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Would you buy a 1 Oz Gold Coin for $25 (when it's worth over $1,300)? Nobody wants it!


This shows how much the general public actually know about the value of pure gold

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CATO: The Federal Reserve at 100

By Gerald P. O'Driscoll Jr. | CATO
November 4, 2013

Ron Paul’s two runs for the Republican presidential nomination made “End the Fed” into a political slogan. Reportedly it was the line receiving the greatest applause at all his rallies, no matter the group. It was also ">the title of a book he authored. It is a sign of the times that the Fed is held in low esteem in its centennial year, more among the public than in academia.

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Ted Cruz is Right About Growth; Ben Stein is Hopelessly Wrong

by Louis Woodhill | Forbes

In his remarks to the Robert L. Bartley Gala Dinner on October 23, Senator Ted Cruz disparaged the notion of a “grand bargain,” which would raise taxes and (supposedly) cut spending. Cruz went on to say:

“I’m going to tell you my view, which is I think that we ought to be relentlessly, tirelessly, exclusively focused on growth, because every other priority we have depends on growth.”

In an October 28 article for the American Spectator, Ben Stein took issue with Senator Cruz’s position, saying:

“The reason we have these chronic budget crises is PARTLY that taxes are just too low. That was where the crisis started in 2002. The other part is that entitlements are too high… We need higher taxes and lower entitlements. It can be done.”

In calling for a “grand bargain” solution to our deficit problem, Mr. Stein was speaking for a traditional, “austerity” strain of conservatism, not the newer, supply-side/pro-growth variant championed by Ronald Reagan. And, Mr. Stein is completely, utterly, and hopelessly wrong.

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Joe Scarborough: Christie is the Man

Disclaimer: The Dog posts this for information purposes only. This is not an endorsement of the content of the article, just a heads up of which way the wind is blowing. Forewarned is forearmed.

Time Mag: - snip -

Christie is the first New Jersey Republican in a quarter-century to win a majority of votes statewide. And on the same night a Virginia Republican in the governor's race was routed among women, African Americans and Hispanics, Christie improved on his 2009 showing among minorities while walking away with the women's vote. For a pro-life conservative running in a deep blue state, it was a performance every bit as dominant as the Boss ripping through a live version of "Rosalita." And like Springsteen himself, Christie made it all look easy.

The question now is whether his brassy act will play as well in Nashua and Sioux City as it does in Nutley and Asbury Park. The answer rests on what direction a divided Republican Party takes over the next few years.

It's the latest battle in a long war between GOP purists and pragmatists. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the nomination of Barry Goldwater and the shouting down of Nelson Rockefeller at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. For many conservatives, the Goldwater moment--itself a reaction to the perceived moderation of the Eisenhower years--is a kind of nativity narrative for what's best about the modern GOP. The story goes like this: conservatives disenchanted with Ike nominated Goldwater, whose defeat made Reagan's ultimate victory possible.

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Human race will 'split into two different species'

Daily Mail - http://dailym.ai/6GDTC

Don't buy it people.

This would be a perversion of humanity.

The global elite want to sell us and their minions this future anathema. They do not realize that this idea is wrong on many levels.

There are outliers in every distribution, whether it be some particular attribute or humanity itself. Who should decide and what should be decided to cleave our distribution of humanity?

When does the process end? The minions who would carry this out are themselves in danger in the next rung of 'cleaving'.

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I hate Porn

Pornography is a problem.

Porn is like a narcotic, it hijacks the brain, it redefines human sexuality, and in the meantime ruins lives, destroys families, and destabilizes ministries. And honestly it’s a problem that makes me tired — tired of the devastation Satan is causing to children, women, families, pastors, churches, and the world with this tragic evil.

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Gerald Ford Vetoed Freedom of Information Act

Found an interesting article about Gerald Ford.

Did you know he vetoed the Freedom of Information Act? And he did so at the urging of three men: Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and ... Antonin Scalia. Hmm ...

Also, Ford because president because of his treasonous act when he was on the Warren Commission.


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Lovely Infographics: Legalizing Pot Won't Close Any Budget Gaps

I, of course, find this hilarious and lovely that politicians will be foiled in their attempt to squeeze more money out of taxpayers.



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Chris Christie to Help Re-elect Senator Lindsey Graham


Mr. Christie’s national profile will only increase later this month as he assumes leadership of the Republican Governors Association, which gives him sway over which state candidates the party will support, allowing him to rack up favors with other Republicans and create relationships with local leaders in key presidential states.

In the interview, Mr. Christie said he would be appearing frequently in “places like Ohio and Michigan and Florida,” all states with incumbent Republican governors up for re-election next year. He has also told South Carolina Republicans that he wants to help Senator Lindsey Graham, who is facing a conservative primary challenge next year. And in New Hampshire, which has the country’s first presidential primary, the national committeeman, Stephen Duprey, said he was inviting Mr. Christie to the state to discuss policy and to raise money for the party.


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Separation of Church and State: Keeping Church at Arm's Length From State

A U.S. federal appeals court right now is considering whether for-profit businesses can be exempted from a contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act -- a mandate that is tantamount to a "war on Christianity" by the Obama administration, according to at least one elected official.

A Christian in Pakistan was sentenced to life imprisonment in July 2013 for the crime of blasphemy. With no actual evidence presented at his trial. Earlier this year there was a proposal in North Carolina to allow the state to declare an official religion.

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Portland, ME Legalizes Marijuana While IL Approves Same-Sex Marriage

While the media drooled over the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial contests last night, voters in Portland, Maine were launching an all-out assault on cannabis prohibition. A referendum called Question 1, which legalizes recreational possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, passed with a clear majority. Medical marijuana is already legal in Maine.

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Will TSA Officer's Death Allow The State To Grow TSA Powers To Lethal Levels?

As many readers are already aware, the first TSA agent was officially killed in the “line of duty” last week when Paul Ciancia brought a semi-automatic rifle into the Los Angeles International Airport and began firing at TSA agents. This killing has sparked a debate among lawmakers as to what powers the TSA should have and, more importantly to you and me, if they should be armed. From Politico:

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Half Of The World's Richest People Come From Just 2 Families

Seven of the 12 richest people in the world have names ending in Koch, Walton or Adelson, according to a new calculation by Bloomberg Markets magazine.

Of course, extreme wealth gives you a lot of political power. Here's how these folks wield their influence:

-- The Waltons derive their wealth from Walmart, a company that has historically donated more to Republican causes and lobbied aggressively on taxes and labor issues. It's also not so keen on raising the minimum wage.
-- The Koch brothers once threw $60 million into attempting to dethrone President Obama.

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You're invited to Charlotte for a Campaign for Liberty Leadership School!

I'm going to a Leadership School that's hosted by Campaign for Liberty, in Charlotte this Saturday. This is the e-mail from C4L, followed by the link to get a ticket. I'll be there! This is your invitation to get involved!

Are you ready to effect major political change and reclaim your lost liberties?

Are you ready to make the politicians finally listen and undo the harm they have done over the years?

This isn’t a seminar on ideas or theories – this school is about how to create meaningful change.

You will learn:
•How to be respected and feared by the political class

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