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What Happens if Russia Dumps its U.S. Treasuries

Finance advisor to Russia threatens to sell its U.S. dollar reserves if the United States imposes sanctions on Russia



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Dear America, History doesn't repeat itself... It stutters, instead : the eight-phase cycle from bondage to spiritual faith

From bondage comes spiritual faith.

From spiritual faith comes courage.

From courage comes liberty.

From liberty comes abundance.

From abundance comes complacency.

From complacency comes apathy.

From apathy comes dependency.

From dependency comes bondage.

-- Unknown author (antiquity)

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Google Facing Class Action Privacy Lawsuit

Business Week: Google (GOOG), fighting claims that it illegally scans private e-mail messages, says it shouldn’t have to face a lawsuit that lumps together hundreds of millions of Internet users. It may not have to, but the issues the lawsuit raises may be harder to deflect.

A case brought against Google in 2013 claims it violates a federal wiretap law, as well as several state privacy laws, by intercepting, reading, and mining the content of messages sent through its Gmail service, which has 104 million users in the U.S. The information, the suit claims, is used to target ads and build user profiles.

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Canada condemns Russia's actions in Ukraine, say Russian soldiers have 24 hrs. to Leave Canada

According to Beforeitsnews, Canada has condemned Russia's invasion of the Crimea region of what has been until recently, part of the Ukraine.

The Canadian government has apparently given warning to 9 Russian soldiers currently training in Canada, that they have 24 hours to leave the country.


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Who wants to set the minimum wage? BHO wants to know

I recently got this email from BarackObama.com conducting a poll for what minimum wage should be.

It struck me, at least symbolically, as probably a popular view of how government is supposed to work. The people clamor for the guns of the state to go do something they arbitrarily prefer.

Does every dummy, dink, rube, maroon and nosebreather in the country have to have an opinion on what the right minimum wage is?

No one wants to see the underlying violence of it all. Never mind the economics.

It's not really a poll, but a clickbait asking for donations.

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Ron Paul on Liz Wahl

Edit: Title changed by Nystrom from the original, hyperbolic lie chosen by the OP: "Ron Paul: Liz Wahl is LYING making things up"

We now return you to some of the regularly scheduled BS that you find here at the DP

- - -

Well, he didn't EXACTLY say that in those EXACT words. But he pretty much made it evident that this Liz Wahl is a shill pulling some garbage stunt.

I don't know how to embed the flash video from his channel website. They are never posted on youtube. But here is the link. Go watch yourself & be the judge.

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Whistle Blower Claims She Forged Obama’s Birth Certificate, Guess Who It Is?

It is important to note that the only person to “see” and authenticate the long form birth certificate of one President Barrack H. Obama is now dead in a plane crash. Even more controversial is the one that they submitted as truth on the Whitehouse.gov website is 10 layered in Photo Shop and thought to be fake. The conspiracy never seems to die.

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National Summit To Reassess The U.S. - Israel "special Relationship" Live C-span3 Link. TODAY!



"For those that asked about live-streaming the Summit, it will be covered by C-SPAN 3! Watch on TV or online here: http://www.c-span.org/live/?channel=c-span-3. Program begins 9am EST on Friday, March 7." -via facebook

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Homeless man calls the cops on family lounging in park

OKALOOSA COUNTY -- A law intended to keep vagrants from sleeping on benches backfired on a Fort Walton Beach family. A visit from a police officer put a damper on their day in the park.

Michelle McCormick and her husband brought their kids to Fort Walton Landing to try and enjoy the sunshine. But Fort Walton Beach has a law that prohibits sleeping or lounging in the park for "protracted periods of time."

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Newsweek: Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin is Found

Satoshi Nakamoto stands at the end of his sunbaked driveway looking timorous. And annoyed.

He's wearing a rumpled T-shirt, old blue jeans and white gym socks, without shoes, like he has left the house in a hurry. His hair is unkempt, and he has the thousand-mile stare of someone who has gone weeks without sleep.

He stands not with defiance, but with the slackness of a person who has waged battle for a long time and now faces a grave loss.

Two police officers from the Temple City, Calif., sheriff's department flank him, looking puzzled. "So, what is it you want to ask this man about?" one of them asks me. "He thinks if he talks to you he's going to get into trouble."

"I don't think he's in any trouble," I say. "I would like to ask him about Bitcoin. This man is Satoshi Nakamoto."

"What?" The police officer balks. "This is the guy who created Bitcoin? It looks like he's living a pretty humble life."

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Obama Imposes Sanctions On Russia Via Executive Order.

Mashable: With Russia's military knocking on Ukraine's door, President Barack Obama has enacted sanctions aimed at isolating Russia both financially and politically.

Obama issued an executive order aimed at those the administration determines have contributed to the destabilization of Ukraine. The order essentially freezes the U.S.-based assets of responsible parties and denies them access to the country while the military standoff between Russia and Ukraine persists.

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Patrick Byrne - BitCoin - SEC - The Allison Bricker Show

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Please join me this evening as I welcome Mr. Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com, as we discuss the future of BitCoin, the SEC, and marching on towards the Peaceful rEVOLution.

Tweet Your Questions:@theABshow

Listen via iTunes or Winamp: iTunes/Winamp stream

TuneIn Link in Full post:

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Rubio at CPAC 2014: America must be world’s policeman

"In a speech that focused primarily on foreign policy on Thursday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) urged the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference to fully embrace the concept of the United States as the only force that can effectively manage the world’s affairs.

Directing his message directly to the young crowd at CPAC, Rubio said:

'If you inherit a world where the Chinese gets to decide who gets to ship products to the South China Sea and all the countries in that region or tributaries to them… If you inherit a world where North Korea can blow up California or the West Coast of the United States with a nuclear weapon… If you inherit a world where Iran can reach the east coast of the United States or can wipe Israel off the face of the earth with a nuclear attack…

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