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Another Reason to Raise the Debt Ceiling or to Eliminate it!

President Obama announced plans to "allow" people to start saving for their retirement in "guaranteed" U.S. bonds.

Yesterday however, Jack Lew Treasury Secretary said the U.S. might default if the debt ceiling was not raised.

So what happens next?


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"Parallel Construction Revealed: How The DEA Is Trained To Launder Classified Surveillance Info"

"Parallel Construction Revealed: How The DEA Is Trained To Launder Classified Surveillance Info"

Yeah, you know that thing you said your not doing, well, uhm, heres something here that says your doing it!!!

You cant help yourselfs, its your nature, and then you lie about it

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Big Bank FAIL: Judge Rules Foreclosure Unconstitutional

Big Bank FAIL: Judge Rules Foreclosure Unconstitutional - See more at: http://www.occupycorporatism.com/big-bank-fail-judge-rules-f...

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White House Wrote Pro-Obamacare NFL Player Tweets?

A representative of the player's union received the 'tweet tips' (pun intended!), which were passed on to the players. Ravens linebacker earned a 'retweet' after this tweet, “don’t forget you can affordable [sic] healthcare at healthcare.gov.” The Ravens has a $130,000 contract to promote Maryland's version of Obamacare.

“They can definitely change these up or put their own spin on these,” Lierman, a White House staffer, said in the email, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon on Monday.

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Early 2016 Polling

CNN/ORC Poll. Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2014

Clinton 57% ---- Jeb Bush 37%
Clinton 55% ---- Chris Cristie 39%
Clinton 56% ---- Mike Huckabee 39%
Clinton 57% ---- Rand Paul 39%
Clinton 55% ---- Paul Ryan 40%


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Happy Anniversary Eric Holder

- Eric Holder was sworn in as attorney general. He was the first African-American to hold the post.
February 3, 2014
"In Austin, Texas over the weekend a video was taken of a group of black thugs attacking three basically defenseless white hippies..."

"Following a number of “knockout game” incidents across America ..the Justice Department decided to focus in on a young Houston man who sucker-punched a 79-year-old man...."

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Violence is Golden

This article is for those who believe like me, that while aggression is abhorrent, violence is sometimes a necessity.

It's important to differentiate non aggression and non violence.


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Truther: "How I snuck into Super Bowl XLVIII and hijacked the postgame show"

NJ.com reports: EAST RUTHERFORD -- The Brooklyn man arrested after he interrupted Super Bowl XLVIII MVP Malcolm Smith's postgame news conference didn't start Sunday looking to make it onto national TV and, ultimately, into handcuffs.

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Murray Rothbard on the California Drought

People have feared that the demise of California would be a massive earthquake that flattens buildings, destroys infrastructure, and sends the southern part of the state floating out to sea. Alas, the downfall of left coast could be death by dehydration.

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How the War on Drugs is Turning the US into a Prison

...In 1983, Corrections Corporation of America was founded in Tennessee to meet rising demand for incarceration. Ever since, an iron triangle of prison corporations, their lobbyists, and politicians eager to appear tough on crime have ensured the continued growth of the prison industry and the redefinition of misdemeanors as imprisonable crimes....

Read on:


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Mexicans revolting against tyranny

Hi everyone, this is my 1st post on this website and I have been enjoying it for some time before doing this. Like most of you, I am liberty minded & am aware of the tyrannical system in place here. But look down to Mexico and do you see what's happening? The MSM doesn't report on this for the most part just as they ignore what's happening in the Ukraine & Syria (citizens revolting/defected troops fighting against tyrannical govt). If nobody knows by now, twice in the last 2 years Mexico has had it's own version of our Battle of Athens, TN, 1946. Recently (as of Jan.

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Alex Jones on Radio: Sunday Night/Mon 1am EST

George Noory welcomes Alex Jones to Coast to Coast AM; late night talk radio:
"Joining George Noory in the first half, alternative media activist Alex Jones discusses his efforts to expose the forces controlling world events, and his work to preserve personal freedoms including gun ownership, gold and silver ownership, home schooling, and health options."
to find a station:

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Donations To Karl Rove's Groups Drop 98% After Targeting Tea Party

After wasting nearly $325 million during the 2012 election cycle with nothing to show for it and then declaring war on the Tea Party, donations to Karl Rove's three Crossroads groups decreased by 98% last year.


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