that “no reasonable person” can be expected to understand them.

The MPs on the Science and Technology select committee called for the Government to draw up new guidelines for websites and apps explaining clearly how they use personal data, warning that laws will be needed if companies fail to comply.

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The perfect way to make millennials hate politics even more: Bush vs. Clinton 2016

Nothing points to the future like two politicians whose families have been involved in politics for decades

By Bonnie Kristian | November 28, 2014
The Week

This was not a banner year for youth voter participation. To be fair, off-year elections never are, but this year's mere 12 percent participation rate of voters under 30 is about more than midterm ennui. Rather, it's part of a larger trend of millennial disenchantment with the Washington establishment in both major parties — a trend that is primed to kick into high gear if we have a Bush vs. Clinton contest in 2016.

Unfortunately, that contest is not so difficult to imagine. While Jeb Bush, brother of George W. and former governor of Florida, has yet to declare his candidacy, his son seems to expect the declaration to be forthcoming. Hillary Clinton, of course, has been unofficially campaigning since...well, to be charitable let's say since she left the State Department last year.

As even endorsers of this prospect seem to admit, this matchup offers nothing new. Recent comments from Bush II are instructive: Earlier this month the former president said he'd like to see Bush vs. Clinton in 2016, admitting that running against Hillary — herself an all-too-well-known quantity — might be the one way Jeb could avoid being handicapped by his name. If the kids don't want broccoli, show 'em how good it looks compared to Brussels sprouts.

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Video update: Judge Napolitano on The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart 12/1/14

update: Part 1 is the portion that aired, part 2 is the web-only extended interview portion.



probably to discuss his new book "Suicide Pact" which came out on November 18th.


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Rand Paul Slams Benghazi “Cover Your Ass” Report

Rand Paul Slams Benghazi “Cover Your Ass” Report

“They will continue to cover up. I will continue to seek the truth”
Steve Watson

December 1, 2014

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has issued a blistering response to the House Benghazi report released late Friday, on Thanksgiving weekend, which exonerated anyone from blame for the 2012 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Libya.

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Gun Sales Skyrocket on Black Friday

Gun Sales Skyrocket on Black Friday


Gun sellers had a huge Black Friday according to the FBI, which said requests for background checks were coming in at three per second.

More than 144,000 background checks will need to be performed after the the Friday sales, CNN reported Friday. The three-requests-per-second number is three times the daily average. Some 600 FBI and contract call center employees now must work 17-hour workdays to complete the background checks in three business days, as required by law, FBI spokesman Stephen Fischer said.

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Modern Society: In the Grip of Bad Philosophy

by Shayne Wissler

The intractable nature of our political problems is in direct proportion to the philosophical ignorance of the populace.

Many easily recognize corrupt police action for what it is; fewer recognize corrupt political, judicial and legislative actions; even fewer recognize the corrupt doctrines in these domains which indeed govern these actions; fewer still recognize the corrupt philosophy that incubates these doctrines; but the fewest of all are those who fully recognize that corrupt philosophy is the ultimate source of all the corruption.

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The strange world of computer-generated novels

The strange world of computer-generated novels
Welcome to National Novel Generation Month, where the algorithm is the author
By Josh Dzieza
on November 25, 2014 11:24 am

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Rand Paul blisters Obama and Clinton, calls for GOP diversity

He specifically cited issues he has pressed for months, including the NSA’s mining of data from cell phones, what he termed excessive sentences for drug use and expanding the ability of voters to cast ballots.

“What you say or do on your cell phone is none of the government’s damn business,” he said..


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