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Did Rand Paul just accuse Barack Obama of being 'Not Black Enough?'

Did Rand Paul just accuse Barack Obama of being 'Not Black Enough?'

byIan Reifowitz | Daily Kos
SUN MAR 23, 2014 AT 08:00 AM PDT

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Is QE Just For The Rich?

“You know, a lot of people say, this is just helping rich people. But it’s not true. Our policy is aimed at holding down long-term interest rates, which supports the recovery by encouraging spending. And part of it comes through higher house and stock prices, which causes people with homes and stocks to spend more, which causes jobs to be created throughout the economy and income to go up throughout the economy.”

Janet Yellen, the newly appointed head of the Federal Reserve defending its quantitative easing program

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Netflix’s House of Cards trolls Senator Rand Paul on Twitter

House of Cards, the Netflix sensation, has a bit of a reputation for trolling real life politicians. It’s probably one of the absolute greatest marketing moves of all time, and it pays off in huge dividends. Their latest target was Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

Paul paid a visit to the University of California–Berkeley last week where he was received with a roaring standing ovation. Berkeley is known as perhaps the greatest politically liberal stronghold in American academia. Paul is certainly the only Republican Senator who could pull of such a stunt at Berkeley, and happens to be in the lead for the Republican presidential 2016 nominee.

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WhiteHouse.gov Petition asking Obama to give Alaska back to Russia


You want transparency? You got it. And yes, this appears to be a real petition.
Apparently over 38,000 individuals have signed the petition, which was written in poor grammar, thus far.

Whether these signatures are from actual Alaskan citizens cannot be confirmed, but 'conspiracy theories' abound as to the possible reality of this scenario, and motivations behind it, for the leadership of both the U.S.A. & Russia.

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Mark Dice YouTube Channel Deleted

Mark Dice's YouTube channel was taken down.

According to Dice’s website:

YouTube has deleted my channel, YouTube.com/MarkDice and removed all 800+ of my videos for what they said were “Severe Terms of Service Violations” which is a lie and they have disabled the dispute feature, which usually allows users to file a dispute when videos get removed. Over 55 million views total, 3-5 million per month, 265,000 subscribers, and over 800 videos GONE! They deleted my BACKUP channel a few hours later for the same reason. This happened less than a week after YouTube granted authority to 200 “super flaggers,” many of which are government agents, who now have the power to remove any video or channel they want to for any reason. I’m serious. Look it up.

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Paul Has Ideas, but His Backers Want 2016 Plan

MARCH 22, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO — In a ballroom at the Olympic Club, a grand, early-20th-century building at the foot of Nob Hill, Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, pitched a gathering of venture capitalists last week in an effort to show them that he may be the next big thing.

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Support Christian Fioravanti for Idaho Senate 2014

We need to elect liberty-minded individuals to office nationwide! Our state legislatures are extremely important to protecting and preserving our rights as citizens.

In Idaho, Senate District 1, we have a solid candidate with the Constitution Party, Christian Fioravanti. Please give him your support!

"Like" his Facebook page:

Share his website:

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Mark Dice youtube channel under attack

I hope most of you here are aware of who Mark Dice is. He's that big dude youtube (& website) blogger from San Diego, California. He keeps making those quirky in-your-face youtube videos demonstrating stupidity of mainstream American society.

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Killed for Camping: Albuquerque Police Chief - "Shooting was Justified"

Thanks to Brian Middleton for YT:


LiveLeak video shows Albuquerque Police murdering homeless man for "illegally camping".


Police say 38-year-old James M. Boyd is the man who was killed. Boyd was arguing with police for hours last Sunday in the foothills after officers were going to talk to him about illegally camping.

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Russia Backs off Economic Retaliation - Says "Never Mind"

The threated U.S. sanctions against Russia turned out to be a non event, with the United States placing sanctions on eight Russian cabinet members (but not Putin himself) leaving the Russian President to declare there was no further need to retaliate against the United States.

This issue may be raised at a future date. But for now Russia has Crimea and is still using dollars.



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Daily Paul Radio - Listener Satisfaction Survey

Daily Paul Radio - Listener Satisfaction Survey

Hola! I would like to thank everyone who has over the last four months taken the time to listen, comment, email, call in, and share Daily Paul Radio with their friends, colleagues, and family.

In an effort to continue to improve and offer the best in Liberty radio I would greatly appreciate and value your feedback via a short three question survey, which simply asks what you like most, least, and what you would change.

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Matt Barber tries to shift blame to libertarians

Said Paul:

“I think that the Republican Party, in order to get bigger, will have to agree to disagree on social issues. The Republican Party is not going to give up on having quite a few people who do believe in traditional marriage. But the Republican Party also has to find a place for young people and others who don’t want to be festooned by those issues.”

In other words, the Republican Party must become a wussified version of the Democratic Party.


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Rand Paul Is Sinking the Surgeon General Nominee

Eleanor Clift

Democrats thought they would win confirmation for more of President Obama’s nominees by waiving the 60-vote filibuster hurdle for executive branch appointments, but they didn’t factor in nervous red-state senators afraid of taking tough votes that could sink their reelection in November.

The latest apparent casualty is Vivek Murthy, a 30-something British-born American doctor, whose parents are from India, and whose Ivy League credentials and activism on public-health issues includes co-founding Doctors for America, which launched in 2008 as Doctors for Obama.

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