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A new class of “unexpected libertarians” is emerging in cities across the country...


The popularity of urban living is on the rise. Young, progressive Americans — the so-called creative class — are moving back to the cities and bringing with them a whole new set of expectations that elected officials fail to grasp, but entrepreneurs do.

These urban pioneers and entrepreneurs are seeking and providing services in non-traditional ways that are at odds with politically powerful, entrenched interests shaped by decades of regulations that suddenly put them at a competitive disadvantage. Instead of remaking their businesses to be more competitive, entrenched interests look to government to provide regulatory cover for their inefficiencies.

Case in point is the conflict in a number of cities between ridesharing companies such as Uber or Lyft and traditional taxicab companies. Ridesharing offers convenience, comfort and affordability and is consistently one of the least expensive means of getting around major cities. It provides drivers with a steady income (that routinely exceeds twice the minimum wage) with little initial investment.

Ridesharing is a winning situation for everyone except established cab companies, who argue they should have a monopoly on driving people around town. And, as we’ve seen in Virginia and elsewhere, cab companies have clout. Across the country they are leveraging their political connections to convince city officials to regulate, limit or outright ban ridesharing altogether.

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Maria Treben 'Health Through God's Pharmacy' and Swedish Bitters

Want to turn you folks onto this book. I believe it was originally released in the 1980s and is translated from German.


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Crony Corporatism: Common Core is a windfall for the world's largest textbook publisher

Washington Post:

Pearson, the largest education company in the world, which already has numerous contracts with states for testing and materials, just won a whopper: a contract with one of the two multi-state consortia that are designing new Core-aligned tests with federal funds.

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC, is hiring Pearson, according to a news release, to develop test items and forms, deliver paper and online versions of tests, consult with states to come up with cut scores that determine what is a good score and what isn’t, report results to various constituencies, and analyze the scores.

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Short video: Not all scientific studies are created equal

Every day, we are bombarded by attention grabbing headlines that promise miracle cures to all of our ailments -- often backed up by a "scientific study." But what are these studies, and how do we know if they are reliable? David H. Schwartz dissects two types of studies that scientists use, illuminating why you should always approach the claims with a critical eye.


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LV shooters were "anti-government"?

Just saw this...from NBC "News"....that the couple who shot and killed the 2 cops in a CiCi's Pizza in Las Vegas were "anti-government" types who left a Gadsden flag on the bodies and a note saying "the revolution has begun"...this article also tries to tie them to Cliven Bundy ranch stuff...and so, it begins:


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Could Lindsey Graham lose in South Carolina? Democrats think so.

South Carolinians aren’t that fond of Sen. Lindsey Graham, and the Democrats have noticed. Despite the veneer of an inevitable win that Graham’s camp has carefully cultivated in the national media, polls show that he’s weaker than most people realize. So weak, in fact, that the state’s Democrats are quietly preparing a serious challenge for his US Senate seat.

Republicans don’t typically lose statewide races in red South Carolina, but this race, the Democrats believe, could be different.

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Obama to Sign Order to Ease Student Loan Payments

By Phil Mattingly - Jun 8, 2014 - Bloomberg

U.S. President Barack Obama will move tomorrow to ease monthly payments for people with student loans, according to a White House official.

Obama, in executive action coordinated with a legislative push by Senate Democrats, will direct the Department of Education to expand the number of people who can take advantage of a law capping payments on federal direct loans to no more than 10 percent of their monthly incomes.

“I’ve heard from too many young people who are frustrated that they’ve done everything they were supposed to do -- and now they’re paying the price,” Obama said yesterday in his weekly address.

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Ted Cruz's Tea Party Allegiance Only Makes the Case for Rand Paul Stronger

There are two Republicans who can take down Hillary Clinton, and Rand Paul isn't much of a Republican. If the GOP wants to survive, it might be to time to ride the libertarian wave

by Ana Marie Cox | theguardian.com | June 2014

Ted Cruz is riding high right now. Over the weekend, he gave a rousing anti-establishment speech at the activist-oriented Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, and won the event's straw poll. He also appeared on ABC's This Week to give a cathartic Hillary Clinton smack-down: "The sad thing with Secretary Clinton, is it seems to be all politics, all the time." Most significantly, the Texas GOP primaries gave the Tea Party and Cruz an important series of victories at a time when the insurgent movement's electoral future seems otherwise uncertain – even and especially in this week’s Super Tuesday primaries in Mississippi and elsewhere.

The person who should be the happiest about Ted Cruz's visibility and apparent success? Rand Paul.

The more Cruz links himself to the Tea Party and basks in national attention, the more reasonable and mature Paul looks – and the less he has to tone down his own extreme positions. Cruz and Paul are the only two possible 2016 candidates with the infrastructure and fundraising abilities that could plausibly challenge what used to be Chris Christie's advantage, which is looking weaker by the day.

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Home Equity Loans Increase As Housing Bubble Enters Final Phase

Home equity loans are back as home prices rise.

“Borrowers Tap Their Homes at a Hot Clip” blurted a recent Wall Street Journal Headline.

It was bound to happen with rising home prices.

Didn’t get a raise? or working two jobs to make ends meet and need cash? If you own a home you may be in luck. That same old home that you bought years ago is worth more today than it was last year. Your house hasn’t become more productive and most likely has depreciated, but it’s worth more and that means you can margin your used home to cash in.

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Mondays with Murray: Rothbard and the Kochs

The Koch Brothers, namely Charles and David, have become the symbol of all things evil for many progressives. They are seen as the ultimate crony capitalists, using their power and wealth to influence the political scene. Of course, progressives are not necessarily upset by that fact alone, but the fact that their particular influence tends to favor those with an "R" next to their name. Millionaires and billionaires alike influence both major parties, and the Democrats are no exception.

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Kim Dotcom Offers $5 Million Bounty To Defeat Extradition

Internet mega-entrepreneur, gamer and now NZ political corruption-buster Kim DotCom has posted a bounty of $5 million to anyone who can dig up any dirt which saves him from extradition to the U.S.. This bounty would be payable not only to government employees, but also to anyone who can retrieve documents clearly proving corruption in the whole prosecution process. 'We are asking for information that proves unlawful or corrupt conduct by the US government, the New Zealand government, spy agencies, law enforcement and Hollywood', Dotcom told website Torrentfreak.com

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Study: Politicians Regret Making the Wrong Decision

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered that rats in a decision making experiment showed three behaviors consistent with regret (http://www.wired.com/2014/06/rats-regret-making-the-wrong-de...). David Redish and his graduate student Adam Steiner '...trained rats to do a task they call "restaurant row (http://www.nature.com/neuro/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nn.37...)." The rat ran around a circle past a series of four spokes, each leading to a different flavor of food.

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Calling All Conservatarian Coders: Rand Paul Has a Gig For You

The Wall Street Journal:

Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) will attend the LincolnLabs Conference in July to help recruit tech talent for libertarian or conservative causes. Associated Press
The conservative movement is looking for a few good nerds.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a likely Republican presidential hopeful, will return to the Bay Area this July to address hundreds of programmers and other whiz kids interested in helping libertarian and conservative causes close the digital gap with Democrats.

The three-day LincolnLabs Conference, held at the W Hotel in San Francisco in mid-July, will bring investors and political types together with software engineers, designers and others with a technology background who have some interest in conservative or libertarian causes – or “conservatarian” causes, in the words of the LincolnLabs founders.

Other attendees include: Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a member of the GOP leadership team in the House; Nick Gillespie, editor of the libertarian website Reason.com; and two PayPal alums who have gone on to found other successful tech ventures – Scott Banister and Joe Lonsdale.

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Unbanking is Trending - 1 in 10 New Yorkers Don't Have a Bank Account

Banks pay no interest, draw no interest from customers.

By John Aidan Byrne -June 7, 2014 | New York Post:

Worried New Yorkers are stuffing record piles of cash under the mattress.

In the wake of the Great Recession, more local residents, fearing wage garnishment and social upheaval, have abandoned banks, which are already exacerbating customer flight by jacking up fees in a low-interest-rate environment.

“More and more people in New York we talk to today than ever before are unbanked,” said financial counselor David Flores of GreenPath Debt Solutions. “We call them the liquid society.”

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Salon.com: "Rand Paul knocked off his high horse: How he lost moral high ground in attack on Bergdahl"

SALON.com - Excerpt:

Yet what is, at this point, even more absurd is Paul’s claim to the moral high ground in the debate over terrorism and civil liberties, and his implicit suggestion that he, unlike Obama, would protect sacred rights, regardless of politics. If either were true, and if Paul’s talk of rolling back the national security leviathan was more than a mere cudgel with which to bash Obama and court the millennial vote, the presidential aspirant would have said something, anything, during the past week to push back against Republicans’ Bergdahl demagoguery. Because, as should be obvious to us all, the frenzy of outrage and terror the right unleashes every time it sees a chance to portray Democrats as soft on terrorism is the chief political impediment to closing Guantanamo Bay, reining in the NSA, doing away with indefinite detention, and reversing every other infringement on civil liberties that’s occurred in the years since September 11, 2001.

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